1.1.19 / September 3, 2020
(4.1/5) (2724)


You’ll be trusted with the grave task of protecting the worldfromevil monsters! Gather a team of clicker heroes, improvetheirskills and abilities, and fight for the victory!! Hire newidleheroes to strengthen your army. Defeat all the monsters inthisultra-dynamic RPG clicker game! Join other players all overtheworld and start your journey, leading your bunch of clickerheroesthrough the dark lands to battle the forces of darkness!Travelwith your idle tap heroes through the ruins full of idlemonsters,huge titans and other evil creatures! Start your own idlefightingadventure!! Features: RPG: Each clicker hero who fightswith you isimportant! The more you improve them, the easier it willbe tofight titans and monsters! Spend the coins you earn bykillingtitans and improve your tap heroes! Build the strongestclickerteam in the world! Unexpected clicker heroes: Don't limityourselfto hitting the axe and the sword. Unlock incrediblewarriors withspecial weapons and skills. The more fighters youhave, the easierfight becomes! Join clans: Fight with yourcomrades, discusstactics for each tap hero in players chat! Fightalongside yourfriends and players everywhere in a war for thehonor. Tap asquickly as possible to win this clicker game! Idlebattles: Enjoythe highly addictive tapping feature which adds atwist to the IdleRPG genre. Simply tap the screen to defeat thevarious ‘waves ofenemies’ before you progress to an idle bossbattle! Too lazy totap? Don’t worry, your clicker team will fightautomatically! ItemStore: Collect crystals, discover new items, andboost your idleheroes. Various helmets, axes, gloves, etc. Upgradeyour tap heroesand their skills to do more damage. Outfit yourwarriors forvictory! Scrolls: This is a kind of challenge - openthe scrollsand follow the instructions. You won't be bored in thisRPG clickergame! Idle monsters, huge titan bosses, unexpectedheroes arewaiting for you! Lead your band of clicker heroes throughice andflames to fight powerful titans and the monsters ofdarkness!Download this IDLE RPG clicker game for free and startyourfighting adventure! ATTENTION! Our game can be downloaded forfree,but it includes in-game purchases for real money. The gamealso hasa Premium Subscription, which is valid for one calendarmonth andwill be automatically renewed if Automatic Renewal is notdisabledat least 24 hours before the end of the current period.Youraccount will be charged for updating at a price specifiedwithin 24hours prior to the end of the current period. Moreinformationabout the subscription can be found in the UserAgreement.======================== OUR COMMUNITIES:========================Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/lordsroyalegamehttps://www.facebook.com/AzurGamesOfficialInstagram:https://www.instagram.com/azur_gamesYouTube:https://www.youtube.com/AzurInteractiveGames

