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Talking Tom & Ben News
Breaking news - Talking Tom and Talking Benareeven chattier and more entertaining as TV news anchors!Join them in their TV studio, talk to them and watch them take itinturns to repeat what you say. Poke or swipe the screen and havethemfall off their chairs! You can even create the news by placingyourown video or photo on their TV screen!You can express your creativity by creating the news or justenjoywatching the two tease each other. Either way, you'll have abundleof fun!Check out all hilarious animations by getting the fullappnow!Features:- Talk to Tom and Ben: See them take turns to repeat whatyousay.- Watch them interact with one another: They tease each other inahilarious way!- Co-create the news: Upload your own video or photo and seewhathappens.- Send videos to your friends: Record your own news story andshareit on Facebook, YouTube or email!IMPORTANT - To remove all ads within the app you will need tomakean in-app purchase.This app is PRIVO certified. The PRIVO safe harbor sealindicatesOutfit7 has established COPPA compliant privacy practicestoprotect your child’s personal information. Our apps do notallowyounger children to share their information.This app contains:- Promotion of Outfit7's products and contextual advertising- Links that direct customers to our websites and otherOutfit7apps- Personalization of content to entice users to play theappagain- Watching videos of Outfit7's animated characters viaYouTubeintegration- The option to make in-app purchasesTerms of use: policy:
Talking Pretty Girl 1.5.7
Funny Talking
**My Talking Pretty Girl repeats everythingyousay with a funny voice.**Enjoy hours of fun and laughter with My Talking Pretty Girl. Heisespecially fun for children of all ages.**Play with Pretty Girl:- Talk to Pretty Girl and he will repeat everything you say withafunny voice.- really sweet.- look at my dancing.- have a sleep.- Poke his head, Arm or feet.
Tom's 3Dcards. 1.2.2
Have fun with the new Tom’s 3Dcards app!Afreeapp that belongs to the new Talking Tom and Friendstradingcardscollection from Giromax. You’ll be impressed withthewell-knowncharacters 3D animations and will enjoy playing theQuizgameincluded in more than 150 cards.★You can use the “Tom’s 3Dcards” App for the Talking TomandFriendstrading cards collection created by Giromax. Thecollectionis nowon sale at your nearest newspaper point ofsale.►Visit the Giromax official website: free promotional card. You must print and scan thecardwith yourmobile phone or Tablet and use the Tom’s 3Dcards freeapptoreproduce the animation.★The Tom’s 3Dcards collection with augmented reality isnowonsale! And it is from Giromax! Collect all the Trading Cardsofyourfavourite characters. Tom, Angela, Ben, Ginger, Pierre,Gina,Hank…there are all of them! Get your album, complete thecollectionandhave fun with Tom’s 3Dcards collection!★NOTE: To download the Giromax Tom’s 3Dcards app, it isnecessarytohave a good internet connection. The app iscompletelyfree.However, to see all the animations and theAugmentedRealityeffects, you should buy the trading cards at yournearestKiosk ornewspaper point of sale.★ FEATURES ★=================================With Tom’s 3Dcards app and the trading cards collectionofTalkingTom and Friends from Giromax, you can enjoyallthesefeatures:✓ Enjoy an amazing experience visualizing the AugmentedRealityofthe characters.✓ See 3D animation from any angle.✓ Have fun with the Quiz game✓ Share the experience with your friends in Facebook,Twitteroremail.★ TRADING CARDS COLLECTION FEATURES ★=================================□ 180 TRADING CARDS*25 cards with Augmented Reality 3D.*155 cards with Augmented Reality 2D including a Quiz game.Giromax ® 100% official trading cards collection. ⓖⓘⓡⓞⓜⓐⓧ♕Follow us:►Talking Tom Facebook:► Talking Tom andFriendsYouTube:►Talking shop:►Giromax Facebook:►Giromax YouTube:* Downloading the App is for free, do not hesitate totryit,download now! *Keywords: Tom’s 3Dcards, Talking Friends, 3D TalkingFriends,ARTalking Friends, Tom, Angela, Ben, Ginger, Gina,Hank,Giromax
YouTube Kids
Google Inc.
