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Postknight 2.2.32
* Google Play Best Games of 2017 - Best Indie * * Google Play BestGames of 2017 - Best to Pick Up & Play * * Winner of IMGA SEA2017 - Grand Prix * Postknight reimagines the best parts ofrole-playing games into bite-sized bits within an exciting deliveryadventure. The story follows the adventures of a Postknight — aknight who is tasked with difficult or dangerous deliveries — inthe grand kingdom of Kurestal. Through deliveries, the postknightwill meet other characters with different backgrounds whileventuring across the kingdom of Kurestal and beyond. Designed to bean enjoyable RPG for those on-the-go, Postknight is optimized formobile devices: from content to controls, for hardcore and casualplayers, to time spent in and out of the game. Instead of spendinglong hours to experience the highlights of an RPG adventure,Postknight delivers it in small yet exciting pieces. • Adorn YourRewards Your hard-earned armour and weapons don’t just improve yourbattle stats, they also look great on the postknight. Be great andglamorous in battle! • Brilliant Blends Mix your trusty potion upthe way you want it to be: higher healing power, lower cooldown, orwith more effective buffs? • Better, Faster, Stronger Everydelivery run increases the postknight’s experience, along withstrength, agility, intelligence and vitality. Allocate the traitsthat matter to you the most. • Select Strategic Skills Equip thepostknight with skills and amoury perks that best suit your battlestrategies! • Exciting Expedition Embark on a light-heartedadventure to various interesting towns and cities and meet itsdiverse inhabitants. While you’re at it, collect quirky loot andfantastic gear too! • Bite-sized But Breathtaking Postknightpromises no draggy battles, but ensure that they will be equallyexciting - especially when it comes to boss battles! • Destiny& Dates Throughout a postknight’s journey, there will be newfaces that will become lasting relationships. Of course, everyrelationship needs effort, be it in the form of gifts, or justdropping by for a daily visit. • Time Waits For No One, But… Timecontinues to tick for the postknight even when you are not playing:deliveries will be sent out and rewards will await you when youreturn! Girls you have ties with will wonder where you have gonetoo, so dropping by for a visit every now and then will keep theirhearts at ease. ---------- Begin your delivery adventure now! It isideal to play Postknight on a device with 1GB RAM or higher. If youare playing on a device with less RAM, you will encounterunsatisfying game performance, and we recommend playing on a devicethat meets the requirements instead. These two permissions areneeded only when you want to share game screenshots throughPostknight's share feature. • READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE •WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE
Postknight 2
Postknight: A knight tasked with difficult and dangerousdeliveries. Adventure through treacherous trails and deliver tovivid characters with their own passions and struggles. Developspecial bonds and create lasting memories with the sweethearts ofPrism. Become a part of this fantasy world as you quest and makethe tiniest of differences to the people you meet and the placesyou travel to. Deliver and Become a Postknight • Begin your journeyas an inexperienced Postknight Trainee. • Complete delivery questsand take exams to graduate as a Postknight. • Rise up the ranks, upto the highest level of S-Rank Postknights. Explore Prism andDevelop Relationships • From villages to cities, magical forestsand cold mountains, experience the cultures and conflicts of thedifferent lands of Prism. • Meet all kinds of characters, each withtheir own stories of struggles and passion. • Trade gifts and formbonds with certain special individuals. Experiment and Tailor YourPlaystyle • Enter combat with 3 Skills: Attack, Defend, Recover. •Change your Skills with different weapon types: ○ Combo Skillstogether with the versatile Sword and Shield. ○ Become a master ofspeed and reflexes by dual-wielding Daggers. ○ Strategise and timeheavy attacks with the two-handed Hammer. • Further fine-tune yourSkills with different traits and develop unique playstyles! Collectand Upgrade Everything • Fight enemies and use their loot asmaterials to trade and craft with. • Upgrade your gear into theirgreatest forms, both in power and appearance. • Collect every item,armour, weapon, and memory from all over the world of Prism.Download Postknight 2 and begin your delivery adventure now! It isrecommended to play Postknight 2 on a device with at least 2GB RAM.Playing on a device that does not meet the recommended requirementsmay result in subpar game performances.