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AIIA 1.0.1117
Feel the thrill coming from tips of your fingers Thehighest-qualitygraphic that mobile game could ever make ARPG gamewith stylishactions and hit effects New adventure of Exelionknight begins now!■ Features ■ The best hitting effects andgreatest actions thatprevious ARPGs never had! Go on an adventurewith Arma whilecontrolling your moves easy and freely to have themost incredibleRPG experience You will never be bored withboundless contentsincluding various missions, PVP, Challenge Modeand so much more. ▶Stylish action Fantasy-like best-qualitygraphic and actions createdfrom Unreal Engine 4 3D action gamewith the most responsivecontrols and various screen effects Greathit effects for 3attractive heroes - Dria, Khan, Leona ▶ Respondto Arma's Call Makeyour hero stronger with easy and fun Armasystem (pet system) inAIIA. Win strategically using Arma withdifferent abilitiesCustomize looks of your pet to suit your taste▶ Hero becomes legendWin PVP battles to be the no.1 ranked playerand get reward pointsCooperate with other heroes to defeat giantand strong boss monstersChallenge Tower of Time to conquer eachfloor and get specialrewards ■ Community ■ - Check out the latestnews and updates ■Customer Support ■ - Send us your opinions orany inquiries here ■Access Requirements ■ - This app requiresaccess to GET_ACCOUNTS