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Funny game about stickman in castle siege, vs stickmans withcatapult & archers

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The Archers 1.1.2 APK
Game "Archers" - is a hardcore 2d time killer. You need to defeatas many enemy stickman as you can by your bow before they kill you.The enemy stickmen is killed by two hits in the torso or oneheadshot. Hit apple and you restore one health point. There issimple and intuitive operation in the game. For targeting andfiring power simply drag the player, and then lower it to shoot. Ihope you will like this archery game. E-mail us your suggestions toimprove the gameplay. Enjoy the game!
The Vikings APK
«The Vikings" - a new exciting timekiller in physics ragdoll 2d.🔥
The Catapult 2 APK
Funny game about stickman in castle siege, vs stickmans withcatapult & archers
The Catapult APK
"The Catapult" is a new free 2d timekiller with realistic physics 💣
The Archers 2: Stickman Game APK
"The Archers 2" is a timekiller based on stickman ragdoll physics.Fun archery
Fruit Archer 1.0.3 APK
Fruit Archer is a colorful timekillerwithrealistic slicing mechanic and beautiful graphics. Shoot withyourbow at juicy tropical fruits and slice them by accurate hits.Thegame has two players mode.
The Spearman APK
"The Spearman" is a new timekiller ☠️ based on stickman ragdollphysics 🔥
The Catapult: Castle Clash with Stickman Pirates 1.3.5 APK
Do you love casual games? The Catapult - the best among ofcasualgames. "The Catapult: Clash with Stickman Pirates" is anadditionalversion of the free casual game with realistic physics“TheCatapult”. If you enjoyed the original castle game, youshoulddefinitely give this one a go. And if you see yourself in arole ofa mighty pirate stickman then come aboard! This peacefullandscapehas been invaded by a group of stickman warriors and thecastleclash is about to start…Are you ready to show off your skillsincasual games? Here is how this casual game works. The goal istohelp your stickman army protect your castle from the pirateattackin our casual game. The enemies will attack you from the sea,fromthe air and even from beneath the water. They have a largenumberof ships, guns, missiles and are always ready for an epiccastleclash in our casual game! Our casual games can seem daunting.Butyour stickman warrior is not afraid of it. With this newcasualgame and its expanded arsenal, he will easily break apartenemyships with the help of his catapult. Now this casual clashgameallows you to buy bombs, upgrade the tower, set mines, andalsoequip a couple of destructive skills. Try out different set upsandsee which ones help you win every stickman battle. You will beverypleased to see your castle grow and your stickman become arealcatapult king. Casual games like this one are really greatforchallenging and improving your strategic thinking! Which enemytohit first? Which castle upgrade is the most essential to winthestickman war? Find answers to these questions as you playthiscatapult game! This casual castle game has really simpleandintuitive controls. Tap on the screen and pull to chargethecatapult and adjust the tension force. Release to launchtheprojectile into an idle stickman to smash him. Become the winnerofthis epic castle clash and show them who is the real hero ofallthe casual games! If you have tried being a stickman cannonshooterin “The Catapult” before, we think you will really enjoy thenew 2Dgraphics and realistic physics in this awesome casual game.You canapply real-life knowledge while playing to launchprojectiles thatwill hit as many enemies as possible in this casualgame. The moreyou play and explore the physics, the better you getat all casualgames! This casual game features: - Realistic 2dphysics in ourcasual game. Water, destruction, and interaction ofobjects aremade not by simple animation, but on the basis of aphysics engine.- The possibility to destroy pirate ships, sinksubmarines, shootdown aircraft over 80 campaign levels. - Improvedgraphics in ourcasual game. - Simple controls in our casual game. -You can playthis casual game without connecting to the Internet Wewould loveto hear your feedback on stickman games and warexperience with our“The Catapult” series. We always appreciate youropinions andsuggestions because they really help us improve ourcasual gamesand make the stickman catapult shooting experience morefun foryou. Enjoy our casual games!