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Free Baby Unicorn Coloring Book for Preschool Kids is the bestinteractive coloring & drawing book game for preschool &kindergarten kids. It helps kids improve their hand eyeco-ordination and explore their creativity. The app contains morethan 30 bright colors, brushes and crayons, and so many unicorndrawing pages to choose from. It also contains an auto-fill optionthat makes coloring easy for preschool kids & babies. Childrencan also save & share their artworks. Children can also correcttheir mistakes with the undo button. It also helps them learn tocolor within the outlines, thus improving their creativity. The appis Absolutely FREE. Contains NO hidden purchases and does NOT evenask for any other information. It is extremely Kids Safe. Can beplayed offline without Internet. If you have any suggestions orfeedback, please write to us at [email protected]. We are alwaysglad to receive your feedback and suggestions. If your child likesour app, please rate & review us.

App Information Unicorn Coloring Book & Baby Games for Girls

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    Unicorn Coloring Book & Baby Games for Girls
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    October 17, 2021
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    Android 2.2 and up
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    FooFoo Kids
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ABC Spelling Games helps kids to learn to read, write & spellcommon English words in a fun and interesting way. With over 300+words, this app is the best app for children of the age group 3-6years. It helps kids improve their vocabulary and reading skills.The app contains the most commonly used English first words andsight words. Some content of the app is absolutely free, whileother content can be unlocked with a single in-app purchase throughparental access only. Key features of the app : - Over 300+ Englishfirst words and commonly used sight words. - The app includesphonics sounds with each letter within the word. - Surpriseanimations & colorful graphics to keep kids glued to learning.- Parents can choose to repeat the words once, twice or thrice fromthe settings panel. - The feature to show guidelines within theapp's settings panel helps children improve their handwriting. -Parents have complete control to customize the app and makelearning more effective. - The app contains no-third party ads andkids can enjoy the game without any disturbance. If you like theapp, please rate & review the app. If you find any mistake orroom for improvement, please email us at [email protected]
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Make your kid learn basic Bathing and hygiene practices with thisawesome Jungle adventure. Let your toddler help the soiled JungleBaby Animals get soaped, washed and cleaned up. Choose from anumber of Jungle animals : Toby the Tiger, Luna the Lion, Georgethe Gorilla, Elsa the Elephant, Zibu the Zebra, Henry the Hippo,Gabby the Giraffe and Milo the Monkey. Animal Bath Time is craftedfor kids within the age 3-5 years to help your baby learn basichygiene practices in a fun and frisky way. Key Features of the game: - Completely Free. No In-app Purchases. - Interactive game filledwith funny animations. - Helps toddlers learn basic hygienepractices in fun and frisky way. - Lots of jungle characters tochoose from. - Tap around for surprise interactive objects.
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Christmas Coloring Book for Kids is an absolutely free app fortoddlers, preschoolers, and kindergarten kids. You can keep yourmunchkin busy for hours while you are busy with your Christmaspreparations. Let your kid decorate and color his own Christmastree, while you decorate yours. This app has no hidden purchases orany kind of annoying advertisements. Your toddler will surely likethis little gift from us. This app is designed for kids of agegroup 2 to 8 years. It contains several free coloring pages tochoose from, Santa, Candles, Stars and much more. It comes with 30+bright colors to help your child explore his/her creative side. Ithelps preschoolers develop their hand-eye coordination and helpsimprove their motor skills. The app is accompanied with severaldrawing tools to choose from. It comes with an auto-fill featurethat makes coloring small areas easy. Kids can undo their mistakesand learn to draw and color within boundaries. Key features of ourapp : - Absolutely free with no annoying ads. - No hiddenPurchases. - Best app for kids of age group 2 to 8 years. - Keepskids busy for hours. - Best for parents with kids on travel. -Designed especially for Preschool & Kindergarten Kids. - Easyto use with bright graphics. If your toddler likes our app, pleasemake sure you "rate & review" our app. Your kind words motivateus to make more such wonderful apps. Merry Christmas to one andall...