Madhushala Apps

NijanandaDhamNajarpur 0.3
Sundardham Najarpur is designed to makeusersupdated about Shree Krishna Pranamani Mandir, Najarpur. Inthisapp, we have a memory game, location map, youtube channel,wikidescription and website section included here in this app. Ithas anotification which notifies you if you don't use it forsevendays.
FifteenMe 0.1
Know at what speed does your brain work intimeconstraint scenario! Tap the combination of numbers to addup15.
Pranam 1.0
This app contains information aboutbooks,images and all material related to Pranami Dharma. This appisbelongs to Hindu Sanatan Dharma for all Humanity whoseekseternity, peace, pleasure ,compassion n divine love.