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Mental Math Master
Fun maths training for experts.
Wacky Words 1.24
Find freaky hidden words in mixed letters. Wacky Words is afreakypuzzle game for word experts. Unicorns, monsters andreindeerareswaiting for you. Many funny categories are waiting foryou. -EASY-PEASY - IT RHYMES - EVERYDAY LIFE - XMAS - MOVIE AND TV- 80s& 90s - PETTING FARM - FROM THE INTERNET - SWE [email protected]#$%^&-EXCITING JOBS - MOTLEY - 30-COURSE MENU - KILLING TIME - newstuffcoming soon How does Wacky Words work? - Press a letter, thiswillput it at the first vacancy in the solution area. - Press againtodelete the letter from the solution area. - Alternatively, youcanalso delete the letter by pressing in the solution area. - Iftheletters are in the right order, the puzzle is solved. - Shouldyouever get stuck you can use tips.
Clicker vs. Money $ The Richest Clicker 1.0.91
Click until you are at the top 💲 Or you take a shortcut 💰Terrifyinghonest! This is the game where you can get rich. A lotof play moneyis waiting for you. Show your friends how rich youare. 💸 All youhave to do is just start clicking. 👆 Or be smart andtake ashortcut. Your fingers will thank you. You love money? Thenpile upa heap of capital! Make play money and dive into thereality ofclicker games. But be careful - the truth will shockyou. It is soeasy. Just start clicking and watch the money rain.💲1.000.000Million 💲 Million 💲💲 Quadrillion
Delicious Words - Food Puzzle
A Words Search Game for Lovers of the Good Cuisine.
Giraffe flies with his bottle.