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A light and convenient app that brings all yourfavoriteMail.Ruservices into one screen. View the weather, checkyour mail,findout the dollar or euro exchange rate, and read thelatest news—it's very simple with the Mail.Ru Portal app. We reallywanttoknow your opinion! You can send any questions,suggestions,andcomments to [email protected], and we'll try toanswer youassoon as possible. Advantages of the app: 1.Lightweightandmemory-saving. Mail.Ru Portal is fast and stable onanysmartphonerunning Android version 5.0 and higher. What's more,ittakes upvery little space (only ~10 MB). 2. Mail,VKontakte,Odnoklassniki,News, TV — all of Mail.Ru's helpfulservices can befound on theapp's main screen and are just one tapaway. 3. Quicksearch.Mail.Ru's built-in search engine will help youfind answersto anyquestion. You can search in different categoriesof content:video,images, or news. Search suggestions will help yourefine yourqueryand save time. 4. The news feed will pick up loadsof articlesoninteresting topics: sports, cars, technology,politics, humor,andthe economy. The feed adjusts itself based onhow you interactwithit. In time, it filters out the articles youaren't interestedin,and shows you more and more of what you do wantto see.5.Versatile settings. You can turn off the feed if you don'tuseit.You can also choose a beautiful background that suitsyourmood.The Mail.Ru Portal app is compatible with Android version5.0andhigher. The app has been tested on the followingphones:HuaweiP-Series, Samsung Galaxy Series, Xiaomi Mi Series, HTCOne,SonyXperia Series.
Email - Mail Mailbox 1.63
Email is your email fastest tracking application, the bestcheckmailapplication. This application gives you to login for allyourotheraccounts. The best feature is auto detect server, wewilldetectserver of your all emails This application allows you tologintovarious mail accounts, track emails at once and hastheability tomanage an unlimited number of messages coming fromyourfriends,suppliers, and customers. The interface of theapplicationisbeautifully designed, corresponding to the Androidoperatingsystem,IOS of all smartphones, tablets, ... With theauto-updatefeature ofyour best mail server, send the fastestmailnotifications to theuser, you are experiencing a strongunifiedaccount packaged in anintuitive and easy-to-use design.This isthe application providesthe fastest mail check service,absolutelyfree when used. - Supportfor all mail services - Supportfor IMAP,POP3 Auto Configuration -Sync multiple mailboxes from allyourproviders in a UnifiedInterface - Support notification whennewemail coming - MaterialDesign & Lollipop - The fastestemailnotification on smartmobile devices - Check mail quicklyandaccurately - Customizableemail notification sounds - Alertsandother preferences per each ofyour accounts. - Define &ShareGroups to quickly send andreceive emails - With automaticswitchbetween day & night modes- Integrated with anyprintersupported by Android such as selectplugins - Track yourmail inanywhere when connected to the internet- Make checkemailconvenient and easy - Customize your swipe menuand emailviewactions with what matter to you the most - See if youhave anewemail in your inbox directly from your home screen -Dailysync:Customized for offline use - Sign in to your gmailaccountandcheck your email inbox fastest in seconds - Quickly markemailstobe handled later and set reminders so you do not miss them-Whenyou have read and finish handling an email, you can justmarkit asdone to get it out of the way without having to delete itorreachZero Inbox by using smart filters. - Easily filter andtrackemailsby unread/starred - Save time when using emailtrackingapplication- The data in your mail is always encrypted toprotectthe securityand confidentiality of information -Securecommunications andinformation, use industry-leading protocolstoprotect and protectyour data. - You can set a lock screen timertoprotect yourpersonal email. - Work offline - Auto detect serverforall emails,not need to configure the server. This applicationwillauto detectand find server to login with every account. By thisemailapplication, easiest way to login and protect all your mail.
Яндекс.Почта (бета)
Yandex Apps
Бета-версия официального мобильного приложенияЯндекс.Почтадаётвозможность работать сразу с несколькими почтовымиящиками, втомчисле с почтой для домена, Mail.Ru, Gmail и другими. —Почтанезаймет много места на телефоне. Письма и вложенияхранятсянасервере и загружаются в приложение, только если на нихкликнуть.—Для защиты переписки можно включить пин-код или входпоотпечаткупальца. — Нужные письма всегда легко найти спомощьювстроенныхфильтров (например, Почта может показать всеэлектронныебилеты илиуведомления из соцсетей). Ненужные письмалегко удалитьоднимдвижением. — Не пропускать важное помогаетгибкаянастройкаоповещений о новых письмах. В бета-версииЯндекс.Почтыможнопробовать новые возможности, которых ещё нет восновномприложении— просто установите ее и присоединяйтесь ктестированию!Если навашем устройстве уже есть Яндекс.Почта, ненужно ее удалять— бетаустанавливается отдельно и не мешает работеосновной версииПочты.Пожалуйста, отправляйте ваши отзывы ипожелания черезменюприложения или на почту:[email protected]
My World. Movies. Music. Games
Mail.Ru Group
My World is a social network from Mail.ruthatis used by millions of people on a daily basis.You are welcome to join!With this great application, you will always be able to:✓ Stay updated about your friends' lives✓ Communicate and stay in touch with your family and friends✓ Easily share phots and your good mood✓ Add colorful effects that your friends willsurelyappreciate✓ Play your favorite games right from the app✓ Listen to free music. Our huge collection of tracks will leavenoone indifferentInstall the My World app and your friends and classmates will getsomuch closer to you!
Pro Mail
Pro Mail is a new multifunctional email app to satisfy bothyourpersonal and business needs. Pro Mail is simple, yetpowerful.Designed exclusively for Outlook and Microsoft Exchange,the appalso supports Hotmail, Live, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, AOL, GMX andanyIMAP, SMTP or POP3-enabled mailbox. With Pro Mail for Outlookyoucan: • Set up multiple Outlook or other email accountsandcustomize push-notification times • Seamlessly manage yourinboxwith swipe gestures and numerous filters (ActiveSync issupported)• Search for a specific attachment or a flagged email, byrecipientor date or simply for a particular subject • Increase youemailsecurity by setting up a PIN password to access the app •Accesslocal and server contacts • Filter by unread, flagged oremailswith attachments • View complete email conversation inthreads •Save attachments as files • Customize your email signatureandthere’s more! Pro Mail for Outlook is optimised for your phoneandtablet on Android. We have a strong interest in beautifulanduser-friendly design ;) We also believe in security. Our appusesOAUTH authentication to sign in to Hotmail, Gmail andOutlookaccounts. Start enjoying email again! Find the perfectwork-lifebalance with Pro Mail for Outlook email client. If youhave andquestions or ideas, please send us an email [email protected]
EasyMail - easy and fast email 7.0
EasyMail - easy and fast email is one of the lightestandfastestfully featured email apps available. This is thebestemailapplication for simultaneous work with severalGmail,Yandex,Outlook, Hotmail and other mailboxes. Receive andsendmessages,share photos and documents. Get instantly notifiedaboutnewmessages. Adjust the time, folders and services for whichyouwantto receive push-notifications. Personal spam filterwillprotectyou from annoying mailings. Stay always in touch withtheEasyMailapp! ***** If you have any requests, suggestionsandcomments,please send via the "Feedback" in the app or [email protected] we will respond andsolvetheproblem as soon as possible. ***** - Multiple accountssupport.Addall of your boxes and switch between them easily.-Fullsynchronization, does not matter whether you read,flagged,ormoved messages from a computer or mobile. - Filters.Viewunreademail, flagged email or emails withattachments-Push-notifications for new emails. - Caching emails.Emailsarestored in the phone's memory and are available withoutanetworkconnection. Read messages and view attachments intransportor, forexample, in the countryside.
