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Superhero War - The best RPG game - offline action game. Battle andchallenge A fun rpg game about transform cartoon superhero withawesome fighting and action skills. Overcoming 50+ challenges ingame mode with the ultimate shooting skills of superheroes. Collectand upgrade weapons Become the master of action fighting power withlegendary equipment and weapons, collect 12+ types of guns andswords, upgrade them to make the city war of the legendary warriorseasier. Features: - RPG offline story mode with 100+ stages - Manyitems with an amazing upgrade system. - Many main quests and dailymissions. - Stunning graphics and amazing sound effects Connectwith us: Facebook fanpage:https://www.facebook.com/SuperheroWar.Unimob E-mail:[email protected]

App Information Superhero War: Robot Fight

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    Superhero War: Robot Fight
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    October 15, 2021
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    Android 4.4 and up
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Superhero Armor: City War - Robot Fighting Premium 1.0.1 APK
Superhero Armor Premium offer you: ✅Unlock Legend superhero.✅Free10.000 golds. ✅Free 100 diamonds. ✅Free 500 gems. ✅Nointerstitialads. Superhero Armor is a new superhero offline gameabout robotwars with the main characters are the superheroes comingout ofcartoon comics such as fly superheroes. Choose yourfavoritesuperhero for street fights battle. Each superhero willhave uniquepowers and weapons, choose your favorite superhero andjoin thebattles. You will be interested in using powerful weaponsto fightoff injustice, gain justice rescue the city and become thechampionin the robot fighting. The aggression of the enemy such asrobotmonsters, robot cars and their defenders with equallypowerfulweapons create a tough and challenging robot war. Thebattlebetween superheroes and monsters seems never to end. Fightforjustice and rescue the cities that are occupied by aliens.Become awarrior use sword and gun with supernatural ultra powers todefeatall the monsters. Are you ready to reincarnate andbecomesuperheroes, robot warriors and become legendary bots?Features ofoffline game Superhero Armor: - Enjoy the superheroaction game,exciting hack & slash action RPG offline game withextremeskill. You will be free to choose your favorite superhero.-Attractive graphics with strong street fight style, diverseandattractive scenes - Classic role-playing game withsuperheroes,each super hero has unique skills and powerful weapons.- Enemiesare monsters have different types diverse skills andcreateexcitement and drama through each game screen from robotblade,bots car to giant stone man. - Complete missions to earnbonuses,gems and diamonds. - Each superhero has unique skills andpowerfulweapons. Play offline game Superhero Armor to become atruesuperhero and prove your strength. Completely free to playandinstalled, you will be really excited and immersed in thisnewaction game hero street fight style extremely attractive. Areyoustill hesitate? Fight monsters, fight off injustice, gainjustice,rescue the city and become the rangers in the SuperheroArmor robotfighting.
Frontier Wars: Defense Heroes - Tactical TD Game 1.9 APK
If you are a fan of tactical games, you can enjoy addictive gameFrontier Wars. You are ready to defend the monsters that attackyour kingdom. Choose for your favorite hero and lead your army inthis offline strategy game. ▶Tower Defense game with uniquegameplay Unlike other strategy games, Frontier Wars have adifferent gameplay with control hero and summon troops to defenseyour castle. The world in the Frontier is a fantasy world, whereyour kingdom is being attacked by dark forces: zombies, orc,demons, ... Your mission is to become a hero, upgrade troops andcastles and defend against attacks from enemies. ▶Build, Upgrade,Summon and Defend In Frontier Wars, you will choose to build one ofthe three ancient kingdoms: human, gods or elements. Each kingdomwill have different power and troops, upgrade the army and summonthe guardians to fight in the battle against the enemy. ▶Summonheroes, use magic items Each kingdom has special heroes to matcheach different battle, you will need to use the right heroes at theright time to promote their ultimate power. Besides, you are alwaysready to get help from magic support item to help you fight thedarkness. ▶Offline tactical td game without network connectionFrontier Wars is an offline game so you can play it anytime,anywhere without connecting to the network or connecting to wifi.Features of Frontier Wars: - Offline strategy game play withoutnetwork connection - 5 legendary heroes to choose to fight - 20+guardians help you fight in battles - 3 kingdoms with differentarmies - 60 challenging levels - 30 types of monsters, 10+ bossalways threaten your kingdom - Epic mission system and daily systemAre you ready to be a hero to defend your kingdom in this best freetower defense games? Join now for free.