The official YouTube Kids app is designedforcurious little minds. This is a delightfully simple (andfree!)app, where kids can discover videos, channels and playliststheylove.We work hard to offer a safer YouTube experience, but noautomatedsystem is perfect. If you ever find a video you’reconcerned about,please flag it. This helps make YouTube Kids betterfor everyone.For more important notes about the app, please seebelow.DESIGNED FOR KIDSTo make exploration easy, videos in the app are split intorelevantcategories such as: Shows, Music, Learning, Gaming andExplore. Wealso took out the complicated stuff to make an app evenlittle onescan navigate -- that means big buttons, easy scrolling,and instantfull-screen. And when the whole family wants to enjoytheirfavorite videos together, everyone can watch on the big screenwithChromecast, game consoles, or smart TVs.VIDEOS KIDS WILL LOVEKids can enjoy favorites like Thomas & Friends, DreamworksTVandTalking Tom, online hits like Mother Goose Club, Super SimpleSongsand Wonder Quest, plus anything else they’re into --sports,animals, gaming, crafts and more.GROWN-UPS ARE IN CONTROLWe know that every family is different, so we’ve includedfeaturesthat let grown-ups tailor the YouTube Kids experience totheirfamily’s needs. Settings are found behind a grown-ups-onlylockwhere you can turn off search for a more restricted experienceorset a built-in timer to let kids know when it’s time tostopwatching so you don’t have to.For more information about the app and settings, please readourParental Guide.IMPORTANT NOTES ABOUT THE APPParental setup is needed to ensure the best experience possibleforyour child.YouTube Kids contains paid ads in order to offer the app forfree.Your child may also see videos with commercial content fromYouTubecreators that are not paid ads. For more information, pleasecheckout our Parental Guide.Videos in the app are selected by our automated systems.Pleasenote, no system is perfect, and it’s possible that your childmayfind something you don’t want them to watch. If your child findsavideo that you feel is inappropriate, please flag the video anditwill be reviewed as soon as possible.You can restrict your child’s experience by turning search offinthe set-up flow or by accessing the settings behindthegrown-ups-only lock. This means your child can’t searchforcontent, which reduces the chances that they will encounter avideoyou don’t want them to watchWhether search is on or off, the app will recommend videosselectedby our automated systems from the broad set of videosaccessible inYouTube Kids.Important information for Google accounts created in Family Link.Insome countries, we allow parents to create Google Accountsforchildren under the age of 13 in Family Link and allowthesechildren to sign into YouTube Kids with their Google Account.Theseparents will be able to access parental settings in the FamilyLinkapp on their own device. These parents can also enableanadditional content level setting in YouTube Kids. This settingcanbe set to “older” if the parent feels their child is ready towatcha less restricted set of videos from the broader universeofYouTube videos. These videos may contain some explicit languageandimagery, violence and suggestive content. Our systems try tofilterout content that is not appropriate for kids, but noautomatedsystem is perfect and your child may come across contentwithnudity, highly offensive language, and extreme violence.The Privacy Notice for Google Accounts created in FamilyLinkdescribes our privacy practices when your child uses YouTubeKidswith their Google Account. When your child uses YouTubeKidswithout signing into their Google Account, the YouTube KidsPrivacyNotice applies.
Talking baby cat😻 Talking game for kids.
Cosmic Mobile
Talking baby cat😻 – talking game for kids - funny app with optionoflive wallpaper. The talking baby cat repeats everything you saywitha funny voice. He is very talented. Kitten plays beautifulmusic onthe instruments! Talking baby cat fantastic playskeyboard, piano,drums, classical guitar, electric guitar and more.The talking catsings well with cute mice. In the evening, thekitty sleeps sweetlyin bed. Talking kitty also likes cooking - seethe funny adventuresof a talking cat in the kitchen. The baby catis unlucky in thekitchen and most often he fails or someonedisturbs him - but it isvery funny. Kitten is cute, sweet andfluffy. If you like talkinggame applications and our talking cat -you can set it as ananimated wallpaper on your phone screen. Howto play with talkingbaby cat: - Start speaking and baby catrepeats everything you say.