Главные новости дня и погода
Mail.Ru Group
Читайте последние новости самых уважаемыхСМИРоссии, Украины, Белоруссии, Казахстана, СНГ иближнегозарубежья.- Новости, интересные лично вам: политика, экономика,наука,культура, спорт или hi-tech – персональная лентановостейотображается в соответствии с вашими настройками.- Объективный взгляд на события в мире: статьи изразныхисточников позволят составить полное и непредвзятое мнениеопроисходящем.- Актуальность: новые статьи появляются каждый час,чтобыдержать вас в курсе развивающейся ситуации.- Прогноз погоды, курсы валют и цены на нефть: всегдаподрукой – в боковом меню.Будьте в центре происходящего – узнавайте первым главные новостидняв России и за рубежом в области политики и экономики, наукииискусства, спорта, культуры и шоу-бизнеса, а такжеполучайтеизвестия о самых важных происшествиях в вашемрегионе.Новости, которые хочется читать:- Яркие фоторепортажи- Подробные видео новости- Актуальная инфографика- Hi-tech новинки- Авто дайджест- Все о недвижимости- Новости спорта- Афиша театра и кино- Обзоры игр- и другие тематические разделы и специальные рубрикиБольше удобных функций:- Кнопка “Загрузить новости” для чтения статей оффлайн- Папка “Избранное” для сохранения интересных новостей- Ночной режим чтения- Удобный поиск по нужной теме- Мгновенные уведомления о важных событияхХочешь сообщить об опечатке или ошибке в статье? Напиши вслужбуподдержки Новостей Mail.Ru тыпоможешь нам сделать статьи лучше!Нас читают уже 2 миллиона человек! Присоединяйтесь!Read the latest newsinthe most respected media Russia, Ukraine, Belarus,Kazakhstan,the CIS and abroad.- News and interesting to you personally: politics,economics,science, culture, sports, or hi-tech - a personal newsfeed isdisplayed according to your settings.- An objective look at the events in the world: articlesfromdifferent sources will allow to make a complete andunbiasedopinion about what is happening.- Urgency: new articles appear every hour to keep you informedofthe evolving situation.- Weather forecast, exchange rates and oil prices: is always athand- in the sidebar.Be the center of what is happening - first to learn the main newsofthe day in Russia and abroad in the field of politics andeconomy,science and the arts, sports, culture and show business,as well asto hear about the most important incidents in that I want to read:- Bright picture stories- Detailed video news- Current infographics- Hi-tech innovations- Auto Digest- All real estate- Sports news- Playbill Theatre and Cinema- Game reviews- And other thematic sections and special sectionsMore handy features:- The button "Upload news" to read articles offline- Folder "Favorites" to save interesting news- Night reading mode- Easily search for the desired topic- Instant notification of important eventsWould you like to report a typo or error in the article?WriteSupport News Mail.Ru - youcanhelp us make the article better!We read already 2 million people! Join now!
Рамблер — это главные новости России имира(Москва, Украина и другие города и страны). Лентагромкихпроисшествий дня, фоторепортажи, новости спорта,экономики,политики, культуры, бизнеса, погода и валюта 24 часа всутки.Все популярные общественные СМИ. Выбирайте рубрики, которыеваминтересны, и делитесь событиями с друзьями.• Только актуальные новости и происшествия 24 часа в сутки;• Возможность выбрать наиболее интересные рубрики;• Возможность добавить интересные новости в закладки;• Подробные фоторепортажи;• Удобный интерфейс.Будьте в курсе происходящего и не пропустите всё самоеважное!Rambler - a majorRussianand world news (Moscow, Ukraine and other cities andcountries).Ribbon high-profile incidents of the day, photo, sportsnews,economy, politics, culture, business, weather, and thecurrency 24hours a day.All the popular social media. Choose columns that interest you,andshare events with friends.• Only the latest news and incident 24 hours a day;• Ability to choose the most interesting headings;• Ability to add interesting news to your favorites;• Detailed photo reports;• User-friendly interface. Be aware of what is happening and do not miss all the mostimportantthing!
Код Доступа 1.1.1
Mail.Ru Group
Код Доступа создаёт одноразовые коды для входа в Почтуидругие сервисы, которые поддерживают двухфакторнуюаутентификацию.Никто кроме вас не сможет войти в вашу почту, если унего нетдоступа к вашему мобильному устройству. Это сводит рисккражипочтового ящика к минимуму. ВАЖНО! Для корректной работыприложениянеобходимо выставить точное время на устройстве! Приошибкахавторизации убедитесь что включено "Автомат. дата ивремя"("Использовать время сети") в разделе настроек "Дата ивремя"устройства. Когда надо подключить двухфакторнуюаутентификацию? - квашей почте «привязан» Steam, Origin или игровыеаккаунты, которымивы дорожите; - ваша почта – логин для входа в AppStore; - вамприходят рассылки от банков; - через вашу почту можновосстановитьданные платёжных систем (PayPal, Robokassa и др.); - выдорожитеписьмами в своей почте. Как работает двухфакторнаяаутентификация?Помимо логина и пароля при первом входе в почту снового устройстванадо ввести код, чтобы подтвердить, что это точновы. Как включитьдвухфакторную аутентификацию? Включитьдвухфакторную аутентификациюможно в настройках безопасности почты ввеб-версии ПочтыГде используется приложение Код Доступа Приложение КодДоступа служит генераторомодноразовых кодов на базеалгоритма TOTP (Time-based One-timePassword) для сервисов,поддерживающих двухфакторную аутентификацию.Помимо Почты и другихпродуктов приложение совместимо скрупнейшими мировымиинтернет-сервисами, включая Facebook, Google,Dropbox, Evernote,GitHub и многие другие. Где взять 32-значныйключ? 32-значныйсекретный ключ генерируется в вашем аккаунте наэтапе активацииприложения. В почте активация доступна внастройках «Парольи безопасность» - настройки «Двухфакторнаяаутентификация» -«Мобильное приложение» - кнопка «Подключить».Синхронизироватьприложение можно двумя способами: - отсканироватьQR с экрана спомощью камеры телефона; - ввести 32-значный секретныйключвручную.
