1.2.13 / May 12, 2015
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ZDApplock is a security tool which helps youto protect your phone from annoying people by locking yourapplications from public access, only you will be able to unlockthem again.

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    May 12, 2015
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    Android 2.0 and up
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    ZDworks Co.,Ltd.
  • Installs
    50,000 - 100,000
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    Visit website Email [email protected]
    Huihuangguoji Buiding, Haidian District
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  • 1.2.13 (13) - Latest Version
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    Publish Date: 2016 /3/25
    Requires Android: Android 2.0+ (clair, API: 5)
    File Size: 3.3 MB
    Tested on: Android 4.3 (Jelly Bean, API: 18)
    File Sha1: baa653c528e9f8afb5ada81aaba2f56dc4f9321a
    APK Signature: 14d556b551256efe5fcbb3565311b04d36a60fbd

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正点日历-万年历、黄历、生日、天气、农历、星座 2.3.212 APK
独特的多日历功能· 生活、工作、生日等分别管理,轻松高效主题图标记事,一键添加提醒· 嫌手机输入麻烦?选择一个日期,即可快速添加提醒或记事,如同在台历上画圈圈一样简单智能生日管家· 支持从人人网、Facebook及手机通讯录导入好友生日,不再错过每一个重要的日子正能量的启动封面· 每个重要的日子,正点日历都会为您准备一份温暖、贴心的启动封面,传递爱的正能量强大的日程管理功能· 完美同步手机日历、谷歌日历(Google Calendar),支持每日、每周、每月、每年等循环提醒完美的个性化支持· 想要换日历的主题颜色?不想要看农历?正点日历都能满足您。完美的个性化支持,打造只属于您独一无二的日历简约而不简单· 安装包大小仅3MB,下载仅需几秒· 多套透明等风格桌面日历小部件(Widget),能搭配各种风格的壁纸· 近10个日历小工具,秒杀其他万年历、黄历应用极速,流畅,无后台· 启动速度比传统日历应用快30%,内存占用<20MB· 无常驻后台进程或服务,省电、省流量、省内存· 月视图滑动切换采用独有Smart Scroll技术,老爷机也能享受极致流畅免费,安全,无广告· 正点科技(正点闹钟团队)荣誉出品,永久免费,无广告· Google Play官方认证,无手机隐私权限调用,保障您的隐私安全更多功能· 支持导入谷歌日历(Google Calendar)· 支持每日、每周、每月、每年等循环提醒· 大陆、香港、台湾多地节日和补班放假信息· 能翻页有声黄历,一键择吉· 女性经期助手,做您最好的闺蜜· 星座运势,预知每一天的精彩· 事件的列表视图新功能预告· 自定义提醒铃声· 从QQ空间导入好友生日提醒· 同步Outlook、Microsoft Exchange、雅虎日历(Yahoo Calendar)、QQ日历-通过安装此应用程序,您同意以下隐私政策:http://www.triggerhood.com/privacy/com-zdworks-android-zdcalendar/问题反馈及建议· QQ群:233753213· 微信号:ZDcalendar· 微博(正点日历):weibo.com/zdcalendar· 官方反馈邮箱:[email protected] multi-functioncalendar· Live, work, birthdays and other managed separately, easy andefficientNotepad icon theme, a key to add a reminder· Enter the phone too troublesome? Choose a date, you can quicklyadd a reminder or note, as the calendar is as simple as drawing acircleSmart butler birthdaySupport import contacts from Facebook friends' birthdays, Facebookand mobile phone, never miss an important day eachStart the cover of positive energy• Each important day, punctuality calendar will be prepared for youa warm, intimate start cover, transfer the positive energy oflovePowerful scheduling capabilities· Perfect sync your phone calendar, Google Calendar (GoogleCalendar), support for daily, weekly, monthly, yearly and otherrecycling reminderPerfect personalized support· Want to change the calendar color theme? I do not want to see thelunar calendar? Punctuality can meet your calendar. Perfectpersonalized support, build only your unique calendarMinimal but not simplify· Installation package size is only 3MB, only a few seconds todownload· Sets transparency style desktop calendar widget (Widget), can becoupled with a variety of style wallpaper· Nearly 10 calendar gadget spike other calendar, almanacapplicationFast, smooth, no background· Start 30% faster than traditional calendar application memoryfootprint <20MB· No resident background process or service, power, provincialtraffic, the provincial memory· Month View slide switch with a unique Smart Scroll technology,master machine can also enjoy the ultimate smoothFree, safe, no ads· Punctuality Technology (punctuality alarm clock team) Produced,permanently free, no ads.· Google Play official certification, no permission to call amobile phone privacy, to protect your privacyMore features· Support for importing Google Calendar (Google Calendar)Support for daily, weekly, monthly, yearly and other recyclingreminder· China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and more festivals and holidayinformation up classes· We can flip sound almanac, a key to pick an auspicious· Female menstrual assistant, do your best girlfriends· Horoscope, predictable every day exciting· List View eventsNew Features Trailer· Custom alert tones· Import friends from QQ space birthday reminders· Synchronize Outlook, Microsoft Exchange, Yahoo Calendar (YahooCalendar), QQ calendar- By installing this application, you agree to the followingprivacy policy:http://www.triggerhood.com/privacy/com-zdworks-android-zdcalendar/Problems feedback and suggestions· QQ group: 233 753 213· Micro Signal: ZDcalendar· Weibo (punctual calendar): weibo.com/zdcalendar· Official feedback mailbox: [email protected]