- If you touch the cat’s tail – talkingkitty will be meowing. -Slide your finger on his head – kitty willbe purring. - Tap thebuttons to see how funny things talking catdoes. In the applicationyou will also find 23 cool mini games forchildren - arcade andeducational, whose hero is often a sweettalking baby cat. In thetalking game you will find games such as:Talking baby catskateboard ride - crazy skateboarding and jumpingover obstacles.Bubble smasher - crush the soap bubbles but becareful not toaccidentally press on the butterfly or bee. Coloring- cool coloringpictures. Choose colors the way you like and colorpictures withanimals. Memory - Discover covered pictures in pairs.Try to do itas soon as possible. Connect - connect with lines ofhearts of thesame color. However, the lines cannot cross. Talkingbaby cat skyhop - jump up to the next platforms. Don't confusedirections.Collect hourglasses that extend the game time. CakeTower - try toput as many cakes as possible on top of each other.Build thehighest tower possible from pieces of cake. Puzzle -classic puzzle.Arrange beautiful pictures from pieces. Color tap -touch the headsof talking baby cat of the same color. Do it assoon as possible -time is limited. Fly high - the space kittyflies and collectscandies. Tilt the phone to the right or left.The talking kittycannot touch the clouds. Cars - ride on thehighway and pass thecars. Be careful not to cause an accident.Snake - control the snakethat eats fruit. Every fruit eaten makesthe snake lengthen. 5 inline - stack a minimum of 5 balls of thesame color next to eachother. Flying dragon - drag your fingerdragon to the left or rightto collect coins. Be careful not tofall on the trees. Cross stitch- number coloring for children withcool coloring pictures. Tic tactoe with talking baby cat - playtic-tac-toe. Option to play with afriend or play with a kitty.Math for kids - basic mathematics:counting, adding, subtractingand comparing quantities. Animalsounds - match the sound to theanimal. Animal names - match animalnames to the pictures. Planetjump with talking baby cat - jump fromplanet to planet and collecttokens. Be careful, however, to set thecorrect course of jump.Animal puzzle - simple puzzle for childreninvolving thearrangement of animals. If you like talking gameapplications andour talking cat - you can set it as an animatedwallpaper on yourphone screen. In case of any problems with theeffect of talkingbaby cat, instead of giving us the negativeopinion, please send usan e-mail and review briefly the problem. Itwill help us to solveit in the next updates of application. Talkingbaby cat is free butcontains ads inside application. Revenue fromadvertising will helpus to create new attractive wallpapers andapplications. Allpermissions are required only for advertising andare supported bytrusted vendors. Download the talking game with thetalking babycat and spend as much time as possible with him on playandeducation. Enjoy!
Talking Tyrannosaurus Rex
Funny Talking
**Talking Tyrannosaurus Rex repeatseverythingyou say with a funny voice.**Enjoy hours of fun and laughter with Talking Tyrannosaurus Rex.He is especially fun for children of all ages.**Play with Tyrannosaurus Rex:- Talk to Tyrannosaurus Rex and he will repeat everything yousaywith a funny voice.- really sweet.- look at my dancing.- have a sleep.- Poke his head, Arm or feet.
Talking Parrot Couple Free
Funny Talking
**Talking Parrot Couple Free repeatseverythingyou say with a funny voice.**Enjoy hours of fun and laughter with Talking Parrot CoupleFree.He is especially fun for children of all ages.**Play with Parrot Couple Free:- Talk to Parrot Couple Free and he will repeat everything yousaywith a funny voice.- really sweet.- look at my dancing.- have a sleep.- Poke his head, Arm or feet.
Love calculator 3.5.3
Are you in love?Your partner or soul mate it is ideal for you?Are you in search of true love?That a true and lasting love is based on trust, happinessandrespect for others.(Love calculator),love meter will give you some answers toyourquestions.Enter your name, your date of birth or even scan yourfingerprintsand you will be surprised.Here's a good game to determine your valentine.Come on! Download love calculator, put your love to a test andseeif he is elected.This application is just a fun game. Do not take too seriouslytheresults. Have fun!Share love calculator result with your partner or friends onsocialnetwork.
Talking Cat.
Cosmic Mobile
Talking Cat, funny app with option of live wallpaper. Thecatrepeats everything you say in a funny way. The cat isverytalented. The talking cat plays beautiful music on theinstrumentsand funny dances! Cat plays fantastic: keyboard, drums,guitar,violin and piano. His funny friend Mouse makes jokes to him.Youcan feed the cat if you want. At night (after 8 pm), cat sleepsandsnores. If you like the cat, you can set him as a wallpaper. Howtoplay with Talking Cat: - Start speaking and cat repeatseverythingyou say in a funny way. - Tap the buttons to see howgreat catplays on the instruments. - Touch his belly, head, handsand legsto see how funny things cat does. - Inside application youwillfind funny games: Puzzle, Bubble Smasher, Color Tap and FreeFall.Enjoy your time with Talking Cat! In case of any problems withtheeffect of Talking Cat, instead of giving us the negativeopinion,please send us an e-mail and review briefly the problem. Itwillhelp us to solve it in the next updates of application withTalkingCat. Talking Cat is free but contains ads insideapplication.Revenue from advertising will help us to create newattractivewallpapers and applications. All permissions are requiredonly foradvertising and are supported by trusted vendors.