Yandex Apps
The Yandex.Mail mobile app is a convenient mailbox in yourphoneandsecurely protected from spam and viruses. All mailboxes inasingleapp. Check multiple mailboxes at the same time. You canaddall youraccounts from Yandex, Yandex.Mail 360 forBusiness,Mail.Ru, Gmail,Rambler,, and other emailservices. Youcan read youremail on a single device, just switchbetween theprofiles. Click"+" to the right of the avatar and addothermailboxes. Personalizeyour mail. If you prefer to go throughyourmail in the evening,turn on the dark theme. It lowersscreencontrast and is morecomfortable on the eyes. You can alsochangesounds in the settings.Choose the one you like. Finally, youcanswipe the screen to deleteor archive your email. Customize ittoyour liking. View emailattachments at a glance. If asenderattaches a picture, you see itsthumbnail next to the subjectofthe message in the Inbox. If yourattachment is too large,itautomatically uploads to Yandex.Disk andis made available intheemail as a regular file or a link. Youdon't need toinstallanything to view this attachment. UseYandex.Mail offline.You canfind your order number for a movietheater, insurancepolicy,address, or phone number even without aninternet connection.Or,if you get disconnected in the metro, youcan stillcontinuereading and responding to your emails: allmessages willbeautomatically sent when the internet is back tonormal.Protectyourself from attackers and spam. To keep yourmessagesprivate,log in using a pin code. If someone unlocks yourphone, theymostlikely won't be able to read your mail. You're alsoprotectedfromspam by Yandex.Mail smart filtering algorithms, whichyou canhelptrain by marking unwanted mail as spam. Manage youremails onthego. Listen to your emails if you're busy and usesuggestionstorespond in just one touch, or just record yourmessage.TheYandex.Mail mobile app understands a number oflanguages andcantranslate incoming email. Yandex.Mail includesYandex.TelemostandYandex.Calendar. Get together online, hold aworkteleconference,or meet with your family in Yandex.Telemost. Ifyouschedule ameeting in Yandex.Calendar, all participants willgetanotification email and a reminder so they don't miss it.Getmorefeatures with a Yandex.Mail 360 subscription: - Ad-freeapp-Priority support - Extra space in Yandex.Disk - Unlimitedspaceforvideos from your phone The amount is deducted from yourGooglePlayaccount upon confirmation of purchase. The subscriptionisrenewedautomatically for the same period as the previous one.Youcancancel it in the Google Play settings at any timeafterpurchase.The Yandex.Mail 360 subscription cost depends onthecountry whereyou make the payment and may vary. If you decidenotto buy asubscription, you can continue using the app for free. mail Mail App - A TrulyMobileEmail ExperienceSpeed, convenience, protection and power. Now you can bring allthegreat benefits of your webmail account to yourAndroiddevice with our official mail app. Enjoy 24/7 access to yourinboxwherever you are—view your entire list of contacts, checkyourmails and reply to messages all from the comfort ofyoursmartphone. Experience real email mobility with the mail.comfreemail app for Android.Features overview of the mail app:- Available on all Android devices- Powerful protection thanks to encryption security technology(TLS,SSL)- Full screen mode, pinch to zoom, and many moreconvenientfunctions- Send multiple attachments in all your mails- Stay focused with the new quiet mode feature- Fingerprint lock security (Android 6 only)Once you download the mail app you’ll have all thesegreatfeatures at your fingertips. That’s why we always say that ourappis more than a digital inbox—it’s the easiest and fastest wayforyou to liberate yourself from your desktop PC and finallydiscovera better way to mail on the move.Stay in the loopWith just one click you can access your address book, inboxandfolders. Activate the battery-friendly ‘Push email’ functionandyour device will fetch your mails automatically throughouttheday—you’ll receive an instant notification on your home screenwhennew mail arrives in your inbox. When it comes to email,everythingyou need to know is never more than a glance away thanksto mail app.Personalize to your heart’s contentThe app is flexible by design, meaning you can tweakitsmany functions to suit your needs and lifestyle. Set a customalerttone to notify yourself of a new mail, or if you prefer aquietermobile mail experience, activate the silent vibrationnotificationtab. You can also change the way your mail listappears—simply hitthe ‘Compact Mail List’ tab to get a simplifiedview. isan email client that puts its customers first—sodownload our freemail app today.100% at your convenienceOur app is packed full of clever, handy features that simplymakelife easier. Clean up your inbox at lightning speed with the‘EmptyTrash’ and ‘Empty Spam’ buttons, and access the mostimportantareas of your mails instantly with the Floating ActionButton: Thepen icon presents you with a blank mail in the blink ofan eye, andthe magnifying glass icon lets you search your messagesfor whenyou need to find an old mail without having to comb throughyourentire inbox. Recording important information is also a breezewiththe screenshot function.Our free mail app features are not only there to save you time,theyalso give you peace of mind. If you have an Android 6smartphone youcan activate the fingerprint lock function for addedsecurity; forall other Android devices you can create a PIN codeto protectaccess to your mails and account. And finally,takeadvantage of the customizable ‘Quiet Time’ feature—it letsyoudetermine set times throughout the day so that our mail appwon’tnotify you with ringtones or a vibration alert of incomingmails.The free mail app: 100% at your convenience.We’re happy to hear from youGot an idea or comment regarding our email client service? Weloveto hear from our community and value your input. Simply clickthe‘Feedback’ tab in the ‘Settings’ area of the app toenteryour thoughts or questions and hit send. Enjoy your free mailappcourtesy of
Email App for Android
Beautiful design, Intuitive actions, Lightningspeed,Advancedsecurity – In a new powerful email app for Yahoo!Quick andeasyaccess to Yahoo accounts on the go! Check email, read,reply,sendphotos, add and view attachments — stay in touchwithfriends,family and colleagues. Experience new features tomanageyour Yahooemail on your phone or tablet in the mostefficientmanner. Whychoose us? – Timely custom push notificationsfor eachindividualemail account, e.g. 'Work' email address set to‘Do notDisturb’mode from 21:00 to 7:00 – User-friendly design: youdo nothave tothink twice, whether you want to Flag, Mark as spam,Deletejustone or multiple emails at once – Clean and tidy inboxwithcontactavatars and an option to enable email threads(allconversationsdisplayed neatly together) – Convenient searchbyDate, Recipient,Subject, in Unread, Flagged messages and onlyinemails withAttachments to help you find anything in a flash–Personalizedfilters to automatically move incoming emailstospecific foldersor Mark them as read – Enhanced security toprotectyour mobile appagainst unauthorized access by setting up aPINpassword Theapplication also supports all major email servicesthatyou can addto have all your mail in one place, whether it isaYahoo, Hotmail,Outlook, MSN Mail, Gmail, AOL, GMX or any POP/IMAP/SMTP-enabledmailbox. If you encounter any problems, pleasesend usan email [email protected] and we will try our best tohelp youin a timelymanner. IMPORTANT: We are a free unofficialYahoo emailapplicationwith a goal to provide an excellent mailmanagementproduct.
Email App for Any Mail
Beautiful design, Intuitive actions, Lightning speed,Advancedsecurity – In a new powerful email app for Outlook &others!Quick and easy access to Outlook and Hotmail accounts on thego!Check email, read, reply, send photos, add and view attachments—stay in touch with friends, family and colleagues. Experiencenewfeatures to manage your Outlook email on your phone, tablet,orsmartwatch in the most efficient manner. Why choose us? –Timelycustom push notifications for each individual email account,e.g.'Work' email address set to ‘Do not Disturb’ mode from 21:00to7:00 – User-friendly design: you do not have to thinktwice,whether you want to Flag, Mark as spam, Delete just one ormultipleemails at once – Clean and tidy inbox with contact avatarsand anoption to enable email threads (all conversations displayedneatlytogether) – Convenient search by Date, Recipient, Subject,inUnread, Flagged messages or Attachments to help you find emailsina flash – Personalized filters to automatically moveincomingemails to specific folders or Mark them as read – Enhancedsecurityto protect your mobile app against unauthorized access bysettingup a PIN password The application also supports all majoremailservices that you can add to have all your mail in oneplace,whether it is a Microsoft Outlook, Hotmail, MSN Mail, Gmail,Yahoo,AOL, GMX or any POP/ IMAP/ SMTP-enabled mailbox. If youencounterany problems, send us an email at [email protected] andwe willtry our best to help you in a timely manner. IMPORTANT: Weare afree unofficial Outlook email application with a goal toprovide anexcellent mail management product.
