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The Cookies' puzzle adventures

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    Devsisters Corporation
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Run, jump, slide, collect, and bake no prisoners! Cookie Run is theendless runner game with deliciously sweet and challenging levels,tons of fun, heart racing running modes, and big rewards! Racethrough dynamic side scroller levels for as long as your energy canlast! Unlock Cookie characters and collect cute Pets to take onunique challenges in this endless runner game. Run throughplatformer stages with fun mission challenges and compete inreal-time trophy races for the top spot! Help GingerBrave and hisCookie friends break out of the Witch's oven as you run to the topof the leaderboard! Collect characters with unique powers andskills, from Hero Cookie to Cocoa Cookie. Build a collection ofPets to pair with your Cookie characters for an even more excitingtime! This free cookie game keeps the characters coming and theside scroller levels hot! Speed run through challenges and competefor a top spot on the leaderboard. This endless runner is filledwith competition, especially when you’re racing online againstplayers from around the world! Think you’re a tough Cookie? Try notto crumble! Explore the magical lands of the tasty Cookie World inthis endless runner! Download Cookie Run today! ENDLESS RUNNER #Side scroller levels: Race through sweet and sugary to perilous andthrilling stages # Platformer obstacles and challenges # Jump andSlide to eat Jellies and other delicious treats while avoidingobstacles COLLECT PETS & CHARACTERS # Collect over 200 Cookies& Pets # New Cookies & Pets added every month # UpgradeCookies, Pets, and Treasures to achieve high scores FREE COOKIEGAME WITH ENDLESS ADVENTURES # Story games take you through a sweetadventure with Cookies on the run! # Collect Cookie characters andget to know them UNIQUE PLATFORMER GAME MODES # Breakout Mode: Longrelay run with several Cookies # Trophy Race: Compete with playersfrom around the world # Cookie Trials: Upgrade each Cookie to fullpotential and reach high scores ONLINE RUNNER GAME # New excitingevents & rewards every month # Race online against otherplayers # RPG-style level up system Terms of Service:http://cookierun.com/terms-of-service Privacy Policy:http://cookierun.com/privacy-policy Parental Guide:http://cookierun.com/en/parental-guide Help and Support:https://cs.devsisters.com/cookierun-ovenbreak or contact us fromthe game's Settings menu Official Twitterhttps://twitter.com/CookieRun Official Facebookhttps://www.facebook.com/cookierun Official Youtubehttps://www.youtube.com/cookierunglobal Official Discorddiscord.gg/Cn5crQw The Royal Club Membership is a monthlysubscription service that provides double the amount of GoldTickets, an Affection Booster, and 10% more Coins. In addition, youwill receive a special monthly gift in your mailbox. You cansubscribe to the Royal Club for a monthly subscription of $3.49(USD) or equivalent amount required in your default currency afterconversion. Purchases and renewal of subscriptions will be billedto your account. Auto-renewal of the membership happens in a periodof 24 hours before the exact expiration moment. Please cancel themembership 24 hours prior to the expiration moment to prevent thenext auto-renewal from being billed. At any time, auto-renewal canbe canceled via your user settings. After billing, the currentsubscription cannot be canceled until expiration. [OptionalPermissions] READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE / WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE - Usedfor temporary storage of game account data. (Only applied toAndroid 10 [API level 29] or below) - Used to save & sharein-game screenshots. (For Events.) * Even if you do not agree toallow the above app permissions, you can still use the service toits fullest extent excluding only those functions. PermissionManagement Settings > Privacy > Select App > Permissions> Turn permissions on or off
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