Defender Battle: Hero Kingdom Wars - Strategy Game 1.3 APK
Kingdom of Arthur was invaded by dark forces and demons. Thewarbroke out. The devils divided the kingdom into separate regionstorule with dark magic. Only powerful heroes, the warriorswithancient magical powers and the best tactics can save thekingdom.The army of kingdom will have to fight the monster, zombie,orc orthe devils come from demon kingdom. Build your army and makeyourempire to defend your kingdom from evil attacks. Upgradeyourcastle before the kingdom sinks into the dark. Are you readytojoin the battles in Realm Battle: Rival Kingdoms? ▶Thebeststrategy game Realm Battle is a perfect combination of awarstrategy game and a role-playing game. You will build your armybysummoning soldiers and heroes to fight in battles. Besidesthat,you can also control your hero to lead his army to victory.Youwill learn how to become a warrior, summon reinforcements, howtocommand your troops, recruit elven warriors, facelegendarymonsters, how to use resources to build a kingdom and howto win abattle. Your once great kingdom now fights for its lifeagainst ascourge of mighty monsters! Are you ready? ▶ Upgrade,Defense, andMagic As a tower defense strategy game, Realm Battlehas tactics inevery part of the game. Upgrade your kingdom rush andarmy indifferent ways to create the best tactics. Defend yourcastle bysummoning elves and royal troops to keep monsters fromtouchingyour castle. Use ancient magic to help your troops getstronger,ancient spells and soul stones help you win the toughestbattles. ▶Legendary hero and allied kingdom Realm Battle is uniqueincomparison to other strategy games, Realm Battle will bring youtheexperience of a role-playing game in a strategy game. Youcancontrol your legendary heroes, move and use skills and alsosummontroops, command your army to win battles. In Realm Battle youwillbe supported by allied kingdom. The warriors from the humankingdomwith resilience and ability to use tactics, from elf kingdomwiththe best archers and the warriors with ancient power,elementkingdom with mysterious power and powerful spells. All thatmakes agreat strategy game. ▶ Battle million other players PVPsystem is anew feature of Realm Battle. You can show your power toyourfriends or millions of other players around the world. Whereyoushow the strength of your kingdom and receive rewards.GameFeatures: ★ Epic defense battles with a combination of RPGandstrategy games. ★ The military system with 100+ different typesofenemies and 60 different challenges. ★ You control theaction!Activate Heroes’ skills. ★ Command your soldiers and seethemengage in hand to hand fantasy cartoon battles! ★ Multipleworldsto play with 3 kingdoms and 25 different soldiers fromViking,assassin, archer to demon hunter. ★ Over 40 differentenemies, fromgoblins to evil dragon each with their own skills! ★ 7heroes fromthe Human kingdom, Elven kingdom, and Element kingdom.Choose yourchampion to lead your troops to victory! ★ A hugevariety ofenemies offer multiple challenges: Burn your enemy,freeze, stun,poison, slow and more skill from your items to cast inbattle. ★PVP mode: Where you can fight with other players aroundthe world.Visit us on Facebook athttps://www.facebook.com/realmbattle Keepin touch with us if youlike Realm Battle: Heroes Wars and do notforget comments to usabout this. We would love to hear from you!
Superhero Armor: City War - Robot Fighting 1.0.11 APK
Superhero Armor is a new superhero game about robot wars withthemain characters are the superheroes coming out of cartooncomicssuch as fly superheroes. Choose your favorite superhero forstreetfights battle. Each superhero will have unique powers andweapons,choose your favorite superhero and join the battles. Youwill beinterested in using powerful weapons to fight off injustice,gainjustice rescue the city and become the champion in therobotfighting. The aggression of the enemy such as robot monsters,robotcars and their defenders with equally powerful weapons createatough and challenging robot war. The battle between superheroesandmonsters seems never to end. Fight for justice and rescuethecities that are occupied by aliens. Become a warrior use swordandgun with supernatural ultra powers to defeat all the monsters.Areyou ready to reincarnate and become superheroes, robot warriorsandbecome legendary bots? Features of Superhero Armor: - Enjoythesuperhero action game, exciting hack & slash action RPGwithextreme skill. You will be free to choose your favoritesuperhero.- Attractive graphics with strong street fight style,diverse andattractive scenes - Classic role-playing game withsuperheroes,each super hero has unique skills and powerful weapons.- Enemiesare monsters have different types diverse skills andcreateexcitement and drama through each game screen from robotblade,bots car to giant stone man. - Complete missions to earnbonuses,gems and diamonds. - Each superhero has unique skills andpowerfulweapons. Play Superhero Armor to become a true superheroand proveyour strength. Completely free to play and installed, youwill bereally excited and immersed in this new action game herostreetfight style extremely attractive. Are you still hesitate?Fightmonsters, fight off injustice, gain justice, rescue the cityandbecome the rangers in the Superhero Armor robot fighting.
