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Handiness universal calculator with percentage for simpleandcomplicated calculations. Ad Free! Mobi Calculator is thebestAndroid calculator for everyone who appreciate great usabilityandfunctionality. Working with the calculator brings pleasure,sincethe interface is thought through to trifles. This is asimplecalculator that will suit both schoolchildren, students andinwork, and for everyday household calculations. It's a choiceofmillions. Never fails its users! - Ad Free! - does notrequireunnecessary permissions like Internet connection,geo-position,contacts and SMS - well calculates percentages -classical memoryfeature (M+, M-, MR) - multiple string expressions- big buttonsand beautiful themes - multilanguage - customizeblebuttons on mainscreen - realtime calculation - spends very smallmemory space -high accuracy, up to 30 digits - full featuredhistory ofcalculations, comments and sharing of calculations -timecalculation - HEX/BIN/OCT mode, up to 64 bits in PRO-versionIt'snot "All in one" tool. We appending only really essentialfeaturesthat usable during work and everyday householdcalculations. Otherfeatures: - calculation modes: operationpriorities, rounding, etc.- modern Material and battery safe darkthemes - trigonometricalfunctions, sine, cosine, etc. - radians,degrees calculations withDMS displaying mode (degree-minute-second)- logarithmic and otherfunctions - basic features, square/cube/n-throot, power,percentages In the PRO-version only: * Ability to storerecords ofthe history (up to 1000, FREE - 50) * Ability to editexpressionwith up to 7 lines on the screen (FREE - 5) * Additionalthemes(Business, Ice Cream Sandwich) The list will beincreased!ATTENTION! Sometimes we got emails with complaints thatMarketdoesn’t allow to download a purchased application. It isMarket’sproblem. You should wait and/or try to restart your device.Pleasecontact Market support or us if you have any problems withit.http://facebook.com/mobicalc http://twitter.com/mobicalc
Mobi Calculator : free + totally no ads
Handiness universal percentage calculator for simple andengineering calculations. Ad Free! Mobi Calculator is a freecalculator for android for everyone who appreciate great usabilityand functionality. Working with the calculator brings pleasure,since the easy to use interface is thought through to trifles. Thisis a simple calculator that will suit both school childrens,students and in work, and for everyday household calculations. - noads! - time calculator - correct percentage calculator - realtimeresult - this is calculator with full featured history ofcalculations, comments and sharing of calculations - classicalmemory feature (M+, M-, MR) - multiple string expressions - bigbuttons and beautiful themes - multilanguage - customizable buttonson main screen - spends very small memory space - high accuracy, upto 30 digits - HEX/BIN/OCT mode, up to 64 bits in PRO-version -does not require unnecessary permissions like Internet connection,geo-position, contacts and SMS It's not "All in one" tool. Weappending only really essential features that usable during workand everyday household calculations. Other features: - calculationmodes: operation priorities, rounding, etc. - modern Material andbattery safe dark themes - trigonometrical functions, sine, cosine,etc. - radians, degrees calculations with DMS displaying mode(degree-minute-second) - logarithmic and other functions - basicfeatures, square/cube/n-th root, power, percentages In thePRO-version only: * Ability to store records of the history (up to1000, FREE - 50) * Ability to edit expression with up to 7 lines onthe screen (FREE - 5) * Additional themes (Business, Ice CreamSandwich) The list will be increased! http://facebook.com/mobicalchttp://twitter.com/mobicalc Thanks to our translators: Chinese(Simplified) (免费计算器) - Nexus Sun Chinese (Traditional) - WhaleMajida French - NEVEU Sylvai German - Breaz Marius Hellenic -Kaparos Spiros Hungarian - István Kriskó Italian - Claudio PerckyKorean - Jo Joon Hee (Gomdolius,[gomdolight.com](http://gomdolight.com/)) Polish - acosh(i) Russian(русский калькулятор) - olgapol Slovak (partial) - Loránt Gerencsér([droid.sk](http://droid.sk/)) Turkish - Burak Çelik (Synertic)Ukrainian - Vlad Borovik([[email protected]m](mailto:[email protected]))