Aqua Mail - Email App
Aqua Mail is a free email app for personalandcorporate email. This is the perfect replacement for yourcurrentemail app as it provides the flexibility of working the wayyou areused to.Aqua Mail has plenty of options for customizing the app as wellasconvenient features which improve your efficiency ofmanaginge-mails. Modify how it looks and works to becomemoreproductive.Aqua Mail supports automatic setup for the more popularemailproviders, works fluently with others, or lets you entermailserver settings yourself.KEY FEATURES:● Multiple email providers: Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, FastMail,Apple,GMX, AOL and more;● Mail accounts hosted at: Google Apps, Yahoo BizMail,Office365,Exchange Online and others;● Support for standard Internet email protocols: IMAP, POP3,SMTP;Exchange: EWS;● Improved security: OAUTH2 authentication for GmailandHotmail;● Instant incoming email delivery (push mail): serverssupportingthe IMAP IDLE extension (most Internet mail servicesexcept Yahoo;self-hosted IMAP servers);● Integration with: Light Flow, Enhanced SMS & Caller ID,CloudPrint, Apex Launcher Pro, Nova Launcher / Tesla Unread,ExecutiveAssistant, DashClock Widget;● Integration with Tasker: change settings, trigger mailchecks,trigger events based on incoming messagesADVANCED FEATURES:● Stay up to date with home screen widgets: message countsandmessage lists;● Access existing folder structure: synchronize Drafts, Sent,andDeleted Messages of web mail and desktop mail apps;● Sync Contacts: with Contacts / People app, includescorporatedirectory search, and when composing messages (forExchange andOffice 365).● Sync Calendar: allows two-way synchronization of Calendarevents(for Exchange and Office 365);● Format your messages and signatures: insert images and links,addcolors and styling to text;● Save attachments as files;● Browse messages grouped into conversations (can beturnedoff);● Reply via voice input: Android Wear notifications withmessagepreviews and actions;● Undo message operations: “Delete”, “Move to folder”, andotheractions can be reversed;● Backup and restore your accounts and settings: via popularcloudservices (Dropbox, OneDrive, Box and Google Drive) or afile;● Optimize for your internet connection: separate settings forWiFiand mobile data.PREMIUM FEATURES:Get the Aqua Mail Pro Unlocker app from Google Play to accessthefull functionality of the app:● Push mail for Exchange (corporate email) in the Pro version● Add more than two accounts;● Use identities;● Remove the promo signature in the messages you send.OS REQUIREMENTS:Android 4.0.3 or higherCONTACT US:If you have any questions, feedback or suggestions please contactusdirectly at [email protected]
Email - Fast & Smart email for any Mail 2.21.38_0128
Download the fast & smart email application for any mailtoexperience the perfect feature: - Sign in with many differentemailproviders. - Create easy email accounts, email sign in. -Freeemail android application. - Friendly interface for userswhoalready use email on android phones. Email is one oftheindispensable things in our work life. Email - Fast &Smartemail will help you log in and manage email in themostprofessional and convenient way. Main function: - MULTIPLEEMAILACCOUNTS: Outlook, Hotmail, Gmail or any email, users canuseconveniently multiple email accounts and still handle loginandemail checks on the only one application! - SIMPLE OPERATION:Login to mail, send, read, write and delete permanently allyouremails from your account - EASY MANAGEMENT: navigate andmanageyour email, manage drafts and email - CREATE PROFESSIONAL:Createsmart signatures and use them easily - SPECIAL FEATURES:_Insertmessages into your inbox, _ view and modify but NOT deleteyouremail _easy to use shared email. CONTACT AND FEEDBACK Our emailappis absolutely free, we want the best product for our users. Weneedand want to listen to all feedback from users. Please contactusvia: [email protected] Please support our team by thevotesof 5 *.
Email for Hotmail, Outlook Mail 1.6
Email for Hotmail, Outlook is a professional emailmanagementapplication, send and receive email quickly, simply andsecurely,optimize for outlook, hotmail & Microsoft mail only.Keyfeatures: - Perfect email client support Microsoft EmailServices:Hotmail, Outlook & other like Windows Live Mail, MSNMail ifcorrect configuration. - Login fast, easy and securely-Automatically configure mailbox email account - Autosearchcontacts in your email inbox - Search for history mail -Simplydisplay email in mailbox by unread, starred or withattachment -Convenient mailbox finder by subject, to, from inunread, flaggedmessages to help you find emails in a flash - Createemailsignature for each email account easily - Manage multipleemailaccounts in a unified interface - Switch multiple e mailmailboxesquickly and easily - Attach files (email image, doc,..)easily -Secure access with PIN protection mode - Mailing andreceiveencrypted mails - All email features in this app (sendemail, replyemail, forward & reply all emails). - Auto BCC (toyourself orothers) - Compress image before sending - Notificationwith “notdisturb” option - Show or hide email avatar - Snooze mailThank youfor downloading & using the app.
MailDroid - Free Email Application 5.09
As one of the first email clients added to thestore,MailDroidfocused on making email usable again. We were usedtoblackberryemail and we wanted something like that here. We didnotfindanything, so we wrote our own. Give our app a try and onceyouseeall the features it has, I promise you won't bedisappointed.Youcan always email us and we will reply right awaywith help (evenonweekends! Yes, we love our users!). How isMailDroid different?Forstarters, it is a pure email client whichmeans we don't haveaback-end server looking at your mail. You setup your POP,IMAP,Exchange connections and the client speaksdirectly to theserver.Second, it is powerful and yet easy to use.If you don'twant touse the PGP or sMIME encryption, simply hide it.Want to usetheold navigation over the new navigation drawer, yourchoice. Wanttosnooze your email or send it at a delayed time, youcan do thataswell! Third, we have oAuth2 to Gmail, Yahoo Mail, AOLMail,andOutlook. oAuth2 means that the app just gets a tokenfromthoseproviders and does not see any password. For those of youwhohavehad issues recently with these providers (specificallyGmailandYahoo Mail), this is the solution! We worked withalltheseproviders to make sure you feel super secure. Fourth,wehaveintegrated with important and helpful third partyemailcompanieslike SaneBox! Finally, we support our users! We emailyouback whenyou ask for help!! You are our users and we havebuiltthis mailclient around feedback from users. We have no agendaofwhat weneed to add anymore, just what people want us to add.Wesupport somany email providers automatically and for those thatwecan'tfigure out the settings for, a manual option always exists.Wehaveadded support for so many features, that many times weevenforgetsome of the things we have added. Here is a short list:1.Completere-write and not based at all on the standardemailapplication 2.Idle Push for all IMAP servers that support it3.Downloadattachments to your device using any file explorer orusethe builtin file manager to manage your files 4. SettingsSupportforsignature, font size, ring tone, led color, iconselection etc.5.Custom Mail Rules 6. Spell Check 7. Search yourmail online(forIMAP servers only) or offline for both IMAP and POP3servers8.Password Protection 9. Microsoft Exchange2003,2007,2010,Office365 servers 10. Full WYSIWYG editor 11. Splitscreen fortablets12. Calendar integration using ICS attachment(exchange2007/2010and CalDav support is coming) 13. Cloudstorageintegration to saveattachments (dropbox,, Googledrive andSkyDrive/OneDrive)14. Customize your inbox styles andthemes toyour preference 15.Spam Filter Plugin --> REQUIRESIN-APPPAYMENT 16. EmailThreaded Mode 17. Light Flow, Tesla Unread,ApexLauncher, andDashclock Integration 18. Differentnotificationstyles and icons19. Identities/Aliases supported 20.Backup SMTPProvider 21. openPGP support using PGP Inline or PGPMIME 22.S/MIME support for allemail providers 23. oAuth2 supportfor Gmail,Hotmail/Outlook,Yahoo, and AOL Mail 24. Support forSaneBox 25.Much more.... OK,that was a long list, but at least weleft it withMuch more...instead of going on. So why are you wastingtimereading any more,just download the app and mail will finallyworkagain for you!NOTE: This is the ad supported model, a proversionexists as wellon the store NOTE: ACTIVESYNC IS NOT SUPPORTEDATTHIS TIME! NOTE:SPAM SUBSCRIPTIONS DO NOT CARRY OVER TO THEPROVERSION! Pleaseemail support if you have any questions
