AirWatch Apps

AirWatch Agent
The AirWatch® MDM Agent allows you toauthenticate and enroll your device in AirWatch. The intuitiveenrollment process will prompt you to authenticate, accept a Termsof Use agreement and to install the applications, content andprofiles set by your IT administrator. From the AirWatch MDM Agent,you can view device details, read messages from IT, verify yourcompliance status and request support from your IT administrator.The AirWatch MDM Agent will report device details and compliancestatus to the admin console.Note: AirWatch MDM Agent works in conjunction with and is managedthrough configurable system settings within the admin console.AirWatch MDM Agent will not operate without the required AirWatchinfrastructure. Please contact your IT administrator beforeinstalling AirWatch MDM Agent.AirWatch MDM Agent Key FeaturesEnrollment• Easy user authentication• Intuitive, prompted device enrollment over-the-airAccess to Corporate Resources• Automatic access to apps, content and resources configured byyour IT administrator• Single sign on for all AirWatch applicationsSelf-Management• View device details, such as free memory, current compliancestatus and telecom usage• Receive messages when out of compliance• Contact support for additional assistanceInstructions for ActivationStep 1: Download and install the AirWatch MDM Agent on your devicefrom Google Play StoreStep 2: Enter your corporate email addressStep 3: When prompted, enter your credentials and accept the Termsof UseStep 4: The apps, content and profiles configured by your ITadministrator will prompt you to install automatically
AirWatch Inbox
AirWatch® Inbox for Android is a secure,containerized email client that provides complete separation ofenterprise and personal data on devices. Protected with AES-256 bitencryption, AirWatch Inbox is configured with advanced data lossprevention capabilities to secure sensitive corporate data, whileproviding you with quick access to corporate email, calendar andcontacts. AirWatch Inbox is ideal for highly regulated deploymentsand BYOD programs.Note: AirWatch Inbox works in conjunction with and is managedthrough configurable system settings within the admin console.AirWatch Inbox will not operate without the required AirWatchinfrastructure. Please contact your IT administrator beforeinstalling AirWatch Inbox.Key Features of AirWatch Inbox :Security• Protect with AES-256 bit encryption• Protect with password/pin authenticationEmail• Create, rename and delete folders and subfolders• Search for email by ‘To’ and ‘Subject’• Filter flagged, unread and high priority email• Preview attachments before opening• Perform bulk actions to emails• Support HTML email• Insert custom signatures automatically• Support Exchange ActiveSync (EAS)Calendar• View all events and respond to invites• See chronological list of events for each dayContacts• Create, edit and delete contacts• Call and send messages to contacts• Search for contacts in Global Address ListSteps for Activation:1. Download and install AirWatch Inbox on your device through theGoogle Play Store.2. Enroll your device with the AirWatch® Agent3. Based on a profile set by your IT administrator, AirWatch Inboxconfigures itself and prompts you for additional inputs.4. Once you complete the configuration steps as prescribed by youradministrator, AirWatch Inbox starts syncing your email, calendarand contacts.For more information on the AirWatch solution, please call866.501.7705.
AirWatch Samsung RC Service 2.0.0
The AirWatch Samsung Remote Control Serviceapplication allows your IT administrator to remotely monitor yourdevice for troubleshooting purposes.Note: AirWatch Samsung Remote Control Service works in conjunctionwith and is managed through configurable system settings within theadmin console. AirWatch Samsung Remote Control Service will notoperate without the required AirWatch infrastructure. Pleasecontact your IT administrator before installing AirWatch SamsungRemote Control Service.AirWatch Samsung Remote Control Service Key Features• Allow your administrator to remotely troubleshoot yourdevice• Support for all Samsung devices independent of SAFE versioninstalledInstructions for ActivationStep 1: Download and install the AirWatch® Agent app available inthe Google Play storeStep 2: Follow the instructions in the AirWatch Agent app to enrollin AirWatchStep 3: Download and install the AirWatch Samsung Remote ControlService app from Google Play
AirWatch Container
AirWatch® Container for Android providescomplete separation of enterprise and personal data on a device,securing corporate resources and maintaining employee privacy.Enterprises can compartmentalize and manage enterprise applicationsand data without having to manage an entire device with AirWatchContainer. Employee information, such as GPS location and personalapplications on a device, remain private, while enterprise data issafely containerized. AirWatch 6.5+ is required for AirWatchContainer.Note: AirWatch Container works in conjunction with and is managedthrough configurable system settings within the admin console.AirWatch Container will not operate without the required AirWatchinfrastructure. Please contact your IT administrator beforeinstalling AirWatch Container.AirWatch Container
Key Features:-------------------------------------------------------------------User Experience• Enable single sign on (SSO) across participating apps withinAirWatch Container• Switch seamlessly between enterprise and personal space
Privacy• Separate enterprise and personal data on your device• Containerize internal, public and AirWatch appsSecurity• Protect sensitive data with data loss prevention (DLP)settings• Access self-service portal to clear passcode, lock device andenterprise wipeInstructions for Activation:
Step 1: Download and install AirWatch Container on your devicethrough the Google Play Store.Step 2: Once AirWatch Container loads onto your device, enter yourcorporate credentials and set a passcode.Step 3: For enterprises, login to the admin console to managedevices.If you have any issues, please contact your IT administrator forassistance.
