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his Application contain six Kalimas ofIslam.
Easy to Memorize
Translation in English and Indonesian
Arabic text With Audio play and pause
Can share with your Friends and family
The app contacting Arabic text in beautifully designed golden font.English translation and transliteration is available for all sixKalmas.
following Duaayen along with Urdu translation:
1. Duaa e Hajaat
2. Duaa e Qanoot
3. Duaa e Traveeh
4. Namaz e Janaaza
5. Six Kalmaat
Kalma Tayyaba, Shahadat, Tamjeed, Toheed, Astaghfaar, Radd eKufar)
ramzan special recipes in urdu for man and woman. ramzan pakistanraspies urdu. allah live wallpaper nice desigen. baby games,english to urdu dictionary free. ramzan special recipes in urdu isvery famous dish.
Pakora Recipe
Samosa Recipe

App Information 6 Kalma Of Islam With Meaning

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Gusal Ka Tariqa 1.2 APK
You can learn how to perform Ghusul andFaraaizand Massail of Ghusul are also given in this aap.Its all free Gusal aur uske Faraiz se mutalik maloomat, Gusalauriski makruhaat se mutalik aur Nabi Pak (SAW) ki Gusal semutaliksunnaten bhi shamil hen. Ap perhen aur isk application koauron takponchayen."Gusal Ka Tarika" written by DawateIslami Founder Sheikh eTariqatAmeer e Ahle Sunnat Hazrat Allama Molana Abu Bilal MuhammadIlyasQadri Razavi.This app contains basic information regardingGusal,Wazoo (Wazu) and their commandments in Islam. May theseinformationbe useful to our Muslim brothers, sisters and fellowsand theyshare with their beloved ones too.We have embedded features :- Attractive Splash- Urdu Pages- Urdu Page Navigations- Clear Images- Zoom for view clarityGhusl karne ka saheeh aur masnoon tarika :-1-Sub say pehlay sharamgah ko dho lijiay.2-Phir apnay hath achchi tarah dho lijiay.3-Phir aap naha lijiay or tasalli kar lijiay keh aap kayjisampar ab koi ghilazat baqi naheen.4-Phir aap ghusal-e-janabat ki niyyat kijiay keh³niyatkarta/karti hoo¶n ghusal-e-janabat ki wajibqurbatan ilAllah´.(yaadrahay keh niyyat alfaz ki mohtaj naheen hoti).5-Phir aap 3 martabah apnay hathon ko kalayon tak dhoyay.6-Phir aap 3 baar kulli kijiay or halaq tak apnay munh kosafkijiay.7-Phir aap 3 baar naak ki naram haddi tak pani ko chulloomainbhar kar char¶haiay.8-Phir aap apnay sar ko gardan tak is tarah dhoyay keh koihissakhushk na rahay or sar mainunglion ki poron say balon kopanidaltay waqt is tarah jhasain keh sar kay bhi kisi hissaykaykhushkrehnay ka koi ehtamal baqi na rahay.9-Phir aap apnay jisam ki (right side) par oopar say neechaytakis tarah pani daliay keh koi hissa bhikhushk naa rahay orpani(left side) ki taraf jata hooa neechay tak ja¶ay.10-Aur aakhir main apnay jisam ki (left side) par ooparsayneechay tak is tarah pani daliay keh koi bhihissa khushk narahayor pani (right side) ki taraf jata hooa neechay tak ja¶ay.Jisjisko bata sakte hian ye zaroor bataye.Namaz ka tareeqaNamaz parhne ka masnoon tareeqaProper method of offering your prayersNamaz ko sahi kar sakte hia. Agar humare ya start ki teenocheezayGusal Wazu Namaz sahi ho ge to sub kuch theek ho ga orhumareibadat b theek ho ge. Ya hum sub Muslims ka FARAZ hia k humya khudb shekay or Dosrou ko b sekhay.ALLAH hum sub ko as par amal karne ki tofeeq de, AmeenRamazan is a very special time for Muslims.Ramazan Kiase Guzaren? Is an application which describe a-z howtospent this month what to do according to the principle of Islamandteaching from our holy prophet Muhammad(S.A.W).. jis kay bagair ibadaat ka lutf aur sawab taqreeban zaya hojatahay. is kay masail ko jaan lena hum subh ki zumadari hay. aamtoarpar ghusal kay masail har kisi ko maloom nahi hain. aur jin kohainbhi woh bhi na mukammal.is app mein un tamam baton ka zikar kia gaya hay. un tamam masailkitaraf tawajjah dilae gae hay k jin ki madad say hum paki aurnapakikay darmiyan farq daikh samaj sakte hain.
Bachon Ki Parwarish 1.2 APK
ya application bacho ki tarbiyat kay mutalikha. Is ko parh kar parents buhat si malomat ley sakhty hain or sahitariky say bacho ki parwarish kar sakhtay hain is may speciallymothers ki information ha takay wo bacho ki parwarish kasay tekhtarikay say kar saktain hain.ramzan special recipes in urdu for man and woman. ramzan pakistanraspies urdu. allah live wallpaper nice desigen. baby games,english to urdu dictionary free. ramzan special recipes in urdu isvery famous dish.RAMADAN SPECIAL RECIPESPakora RecipeSamosa RecipeChaat RecipeDahi Baray RecipeRoll RecipeKachori RecipesChutney RecipesSharbat RecipeChicken Roast,Chicken Roll,Chicken Steak,Chicken Steam Roast,Chicken Tikka Biryani,
6 Kalma Of Islam With Meaning 1.2 APK
his Application contain six Kalimas ofIslam.Easy to MemorizeTranslation in English and IndonesianArabic text With Audio play and pauseCan share with your Friends and familyThe app contacting Arabic text in beautifully designed golden font.English translation and transliteration is available for all sixKalmas.following Duaayen along with Urdu translation:1. Duaa e Hajaat2. Duaa e Qanoot3. Duaa e Traveeh4. Namaz e Janaaza5. Six KalmaatKalma Tayyaba, Shahadat, Tamjeed, Toheed, Astaghfaar, Radd eKufar)ramzan special recipes in urdu for man and woman. ramzan pakistanraspies urdu. allah live wallpaper nice desigen. baby games,english to urdu dictionary free. ramzan special recipes in urdu isvery famous dish.RAMADAN SPECIAL RECIPESPakora RecipeSamosa Recipe
Maa 1.1 APK
maa aki buhat azeem hasti ha maa kay beghirher insan ki life udgri ha .ma janat ki kungi ha.maa say hi ghar may runak hoti ha maa ki shan humy pata huna buhatzarore ha maa ki kader karomaa ki azmat ko salam ha.. How many times has your mother fed when you are hungry? I'm sureinnumerable times. How often checked for every 10 minutes when youwere sick? I'm sure innumerable times.How much you love her ? How many time you need her? What's greatthing that her do for you ?It's easy to tell her via "Happy Mother's Day" application. Justone touch you can send your words to her.kalam list :Maa ki shanmaa poetry mp3mother day duamaa ki duawo meri maa hamaa da dard PunjabiMaa Ka DilBS MAA Mein Thak gayameri maaMaa ki yadIt is celebrated on various days in many parts of the world, mostcommonly in March, April or May.society. It is celebrated on various days in many parts of theworld, most commonly in March, April or Maymaa ki khdamt kar kay hum janat leysakhty ha. ramzan kay mubrakmehney may hum maa ki khdamat say bhrpur nekiya kama sakhtyha.
Neck Design 2016 1.2 APK
For Indian and Pakistani girls and women, theyear 2016 has so far proven to be the trendiest year. From shortkurtas to long shirts, all are in fashion and several unique neckdesigns for each shirt have been introduced.salwar kameez for indian girl suit and simple kurta dress designfor ladies that can be worn anywhere in the world.Make this Ramadan special and rejoice your life by making theseawesome dishes. A must have for foodies and all the Muslims whofast in this holy month. May Allah accept your fasts.Ramadan.Features:- Ramadan Special Recipes- In Urdu Language- With Recipes Images- Beautiful Graphics- Simple and Easy to use app. ramzan ak aesa barkat mahina hai jis mai toba ke tamam darwazaykul jatay hai aur namaz aur zikr ka sawab dugna hota hai.zarurapnay doston ke saath share karay.Gunhgar Pay 3 Qism ka DunayaviAzab.Rozadaro K Liye Do Khushkhabrian and Rozadaron Ki aik Azeem UlShaan Fazilat.ramzan special recipes in urdu for man and woman. ramzan pakistanraspies urdu. allah live wallpaper nice desigen. baby games,english to urdu dictionary free.Fasting is one of the fivefoundations of Islam. It means obtains (Parhez). Ramzan is dividein to three parts first is called Asrah e Rahmat, 2nd is calledAshar Maghfarat and 3rd and last is called Ashra e Nijaat.Following you can read about ramzan ki fazilat in urdu, ramzan kifazeelat, ramzan urdu, dua, ramzan ki fazeelat urdu..Through the strong vendor relationships and manufacturingabilities established over years, we promise you matchlessvalue-for-money! We make every effort to price our items asreasonable as possible.Make Money islamic way | Dolat mand hone ka Wazifa - Names of Allah- Ya RazzaqBeat Black Magic | Jadu ka ILAJ Qurani Ayat ke ZaryeDant Ke Dard Ka Rohani Ilaj | DANT KA DARD BILKUL KHATAM |Treatment of tooth painAhem Mushkilat Ka Qurani Hal | Mushkilat K Hal K Liye | For TheSolution Of Any DifficultiesBridal will be happy | Dulhan ko sasural mein pyaar milayThe Great Benefits, Rewards and Virtues of Surah Al-Fatiha | SurahFatiha Ke KhawasRemove Pimples, Scars and Cystic Acne | Chaiyan aur Chehre Ke DaagDoor Karne K Totka or WazifaSurah Yaseen Kay Kamalat | Surah Yaseen Kay Khawas | Power Of SurahYaseenIslamic Method | Mubashrat Ka Tariqa | Islam mein Humbistari KaTariqa
Quran say ilaj 1.2 APK
quaran say ilaj kay buhat say trikay batae gayha ap kasy apna kud rohani trik say apna ilaj kar sakhty ha. Thebest part Rohani ilaj is that there is no side effect at all.ByRohani Ilaj we can treatment our all of medical problems. likefever, pain, heart problem , ear pain, stomach pain, etc and otherall things which we having in our life.jin ki madad se deen o dunya ki har bemari ka ilaj kia ja saktahay. mian biwi kay aapas kay muamlat , nareena aulad ki tammana ho, ya jadu ka asar khatam karna ho . is app me har chez ka ilajmojud hay.Rizaq Chappar Phaar ker ap kay gher aa jaye ga. Aur ap Fiqr emuaash ki azmaayesh say azaad ho jaye gay. A must download app forevery Muslim.1.Karoobar Ka Na Hoana2.Riq K Andar Tangi3.Jadoo Tona.4.sugar k wazaif5.Pasnd Ki Jaga Shadi k Wazaif6.Lakey Walay Ya larki Waly Maan jain7.Hadion k Dard k wazaif8.Zalim k Zulam sy Bachny k Wazaif9.Aysa 1 Emal k Jis ko Rozana 7 bar parney Sy Har dua qabool hojayeALLAH ne Quran mian irshad farmaya " aur humne Quran Pak mian aysecheezain nazil karte hai jo Iman walou k Haq main Shifa or rehmathai "Khud b faida Hasil kare or apne dost, family, rishtedarou ko bsend kare k wo b as application se faida hasil kar satequran se ilaj allah kay name se ilaj.surah yasin se ilaj.its goodislamic information.More health (Sehat) tips are being added frequently and you canview latest tips without updating the app everytime. Ramazan mainaftari kay waqat kia cheez khani chahye. jis se aapp ka pait theakrhy. rozy main pyas na lagny ka tarika. aurat or mard sab kay lye.ramzan special recipes in urdu for man and woman. ramzan pakistanraspies urdu. allah live wallpaper nice desigen. baby games,english to urdu dictionary free.This Application covers following topics-Jado ka ilaj.-Jado ki tareef.-Jado sy bachao.-Jado ka khatma.-Haqooq zojjiyat ki adaygi main rokawat ky jado ka ilaj.-Nazar bad ka ilaj.-Nazar ki tareef aur alamat.-Nazar sy bacahao.-Mirgi ka ilaj.-Mirgi ki aqsam aur bayan.-Mirgi ki Alamat.-Nafsiyati amraz ka ilaj.-Asbab aur wasail.-Amraz-e-dil ka ilaj.-Mukhtalif amraz aur in ka ilaj.-Gham parayshani aur baybasi ka ilaj.-Sar dard ka ilaj.-Arq-ul-nisa ka ilaj.-Zakham phoray aur phansi ka ilaj.-Amomi bemari aur ghamgen ka ilaj.-Dar aur baykhuabi ka ilaj.-Zehrelay janwar ky dasny ka ilaj.-Bukhaar ka ilaj.-Ankh dukhny ka ilaj.-Dard ka Ilaj.-Ghusy ka ilaj.-Baasani waladat ka ilaj.-Nakseer ka ilaj.-Darh dard ka ilaj.-jazam ya korh ka ilaj.-Har qisam ky masaib ka ilaj.-Ilaj ky liy mufeed maswary.-Shahed peny aur sanji lagwany aur aag ky dagh ka elaj.-Kawlwanji Sy Ilaj aur abe zam zam sy Ilaj.-Rohni Ilaj ky muatliq suaodi fatway.A few examples of Masnoon Roohani Elaj Aurad are as follows:- Wazifa for protection for Iman- Wazifa for removal of Heart Rust- Wazifa for removal of Troubles- Wazifa for relief from Grief- Wazifa for protection against Nightmares- Al Quran Ayat for getting cure from stone disease- Wazifa for having cure from Illness- Wazifa for having cure from Diabetes- Wazifa for Baby Boy- Wazifa for getting rid of Poverty
Weight Loss Tips In Urdu 4.1 APK
as app may weiaght loss ki bbuhat se tips ha jo ap use kar kay kusko silm and smrt bnna sakhty ha ya buhat effect tips ha in kay koiside effect nehi ha. you can lose weight with 15 days weight losstips app. 15 Din main Wazan kam krain This free 1-week meal plan,excerpted from The Biggest Loser 30-Day Jump Start, helps youfollow a low-calorie diet with delicious Biggest Loser recipes andmeal ideas. Motapay ka ilaj in Urdu Main Features: Daily Diet PlanLose Weight Tips Daily Exercises Weight Loss Home Remedies DailyFood Plan "Motapay ka ilaj in Urdu" also suggests, all Weight losecontent is provided in Urdu language so its easily readable forPakistanis and to follow the instructions easily. Motapa is door kabohat important problem h. Yeh app ap k motapay ki waja btay gi kyeh kasay or kyu hota h. Then yeh app ap ko slim bnanay m madaddeti h. Ap ko dieting ka treeka btaye gi.Pait ki cherbi (FAT) kaamkrnay jo vegetables use hoti h un k baray m information day ga.Motapay se boht se bemaria (diseases) hoti h jn se bachna nehayetzrori h. Motapay Ka Khatma 100% : Urdu Totkay In Urdu you also usethis app for the Easy Tarika in Urdu Motapa Kam Kerne ka. as ramzandiet plan bhe ha jo use kar kay ap buhat jald wait loss kar sakhtyha ya buhat effect tips ha motapa door kar sakhty ha in ko followkar ky