ZDbox ( Root Task Killer ) 4.2.461 APK
Promo with App of the Day on 03.13.—————— Join Beta Test Group ——————Please help us improve ZDbox by being the Beta tester in here:https://plus.google.com/u/0/communities/117635809710935165203The most popular system optimize toolbox with more than 20,000,000users now. ZDbox is an amazing all-in-one toolbox.It can save yourbattery and boost your android running speed! Five stars in xdaforum.ZDbox holds a collection of useful tools and has a nice and easy touse interface. With ZDbox you’re getting your mobile/cell phoneunder control, do easily some optimization and customize it to yourneeds. An essential tool which you will love!Anyshare· No flow consumption among Android devices, 60 times faster thanbluetooth, share anything!· You'll not worry about big files transfering by your phone,because it needn't the external network.Quick SwitchesCache cleaner toggle and other 14 toggles for more yourconvenience.Task killer | Cache cleaner | Screen sleep | PowersaveWidgetsKeep screen always on, kill all tasks, WiFi on/off, airplane modeon/off, brightness adjustment, sound settings, rotate screenon/off, bluetooth on/off, start/stop sync, switch between 2G/3G/4G,app lock on/off, GPS on/off, APN on/off (mobile access point),LEDflashlight on/offBattery inforMonitoring and showing information about remaining battery time,temperature, health, time since last boot, necessary time untilfull charge and so onone tap power saver :click battery saving button to turn Batterysaving mode on/off. Turn off Battery saving mode to resume theprevious mobile status before battery saving.
Traffic counterMonthly/daily mobile data usage overview, shows remaining datatraffic, detailed data usage information for each app.
Do not disturbJust set days and the time when you need your privacy and you won’tbe disturbed by your phone. Set phone to silent, vibration orairplane mode.
App lockProtect apps with a password or pattern, for exmaple your contacts,Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp,Gmail and so on.
Task killer· Kill all apps at once, define protected apps which won’t bekilled, set auto kill when screen gets locked, mark single ormultiple apps to kill.· If your phone is rooted,you can use root task killer to stopself-starting apps and save more battery.
history eraserclean your(Browser history,market search history,Map searchhistory,email search history,Clipboard)
UninstallerShows used/available internal and SD card memory. Apps can beeasily uninstalled. Single or multiple (batch) uninstallpossible.
App to SDMove apps to your SD card. Single or multiple (batch) movepossible. Only for Android 2.2 and 2.3.
Cache Cleaner:With Cache Cleaner you can clean your cache ofphone.protect your secret without a trace.———————— More coming features ————————· Find your phone· Remains files clean· File encryption· AD blockerThanks to following people for all their effort and support:Zamana, Jarek Mazur, Zhengyi Zhang, Johan Jaworski, МихаилСемашко, Lumir Strauch, Rongrong Xu, Meiyan Quan, Sebastian Klaus,ahmet erdem, Yasuo Yamazaki, אלישיב סבח‬‎, factorymark, MuhammadAlmufathaly———————— ZDbox Team is seeking business cooperation on a globalscale ——————1.International Agency2.Advertising Service3.Independent CP (Content Provider)4.Channels CooperationContact: [email protected]———————— Contact us —————————If U have any problem, please contact us:[email protected]:  https://twitter.com/ZDboxGoogle+: https://plus.google.com/117708970313185239989Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ZDboxinterWebsite: http://zdbox.netPrompt communication is better than one star comment!
