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Surprise Eggs
Get ready for some Surprise Eggs fun! Multipleeggs with a surprise! What's hidden inside the eggs? Knock an egguntil it's striped and find out what the big surprise is hidden ineach egg! Be careful, this game is very addictive!Surprise Eggs is the best application for entertaining smallchildren and is the ultimate surprise eggs virtual simulator. Ifyou have kids who like to open surprise eggs, this is the perfectapp for them.In this application you will find an abundance of eggs and a lot ofinteractive surprises to play with. You will find many gifts tocollect that belong to different worlds, like Princess and othercartoon and movie characters.Surprise Eggs is entertaining game for children combining achocolate egg, surprise, toy and fun.There are different type of surprise eggs:* Toy Surprise* Girls* Princess* SupermanHow to play:* Choose the egg you want to open* Use your fingers to scrape the paper from the egg and to breakthe chocolate egg* Tap the egg yolk (container) to get to the surpriseA lot of different toys and surprises to keep your little onesoccupied for a long time.Come join the fun and play exciting Surprise Eggs adventure!
Website Monitoring Widget 1.0
With Website Monitoring Widget you can monitoryour websites directly on the home screen of your device. For eachof your website you can see the current monitor status (web page isDown or OK) and average response time.When you install a widget, configuration screen allows you toconnect to Site-Monitoring.NET or sign up if you don’t have anaccount.Site-Monitoring.NET is absolutely FREE service that will notifyyou via email or SMS when your website is experiencing technicaldifficulties, not responding or is offline. Your website will bemonitored on regular intervals (every 10, 15, 30 or 60 minutes) 24hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year to make sure it’s upand running.With Site-Monitoring.NET, for FREE, you get quality websitemonitoring service, FREE reports and history up to 2 years, emailand SMS notifications in real-time if something goes wrong withyour website.
Surprise Eggs Boys
Surprise Eggs for boys
Surprise Eggs Classic
Surprise Eggs for kids
Baby Lullabies
Baby Lullabies is application for babies and young children tocomfort and relax