J.P.Lauber Apps

Mathor - Math Trainer 1.2
Mental Math TrainerYou can choose between 8 modes of of math exercises with 8levels of difficulty.You solve exercices by dragging the question to the correct answer.If you are correct you win a point if your answer is wrong you losea point. If you got 10 points you will finish the round.After you finished a round you will see your time in ahighscore.
Town clown 1.5.1
Compares cities
huerray! Philips Hue and LIFX 5.4.1
Philipis Hue, LIFX: This is a remote app for the Philipis Hueandthe LIFX light system. You need at least the Philips Hue Bridgeforusing this app. You can connect also Living Colors, LivingWhitesand Living Ambient lights to the Hue Bridge. Some of thesefeaturesrequires a premium upgrade -This app makes it very easy tocreatenew scenes and show them in a dashboard gridview. -For eachroomyou will get an own dashboard. You can swipe betweenthosedashboards. -You can control also the room brightness fromeach ofthose dashboards -You can create animations frame by frame-You canuse a sunrise animation to trigger an alarm. Which givesyou thefeeling about a sunrise in your room -If you put your phoneover aNFC Tag you can connect a scene and trigger it -You canactivateyour lights by entering your home wifi -If you want, youcan turnlights on and off by shaking your phone -The Music Featurewill useyour microphone to animate your lights to the music -With alock-and homescreen widget it is possible to control the lightswithoutstarting the app
German A1, A2 Vocabulary 2.5.1
Vocabulary trainer for German A1, A2. Exercises with images,text,and listening