1.92 / November 12, 2015
(4.4/5) (4345)


Bullet needs you to get as far as possible.Shoot a bullet from one cannon to another as you get coins tounlock new Bullets. How far can you get? Focus and FIRE!

- Touch the screen and shoot the Cannon in the rightdirection

- Earn coins and unlock more Bullets

- Connect consecutive cannon shots to beat your own records

- Amazing & fun graphics

- Special Prizes with amazing rewards

App Information Cannon Land - Cute Pet Bullets

  • App Name
    Cannon Land - Cute Pet Bullets
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  • Updated
    November 12, 2015
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  • Requires Android
    Android 2.3.3 and up
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  • Developer
    Erepublik Labs
  • Installs
    50,000 - 100,000
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Cannon Land - Cute Pet Bullets 1.92 APK
Bullet needs you to get as far as possible.Shoot a bullet from one cannon to another as you get coins tounlock new Bullets. How far can you get? Focus and FIRE!- Touch the screen and shoot the Cannon in the rightdirection- Earn coins and unlock more Bullets- Connect consecutive cannon shots to beat your own records- Amazing & fun graphics- Special Prizes with amazing rewards
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World War 1 continues on your phone in Game of Trenches! The newestMMO strategy where players faceoff in base building, militarystrategy games as army generals during The Great War! TRAIN WorldWar 1 armies, aces and tanks and go to war with thousands of REALplayers! Hone your subterfuge and war strategy skills, build anarmy, form great alliances and develop your own strategic center ofarmy operations. Real time strategy games are designed test youringenuity - watch out for trench-lurking soldiers and flying aces!Build an army, equip your Hero with invincible military gear andprove your supremacy on the battlefield. Use WW1 military gearbelonging to the British, German, Russian, Austro-Hungarian,Ottoman, French or American army. Test your military might andtactics today! Use subterfuge and cunning military strategy toscout your target and destroy their Headquarters. Engage instrategy war games, rise to the top of the rankings and earn renownfor your strategy skills. GoT’s real time strategy games requireyou to chat and plan ahead with your alliance, but always keep yourenemies close by. In a war strategy game, communication,leadership, social ties and even subterfuge, can make thedifference in every battle. Use base building to create planes andtanks. Learn war strategy tactics, trade with your allies, gatherresources from the map, and use strategic boosts and skills to growyour economy stats. GoT introduces you to the most epic warfareamong online games. Join the largest WW1 RTS game in the world!GAME OF TRENCHES FEATURES ★World War 1 Game ✔ Build WW1 aces,including the Red Baron's famed aircraft ✔ Choose civilizations andfactions to fight for: the Kaiser's War vs Clemenceau's politics. ✔Real time strategy: Explore the Front Map to gather resources,scout enemy generals or defeat rebellious armies. ✔ MMO strategy:Call your friends to arms and forge Alliances to win The Great War.★Military Game ✔ Choose a WW1 General to represent you on thebattlefield from Ludendorf to Alexei Brusilov ✔ Command World War 1vehicles based on your strategies: the impenetrable armor of theBritish Mark V or the agility of the Albatros D.I. ✔ Be a WW1general among historical leaders like Kaiser Wilhelm II, GeorgesClemenceau, Mustafa Kemal and J Pershing ✔ Level up your Commanderto turn him into a hardened WW1 veteran ★Base Building ✔ Buildbases, research new military technologies and get involved in theworld warfare ✔ Build World War 1 barracks and produce massivetanks or aircrafts ★Real Time Strategy ✔ RTS game: Utilize strategyand tactics in real time with allied generals ✔ Military strategy:unite troops with allied generals, create massive marches and leadan army to war ✔ Epic war games: will you attack or retreat, wagewar or make peace ✔ Subterfuge, scouting, planning and coordinationwill help your army succeed ★Online War Games ✔ Follow the call ofduty in explosive daily events ✔ Place your country’s flag in theworld rankings ✔ Use FREE Speed Ups to develop faster and trumpyour enemies ✔ Become a VIP player and gain explosive bonuses ✔ RTStactics: Discover countless strategies and diplomatic choices! Joina war game of power and a world of war! Play real time strategygames against real players worldwide in the most addictive onlinearmy game - play Game of Trenches NOW! Support For feedback,contact us at [email protected]