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Welcome to the world of slime. Discover many different slimespeciesand suck them all up in your tube. Sell the slime to buynewequipment and expand your slime empire.

App Information Slime Land - Suck ‘Em All!

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    Slime Land - Suck ‘Em All!
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    April 12, 2022
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    Android 4.4 and up
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    EpiCoro Games
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    Bežigrajska cesta 4a 3000, Celje Slovenia
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100 Balls - Tap to Drop the Color Ball Game APK
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Tap on the right moment to release balls into cup. Try not to lose100 balls.
Pop the Clock 1.1 APK
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Pop the Clock was first designed and releasedon the Google Play market in mid September of 2015. This excitinglock popping game challenges your reflexes and concentration. It’sa great way of killing that extra time while waiting. With regularupdates the game is rapidly evolving and currently features threedifferent game modes to choose from.The classic game mode requires you to tap on the screen whilethe pointer is covering a random spawned, yellow coloured circle.When successful, the lock is popped and your level counter isincreased by one. For a round to be passed, you have to pop all ofthe locks. If a lock is missed or the attempt to pop the lock istoo early, the pop counter resets back to the value of the levelyou’re currently playing. Your highest pop score is saved and canbe used on the leaderboards for ranking or challenging otherplayers.The endless game mode, unlike the classic mode, does not have aspecific number of locks to pop. Instead, your only goal is to popas many locks as you can, without being limited by anything otherthan your own skill. After you successfully pop a lock, your scorecounter simply increases by one. Try to pop as many locks as youcan and test how far you can come. If a lock is missed, you have tostart from zero.The rush game mode does not have a lock pop counter, but insteaddisplays your current pointer speed. The speed starts at 4.321 andslightly increases with each lock popped. This game mode willreally put you at test and show you how difficult popping locks canbe. Pop the locks and reach high speeds, so that you can compare itwith your friends and prove who the popping master really is.Additionally, Pop the Lock also contains facebook integrationwhich allows you to share your scores and achievements on thissocial network. Use it to compare scores from all of the game modesor to challenge your friends and family in this easy to play buthard to master adventure.Global leaderboards are implemented in the game, which help youtrack your pop score and display your rank on the leaderboard. Youcan choose from different time filters, such as the daily, weeklyor all-time score. The more locks you pop, the higher score youreach and the better you are placed. Can you reach the top?Even though Pop the Clock may seem like a simple game at first,you will soon realize how challenging and difficult is actually is.It is an ideal distraction that will help you pass the time whileyou’re waiting for someone or perhaps while you are bored and needto pass the time. Simply download the game from your applicationstore and start popping those locks! It’s completely free andalways will be.There are a lot of arcade games being uploaded to the storeevery day, but what separates Pop the Clock from the others is itsunique and interesting gameplay, simple yet visually stunninggraphics, and the overall smooth and lag-free experience of poppingthe locks. It is created by the most modern software using onlytested, carefully written scripts to ensure that no bugs orglitches are present and that your system is safe.If you like the game and appreciate the effort the developer hasput in the game, visit the application page and write a comment ora suggestion and also don’t forget to rate it. We are always gladto hear your feedback, so if you have a suggestion or a game idea,feel free to contact us and we promise we will put your ideas intoconsideration.Game Modes:- Classical Game Mode- Rush Game Mode- Endless Game ModeOther features:- Facebook integration- Online and global leaderboards- Completely free & NO hidden costs- Stunning 2D arcade graphics- Sound control- Optimized, lag-free performance- Great time killer and skill testerJust be careful and pop the locks!Good luck and pop the lock.Pop the lock now! Join other pop the lock players and challangeyour friends! Pop the Lock!Share Pop the Clock with your friends #poptheclock !
100 Ballz 2 1.0 APK
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After one year of the official 100 Ballzrelease, we present the sequel - 100 Ballz 2! The game is packedwith an even better gameplay and improved, optimised performance!This fun brainteaser offers a great way of spending your free timewhile you're waiting for someone or something. Don't hesitate todownload this completely free game today!The goal of the game is to get the balls through the cup bytapping on the screen and releasing the balls. Each ball you getthrough the cup rewards you with a different amount of points,depending on the color of the cup. If the ball misses the cup, itdisappears. When you lose all of your balls, the game is over.If you manage to drop 20 balls through the cup without missing asingle one, you will be rewarded with a score multiplier. Keep inmind that the multiplier is not limited and can earn you a lot ofextra points. Losing a ball will reset the multiplier, so becareful and have fun!Features:* Simple gameplay* Endless gameplay* Fun and realistic physics* Single tap control* Sounds and music* 15 different colored cups* Beautiful design* Short games* Smooth gameplayThe following permission will be removed in the next update-> READ_PHONE_STATE (read device state and identity)
Crossroad Run 1.00 APK
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Crossing the road can be a very dangerousactivity where only a moment of recklessness is enough to get hitby an incoming car. Crossroad Run is an exciting game with achallenging purpose of dodging all incoming traffic and preventingyour character from going to the hospital.The game will amaze you with its simple game mechanics, but do notthink high scores are easy to achieve, because only a true masterof car dodging will be able to reach the top! Beside theoutstanding game experience, you will also be amazed by the highquality 3D graphics in a unique isometric style, a fun soundtrackand the option to record and share your games with your friends onvarious social media. The game is completely free to play, so donot hesitate and download it now!Crossroad Run has an endless game mode, meaning that the game doesnot end and your goal is simply to score the highest amount ofpoints possible. Each point is awarded for your every move, but toachieve a really high score you will require your absolute focusand lot of quick reflexes. By playing Crossroad Run you will notonly have fun, but also improve your concentration. It’s the bestmind training one can wish for!Of course, do not forget to challenge your friends. Recommend thegame to them and share your achievements on social media sites suchas Facebook, Twitter, or Google+. Your friends will not be able toresist the challenge and will soon try to beat you, providing youall with endless fun!Features:- Cartoon themed 3D graphics- Endless and exciting gamemode- Easy to play but hard to master gameplay- Record your gameplay and share it with your friends and otherplayers- Completely free to play- Share your score and challenge your friendsMore features coming soon!Have any problems or suggestions? You can send us mail: [email protected] following permission is required by 3rd party SDK ->READ_PHONE_STATE (read device state and identity)
Jumpy Room 1.0 APK
EpiCoro Games
You are trapped in an endless dungeonwithspikes all over the place. Your only chance of survival is tostartrunning and jumping until you get to the ladder, climb it andreacha new floor.Be careful, though - this dungeon is full of surprises... thehigheryou get, the more spikes will try to end you.Along the way, you’ll collect chests, coins and mushrooms tohelpyou on your journey. Buy power-ups in the shop to improveyourscore and come back every day to unlock special rewards.Bonus: If you reach floor 75, you will unlock "Insane Mode",whichis even more challenging. You will run faster and your jumpswillbe harder to control.It is said that no one can escape from my dungeon… can you?
Tower Slider APK
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Slide and collect humans
Run of Choice 0.1 APK
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Run and choose the right surprise box!
Odd Even Ball 0.1 APK
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Are you odd or are you even? Make your decision and choose therightpath to get to the end! Collect balls and grow to yourmaximalpotential. How big can you get?