VMware Browser
The VMware Browser application provides a safeand accessible alternative to the native web browser for Androidmanaged device users. Corporate IT administrators can customize andconfigure the Browser to meet unique business and end-user needs,whether the need is to restrict web access from certain websites orto provide a secure internet "kiosk" for devices used as a mobilepoint of sale.By securing all internet transactions and limiting internet accessto custom-defined websites in the Browser's Kiosk and Restrictedmodes, the VMware Browser gives your corporation the benefits ofmobile technology but with fewer distractions and risks.The IT administrator can remotely configure the Browsersimultaneously with other MDM policies from AirWatch's web-basedconsole, providing centralized and easy access to yourcorporation's mobile device management and security policies.Configure the Security Settings• Default view that provides options for enabling/disablingfeatures in the VMware Browser that may be a security concernEnable a Browser Operation Mode• Kiosk mode restricts users to a single landing page in thebrowser.• Restricted mode employs either a blacklist policy for restrictedsites or a whitelist policy to limit browsing to allowedsitesSupport for App Tunneling• Integrates with the AirWatch Tunnel and F5 devices to allow usersto browse websites inside a company’s firewall• Integrates with regular proxies to redirect the browser’strafficRestrict documents to open only in allowed apps• Allows an administrator to enforce that all downloads can only beopened in the Secure Content Locker or on other allowedapplications
AirWatch Chat
AirWatch® Chat is an enterprise-grade messaging solution thatallows you to securely send instant messages and photos to otherusers in your enterprise. AirWatch Chat combines the ease of use ofinstant messaging with the security requirements of enterpriseenvironments. Messages are encrypted in-transit from your device tothe recipient’s device, ensuring complete security.Note: AirWatch Chat works in conjunction with and is managedthrough configurable system settings within the AirWatch adminconsole. AirWatch Chat will not operate without the requiredAirWatch infrastructure. Please contact your IT administratorbefore installing AirWatch Chat.AirWatch Chat Key FeaturesUser Experience• Send instant messages and photographs• Search for chat users in your corporate directory• Set chat status as available, away or busy• Sync offline messages for when you return online• Upload a profile pictureSecurity• Encrypt messages at-rest and in-transit• Authenticate with single sign on credentialsInstructions for ActivationStep 1: Download and install AirWatch Chat on your device throughthe Google Play Store.Step 2: Once AirWatch Chat installs, enter your corporatecredentials and set a passcode if promptedIf you have any issues, please contact your IT administrator forassistance.
AirWatch Connect Paris 2015
AirWatch Connect, le principal événement sur la mobilitéd'entreprise, vous permet de rencontrer vos pairs, de découvrir desoutils et une technologie pour stimuler les innovations au sein devotre organisation. Téléchargez l'application de l'événement pourconsulter le programme, les profils des intervenants et dessponsors, vous connecter avec d'autres participants et plus encore! Vous aurez besoin de votre ID AirWatch pour vous connecter.En utilisant cette application, vous acceptez le contrat delicence de l'utilisateur final que vous trouverez à l'adresse Websuivante :
AirWatch Panasonic RC Service 2.0.1
AirWatch introduces a Remote Control serviceapplication for Panasonic enterprise ready devices. Thisapplication is a “plug-in” application that should only beinstalled and used in combination with enrollment of the AirWatchMDM Agent . It allows your IT administrator to remotely controlyour device for trouble shooting purposes.This functionality is only compatible with AirWatch MDM consoleversion 6.4 and above-1. You must download, install the AirWatch MDM Agent(4.0 and above)available in the Google Play2. Enroll as usual3. Download and install the Panasonic Remote Control service fromGoogle Play4. Now your IT administrator should be able to remotely controlyour device.
AirWatch Connect Atlanta 2016
Connect Atlanta, the leading eventforenterprise mobility, connects you to the people, toolsandtechnology to drive innovation across your organization.Downloadthe event app to get access to the agenda, view speaker andsponsorprofiles, connect with other attendees and so much more! Byusingthis application, you agree to the End User LicenseAgreementlisted at the following webaddress: