Andev Apps

Restaurant & coffee finder 1.05
Have you ever looked around for a cafe? asupermarket? or a bakery ?This little app will make it much easier to find a place to eat ordrink coffee.With Nearby Restaurants app you can look for 4 types of food places: cafes, restaurants, supermarkets, and bakeries.How to use?- Scroll the map to an area you want to look for places.- Click on one of the 4 buttons on the bottom of the screen.- You will now see map pins that indicate food places.- Clicking on any of the marker will pop-up a small bubble withsome information about the place.- If you click on the bubble or you click twice on the place imageyou will see a more detailed information about the place like :contact information, opening hours, and more.Feel free to contact me by email with any questions :[email protected]
Sokoban - boxes puzzle 1.04
The game has 100 levels, it starts with someeasy levels by very quickly they get very challenging.It will require you to think several steps ahead in order tobeat it.The levels are taken from the old Boxworld game by Jeng-LongJiang.
GPS Location Tracker 1.04
GPS location tracker app is used to track yourtraveled route.Features:- Track your location.- Display your route on the map.- Show tracks history.- Settings screen for changing the location update interval, andmore.How to use?1. Open the app2. Click on the big circle that says "START"2. To stop it either click on the bottom right button in the map oron the close notification button.Notes:1. Currently it is a first version it has basic trackingfunctionality, more features will be added soon.2. if you have any questions or feature requests feel free tocontact me by email : [email protected]
My Location - GPS Maps, Share & Save Locations 2.994
Get My location maps to help you explore the world, see yourcurrent location & address, organize your travels by finding& saving places in any city. Download for Free Now! Navigatearound the world with ease! Feel more like a local than a touristwhen you travel. Have instant knowledge about nearby sites,destinations and more, or easily plan your next hike or bike route.All is possible with My Location. SAVE LOCATIONS ◇ Find and saveany location on the map with only 2 clicks! ◇ My Location’sadvanced bookmark feature lets you note the destination type andadd a description/title. Import and export KML / GPX/ GEOJSON files◇ The app supports all of the popular geo formats such as KML, GPX,and GEOJSON. You can either export your saved locations, or importany of the above file extensions. LIVE LOCATION ◇ Share and trackyour location live with your friends and family. GPS Maps ◇ Seeyour current GPS position on the map easily and freely. ◇ Nearbyplaces – Find what you have around you: cafes, businesses, mallsand more. GPS LOCATION ◇ GPS map details the latitude and longitudeaccording to your current location. TRACK LOCATION ◇ Enablelocation tracking to later see the different routes you have taken,and see your saved tracks. CURRENT ADDRESS ◇ See the address andstreet you are currently at, and never get lost around the cityever again. ◇ Address and places search – Look up an address, or aspecific place by name. Navigation Widget ◇ Quickly navigate toyour favourite locations from the home-screen, now with just asingle click you can start the navigation to your home/work or anyother saved place. Save location widget ◇ Save your currentlocation with a single click! it has never been easier :-)DIRECTIONS ◇ Navigate the map and find the shortest, most accurateroute to any destination. ◇ Find directions to your destination bywalking, cycling or driving. LOCATION SHARING ◇ Share your currentlocation or any other location from the map with your friends.BEAUTIFUL MAP THEMES ◇ Use map themes like retro or dark, and learnto change your map with this short demo video: ◇ Enable nightmode for better viewingthe map during the night. Navigate the everywhere with ease andfind the quickest route to all your destinations with My Location.Download now and see what routes you’ve taken! How to use: Tutorialvideos:★ Save and manage places: ★ Change mapstyle: Important note – if you are anespecially adventurous traveler, become a beta tester to try newfeatures before they are being released! :-)
Flashcards World 2.602
Supercharge your learning experience with Flashcards, easily createstudy sets, and choose your favorite way to memorize your cards.Works fully offline! The app offers the follwing features: ✔ STUDYFLASHCARDS: Easily create cards, there is no limit on the amount ofcards or sets that you can create. ✔ PERFECT FOR LANGUAGE LEARNING:It helps you with improving your language learning and building upyour vocabulary. ✔ SPACED REPETITION: Focuses your studying on thecards you are about to forget, that way you will really memorizeyour cards. ✔ SHARE SETS: Be able to share any of your sets withyour friends. ✔ CSV SUPPORT: It is possible to import or export.csv files, so your cards are yours. ✔ MANY STUDY MODES: Usedifferent review modes to keep you engaged while studying, whichincludes: writing review, multiple answers, audio player, and thegood old flashcards review. ✔ WORKS OFFLINE: No internet connectionis required, that way you can study from anywhere :-) With anyquestions contact me by email: [email protected]