Talking Siberian Husky 1.8.7
Talking Pet
Talk to the Talking Siberian Husky. He answers with his funnyvoiceand reacts to what you say or your touch. Maybe you like dogandhusky super, super want to keep one as a pet, but can not dosointolerable family or roommates,or too busy to care them.Nowwehave Talking Siberian Husky. This is a very smart husky. Helikesto run and jump, like to play game with you to find theball.Ofcourse, the bone is his first choice.Hope this husky canaccompanyyou to have an exciting time. If you like this Husky,share it withyour friends, your parents, lovers, oh we must ensurethat theylike dogs as you like them. TALK TO HUSKY ★ Talk toSiberian Huskyand he will repeat after you ★ Laugh out loud atHusky’s funnyvoice ★ Share funny videos with your friends PLAY WITHHUSKY ★ Ah,bones, husky want ★ Touch the husky to make him happy ★Where isthe ball, find it ★ Let husky to sleep ★ Husky playingFrisbee ★Move husky hands and feet, Chest Talking Husky is a freeAPP.Willing Talking Husky accompany you to spend a happy time.
Talking Elephant
Funny Talking
**Talking Elephant repeats everything yousaywith a funny voice.**Enjoy hours of fun and laughter with Talking Elephant. Heisespecially fun for children of all ages.**Play with Elephant :- Talk to Elephant and he will repeat everything you say withafunny voice.- really sweet.- look at my dancing.- have a sleep.- Poke his head, Arm or feet.
Face Changer
Make any photo into a funny one.CNET: ”If you are searching for a great time killerandfunny photo app, this one is for you. This app promises manylaughsas you twist and edit your friends' faces.”Main Features:Replace face parts Funny eyes, noses, make them bald.Smudge and warp Make faces thin or fat, make earspointy,make them smile.Packed with features Add text or draw on top of thephoto,Share with friends.Simple to use, easy to learn and share.Face Changer is a registered trademark.
Cat Caller 4.4
Schedule a Call from Cat and receive thePhonecall from Cat that says what you want on phone andsurpriseeveryone around with cat call.Cat Caller works in easy to use to Way:1. Pick the time when to receive the free call from Cat.2. Record what you want the cat to say when you get phone callfromCat. The Fake Call from cat can be previewed and changed asyouwish.3. Receive the Prank Call from Cat when you scheduled withYouroriginal Ringtone.4. Listen to what cat say on speaker or handover the phonetosomeone who you want to surprise with Cat Call.5. Surprise friends and family and kids with Surprise call fromcat.Cat Caller is best Talking Cat on Phone.Cat caller is the most liked app by kids and adults alike. CatPrankCall app now crossed 250K Downloads and trusted by kids andadulteverywhere is improved and made it more easy.
Moolt 3.34.19
Moolt is an app for kids with new animated shows andepisodespremiering every week. Kids-safe environment, parentalcontrol andno ads whatsoever! More than 800 episodes of colorfulanimatedcartoons are already available. Several episodes of eachanimatedseries are available free of charge. Full functionality oftheapplication is available after subscribing. The first 7 daysofsubscription are free! MOOLT SUBSCRIPTION ALLOWS YOU: •Downloadany episode on your device (based on your subscriptionplan). Afterthat, you won’t require Internet connection to watchit. • Watchepisodes in HD and full HD quality (based on yoursubscriptionplan). • Create your own playlists so you won’t missyour favoritecartoons. • Use parental control feature that willhelp youregulate time your child spends with our app and let youchoosecartoons for him or her! CARTOONS AVAILABLE IN THEAPPLICATION:"Be-Be-Bears", “FAST”, “Heroes of Envell”, “FantasyPatrol”, “Leoand Tig”, “Paper Tales”, “Magic Lantern”, “RolandoLocomotov Comesto the Rescue”, “Cutie Cubies”. Please notice thatnot all of thecartoons are available in certain languages.SUBSCRIPTION PLANS:The first 7 days of subscription are FREE! Oursubscription is oneof the most accessible of all cartoonapplications: - 1 month -4.99 USD - 1 year - 23.99 USD If you haveany questions orsuggestions, please contact us [email protected], and we willdefinitely reply! End User LicenseAgreement: Personal Data ProtectionPolicy:
My Talking Parrot 1.2.2
Funny Talking
My Talking Parrot is a free talking parrot game. Download MyTalkingParrot’s FREE and FUN app and enjoy yourself! He repeats,makes uphis own sentences and fly! Features: Talk to Parrot: Herepeats andinvents his own sentences. Parrot can repeat all theinterestingsounds you say. You can customize your favorite colordecoration.You can help parrots fly and experience the fun offlying. How toplay: - Click the parrot, parrot to do theappropriate action. -Sliding parrots around to see the parrot'sresponse to it. - Clickon items in the room, the parrot will flyin the past. - When theparrot bored to accompany him to play,hungry feeding - Sleepy needto turn off the lights to sleep, toexperience the fun to develop. -When the player is in an idlestate, parrot repeat the player tospeak. - Click the color button,then you can customize their ownhousing color. - Click on the freeposition, the game will enter thefree flight mode.