App Information Taptic Heroes-Idle Tap RPG clicker games

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    Taptic Heroes-Idle Tap RPG clicker games
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    September 3, 2020
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    Android 4.4 and up
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    Role Playing
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    30929, Thuraya 1 Building, Premises 1009, Floor 10, Dubai
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Look out! Brutes on the warpath! HeadHunters io is amobilebattle royale where only the last man standing wins. Battleotherplayers in multiplayer mode and prove who owns the arena!Thebeastliest butchers of all time have come together to prove whoisthe deadliest! A one-legged pirate, wild West cowboy, wiseking,agile ninja and even the devil himself can't wait to takeeachother down. Choose your hero and try not to die! Why you'llloveHeadHunters io: 🗡 10+ melee weapons, including swords, knivesandaxes. Choose your own combat style! 🗡 15+ unique characters.Playas a knight or viking, and check out all the skins! 🗡 Multiplegamemodes: Death Match & Battle Royale. Where will you shine?🗡Quick, fun brawls: level up your skills and climb the ratingboard🗡 Cool gameplay and lots of maps 🗡 Easy, intuitive controls🗡Online and offline PvP battles Can't get enough io games andbattleroyales? HeadHunters io is for you! Play &survive!======================== COMPANYCOMMUNITY:========================Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/AzurGamesOfficialInstagram:https://www.instagram.com/azur_gamesYouTube:https://www.youtube.com/AzurInteractiveGames
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Visit the best car factory in the town – Melon Dusk and idlemechanics are waiting for you to start building car empire! IdleMechanics Manager is an idle clicker game where you start small andwork hard with more cars each level. Grow your factory by earningmore cash with every car unlocked and leveling up your garage! Youare responsible to hire employees, build and expand the factory,sell cars and, of course, earn money! Your main challenge is tomanage your car factory and build a car empire! What will you haveto do? Hire employees, car mechanics, and car builders who willautomate the production in your car factory. Increase speed of youridle car mechanics to maximize profits. Develop your car factory byconstructing new workstations and buildings. Upgrade parking to getmore workers and expand your car business. Get money frominvestors. Invest money in buildings and mechanics to get morepossibilities. Automate your car factory and collect profits!Upgrade your factory to the next level and start building planes,manage your own idle airport! The most addictive factory tycoongame. In this idle business tycoon game you can be the greatest carfactory manager and become a millionaire, billionaire or more. Inother words: create your car empire! FEATURES of Idle MechanicsManager 🚗48 unique cars – build TESLA CYBERTRUCK! 🚗Easy-to-playgamy with idle clicker mechanics! 🚗Amazing animations and 3Dgraphics 🚗Offline earnings – no internet connection needed! 🚗Idleairport – take production to the next level 🚗Investors who bringyou money, it only remains to use it wisely! Don’t wait anymore –download our car tycoon game now and start building your dream carfactory! Build the cars of your dream in this new Idle Car TycoonGame. ======================== COMPANY COMMUNITY:======================== Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/AzurGamesOfficial Instagram:https://www.instagram.com/azur_games YouTube:https://www.youtube.com/AzurInteractiveGames
Bike Hop: Crazy BMX Bike Jump 3D 1.0.70 APK
Hop as far as you can go on your bike, then go further! BikeHop:speed up and jump over hills, cows, motorcycles, carts andmore.The further your dude flies, the more points you earn!Gameplay: -Speed up as fast as you can - Learn to hop far and fast- Trainyour reaction speed - Beat records - Tap, tap,tap!======================== COMPANYCOMMUNITY:========================Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/AzurGamesOfficialInstagram:https://www.instagram.com/azur_gamesYouTube:https://www.youtube.com/AzurInteractiveGames
Cookie Carver: Life Challenge 4.1 APK
Six rounds, six trials to survive! Are you ready for a lifechallenge game? Complete different levels to win the game & getthe handsome prize. Let the Cookie Carver: Life Challenge gamestart! Complete levels to win the game! Get chances to survive andgain freedom! The games are known to everyone – they’re easy tolearn and play. If you win the first game, you can move to the nextlevel and test your luck. Be careful! Big Boss is watching you.Follow the rules and you'll leave the game safely with the prize.Challenging Games: - Red Light, Green Light game - Dalgona CandyCarver challenge - Tug of War - Marbles - Glass Stepping Stones -Round 6: Squid Time GAME 1 - Red Light, Green Light game Rules ofthis game are quite simple. Green light – run, red light – freeze!Watch out and follow the rules if you don’t want to be eliminated.GAME 2 - Dalgona Candy Carver
 Cut the logo out of the dalgonacandy. Sounds easy? Let’s try! GAME 3 - Tug of War Strength is notan advantage! Use your strategy skills to win in this tug-of-warcontest. GAME 4 - Marbles Play any game you like to get all themarbles, provided there’s no violence! Make your opponent guessodds and evens or try to hit the hole first! GAME 5 - GlassStepping Stones Easy to learn, hard to master! Choose the rightplatform and try not to fall. Reach the finish line and survive.GAME 6 - Round 6 It’s squid time! Play the popular k-game and getalive. Test your luck! Are you ready to play your card? Join CookieCarver: Life Challenge! We can begin an amazing game now!
TapTap Match - Connect Tiles 2.86 APK
TapTap Match is an onnect 3D pair matching puzzle where you need tomatch pairs with identical tiles. Your task is so simple – findidentical tiles and connect them together with three lines max. Tryto solve each pair matching puzzle before your time runs out! Howto play TapTap Match - Onnect 3D Pair Matching Puzzle: Tap toselect a tile. Then find a similar tile to connect them together.Try to imagine a future path between these tiles. The pair matchingpuzzle allows to draw three lines maximum connected at a 90° angle.Can you onnect tiles like that? If yes, go and tap for the secondtime. Remember, the longer the path – more bonuses you'll get inthis pair matching puzzle game. Use your brain and logic! Enjoy therelaxing pair matching puzzle and train your focus and memory.Explore different challenging pair matching puzzle modes: Bomb andSliding. Bomb is a very intresting matching puzzle mode: certaintiles are blocked and very explosive, so keep your eyes open! Inthe Sliding mode, each row slides aside as you crush a pair oftiles. Why you'll love TapTap Match - Onnect 3D Pair MatchingPuzzle: - Colorful collections of tiles depicting sweets, fruits& other cute things! - 1,000+ pair matching puzzle levels -Challenging extra modes making pair matching even more interesting- Various hints - Puzzle game progress saving TapTap Match - Onnect3D Pair Matching Puzzle is not only the time-killing game, but alsohelps to improve your focus and memory while playing addictive pairmatching puzzle game. So, what are you waiting for? Download TapTapMatch and enjoy this simple & cool pair-matching puzzle torelax and rack your brain! ===================== COMPANY COMMUNITY:===================== Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/AzurGamesOfficial Instagram:https://www.instagram.com/azur_games YouTube:https://www.youtube.com/AzurInteractiveGames