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Download the best wifi password app to generate secure and randompassword for any type of security. With this app you can select anytype security and generate passwords. Generate secure password andsecure your wifi network from hacking. Features: Scan networksaround by you. Generate password for your wifi router. Select anytype of security like WEP, WPA, WPA2. Direct copy paste. This appis not for cracking or hacking any kind of password the function ofthis app is to generate passwords.
Make fool your friends with this prankapplication.Download transparent broken screen.Very easy, simple and light weight app.Simply touch on your device to crack it.Simulates cracking screen.
How will be me baby? Joke game 8.0
How will be my baby? is prank to make joke with your partner.Thisis a very simple and easy app to make jokes and pranks.You onlyhave to select your picture and your partners picture.And after itwill simulates that it is mixing the pictures and after that itwill generates a baby picture.This is only a simulator of a babyapp.SO do not take it seriously.Share it if you like it. thanks.
Wifi password audit app scan wifi access points and to audit theirsecurity.This application scan access points and show theirrelevant diagnostic information like MAC address, security type,signal strength, channel number, etc...This app tries to calculateaccess point default password via a public known algorithm.Directlink to refresh list. Auto scan after some time.This app alsocontains some publicity.This app is not for cracking or hacking anykind of password the function of this app is to generate passwords.
Meditation Chakras 2016 7.0
Download the best Meditation CHAKRAS appA unique guide that will take you to all the CHAKRAS of the bodythrough the establishment of a deep connection with their ownspirituality in the spiritual world.With melodies that incorporates the application will allow a quickconnection to your subconscious to achieve any chakra healing yourbody.Mantras help you relax and have a quiet life because everyone knowswe're constantly surrounded by stress.Audio of the mantras of the 7 CHAKRAS.The energy points that govern the physical body and regulate theuptake and energy expenditure uninitiated or poorly developedspiritually are closed or slightly open; when we develop ouretheric body.The energies directed to an astral body also act on the physicalbody.To balance the flow of energy and put in different order have toopen them and exercise them. The stones of the vibrational energy,and help us to induce the desired effect.