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Experience the life of a taxi driver in our latest taxi simulatorgame. Complete different types of driving missions as a taxi orprivate taxi driver and pick your favorite car from a selection ofover 30 amazing vehicles, with more new cars being added weekly.Navigate around huge cities like New York, Miami, Rome or LosAngeles and adjust your driving style to different types of clients- some are in a hurry and don’t care if you run a red light, whileothers are terrified of dangerous driving. We take taxi simulationgames to a new level with VIP clients, undecided clients andvarious types of daily and lifetime milestones. Start your taxidriving career with regular cars and work your way up to SUVs,luxury cars, sports cars and supercars. Buy better cars to be ableto pick up VIP clients and to earn more for each mission. Each caryou buy can be played both in taxi and private taxi mode. Enjoy thestunning graphics and environments in this open-world drivingexperience. We’ve added features you won’t find in any other taxisimulation games: pedestrians open umbrellas when it rains, thereare hundreds of destructible objects, there is a realistic densityof cars and people on the sidewalk. Feel like an actual taxi driverwith realistic controls and sounds! Work your way up to the top inthe Career mode, drive around and relax in Free Roam or play withyour friends in Online Multiplayer. Help us in our effort to makethis the most complete and rewarding taxi simulation game - pleaseshare your feedback! Features ◾ Amazing selection of differenttypes of vehicles ◾ Huge cities to explore ◾ Realistic Controls(tilt steering, buttons or virtual steering wheel) ◾ 2020 updatedengine sounds ◾ Realistic vehicle features (you car will get dirtyor require repairs) ◾ Visual Tuning options ◾ Spectacularenvironments and weather ◾ Realistic city traffic (cars, vans,trucks, motorcycles, bicycles) ◾ Diverse and realistic pedestriantraffic ◾ Career, Free Roam and Multiplayer modes ◾ New cars andchallenges added weekly ◾ Request new vehicles or features on ourSocial Pages!

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    Taxi Sim 2020
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    October 15, 2021
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    Android 5.0 and up
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    Ovidiu Pop
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    Strada Danton, 21, Satu Mare (Satu Mare), Romania
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