Email - Lightning Fast & Secure Mail 1.22.1
Email by Edison is the simplified, customizable inboxexperiencethat allows you to manage unlimited email accounts in aseamlessway! Get emails faster, block spam, and never see an adclogging upyour inbox again. Enjoy Office 365, Yahoo Mail, AOLMail, Hotmail,Outlook, MS Exchange, IMAP, Alto, Gmail, iCloud,Comcast, Verizon,AT&T, and more all in one application. Builtfor phone andtablet usage. Google Play Store 2017 AndroidExcellence ProgramWinner TheVerge - “The fastest email apparound...” AndroidAuthority - “…useful features...great userinterface…” TechCrunch-“…like you’ve given the mail app anupgrade…” CNET- “…imposes orderon an unruly inbox…” With EdisonMail you get: • Price Alert - Getcash back on shopping! EnablePrice Alert and Edison will alert youif your recent purchasesdropped in price from retailers that offerprice matching so you canask for a refund for the difference. •All Your Inboxes The Way YouWant - Manage all your mail accounts,easily switch between inboxes,optional Focus Inbox moves yourimportant mail up front. • Closer toInbox Zero - View all yoursubscriptions in a tab, unsubscribe fromjunk with a tap, bulkdelete, block certain senders from messagingyou again, easilyblock spam forever • Privacy From Prying Eyes -The only email toautomatically block read receipt tracking pixelswithout degradingthe email experience • Built-In AI Assistant -Easily search bills& receipts, attachments, travel,entertainment, and morewithout disturbing your email organization.Get real-time travelnotifications about your flight plans. Checkpackage statuses allin one folder. With our new Assistant, see yourupcoming meetings,travel itinerary, bills due, smart unsubscribesuggestions, andmore at a glance. • Fewer Mistakes - Always undosend and AI-basedsmart reply options. • Less Digging - A fullsearch engine in yourphone that allows you to search through allyour folders quicklyand seamlessly. • Customizable Notifications -Personalize soundand vibration settings. Only get alerted for themail you care tosee. Privacy By Design is Our Promise to Our UsersWe put privacyfirst in all the things we do at Edison Software. Wenever targetyou for ads and prevent other companies from trackingyou when youuse our app. We also believe in being transparent andgiving youchoices. Please read our Privacy Policy to ensure thatyou arefamiliar with our practices and business model and to learnhow youcan manage your data. Please send us your feature requestsandfeedback at [email protected] Special thanks to everyonewhorates us 5 stars, or leaves kudos! Your support means the worldtoour team! Price Alert is available in the US.AI-Assistantavailable in the US, UK, Australia, Canada, and India.
myMail — Free Email Application B.V.
myMail – Manage all your email accountsatonce! Whether it’s Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, AOL,iCloud,Live, Exchange or GMX, myMail email client supports allmajormail providers and any other IMAP orPOP3-enabledmailbox.myMail keeps your mail securely in one place. It makescommunicationfast, light and mobile-friendly. Our app allows youto preview,read, reply and forward your messages as well as to addand viewattachments. All you need is your email login and passwordand themail app is ready to use.myMail supports all popular email services:— Google Mail (Gmail, Google Apps for BusinessandEducation)— Microsoft (Hotmail, MSN mail, MS Outlook, Office 365andLive)— Yahoo mail (previously, ymail)— AOL— GMX—— Apple (iCloud,,— My Mail mobile email ( automatically sets up IMAP, POP and SMTP settings formosthost domains and includes support for the majority ofcorporateemail servers such as Lotus Notes and Microsoft Exchangewhere IMAPand SMTP are enabled.KEY FEATURES:✻ Real-time push notifications for your mail accountwhichcan be customised to better fit your work-life schedule✻ Navigate easily through your inbox with menu iconsandcontacts’ avatars as part of your conversation✻ Search through local and server contacts (Gmail,MSNHotmail, Outlook and Live) with search suggestions asyoutype✻ Browse files directly from the mail app to includeasattachments✻ Create a unique email signature✻ Organise your mailbox by flagging, moving to spam or deletingyourmessages✻ Filter by Unread email, Flagged or emails with Attachments✻ Clear layout and design✻ ActiveSync protocol supported✻ View your entire email conversation on one screen withemailthreads.There’s more! Sign up at MY.COM for a short newe-mailaddress and access these exclusive features (and yes,it’sfree!):✻ Add, delete, label and manage folders✻ Create filters to organise your messages e.g. by senderOur email application is optimised for you smartphoneandtablet.Email security is our key priority. Our app usesOAuthauthentication to sign in to Hotmail, Gmail and Outlookaccountsand does not request users’ credentials. Instead, access tousers’data is required directly from Microsoft and Google websites,whichensures a secure e-mail login.EWS protocol is not supported yet however keep an eye onfutureupdates.If a sign in problem occurs on your device, send [email protected] including your email address, IMAP, POPorSMTP email settings and we will resolve the issue.Follow myMail to find out all about the upcoming updates andcoolfeatures at: uses AdChoices. More information can be foundhere - Email App
Mail.Ru Group
Official mail application Convenient Mail forsmartphoneAndroid. Simple and fast application for simultaneouswork withseveral, Yandex, Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail and othermailboxes.Receive and send messages, share photos and documents.Getinstantly notified about new messages. Adjust the time, foldersandservices for which you want to receive push-notifications.Personalspam filter will protect you from annoying mailings. Stayalways intouch with the app! ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Did you know thatdeveloperscan not respond to comments in Google Play? Therefore,anyrequests, suggestions and comments, please send via the"Feedback"in the app or email [email protected] In this case,we willrespond quickly and solve the problem as soon as possible. ★★ ★ ★★ - Multiple accounts support. Add all of your boxes andswitchbetween them easily. Now, move between work and private emailis assimple as between folders within a single mailbox. -Fullsynchronization. It does not matter whether you read, flagged,ormoved messages from a computer or mobile. All changes will besavedon the server and synchronized between devices. - app enables you to store information and protect it.Createa folder with a password in the web interface. It will bevisiblein the application and accessible only after you enterthepassword. - Filters. View unread email, flagged email oremailswith attachments - Search the entire mailbox. Use our searchengineto quickly find any email. - Push-notifications for newemails. Youwill be notified about new message almost instantly ifyour Androiddevice is connected to the network. - Filteringnotifications. Seta time to receive notification, select services,folders or createa personal filter to receive only those alertsthat are important!- Caching emails. Emails are stored in thephone's memory and areavailable without a network connection. Readmessages and viewattachments in transport or, for example, in thecountryside. -Personal spam filter. Do you get messages fromservices that youdidn't sign up for or can't unsubscribe from? TapSpam and allsubsequent letters from the sender will automaticallybe sent tothe appropriate folder. Read only the important messagesfor you. -Avatars. It's easier and more convenient to navigatethroughapplications with photos of recipients. - Email Threads.View yourentire email conversation on one screen, just as you didon the webversion. ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ The application has been tested andiscompatible with Android version 5.0 and higher.
