Top 50 Games Similar to yioFiller

Shmatoosto 1.01d
Small collection of mini games.
Cheepaska 1.0c 060322
Cheepaska is a simple online game that allows you to spend acoupleof minutes (or maybe hours) pleasantly. The rules are simple,butnot everyone can become a master of the game ;) Features: - Easytolearn - You can play with your friends - Simple UI -Smoothanimations
Achipato 1.03
Simple real-time strategy game
Achikaps Pro 1.22h 060723
Simple economic strategy without donations
Bleentoro Pro 1.05z 060723
Game about building simple factories
Hexpuzzle 2.3
Place pieces on a field, as long you have enough space
Bleentoro Demo 1.05z 060723
Game about building simple factories
Achikaps Demo 1.22h 090723
Simple economic strategy without microtransactions
0h n0 1.1.0
It's 0h h1's companion game! By Q42.
Ejelta LLC
Find a hidden closed loop by following numeric clues
Vodobanka Pro 1.02b 200523
Simple tactical game
Castle Battles : Fast RTS 4.2
A fast paced indie strategy game with humor, plot twists,swarms..and castles
Influence 3.3.0
Teremok Games
Start with one tiny cell.. spread your Influence.. and conquerallyour enemies!
Opacha-mda 1.03i 070723
Simple combat strategy
0h h1 1.5.0
A little logic game
Favo! 3.10.3
flow Inc.
Connect! Merge! and Collect the Elements!
Hashi (Bridges) 9.0
Unlimited Hashi games without payment
Star Battle Puzzle 3.4.0
Challenging logic puzzles. Place the stars, fill in the grid,solvethe puzzle!
Slitherlink Full
Ejelta LLC
In a Slitherlink puzzle your goal is to formasingle loop through the game field using numerical clues.In addition to classic square grids of different sizesanddifficulties this implementation of Slitherlink offershexagon,pentagon and mixed grids. Try solving those, it mayrequiredifferent ways of thinking than with squares.Automatic coloring of clues and lines helps thinking, but canbeturned off for more classic look and tougher challenge.A free ad-supported version is also available.*********************Add us on Google+ to vote on features, see updates, and togivefeedback: email if you have issues. It is impossible to respondtocomments left on the market. Thank you!*********************Highlights:- Tablets support- Dark and light themes- Unlimited supply of levels- Parity shading- Bookmarks- Scores & Sharing- Pre-loaded levels to play offline- "Kites", "Cairo", "Squares" and "Honeycomb" grids- Tutorial- Colored clues (optional)- Orientation lock
Futoshiki 4.1
Entertaining logic game, 12000 levels.
circloO - Physics Platformer 1.8.3
Roll a ball in a growing circle in this fun colorful physicspuzzleplatformer!
Shikaku 1.4
A puzzle game from the creators of Sudoku
Futoshiki 2.7
Like Free Number Logic Puzzles Kakuro, Kenken, Mathdoku? Youwilllove Futoshiki
Levels 2.9.1
flow Inc.
Use math skills to upgrade the panels & achieve high scoresinthis puzzle game!
Pocket Rogue (Simple Roguelike 3.2.0
A simple roguelike, right in your pocket!
Hexio 3.6.1
Relaxing minimalist puzzle game with a beautiful soundtracktoimmerse yourself.
UniWar 1.19.3
Turn Based strategy, more fun than chess. Get smarter. Play it.
Zen Sweeper (Minesweeper)
Zen Sweeper: Arrange the stones with Feng Shui
Auralux 1.85
Auralux is an ambient RTS game that simplifies the genre toitsstrategic core.
Connect Me - Logic Puzzle 3.1.22
Viktor Bohush
Connect all the blocks, by moving or rotating them.
