Corcanoe Apps

Sound Profile Extender 1.12
This is an extension of the applicationSoundProfile (by Corcanoe).This extension gives extra features to SoundProfile like detectingenter and exit from Geofences.A Geofence is a virtual perimeter for a geographic area on theEarth.You could change your profile depending on where you arelocated.For example, activate Wifi when you are nearby Home. Deactivate itif you are away from your home area.This Extension needs this permissions for maps to work:Yourlocation, Network communication and storage, read Google serviceconfiguration.I hope you enjoy [email protected]
Sound Profile Pro Key 1.04
This is the Pro Key for the applicationSoundProfile by Corcanoe.This Pro Key will remove all kind of ads in the app plus addingextra functionality like Location Tasks, exceptions to theblacklist or whitelist (Blocklist feature) and unlimited number ofprofiles.Please, install the free version first so you are sure ifSoundProfile is what you need and works in your phone.Thanks for supporting SoundProfile. This way I could be able tooadd more features to it.
Viewer (Corcanoe Tracker) 1.21
Locate your family and grandparents, your kids and your cars.Viewtheir tracked position on a map in your device.Receive notification ALERTS when they enter or exit an area,whenthey ran out of battery, when they turn their devices on oroff...This app is designed to be installed in Android devices,cellphones or mobile phones to control other Android devices (likeyourkids, your old grandparents, your car...) using a verylittleamount of battery of the cell phone.It is perfect for the whole family, your kids, for yourrelativeswith Alzheimer and all your friends. The GPS and theNetworklocation will find them quickly. Use these apps as a FamilyFinderor as a Friends Finder.You need to install the Corcanoe Locator inthecontrolled devices.You need to install the Corcanoe Viewer inthecontroller devices.The Locator is a small invisible tracking service that runsinthe background.Watch the Help tutorial ( you how to configure these apps easily.The controlled (Locator) devices will inform thecontroller(Viewer). Several Viewers can control (track) thesameLocators.So, the kids and the grandparents can be controlled by you andbyyour couple...The Locator runs as a background service, so your grandparentsorkids don't have to do anything with it.The Locator uses a very little amount of battery. You canconfigurethe Tracker to set the amount of minutes betweenintervals. It issmart enough to detect changes, like for examplewhen leaving thehouse it will inform immediately.This app is able to set several ALERTS tonotifyyou about different events on the controlled users. Thisalerts canbe:★Battery:Display a notification when the controlled user gets to a minimumofbattery. This way they will never ran out of battery. You willbeable to tell them ahead of time.★Geofence:Display a notification when entering and/or exiting fromspecificareas of the map. This way you will know if your controlledusersare at home, out of home, near a casino, at school, at thebarsarea, at work, in the hospital, too far away from home, out oftheneighborhood… Define as many geofences as you need.★Power on/off:Display a notification when the controlled users turns theirdeviceon. You are also able to know if they turn it off (thisdepends onother factors).★Others:Other alerts will be created shortly so you are able to know alltheinformation of your controlled users.Watch the Help tutorial ( you how to configure these apps easily.This app is perfect for elder people with Alzheimer,oldgrandfather, for young kids, for your family, for control mobile cell-phones, for your truck or taxicompany, tofind out the position where you parked the car...It is great also if you, or your kid, or grandpa or anyfriendlooses their device. You will be able to track it and have itbackto you. So it works very well for an anti theft.It uses the GPS and the Network Location of themobilecell-phone.Do not hesitate to ask any information you need at [email protected] will be pleased to help you and your family with this FamilyGPSFinder.This Software has been developed for you, so ask foranysuggestions if you have them.
Mega Icon Launcher (easy mode) 1.11
This app is used to set one (or several) homescreens.It is perfect for Kids, Grandparents, elderly people or Seniorsbecause you can pre-set the home screens as you want. Your kid orgrandfather could not modify the design. They could not delete,remove or modify anything. Password protected layout.Perfect for easy mode.Easy press buttons. No need to slide or swipe. Perfect for olderpeople that finds difficulties to slide the device to answer acall.Large photos for incoming calls.Big fonts and big numbers for calling.Big large easy dialer screen.Big icons.Hide the Android notification bar.Modify the screens as you need. Choose the icon size, shape andposition.Create your own custom home screen the easiest way to your son,daughter, grandfather, grandmother or any elderly people.They will be able to answer a call without glasses thanks to thelarge full screen incoming call screen.Perfect for people with Parkinson's disease, they will be able touse the phone easily.Perfect also for seniors or elderly with Alzheimer because it hasour own Family Locator (Corcanoe Tracker). Don't loose any familymember using this software. You will be able to watch theirposition on your screen.If you need extra help, please contact me [email protected] have created this app for your family members that need extracare. I hope you enjoy it.Ask for any suggestions if you have them.
Corcanoe GPS Tracker Locator 2.97
Family and grandparent with Alzheimer GPS mobile cell-phonelocator. Set Alerts.
Sound Profile (Volume control) 10.48
Control phone volume for calls and notifications separately.