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ماكولات شهية 2.2
برنامج الطبخ الاول لكل سيدات العالم العربي,انه ملهمك في المطبخ , مصدر وصفاتك , مساعدك في اعداد اطيب و افخرالولائم و المؤكلات على اختلاف انواعها .فنقدم لك الذ الموائد الرمضانية .لاتك الافضل تستحقين الافضل .انه الاصدار الاول و التجريبي , و يحتوي على مختلف الوصفات التيتحتاجينها و تطلبها عائلتك , من وصفات الدواجن و اللحوم الى الكيك والحلويات .مع برنامجنا "ماكولات شهية" نعدك ان نساعدك في اعداد مائدة كاملة وفاخرة تفتخرين بها امام صديقاتك .قريبا في الاصدار القادم سوف نقوم بزيادة الوصفات و الماكولات , فلاتنسي التحديث 1 نتمنى منك مشاركته مع الاصدقاء و تقييم البرنامج.تجدين في هذا الاصدار وصفات ل :-لحوم و دواجن.-كيك و حلويات .-معجنات .-مشروبات.فضلا عن وصفات وماكولات عربية و عالمة و غربية !! فلا تفوتي الفرصة.و قريبا سوف نضع وصفات لحلويات عربية و العديدمن المفاحئات في انتظارك.ملاحظة: سوف نقوم بتحديث التطبيق بشكل دوري , فضلا عن تحديث الوصفاتبشكل يومي . فمعنا كل يوم وصفة جديدة .First ladies cooking foreach program the Arab world, he Mlhmk in the kitchen, and thesource of your recipes, your assistant in the preparation of ourbest and most exquisite banquet and Almaclat of differentkinds.We offer you the tastiest Ramadan banquets.ATX's best to deserve the best.He was the first version and the demo, and contains the differentrecipes that you need and request your family, and recipes frompoultry and meat to cakes and desserts.With our program, "Food appetite" promise to help in thepreparation of a full table and Luxury rejoice in front of herfriends. Soon in the next release we will increase recipes andcuisine, do not forget to update one you wish to share with friendsand evaluation of the program.In this version you find recipes for:-lhom And poultry.-kik And sweets.-majnat.-musharobac.As well as Arab and Recipes and Food scientist and Western !! ThereTvota opportunity. And soon we will put an Arab recipes for sweets and AladedmnMufahiat waiting for you.Note: We will periodically update the application, as well asrecipes updated on a daily basis. With us every day a newrecipe.
Master AppLock 1.0
Want to secure your phone??Want to hide your apps from your friends?Want to stop other people to look into your apps?This application lock, MasterAppLock let you do all thesetasks.Open MasterAppLock application, set your password and confirmyourpassword. Set the recovery email address, in case you forgetthepassword, your password will be sent to this registeredemail.After setting password and email, Choose the applications youwantto lock.Enable the MasterAppLock to lock the selected you a combined experience of style and performance . helpsyouin keeping access of your private apps only to you.With MasterAppLock, you can Secure all to System Apps,AdvanceApps, Downloaded apps. You can put lock on your chat appsWhatsApp,Facebook, Instagram, WeChat, Skype, BBM, Line, Twitter,Games andall other apps and games .★ With MasterAppLockNever worry about a friend borrow your phone to playgamesagain!Never worry about a workmates get your phone to have alookagain!Never worry about private data in some apps may be read bysomeoneagain!Never worry about your kids may changing phone's Settings,payinggames, messing up it again!---- Features ---• Protects any apps using password or pattern• Photo Protects• Video Protects• Customize background, set your favorite photo• Profiles, easy to change the locks• Automatic lock at given time• Lock switch(WiFi,BT,3G/4G Data...)• Lock system Settings• Lock Google Play Store• Re-lock policy: allow short exit, no need to unlock again• Prevent apps from being uninstalled• Hide MasterAppLock's icon from launcher• MasterAppLock can be prevented from being uninstall• MasterAppLock cannot be killed by task killers• Little memory footprint and power-saving• Recovery password by email• Protects your privacy , whatsapp , facebook , sms , email ,andmore ....★★★ MasterAppLock easy to use , fast ans stable ★★★Its Totally Free. Download now and secure apps.Trust us we are the best.