Subterfuge 497
Snappy Touch
* Multiplayer Game of the Year 2015 byPocketTactics ** Best Mobile Games of 2015 by CNET ** 10 Best Mobile Games of 2015 by Red Bull *Subterfuge is a week-long multiplayer game of strategy anddiplomacythat plays out in real time. Gather intelligence,coordinate withother players, issue orders, and influence how thegame unfolds.Master both strategy and diplomacy to come out ontop."One of the best strategy games I've played all year. And it's onmyphone, of all places." - Polygon"A diplomacy system more dynamic and tense than a Middle Eastpeacetalk" ~ Gamespresso"Subterfuge is the perfect mobile game for someone looking foranin-depth strategy game you can play for 5 minutes at a timeorstare at your phone for 45 minutes plotting schemes andexecutingflawlessly timed maneuvers" ~ TouchArcade"In a world of single-serving distractions, Subterfuge isaremarkable standout, a booming four-course meal ofstrategy,diplomacy, and damn fine gameplay." ~ The Daily Dot“The designers, to their credit, have created a trulybottomlesspuzzle. This app is hypnotizing” - Quintin Smith, CoolGhostsFeatures unlocked by buying Level 2 Security Clearance IAP:* Unlimited scheduled orders* Create private games* Play in rated games* Play multiple games simultaneously* Keep notes about other players
Tents and Trees Puzzles 1.13.4
Frozax Games
Place a tent next to each tree in this original nature puzzle game!
Kakuro Plus. Cross-Sums. 1.6.13
Ultimate Puzzle Game! Challenge your brain, and train yourlogicwith fun.
Hexoku 2.1
3000 levels of Hexoku puzzle.
Antiyoy Classic 1.27f 050723
Simple turn-based strategy
Starlight X-2: Space Sudoku 1.1.17
Frozax Games
A unique cosmic star light puzzle for space puzzle enthusiastsandexplorers.
Globesweeper 1.5.12
Guaranteed solvable spherical Minesweeper. Reveal tiles andavoidmines.
SWITCH or NOT? – logic puzzles 1.4.0
Robin Brood
logic puzzles & logic problems in electronics world. logicgates& digital logic
Outwitters 2.0.16
One Man Left
Race to destroy the enemy base in this quirky, asynchronousonlinestrategy game
Build an Arcade Empire in this Pinball Incremental
Gomoku Renju five in a row 1.24
2xD Games
Gomoku game is one of the simpler and more popular versions oftheancient board game of "GO". But despite its simple rules Gomokuisa logic board game more complex and difficult than Tic TacToe.This game is very thrilling and challenging: it requiresthetactical skills and strategic thinking for being able to masterthegame. The game was often called Gomoku but other names areknown:for example Kakugo, Gomoku-narabe, Itsutsu-ishi, gobang,morphion,"Five in a Row". Gomoku have been played on Go-boardssince 2ndmillenium B.C. and came to Japan from China in the 7thcentury. Thename "Gomoku" is from the Japanese language, in whichit isreferred to as gomokunarabe (五目並べ). "Go" means five, "moku" isacounter word for pieces and "narabe" means line-up. Renju is oneofthe types of Gomoku. The name "Renju" (連珠) comes from theJapaneselanguage, and means "connected pearls". With our "GomokuRenju -free puzzle game" you can play two different types of thegamecalled Gomoku and Free Renju. Gomoku game by 2xD Games hasmanyawesome features: - different board sizes: play Gomoku andFreeRenju on boards with sizes from 9x9 to 19x19; - four differentgamelevels: improve your skills from novice to master; - ability tousehints: check some good places for your next move; - movecancels:you can cancel your previous moves and make the better one;-autosaving: continue your game even after few days; -detailedstatistics: see how cool gamer you are; - fine sounds andmusic:feel free to switch them off if needed; - flexible gamesettings:you can enable/disable some features to make game moreinteresting.
Hashi Puzzle 3.4.0
A challenging logic puzzle. Connect all islands with bridges,solvethe puzzle!
Perceptron - An Idle Game 2.2.5
Andrew Zuo
An Incremental Idle Game Based On Building A Neural Network
miniSweeper - Ad free Mineswee 1.0.13
Modern remake of the classic puzzle game!
Unciv 4.7.7
Open source 4X civilization-building game
Archipelago 2.08
Addictive real-time strategy game! Multiple computer playersandimproved AI.
Landrule Strategy vs Risk 2021.11.17
Pixamark LLC
Landrule! A multiplayer strategy game for Android!
Threes! Freeplay 1.3.6144
Asher Vollmer
Threes is tiny puzzle that grows on you.
Abstrrkt Explorers - Strategy
Lead a stranded expedition home in this turn-basedcity-buildingstrategy game.