ProfiMail Go - email client 4.30.35
ProfiMail is email client offering many interesting functions,anditis provided completely for free. Features: ● Folderstreehierarchy -see all accounts and their folders in a tree view●Signatures - addyour signature to composed message,automaticallyor manually ● Rules- conditions and actions appliedautomaticallyon incoming messages ●S/MIME cryptography - mailencryption anddigital signatures ●Combined folder - see messagesfrom multiplefolders in one place ●Conversations and Threads - seerelatedmessages in a conversation ina tree view ● Rich textmessagecomposer - add images, colors andsmileys to your messages ●Widget- see new messages on Home screenor lock screen ● Multiplepanes -see more on large screens ●Full-text search - find anymessage onyour device ● Integration withX-plore - uses our freefile managerfor working with images, sounds,and other files ●Tightintegration with Android - make calls, openwebsites,sharecontent, whatever ● Fully automatic or manual work -checkmail anyway you like ● Push mail - using IMAP IDLE to connecttoany IMAPfolders that you wish ● Configurable - youchoosehowmuch/what/when to download and how to be notified aboutit●Attachments - shown in nice list, with icons,imageswiththumbnails ● Works in background - you can do othertaskswhilemail is downloaded or sent
FastMail 3.1.6
FastMail is email, calendars and contactsdoneright. Now, the full speed and power of a FastMail accountiseasily available on the go in our official app for yourAndroiddevice.* Push notifications alert you instantly when new messages arriveinyour Inbox.* Swipe to archive or delete.* Pin important messages to the top of your Inbox forinstantaccess.* Search your entire email archive in seconds.* Schedule meetings, respond to invitations and look upcontactswith just a few taps.* Receive and act on notifications on your Android Wear orPebblesmartwatch.Please note: You must be either a paid subscriber or haveverifiedyour trial FastMail account to use this app! Don't have anaccountyet? Sign up for a free trial today at andstart enjoying premium email.
Email Blue Mail - Calendar & Tasks
Blix Inc.
Blue Mail is a free, secure, beautifully designed, universalemailapp, featuring smart and elegant user experience and capableofmanaging an unlimited number of mail accounts fromvariousproviders. Blue Mail allows for smart push notifications andgroupemailing while enabling personalization across multipleemailaccounts. Being ad-free, Blue Mail is the perfect replacementforyour stock email app. With a powerful unified interfaceexperiencepackaged in an intuitive and easy to use design, BlueMail providesa top-notch email service for all your email accounts.ALL YOUREMAILS IN ONE PLACE ● Multiple providers - Gmail, Outlook,Hotmail,Yahoo Mail, AOL, iCloud and Office 365 ● Support for IMAP,POP3 +Exchange (ActiveSync, EWS, Office 365) Auto Configuration ●Syncmultiple inboxes from all your providers in a Unified Interface●Instant Push Mail for the widest range of providers(IMAP,Exchange, Office 365, etc.) ● Blue Mail featuresIntegratedCalendar, allowing for the ability to access yourCalendar eventsright within Blue Mail. View, create and edit yourfuture eventseasily ENHANCED FEATURES ● PEOPLE TOGGLE SWITCH- ThePeople Toggleis a new and original way to view your Inbox andreduce itsclutter. In addition, tapping on an avatar will show allemailsbetween the email participants and you. ● GROUP MAIL - Define&Share Groups to quickly send & receive emails ● SHAREEMAIL -Share emails publicly or privately through various socialnetworks& messaging apps, receive emails from people who wishto engagewith you instantly while keeping your email addressprivate ● EMAILCLUSTERS - Organizes similar emails together toremove clutter fromyour inbox. It categorizes emails from knownsenders into smartclusters, and organizes your emails into asub-folder structureautomatically, without the hassle to manage itmanually. ● SMARTMOBILE NOTIFICATIONS - Quiet Hours, Vibrate, LEDLight, Snooze andother preferences per each of your inboxes ●UNIFIED FOLDERS - Viewall your email accounts folders through acombined interface foryour Inbox, Sent, Drafts, etc. ● SPAMMANAGEMENT - Advanced spammechanisms including the ability forusers to directly BlockSenders, Block Domains or Block an entiresuffix of domains ●BEAUTIFUL DARK THEME - with an automatic switchbetween day &night modes ● RICH TEXT SIGNATURE - Easilyconfigure styles and addyour logo ● ANDROID WEAR - Receive and acton notifications rightfrom your watch ● DYNAMIC SMART CONVERSATIONS– Makes emailconvenient and easy ● BACKUP & SYNC – Safely syncall youremail accounts to your existing and new devices ●CONFIGURABLEMENUS – Customize your swipe menu and email viewactions ● GETTINGSTUFF DONE - Mark emails for later and setreminders so you do notmiss them. When you finish handling anemail, mark it as Done toget it out of your way. Reach Zero Inbox.● VISUALLY APPEALING -Services logos, senders images, easilyrecognize popular servicesby their icons ● Days to Sync,Color-Coding, Scrollable and UnreadWidgets, Intelligent Badge,Mobile Printing & Much More!PRIVATE & SECURE ●NOTIFICATIONS WITHOUT A PROXY - Blue Mail isone of the only modernapps to be a True Android Client bycommunicating directly with youremail provider and nottransferring any email messages via an emailProxy Server! Youremails always stay with you ● INDUSTRY-LEADINGENCRYPTION - Yourdata is always encrypted to protect your emailcommunications andinformation secured. Blue Mail uses leadingindustry protocols tosecure and protect your data ● LOCK SCREEN -You can set a timedlock screen to protect your emails We ♥ gettingyour feedback!Please email us: [email protected] Special thanksto everyone whorates us 5 stars and provides a warm feedback. It'sso encouragingfor the team! For news, please follow us on Twitter& Facebook:
Gmelius 1.9.14
Gmelius Ltd
Stay on top of your inbox while keeping your team insync:Manageshared inboxes like [email protected] and [email protected], access yourGmailsharedlabels, share and assign emails to your teammates,addcontext withemail notes, track, schedule and snooze emails,sendmeetinginvites and more. With the Gmelius app for Android,yourkeyGmelius collaboration features become available atyourfingertips.Important: This is a beta version. Based onyourfeedback we willcontinue to improve the app. Key Features 🔥SharedInbox: Managegroup emails like [email protected] and [email protected] 🔥 SharedGmailLabels:Easily organize emails by client and project. 🔥EmailAssignment:Share and delegate emails to your team members. 🔥EmailNotes:@mention teammates and collaborate behind the scenes. Nomorebccor fwd! 🔥 Customize your swipes: your favorite emailactionsrightat your fingertips (share, assign, snooze, etc).🔥MeetingScheduler: Insert your pre-defined meeting invitesinsideyouremails, including Google Meet or Zoom links,withavailabilitysynced from Google Calendar 🔥 Email Templates:Insertpre-writtenemails from your compose window. 🔥 EmailSequences: Putyour emailoutreach on autopilot. 🔥 Email Tracking:Find out whenand whereyour emails are opened. 🔥 Send Later:Schedule your draftsto besent with perfect timing. 🔥 Snooze:Configure your incomingemailsso they come back when you’re ready. 🔥Follow-ups: Neverforget toreply to an email. Stay on top of yourconversationswithnotifications Gmelius will send you notificationsonnewconversations, email opens and email notes. Real-timesyncwithyour web app All changes made in the Gmelius mobileappwillimmediately appear in your Gmelius inbox in yourbrowser,andwithin any integration you have set (ex: if a SharedInboxissynced with a Slack channel). This app complements andworksinsynergy with your web app. What is Gmelius? Gmelius isthefirstcollaboration platform that integrates nativelyinsideGoogleWorkspace, and connects it with the other daily appsused byyourcompany like Slack and Trello. We allow teams tocollaboratewhileworking from the tools they already know and love.No needtomigrate data to a different third-party solution nor tolearnhowto use another application. Don't have a Gmeliusaccountyet?Gmelius is a Freemium solution. You can choose a plansuited totheneeds of your team, from Free to Enterprise.Gmeliussimplifiesteamwork. Try us!
