CrossConstruct Apps

World Quiz Contest 0.9.2
Put your geography knowledge up to the testandcompete with your friends! Six different mini-games aboutcountriesand cities from all over the world must be solved tocomplete acontest.This game is based on the Google Play Games Services. In ordertoparticipate in multiplayer games, you will need to login inwithyour Google+ account. Up to four players can take part inacontest. You can invite your friends or use the auto-matchfeatureto play against randomly selected opponents.In case game notifications won’t appear in the status barpleaseopen the “Google Settings” app and select “Play Games”>“Multiplayer notifications”.
Jumble Gallery 1.0.1
- You have 100 seconds and 100 shots- Shoot full rows of objects to gain a score bonus- Don't try to shoot everything. The high score can only be beatenby saving precious shots for the more valuable objects.- Hit the little golden tins for an ammo bonus- Hit the little silver tins for a time bonus
RC Ship Simulator 1.1.1
This ship racing game features afullysimulated water surface. Ships will affect the water, and thewaterwill affect the ships. No other game does this to ourknowledge.There are also some goofy weapons to attack other ships so itisnot really a simulator that aims to be fully realistic.
yes, it works. 1.1
This puzzle game is a true brainteaser.
X Construction 1.57
Build a bridge to let the train safely cross the valley.
X Construction Lite 1.6
Build a bridge with the given amount of materials to let thetrainsafely cross the valley.
X Cannon 1.3.0
Manage a castle and set up your cannons to defeat the evil enemy!