غير صوتك أثناء المكالمة 3.0
التطبيق يمكنك من تغيير صوتك إلى أي صوتمنإختيارك فتاة, رجل, طفل صغير أو عجوزغير صوتك اثناء الاتصال وآصنع مقالب لأصدقائك و اخدعهمهل تبحث عن تطبيق يمكنك تغير صوتك إلى عدة أصوات كما تشاء إلىكهذاالتطبيق الذي سوف يمكنك من تغيير صوتك إلى الكثير من الأصوات للمرحمعأصدقائك لجميع الفئات اطفال و كبار فهو يقوم بتغيير الصوت وتقليدالاصوات الاخرى .تكلم بصوت فتاة أو عجوز أو رجل عند الإتصال يسمح لك بتغيير صوتكعندالاتصالمغير الصوت مجاني تماما.حمل التطبيق وتمتع بتغير صوتك ولاتنسوىالتقييمطريقه تغيير صوتك اثناء المكالمه #صوت النساء واصوات اخرى كثيرهتطبيق تغيير الصوت اثناء المكالمات 2017برنامج تغيير الصوت اثناء المكالمهتطبيق تغيير الصوت اثناء المكالمهتغيير الرقم اثناء المكالمهكيفية تغيير الصوت اثناء المكالمهVoice Recorderغير صوتك الى مغنيةكشف اسم و مكان المتصلغير صوتك إلى فتاةغير صوتك إلى رجلغير صوتك إلى طفلغير صوتك إلى عجوزغير صوتكتكلم بصوت فتاةتكلم مع المتصل بصوت فتاةتكلم بصوت رجلتكلم بصوت طفلوعدة اصوات اخرى مسليةغير صوت عند الإتصال مجانى ويعمل بدون انترنتتكلم بصوت فتاة عبرالهاتف- تكلم مع المتصل بصوت فتاة- غير صوت عند الإتصال مجانى ويعمل بدون انترنت- تكلم بصوت فتاة عند الإتصال لا يغير صوتك عند الاتصال- غير صوتك الى فتاة يعمل على طريقة القط المتكلمتسجل الصوت ثم يقوم بنطقة مرة اخرى- غير صوتك الى مغنية- غير صوتك اثناء المكالمة- غير صوتك أثناء المكالمة حقيقي- تكلم بصوت فتاة عند الاتصال مع المتصل- تقليد الاصوات- مغير الصوت - غير صوتك 2017- غير صوتك الى مغنية- غير صوتك الى فتاة- برنامج غيرصوتك مجاني تماما. حمل التطبيق وتمتع بتغير صوتك ولاتنسوىالتقييمملاحظة :التطبيق لا يمكن من تسجيل المكالماتالتطبيق مزحة بين اصدقائك لتغيير الصوت وتعديل الصوتمعرفة رقم موبايل مجهولغير صوتك اثناء المكالمةتحدث بصوت فتاة أثناء المكالمةتسجيل صوتك وتغييره الى صوت رائع بضغطة زرnassir_isfتطبيق مجاني يمكنك من تغيير صوتك الى صوت فتاةغير صوتك اثناء المكالمة Pranktatbi9 taghyir sawtغير صوتك الى مغنيةbdel sawtakغير صوتك الى صوت فتاةapplication taghyir sawtتكلم بصوت فتاة مع المتصلtaghyir sawt- تغير صوت اثناء المكالمات .- تغيير الصوت الى صوت رجل او طفل .- تغير صوت الرجل الى فتاة .- التطبيق لا يمكن من تسجيل المكالمات فقط تغير صوت prank* طريقة عمل التطبيق :- حمل تطبيق- اتمم الخطوات لتفعيل الخدمة- مبروك عليك الان يمكنك تكلم بصوت فتاة .- الغرض من هذا التطبيق هو المرح مع أصدقائك لا غير Prankتكلم بصوت فتاة عند الاتصالتكلم بصوت فتاةغير صوتك الى مغنيةغير صوتك اثناء المكالمةغير صوتك أثناء المكالمةغير صوتك اثناء المكالمةغير صوتكغير صوتك الى مغنيةغير صوتك الى فتاةتكلم مع المتصل بصوت فتاةThe applicationenablesyou to change your voice to any voice of your choice girl, aman, ayoung child or an elderlyIs your voice during a call, and do the dumps to friendsandAkhaddahmAre you looking for an application you can change your voicetoseveral voices as you like. Here is an application that willenableyou to change your voice to a lot of votes to have fun withyourfriends for all children and senior categories It does changethesound and the tradition of other voices.He spoke loud or a girl or an old man: When calling allows youtochange your voice when you connectFree Voice Changer Tmama.hml application and enjoy your voicedoesnot change the assessment TnsoyHow to change your voice during a call # women's voices andothersounds in largeAn application to change the sound during calls 2017Changing the sound during a callAn application to change the sound during a