All Email Access With Call ID 1.433
All Email Access is an email app for Android that allows youtoconnect to your multiple email accounts from a single app – italsocreates a powerful link between mail and phone calls,andidentifies callers, with mail options directly from the callerIDscreen. In this fast-moving mobile age, you need quick emailloginaccess and better ways to manage your inbox. Thiseasy-to-usee-mail app simplifies email login and allows you tomanage variousemail accounts with a single click. What sets AllEmail Accessapart from other email apps is the smart Caller ID. Itidentifiescallers in real-time, even if the caller isn’t in yourphonebook.The link between calls and emails means you can alsoeasily andinstantly send emails to the caller or access your emailsdirectlyafter the call ends. It’s important to have a break fromyouremails, but sometimes you think of an important email you needtosend at a time or place that is not convenient. Now you cansetyourself a location-based email reminder which will sendanotification to your screen when you arrive at the locationyouhave selected, prompting you with the notes you wrote toyourselfin the reminder. This app will strongly enhance yourmobilecommunication and productivity. What you get in this app: -Supereasy all email access: Universal email client lets you accessallemails in one simple mail app (compatible with a large numberofdifferent mobile email providers). - Location Reminders: Helpsyouremember to send important emails when you arrive at locationssuchas work. - ID Caller: Each time you receive a call you will seethecaller’s details. - Easy email access from the caller IDscreenallows you to mail the caller quickly. - Save contacts:Saveunknown incoming contacts with one click after each call. -Make ityour own: You can easily adjust caller ID to yourpreferences inthe app settings. - Overview of call history: Calllog and instantaccess to your phonebook in the app. - Dedicatedcustomer support –Our dedicated customer support team will ensureyou have greatfunctionality from amazing features.
Email Exchange + by MailWise 3.5.2
Mail Wise
Email is better with Mail Wise. Use our email client toeasilysetupmultiple accounts including Microsoft ExchangeHotmail,ActiveSync,Outlook, Yahoo, AOL,, MSN, Gmail, GMXand IMAPaccounts(multiple email accounts supported). Chosen as oneof the7 greatapps to simplify your life – Forbes MAIN FEATURES:✓Conversations -e-mails are combined in a clear organized way.Ourclear email isproven to save you time by removingexcessiveformatting andsignatures ✓ Connect the most popularemailproviders: Exchange,Hotmail, Yahoo!,, AOL,Gmail,Live,, and emailservers such as Zimbra and ZextrasSuite.✓ MailWise email clientconnects to IMAP and ActiveSync(Exchangeemail) servers(Unfortunately we do not support POP3 atthis time)✓ Import allyour email accounts - Mail Wise supportsmultipleemail accounts soyou can manage (for example) your HotmailInboxor Outlook Exchangealongside your Exchange ActiveSynccorporateemail account ✓Simplicity - swipe for immediate actions& sortinbox by unreador starred. Easy to setup and configure ✓Safe& Secure –connect directly to your mail server withoutanymediators ✓ Manageyour Contacts with ease – simply pressthepicture to add the emailaddress and details to your contacts✓Quick email search – findyour old emails fast ✓ Largeattachmentssupport with Dropbox easyintegration. ✓ RestrictedOptionalExchange Email Security Bypass( ✓The bestExchange mail app for Android(KitKat & Lollipop)! Theeasiestway to access and manage yourActiveSync Exchange &MicrosoftOutlook Email account on yourmobile. * Please allow up to24 hoursafter installation for the appto become faster as it mergesyourinbox into conversations locally* Mailwise Pro users willalsoenjoy unique notifications persender, creating quiet time toturnoff notifications except fromVIPs and marking contacts as VIPsothat they appear with a crown.If you ever tried Mailbox,GMX,Cloudmagic, K9 mail or if you'relooking for a greatExchange, or the Outlook app forandroid – you’ll loveMailWise.Download Now! When connecting to anExchange email accountthattheir server has security requirementsthat include devicelock,encryption, remote wipe and others- Thisapp uses theDeviceAdministrator permission in order to meet theserversecurityrequirements. --- Like Mail Wise? Join our Betacommunity totakeadvantage of early updates and help us design ourfutureversions.Beta community:
Spark Email – Connect Gmail, Yahoo & Outlook mail 2.10.11
Readdle Inc.
Spark brings great email experience for professionals andtheirteams. It’s an effortless, beautiful, and collaborative mailapp. 🚀📨 TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR INBOX With intelligent mailprioritization,noise reduction, and the most advanced email tools,Spark is thebest email at your disposal. Reach Inbox Zero for thefirst time. 📨CONNECT ANY EMAIL Use multiple email accounts inSpark: Gmail, AOL,Hotmail, MSN, Yahoo, Exchange, iCloud, MicrosoftOutlook,,IMAP, and more. 💬 “It checks all the major emailprovider boxes —Gmail, Exchange, Yahoo, iCloud, and Outlook” – TheVerge 📨 FOCUS ONIMPORTANT EMAILS See important messages from realpeople first. Pinand reply to those, and batch archive the rest.“Spark’s interfacedivides email categories in a much cleaner waythan Gmail” – SMH 💪USE EMAIL SUPERPOWERS Fly through your inboxusing cutting-edgeemail tools: ⭐ Snooze email ⭐ Send email later ⭐Mail reminders andfollow-ups ⭐ Pin emails ⭐ Smart mail search ⭐Undo Send email 📨REDUCE EMAIL NOTIFICATIONS Spark mail reduces thenoise by onlynotifying you about emails from people that you know.Also, you cancustomize mail sounds and vibrations for each account.📨 BEAUTIFULDARK MODE Turn on the Dark Mode to come to the dark sideof email.💬 PRESS ABOUT SPARK "You can create an email experiencethat worksfor you" – TechCrunch "Spark is a fast, smart way tomanage youremail" – The Verge “Spark’s latest updates have meditchingMicrosoft Outlook” – The Sweet Setup 📨 HOME SCREEN WIDGETSAdd aSpark widget to your home screen to see the number of unreademailsor write a new mail. 📨 BATCH SWIPE EMAILS You can swipe atthebottom of any email card or folder to read, delete or moveallemails it has. 📨 EMAIL NEVER LOOKED THIS GOOD Replace thatterriblemess in your mail inbox with a beautiful, threaded messagedesign.📨 PRINT MAIL Save emails as PDF documents for further use orprintthem right from Spark 🤝 DISCUSS EMAIL PRIVATELY Connect yourworkOutlook, Gmail, Yahoo, or Hotmail mail and we can create a teamofyour coworkers. Invite them to handle emails and threads. 🤝EMAILTEMPLATES FOR YOU AND YOUR TEAM Now you can pre-write an emailyousend frequently, include placeholders for names or numbers, anduseit whenever you want it. 🤝 CREATE EMAIL TOGETHER For the firsttimeever, collaborate with your teammates using our real-timeGoogleDocs like-editor to compose an email like a pro. 🤝 CREATE ALINK TOEMAIL Create mail links to specific conversations. Share thelinkon Slack, Skype, CRM, or any other medium. 🤝 DELEGATEEMAILDelegate mail to your assistant or a team member, set adeadline,and get notified when it’s done. 🤝 SHARED INBOXES Sparklets youhandle an inbox together with multiple people, assignemails justlike tasks, set deadlines, and track progress. No emailwill slipthrough the cracks! This feature is invaluable for smallteams [email protected], [email protected], or [email protected] 💌 BEAUTIFUL AND INTELLIGENTEMAIL APPWe are building the future of email: fast, secure,intuitive, andcollaborative. With seeing what’s important,automation, and moderndesign, it’s a truly personal mail experiencethat you willabsolutely love. This is what Spark is all about.You’ll love youremail again! ⭐️ Read more about our Terms ofService and PrivacyPolicy here: Ifyou need us, you can alwaysfind us at [email protected]
Mobile agent 3.3.9
Mobile Agent is: + Rapid collection of client requests+Divisionaccording to the forms of payment and deferred payment+Control ofresidues + Control of receivables + Control ofpackaging+ Designof the SSP + Design Storecheck + Pictures outlets+ Use ofthenomenclature of priorities + Separation range + Order ofvisitstoshopping + Display outlets applications on the map +Discount +GPStracking in real time + Data transfer USB, FTP,Googledrive,Gmail, Dropbox + Easy customization + User-friendlyinterface+Sales reports + Print PDF + inventory + BarcodescannerMOBILEAGENT: + Compatible with any storage system + Uses anXMLmarkuplanguage + Can be used without internet + Doesnotrequirethird-party servers + It has no limitation + Updatedandmaintained+ And he is absolutely free! How to set up aconnectionto youraccounting system? Very simple! Visitthewebsite and downloadadetaileddescription of the communications protocol. Yourprogrammerwillunderstand this easily!