SuperHero Junior - Galaxy Wars Offline Game 1.3 APK
Transforms into a superhero to battle the robot monsters. How tobecome a super hero? Become a warrior use sword and gun withsupernatural powers to defeat all the monsters. Feature ofSuperHero Junior: - Enjoy all the disciplines of street fightingwith super hero, exciting hack & slash action RPG game. - Sidescrolling action with amazing cute characters very suitable for wholike super hero cartoon. - Classic strategy and role - playing gamewith main character is cute super heroes. - Collect all of SuperHeroes and save the world by using your favorite Super Heroes. -Encounter the Monster Wave! Attack an endless wave of monsters, getfriend’s soldiers and upgrade skill, army to pass levels. - Team upwith 10 friendly type: super robot, sniper, artillery … each friendis different and has unique power. - Get power and use it to becomeSuper Heroes! Unlock new gear and robot battles. - Fightsuper-sized monsters with 90 levels and 8 boss stage battle. Theyare not weak but you have a lot of weapon is swords and guns forsuper hero. Play SuperHero Junior every day of your lifeSuperheroes because it is a game of free fight for fan of streetfights and shooting of super heroes. So, what are you waiting for?Save the world with your Super Heroes Powers!
Soul Warriors – Fantasy RPG Adventure: Heroes War 2.4 APK
Enjoy a captivating magic quest in Soul Warrior – FantasyRPGAdventure: Heroes War offline game! In Soul Warrior you playtwocharacters, Shan and Hina. If you like to play a strongfemalecharacter, you will love Hina, a cute but strong girl on acrusadeto defeat evil in this dark world. It’s a fascinatingkidsadventure game with awesome graphics and music that willcharmevery gamer of all ages. We guarantee you will quickly fall inlovewith our side scroller offline game. You don't needinternetconnection to play this exciting game. ** CHOICE YOURFAVORITEHERO** Shan and Hina are two brave warriors who just returnfromwitch mountain. Now they must face a new evil: a dark sorcererwhouses magic to turn this world into a dark world. He sendsdangerousenemies and evil monsters to defeat the beloved SoulWarriors. Youwill meet evil monsters who are hell-bent on killingyou in theforest and other places. The evil sorcerer has turned thewholeworld into battle zones so you must be prepared tofighteverywhere. It’s truly a challenging fighter quest. ** CONQUER6DIFFERENT AREAS ** There are 6 different areas that youmustconquer. These areas are: - Forest - Freeze - Evil - Lava-Mountain - Endless Each area has different challenges andenemies.To unlock the next area, you must first conquer theprevious area.The easier area will prepare you to face tougherenemies in yourfighter quest ** UPGRADE YOUR BRAVE WARRIORS ** Ourheroes are verystrong after their return from witch mountain.However, there isalways room for improvement, especially if theywant to defeat theBoss. As the challenges get harder, you need toupgrade Shan andHina. Whether you prefer Shan, or Hina, the strongfemalecharacter, you can make them stronger by adding moreattack,defense, health, mana, and magic powers. Use your points tobuyskills such as haunting, blaze and thunder. ** COMPLETEFIGHTERQUEST AND COLLECT ITEMS ** Complete each magic quest whilecollectitems, weapons, and coins. You can buy vitality, armor, andswordswith the coins. Don’t forget to collect items left behind bytheevil monsters. You can sell these items for more coins. **RUN,JUMP, FIGHT ** Run, jump, and fight the evil creatures. Wehavecreated great control buttons so you can easily control yourheroin their crusade in this dark world. You can use both hands tomakethe hero run, jump, fight, and use his or her special ability.Shanis a skilled Swordsman while Hina is a clever witch who getsherskill when she returns from witchmountain.------------------------------------------------------------------------SoulWarrior –Fantasy RPG Adventure: Heroes Warfeatures:-------------------------------------------------------------------------•Fun and FREE fighter quest game for all ages • Six differentareasor battle zones with many levels to play. • Beautifulgraphics andmusic. • Fascinating storyline and great characters,including astrong female character. • Play as a swordsman or as awitch. •Smooth game control. • Challenging missions. • Ability tocustomizeand upgrade the characters. • Shop for pets, coins, andexperience.So, if you are looking for a new free platformadventure to play,don’t wait any longer. Download and play SoulWarriors. Guide yourbrave warriors and win all the quests NOW!