Alarm Pro 4.9.608 APK
Alarm clock, birthday reminder, timer,evernote... Easy to use, powerful, and free with no ads.Calendar, Wake up, Birthday, Anniversary, Credit, Rotating shifts,Medicine, Utilities, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly,Custom, etc.ZDclock is a ringing evernote. With it,you don't have to rememberwhat matters or check notes from time to time. ZDclock will remindyou at the right time.Life is too short to be in a hurry. Just make it easy:)Any questionplease feel free to contact us. Our supporting email [email protected]★Calendar (Make days clear)★Wake up (Record your unique ringtones)★Birthday (My VIP list)★Anniversary (Special days in life)★Custom alarm (Just DIY)
ZDcal-Calendar, Agenda, Period 2.2.130 APK
===== The most popular calendar App with more than 5,000,000users is now here on Android! =====ZDcal(the team of ZDbox) brings ChineseLunar,Almanac,Horoscope,Period Tracker and Agenda to your AndroidPhone,a perfect All-in-One Android calendar App."Schedule Your Time with a Modern Looking Calendar" -XDA-Developers.comSpecial honors★ NO.1 Free Productivity Apps in China AppStore★ NO.3 Free Apps in Taiwan AppStore★ NO.3 Free Apps in Hong Kong AppStore★ NO.3 Free Apps in Macao AppStore★ NO.6 Free Apps in Malaysia AppStore★ Champion of tools category in Microsoft & Nokia "BeTop"Windows Phone Apps SelectionBeautiful & Functional· Import birthdays from Facebook.· Supports showing Chinese Lunar and Festive solar terms.· Humane intimate holiday's countdown and an intimate holiday wishwhen holiday comes.· You can flip Almanac just like a real calendar with sounds.· Periods calendar allows you to track your periodsPeriod Trackeron your Phone.· Seamless cloud sync.· Sync with the build-in calendar.Simple and Fast· Add a time based reminder and ZDcal will remind you just at theright time.· The calendar widget on your home screen will make it more simpleand faster to work with.Free and NO ADS· ZDcal is Completely free!· NO ADS anywhere!Cross-platform & Multi-language support· ZDcal is also available for iPhone,iPad and Windows Phone.· ZDcal is fully localized in Chinese simplified &traditional,more language support is coming.===== More coming features =====· Customizable reminder ringtones settings· Import birthdays from Contacts.Thanks to following people for all their effort andsupport:· Sebastian Klaus(Stahlkreuz),zhang zhengyi,Yamazaki Yasuo,OS,Zamana C.R,Михаил Семашко.===== Contact us =====Having problems? Any suggestions? We would love to hear from you!please contact us: [email protected]: https://twitter.com/ZDcalGoogle+: https://plus.google.com/113179534813998175312Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/ZDcal/393536084033403Website: http://zdcal.comPrompt communication is better than one star comment!
ZDbox only for android 1.5 3.5.219 APK
This ZDbox is only for android 1.5.ZDbox is an amazing all-in-one toolbox.√ Widgets: 4*1 task killer;√ Battery: Monitoring and showing lots of information aboutremaining battery time, temperature, health, time since last boot,necessary time until full charge and so on;√ Traffic counter: Monthly/daily mobile data usage overview, showsremaining data traffic;√ Do not disturb: Set phone to silent, vibration or airplanemode.√ App lock: Protect apps with a password or pattern, for exmapleyour contacts, Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp,Gmail and so on;√ Task killer: Kill all apps at once, define protected apps whichwon’t be killed, set auto kill when screen gets locked, mark singleor multiple apps to kill;√ History eraser:clean your(Browser history,market searchhistory,Google Map search history,Gmail searchhistory,Clipboard);√ Uninstaller: Shows used/available internal and SD card memory.Apps can be easily uninstalled. Single or multiple (batch)uninstall possible;√ Cache Cleaner:With Cache Cleaner you can clean your cache ofphone.protect your secret without a trace.If you have any problem or suggestion,please contact us:E-mail:[email protected] ID:119116
Alarm Clock for Android Pad 2.5.48 APK
ZDClock for Android Pad★the year's most popular Android application for 2012 ★【This version apply to Android V1.6 and the above system】--Make your efficient life easier with ZDClock HD for AndroidPad--★ plug-insYou can refer to the calender,check the latest alarm,get schedulereminder without turning on themain apk using these plug-ins.★ Timekeeping“It's 12 o'clock now,time for lunch.”Keep you in touch with thepassing of time.★ Calendar viewPull up the calendar interface to view and modify the alarm ,quicker and easier.★ Sleeping modeOpen the sleeping mode, to accompany you through the predawndarkness.★ Quick alarmNo complex operating!No redundant function! Add a new alarm in10seconds,living a effective life.★ Secretary reminderVarieties of alarm templates for your various reminding request:Pay the credit cards, rents, getenough drink, take medicine on time, never miss a date, getprepared for parents' birthday ......With it, you don't have to remember what matters or check notesfrom time to time.Life is too short to be in a hurry. Why don't make iteasier?Keywords: ZDclock,ZDclock for pad, alarm clock,clock for pad,reminder, zdclock, zdclock download,zd clock, zd clock download, pad clock, free, efficient,timekeeping, quick alarm, addintimer,calendar, wake up, birthday, date, credit card, get drink, takemedicine, rents.
WIFI widget(One tap switch) 1.2.24 APK
One tap swich WIFI stateOne tap enter WIFI settingShow the Network name when WIFI connectedMore powerful tools provided in ZDBox,download free All-In-OneZDbox,monitor traffic and battery,one tap task killer,powerful applock,more useful tools all in ZDbox.
Leo Alarm Clock Widget 1.1.4 APK
I am Leo, born in July 23 to August 22,one oftwelve constellations. I am a happy lively little lion with a lotof lovely movements and expressions. Put me on your phone screen. Ican play with you. One tap to tickle me. Double taps to see mylovely expressions. In addition, I am much more than a clockwidget. Tap the bubble of my head and you will get other twofunctions.1.Hourly Chime, chime on the hour. Time always follows you.2.Alarm Clock for wake up or nap. Easy to set one. Guide for addingme to home screen.1. Long press on the empty space of home screen;2. A menu will pop up. Select 'Widgets' ;3. Pick out 'Leo' from a list of widgets.More features in the full version are ZDclock.