callChange the number during the callHow to change the sound during a callVoice RecorderIs your voice to the singerRevealed the name of the caller and the placeIs your voice to girlIs your voice to a manIs your voice to a childIs your voice to an oldIs your voiceHe spoke loud girlSpoke with the voice of the caller GirlHe spoke loud manVoice spoke childAnd several other voices entertainingFree is a sound when communication and works without Internet Girl voice spoke Abralhatv- Spoke with the voice of the caller Girl- Is a sound when Free communication and workswithoutInternet- Spoke out Girl: When calling does not change your voice whenyouconnect- Is your voice to a girl working on a cat speaker modeRecord sound and then again Bntqh- Is your voice to the singer- Is your voice during a call- Is a real voice during the call- Spoke girl voice when communicating with the caller- Tradition of the votes- AV Voice Changer - is your voice in 2017- Is your voice to the singer- Is your voice to a girl- Garsotk free program completely. Application download andenjoyyour voice does not change the assessment TnsoyNote :The application can not be of Call RecordingApplication joke between friends to change the sound and adjustthevolumeKnowledge of mobile number unknownIs your voice during a callSpeaking voice during a call girlRecord your voice and change it into a wonderful voice push ofabuttonnassir_isfFree application enables you to change your voice to the voiceofgirlIs your voice during a Prank Calltatbi9 taghyir sawtIs your voice to the singerbdel sawtakYour voice is the voice of the girlapplication taghyir sawtGirl voice spoke with callertaghyir sawt- Change voice during calls.- Change the sound to the voice of a man or a child.- Man's voice changed to a girl.- The application can not be the only call recording voiceprankchange* Method of application work:- Download Application- To finish steps to activate the service- Congratulations to you now, you spoke loud girl.- The purpose of this application is the fun with your friendsisnot PrankSpoke girl voice when communicatingHe spoke loud girlIs your voice to the singerIs your voice during a callIs your voice during a callIs your voice during a callIs your voiceIs your voice to the singerIs your voice to a girlSpoke with the voice of the caller Girl
Fan Luna Soy Songs Games 3.2
If you're a fan of Luna, you must have this app with games,phrases,songs and more! Are you really Luna Fan? If you think yes,then youcan not miss this application is the best App for fans ofLuna, withthis application ABLE: - All about season 2 of "SoyLuna". - Songsof season 2. - Find out which character you looklike with theCharacter Test! - New questions for the games! - Andas always, manygames, the amulet and more! Are you a fan of "I amLuna"? Then thisapplication can not be missing! * Check how muchyou know about theseries with our games! - Read Luna Tweetswithout any specialapplication. - Browse the gallery phrases. -Establish phrases aswallpapers. - Full Luna lyrics, including alltheir albums. - Showthat you know everything there is to knowabout Luna with our quiz.Enjoy this easy to navigate with simpleapplication interface.Please share your valuable feedback andevaluate this APP. We thankyou!