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Shift color blocks to combine and clear them. Three difficultymodes.

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    Color Shift
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    Jun 30, 2021
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    Android 4.1
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    Geroyiv Stalingradu ave., 39b Kyiv Ukraine 04210
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4sides Puzzle 1.3.1 APK
Swipe to move the side tiles and combine at least 3 tiles of thesame color to clear them. For combos you will earn coins and getmore score points. Buy bonuses for coins and use them to avoidloose. You loose if the board is empty. If the board is full youcan use bonuses to get some space for further moves. Use shufflebonus to shuffle all tiles on the board. Use bomb bonus to destroytiles at place you want. Use clear color bonus to clear all tilesof some random color. How long can you survive on the board? Try toget as much score as you can and compare your result with otherplayers and your friends.
8!10!12! Block Puzzle 2.4.5 APK
8!10!12! Puzzle is a free puzzle game with a simple butaddictivegameplay. Place shapes in order to create and clear fulllines onthe screen both vertically and horizontally, get points andunlockachievements. The game continues until you can make moves, sodon'tforget to keep free space for new shapes. Game field threesizes:88, 1010 and 1212. Day and night themes. Modes without timelimitand with it, no color match. Automatically saves game stateonexit, you can always continue your game later. Fourteen gamemodes!- Mini: mini shapes set randomly rotated, 8x8 game field,rotationdisabled; - Mini: mini+ shapes set, 8x8 game field,rotationenabled; - Basic: basic shapes set randomly rotated, 1010gamefield, rotation disabled; - Basic+: basic shapes set, 1010gamefield, rotation enabled; - Extended: extended shapes setrandomlyrotated, 1010 game field, rotation disabled; - Extended+:extendedshapes set, 1010 game field, rotation enabled; - Extra:extrashapes set, 1212 game field, rotation enabled; - Same modesbutwith the time limit.
Hex Chains 1.4 APK
Place and match 4 or more chips with same values to earn a morevaluable chip. Chain together matches to get bonus score and bonuscards! Play cards to transform one chip to another, to removeundesirable chips, to change chip place and maximize your score.After you place your chip the dealer places his chip. Sometimes thedealer places empty chips, these chips can’t create chains, you canonly remove them or transform them into other chips with help ofcards. Earn coins to spend on cards, upgrades, bigger cards countyou can hold and more. The game have three game modes: Unlimited:Unlimited chips, you can play as long as you can make moves. Whenthere is no move you can use cards to make more space for yourmoves or transform some undesirable chips to chips you need to makea move. Short: You have only 48 chips, place them with care and tryto make your best. But remember that when you get enough coins youcan unlock 6, 12 or even 24 additional chips in this game mode.Figures: Place figures of chips on game field to create chains.Rotate figures to find better place for them. Use cards to surviveas long as you can.
HexaMania Puzzle 1.10.7 APK
Seven interesting puzzle games in one. Despite of rulessimplicity,every mode is very challenging! Everyone can findsomethinginteresting for himself. Sign in to Google Play Games tocompareyour scores with scores of your friends and players fromaround theworld. - Mode 777 Place figures to game field to makelines whichwill be cleared and you get score points. You can undothe lastmove. The game continues until you able to place at leastonefigure. Try to get as many points as you can. - Mode 777+ Thismodevery similar to 777 mode with additional figures and abilitytorotate them. - Mode Get 12 Tap on adjacent tiles with thesamenumber to select them and combine to one tile with next number.Thegame continues until you able to combine tiles. Try to get thetilewith number 12. - Mode Rings There are 5 logical ring on thegamefield, each ring marked by its own color. Place figures togamefield to fill rings which will be cleared and you get scorepoints.You can undo the last move and you can rotate figures. Thegamecontinues until you able to place at least one figure. Try togetas many points as you can. - Mode Threes Touch at any placeandslide your finger to any of six directions. All tiles that canbemoved will be moved. Tiles can be merged: one with two andviceversa, three with three, six with six and so on. The goal is togetthe tile with number 6144. - Mode Cube There are logical linesonthe game field, each line goes through two cude sides.Placefigures to game field to fill lines which will be cleared andyouget score points. You can can rotate figures and undo thelastmove. The game continues until you able to place at leastonefigure. Try to get as many points as you can. - Mode 6 sidesTouchat any place and slide in any of six directions to movetiles.Tiles that can be moved will be moved until they collide withothertiles. Combine 3 or more same tiles to clear them and getscorepoints. You loose if the game field will be empty or full. Trytoget as many points as you can.
