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A squad-RPG, space trader & combat simulator set in a dynamicopen-world

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    Star Nomad 2 (Oreo+)
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Star Nomad Elite APK
Star Nomad is a top-down retro-scifi 2Dsandbox spacesim. It was created as a tribute to classic spacesimsof old. If you are a fan of these games, then you're in for anostalgic ride!-Minimum specs: 1280 x 720 screen resolution or greater. Made for4.7' devices or larger.--[Reviews]"An interesting tale with a few surprising twists that will satisfyeven the most avid space opera fan." - Hardcoredroid"The touch interface is so good." - TouchArcade"It feels like a populated world and in someways borderline MMO"-IGMVoted #2 Top Hidden Gems 2014 (http://bit.ly/1r3cWUq) & TopGames 2014 (http://bit.ly/1uqj47t) by Reddit r/AndroidGaming!--[FEATURES]-* Simple one-touch UI. Fast pace space combat was nevereasier!* Be a Cargo runner or neural data transporter.* Be a Mercenary taking on random missions (patrol, bounty hunting,defend & escort).* Be a Asteroid miner seeking rare ores.* Be a Merchant trading in goods with many profitable routes tofind!* Be a Smuggler dealing in lucrative drugs & evade thelaw!* Be a Pirate attacking merchant ships, become infamous, join thePirates & fight for anarchy!* Join huge multi-faction Fleet Battles!* Dynamic faction standing system, where your actions willdetermine friends-or-foes.* Multiple ship classes to fly, including drone carriers & themighty Yamato Battleship!* All ships are up-gradable with modules.* Unleash the mighty C-Beam Cannon over the shoulder ofOrion!* Free to play a LOT of content, to unlock the entire game, aone-time purchase is required.--In Star Nomad, you roam free in the Wildlands Sector immersed in asci-fi noir setting rich in depth and humor. While a sandbox atheart, it's also story driven with a personal plot inspired bysci-fi/cyberpunk that puts you right in the pilot seat to determinethe outcome of an escalating corporate war!--=[IMPORTANT] =[In-App Purchases: Please read carefully!]All of the game's sandbox elements are free to play but the StoryCampaign & Bonus Ships requires a one-time restore-able IAP(Elite Mode). Elite pilots are also paid 25% extra credits by theMercenary & Merchants Guild.-Veteran Elite Mode is for players from older versions who havepurchased any IAPs, they can unlock the game at a discount soGoogle's server can keep track & restore the unlock for futureinstalls.-[Story Campaign]The first "Prelude Completed" scene in Gemini is the half way markof the story-line. To proceed on the 2nd half, re-enter Gemini& talk to Erica Price again.--[Please Note: Uninstalling will remove ALL saved data. Elite Modewill be restored when its re-installed.]-Please leave a review or if you like it, share it with yourfriends! Happy to receive feedback via email or [email protected]_Phan
Star Nomad 2 (Oreo+) APK
A squad-RPG, space trader & combat simulator set in a dynamicopen-world
Star Nomad Elite (Oreo+) APK
Trade, fight & plunder in this arcade tribute to classicsandbox space-sims.
Nomads of the Fallen Star APK
A post-apocalyptic turn-based squad-RPG set in a dynamic openworld.
Star Nomad 2 1.0 APK
IMPORTANT: Some newer devices on Android 8+ may experiencerandomcrashes. This version is only intended for older Android OS(5,6)and devices. Please buy the new Oreo+ version designed formoderndevices & Android OS! If you've already purchased thisversion,please read the additional notes below to obtain a freecopy of thenew (Oreo+) version. About this game: Set in a dynamicopen-worldsandbox with an evolving conflict between three majorsplintergroups of humanity, players can freely be merchants,bountyhunters, pirates, miners, smugglers or wanderers. Youractions orin-actions, big or small carry consequences that arenoticed by theinhabitants and factions. Empires will rise and fall,take a side,or sow the seeds of anarchy. Be immersed in a universethat's alivewith random events offering pilots an opportunity forexploitation.Be involved in dynamic economies with logisticalsupply &demand at the mercy of a capitalistic merchant or amenacingpirate. Be the catalyst to decide the fate of humanity.KeyFeatures: * Full HD PC top-down space combat & tradersim(spacesim), refined with intuitive controls & UI formobiles. *Squad-RPG progression via skills, perks, ship upgrades&modules. * Deep trade system with dynamic supply &demand,affected by events, piracy & conflict. * Fluid real-timecombatwith tactical pause & a wide variety of weapons. *Resourcegathering & looting of combat kills. * Dynamic factionswillconquer & defend systems with fleet movements. Youractions,big or small, have a major effect on the tide of conquest!* Randomevents offer opportunities and also ensure no game playsout thesame. * Random encounters offer interesting side-quests ortoughchoices with major consequences. * Man & take to the skyinCorvettes, Frigates, Cruisers, Capitals and Carriers! *Cleverenemies. Fast & agile ships will flank, large shipswillbroadside tank with their strong directional shields. * Takepartin epic fleet battles with Capital Ships battling amongsupportships & hordes of combat drones! * Intelligent Squad AI,neverbe caught flying with stupid, ever. * Challenging,nonhand-holding, but fair Rogue-like gameplay. Additionalnotes:Please be aware, this version may not be compatible withmoderndevices running Android 8 (Oreo)+ and experiencecrashes.Unfortunately I am unable to update it due to complicationswiththe engine and Google Play certificates. If you have purchasedthisversion, please contact me and I will send a key for a freecopy ofthe new version which supports modern devices & AndroidOS. Myapologies for the inconvenience. For queries, feedback, orbugreports, please contact me: Twitter: @AH_PhanEmail:[email protected]
Ninja Girl RPG APK
Action-packed, skill-based, reflex arcade adventure RPG!