Stickman Archery: Arrow Battle 1.1 APK
Welcome to the exciting journey of the Stickman Archery ArrowBattle Shoot! It’s one of those unique and amazingly thrilling bowand arrow games that will impress you from the very start. Join anunforgettable stickman fight and become the archery master. Howlong can you dominate this archery shooting game?! One thing issure, the cartoon graphics will help you enjoy the game even more!🎯SHOW GREAT PRECISENESS🎯 You need to show great preciseness inevery stickman archery battle. Don’t stop, or lose focus, as inevery battle you need to kill all stickman. There are other enemiestoo as witch, dragons, wolves and balloons. Be fast and kill asmany, before they kill you! 🏹 POWERFUL BOW & ARROW🏹 Use the bowand arrow to shot the torso, arm and legs of stick and master thisfree archery shooting game. The Stickman Battle will hook you fromthe very first moment, and don’t despair. If you think the game istough, just think of your powerful bow & arrow. They can domiracles and destroy anything! 🎯 AMAZING SHOTS, WEAPONS &UPGRADES🎯 Be precise to be effective! Note that hits with aheadshot stick help you kill the stickman quickly. There will beother weapons too, so use bombs to destroy more stickmen. As youprogress in the stickman archery game, you can upgrade and useskills to help stickman win every battle. 🖼️BEAUTIFUL ONE-OF-A-KINDCARTOON GRAPHICS 🎯 We took amazing care and most talented artiststo create this stunning war cartoon graphics. The impressive art isjust accompanied with simple gameplay. It looks and feels amazingand it will make you addicted to Stickman Archery battles. 🎯Stickman Archery, Arrow Battle FEATURES:🎯 ✅ stunning war cartoonartwork and HD graphics ✅ highly-enjoyable archery games gameplay ✅simple controls ✅ crazy fun enemies ✅ great shooting game effects(even headshot is included) ✅ tons of additional weapons andupgrades ----------------------------- Join the stickman battle nowfor FREE Enjoy one of the best free archery games this year!
Superhero War Premium: Robot Fight - Action RPG 1.0 APK
Superhero War Premium offers you: ✅Unlock premium superhero:WhiteTiger. ✅Free 10.000 gold. ✅Free 200 diamonds. ✅No interstitialads.Superhero War - The best RPG game - offline action game2019!BATTLE - CHALLENGE ⚔️ A fun rpg game about transformcartoonsuperhero with awesome fighting and action skills.Overcoming 50+challenges in game mode with the ultimate shootingskills ofsuperheroes. Use tactics and fellow robot fighters tofight againstmonsters in the city and unlock other areas. DEFENSE -RPG⚡️ Thisrobot game is a novel combination of defense games andRPG games.You fight constantly with monsters and protect yourTechno base.Collect and upgrade electro-optical towers and magictowers tobetter protect this important base. COLLECT AND UPGRADEWEAPONS 🛡Become the master of action fighting power with legendaryequipmentand weapons, collect 12+ types of guns and swords, upgradethem tomake the city war of the legendary warriors easier. MERGINGROBOTS- DOUBLE STRENGTH 💪 Build your own team by unlocking newcartoonsuperheroes. Each robo warrior owns a different power,summons andawakens all skills to own the strongest team.Unexpectedly: Unlockthe third giant superhero to be able to enjoythe power of theother two superheroes. It's great when a hand holdthe sword, otherhold the shooting gun and kill the monsters in afew seconds. EPICSKILLS - OPTIONAL TEAM 🚩 Superhero War has 3 mainhero superheroesand 7 robo assistants, each robot or assistantpossesses specialskills with gun and sword endless power. Choosethe most powerfulassistant, upgrade them and combine the legendaryrobots to bestdevelop the team potential to protect the city in thefightingbattle. STUNNING CONSOLE-QUALITY GRAPHICS AND SOUNDS 🤩SuperheroWar brings you great superheroes with extremely highqualitygraphics and sound. The perfect action and fighting scenescan notbe ignored a RPG action game about robot battle.Experience!FEATURES: -Offline RPG game, NO NEED internet connection- RPGoffline story mode with 100+ stages - Many items with anamazingupgrade system. - Many main quests and daily missions. -Stunninggraphics and amazing sound effects