2048: Drop And Merge 1.7 APK
2048: Drop And Merge is a game about placing and merging tiles withnumbers. Despite the simplicity of the rules you will have to thinka little (or maybe a lot) to win. The game field consists of fourcolumns with five cells each. Touch the empty cells to throw a tilein the column. Tiles will fall to the bottom or until they collidewith other tiles. Tiles with two identical numbers will be mergedinto one tile with a double number. In 2048 game mode you can pickup the topmost tiles in the columns and move them to anothercolumn, but not more than one tile at a time. When you pick up thetopmost tile, it moves to the tile dispenser and becomes thecurrent tile along with the one that is there at that moment. Whenthere are two current tiles in the dispenser, the lower tile willfall into the column you touch, and the upper tile into anothercolumn, if possible. In 2048+ mode, you cannot pick up the toptiles by touching them. In 2048+ mode, adjacent identical tileswill merge not only vertically, but also horizontally. For placingtiles you will get bonuses. Use them to complete the goal of thegame. To use the bonus, activate it by touching and tap the tile toapply. Brief description of bonuses: - Division: use this bonus todivide the number on the tile by 2. If you apply this bonus to tile2, it will be removed, since this is the tile with the minimumnumber. - Pick Up: use this bonus to pick any tile up from the gamefield. - Remove: Use this bonus to remove any tile from the gamefield. The main goal of the game is to make tile with the number2048. But of course, 2048 is not the maximum tile, you can try yourhand and make 4096, 8192 and more. The game continues until thereare free cells on the game field or available bonuses.
InBlock 1.5.2 APK
Your goal is to place the shapes of color blocks on the game fieldand create groups of three or more blocks of the same color thatwill be deleted and make space for new blocks. The more blocks youremove at once, the more game points you will get. At the beginningof the game all the shapes consist of blocks of the same color, butwith score growth will appear blocks containing another blocks of adifferent color. After the removal of such blocks, the internalblocks will increase and occupy the places of the removed blocks.Did you make the wrong move? Use the undo button to undo your lastmove. Your game is automatically saved when you exit, so you caninterrupt at any time and continue the game from the same place.Your goal is to survive as long as possible and score as manypoints as possible. The game has 4 modes: - Classic: blocks fromthe placed shapes remain in their places, the shapes can not berotated; - Classic Roto: blocks from the placed shapes remain intheir places, the shapes can be rotated before placement on thegame field; - Gravity: blocks from the placed shapes will fall downuntil they collide another blocks or the edge of the game field,only after the fall they will be checked for match, the shapes cannot be rotated; - Gravity Roto: blocks from the placed shapes willfall down until they collide another blocks or the edge of the gamefield, only after the fall they will be checked for match, theshapes can be rotated.
Squatris 1.5.10 APK
Have some free time? It's time to train your brain with theSquatrispuzzle! Simple controls and rules. No restrictions on movetime,play at your own speed. Automatic save when you exit, stopandcontinue a game at any time. Unlock more than 50achievements.Squares game modes rules: Place figures on game fieldto fill theplaces marked with the same color (squares). When youfill a squareit is erased to make space for new figures, and youearn scorepoints. Erasing the large squares gives more points. Thegamecontinues until there is a space to put the next figure. Madewrongmove? The last move can be canceled unless it led to theerasing ofa square. Lines game modes rules: Place figures on gamefield tofill horizontal lines. When you fill a line it is erased tomakespace for new figures, and you earn score points. Erasing morethanone line at once will give you more score points. Thegamecontinues until there is a space to put the next figure. Madewrongmove? The last move can be canceled unless it led to theerasing ofa line. Sign in to Google Play Game services and competewith otherplayers for highest score.
TritBits 1.2 APK
TritBits is an addictive puzzle game designed to train yourbrain.Challenge your puzzle game skills with this exciting game.TritBitsgame lets you combine puzzle blocks, build and destroystructuresby creating patterns on the game field. Enjoy addictingbraintraining exercises with the power of TritBits! The rules isquitesimple. You have the game field and the shape under it. Youcanrotate current shape. To place the shape drag it on any emptycellson the game field and release it. Above the game field you canseecurrent pattern. Place shapes to create patterns on the gamefield.To create pattern you need to fill cells that match patternshape.You can combine blue blocks and green blocks to createpatterns.When you create patterns blue blocks became green. Afterevery movethe game field fills the blocks it contains. When thegreen blocksare filled, they explode and remove the red blocksaround. When theblue blocks are filled, they turn into red ones.When the redblocks are filled, they spawn new red blocks around.Try to avoidcreation of red blocks. The game continues until youare able toplace new shapes. The game has no time limit, you canthink onevery move as long as you need. There are four game modesin thisgame. - Adventure mode - You need to pass 99 unique levels.To passa level you need to place all given shapes. - Survival 2x2-Endless game mode. Game field size is 8x8, pattern shape is2x2.You play until you can place new shapes. The goal is to get asmanyscore points as possible. Global leaderboards. - Survival 2x3-Endless game mode. Game field size is 9x9, pattern shape is2x3.You play until you can place new shapes. The goal is to get asmanyscore points as possible. Global leaderboards. - Survival 3x3-Endless game mode. Game field size is 10x10, pattern shape is3x3.You play until you can place new shapes. The goal is to get asmanyscore points as possible. Global leaderboards.