Universal Email App
Beautiful design, Intuitive actions, Lightning speed,Advancedsecurity – In a new powerful universal email app for email!Checkemail, read, reply, send photos, add and view attachments —stay intouch with friends, family and colleagues. Experience newfeaturesto manage your email on your phone, tablet, or smartwatchin themost efficient manner. Why choose us? – Timely custompushnotifications for each individual email account, e.g. 'Work'emailaddress set to ‘Do not Disturb’ mode from 21:00 to 7:00–User-friendly design: you do not have to think twice, whetheryouwant to Flag, Mark as spam, Delete just one or multiple emailsatonce – Clean and tidy inbox with contact avatars and an optiontoenable email threads (all conversations displayed neatlytogether)– Convenient search by Date, Recipient, Subject, inUnread, Flaggedmessages or Attachments to help you find emails in aflash –Personalized filters to automatically move incoming emailstospecific folders or Mark them as read – Enhanced securitytoprotect your mobile app against unauthorized access by setting upaPIN password
Поиск персонала на
Мобильное приложение для поиска персонала на — этопростоерешение сложных задач. 

Приложение поможет вам:

 —искатьпрофессионалов в вашу команду. Насайте более2,3 миллионов резюме*. Вы не увидитеу нас полупустых илинекорректно заполненных резюме: каждое резюмепроверяется вручную;
— работать с вашими вакансиями: вы можетеразмещать, редактировать,переносить в архив и в случаенеобходимости их восстанавливать;
 —работать с откликами навакансии: приглашать кандидатов, совершатьотказ, предлагать крассмотрению другие вакансии вашей компании илиприглашать наонлайн-собеседования прямо на сайте;
 — совершатьсамостоятельнопоиск по всей базе: расширенный поиск по вашимпараметрам позволитнайти именно того, кто требуется на открытуюпозицию;
 — работать срезюме: настраивать отображение полей повашему усмотрению, делитьсяим с вашими коллегами и заказчиками,сохранять и распечатывать вформате PDF, добавлять в папку«Избранное»; 
— заказыватьнеобходимые услуги и выставлять счет наоплату;
 — оперативносвязываться со службой технической поддержкии решать всевозникающие вопросы и неполадки.
 В любое времяи в любомместе наше приложение всегда будет у вас подрукой!

 Мыне останавливаемся в работе и совсем скоро ещедобавимдополнительные возможности в приложение, чтобы вам былоудобнееработать с ним.

 Мы работаем, чтобы вы работали!

*2 308 226резюме, размещенных на сайте в любомстатусе видимости посостоянию на 15.10.2020 года, данные сайта
Email app 1.0
Email App is a free email mailbox manager for Androidwithbeautifuldesign, intuitive, lightning speed, advanced securetoconnect topopular email services: Hotmail, Outlook, LiveMail& supportother protocol POP3/IMAP/Exchange. MAIN FEATURES●Access instantHotmail, Outlook mailbox quickly. ● Supportmultiemail accounts ●Easily switch between email accounts ●Supportpopular emailservices: Hotmail, Outlook, Live Mail, MNS Mail&Exchange. ●More others email service (POP3/ IMAP/ SMTPprotocol)supported. ●Configure mailbox email account easily&automatically. ● Allemail accounts in a unified interface(easy tomanage). ● Contactmanagement for Hotmail and Outlookcontacts& other emailcontacts. ● Full email features (sendemail,reply email, forward& reply all emails). ● Notify newemail ifapp is running inbackground. ● Snooze emails until later.●Support ‘Do not disturb’mode. ● Swipe email messages todelete,archive or mark as spam ●Filter email by Unread email,Flagged,Attachments. ● Passcode lock(protect access by password). ●Foldersync – support get email fromyour folder in inbox email.●Customize compress images before sendto reduce email messagesize.● Advanced search by Date, Recipient,Subject, in Unread,Flaggedor Attachments. ● Support create emailsignature for eachemailaccount. ● Support attach file (image, doc,excel..) WHYCHOOSEEMAIL APP ● Easy to use and manage all emailmailbox in oneapp.Sending and receiving email from outlook &hotmailaccountswith more advanced features and easy. Configuremultiemailaccounts in one app. Experience unparalleled mobilityandfreedomlike from web mail. ● Advanced secure emailclient.Enhancedsecurity to protect email client app with password(PIN orpatternstyle) to protect access app without your permission.Emailapp forhotmail & outlook is absolutely free for every.Thankyou forusing this Email client, if you love our app, pleaserate usonStore. We’re always trying to make Email mail app better.Ifyouhave problem, questions or suggestions, please share with us.
Criptext Secure Email 0.26.0
Finally, an email service that's built around your [email protected] email address and see what it's like tohavepeace ofmind and privacy in every email you send.Features:+End-to-endEncryption: Criptext uses the open sourceSignalProtocol library toencrypt your emails. Your emails arelockedwith a unique key that‘sgenerated and stored on your devicealone,which means only you andyour intended recipient can readtheemails you send. +No datacollection: unlike every otheremailservice out there, Criptextdoesn't store your emails initsservers. Instead, your entire inboxis stored exclusively onyourdevice. +Open Source: our source codeis open for everyone toseethat Criptext actually works the wayit's advertised. Youdon'thave to trust us, you can verifyforyourself: +Easy to use: our appisdesigned towork as simple as any other email app — so muchso,you'll forgethow secure it is. Get Criptext and see how easy itisto email withmore security and privacy!
FairEmail, privacy first email 1.1731
FairEmail is easy to set up and works with virtually allemailproviders, including Gmail, Outlook and Yahoo! FairEmail mightbefor you if you value your privacy. FairEmail is an emailclientonly, so you need to bring your own email address. FairEmaildoesnot support non-standard protocols, like Microsoft ExchangeWebServices and Microsoft ActiveSync. Almost all features are freetouse, but to maintain and support the app in the long term,notevery feature can be for free. See below for a list ofprofeatures. A lot of effort has gone into this app, whichwasdeveloped to help you protect your privacy. If you have aquestionor problem, there is always support at [email protected] * Fully featured * 100 % open source * Privacyoriented *Unlimited accounts * Unlimited email addresses * Unifiedinbox(optionally accounts or folders) * Conversation threading *Two waysynchronization * Push notifications * Offline storageandoperations * Common text style options (size, color, lists, etc)*Battery friendly * Low data usage * Small (~20 MB) *Materialdesign (including dark/black theme) * Maintained andsupported Thisapp is deliberately minimalistic by design, so youcan concentrateon reading and writing messages. This app starts aforegroundservice with a low priority status bar notification tomake sureyou'll never miss new emails. Privacy features*Encryption/decryption supported (OpenPGP, S/MIME) *Reformatmessages to prevent phishing * Confirm showing images topreventtracking * Confirm opening links to prevent tracking andphishing *Attempt to recognize and disable tracking images *Warning ifmessages could not be authenticated Simple * Quick setup* Easynavigation * No bells and whistles * No distracting "eyecandy"Secure * No data storage on third party servers * Usingopenstandards (IMAP, POP3, SMTP, OpenPGP, S/MIME, etc) * Safemessageview (styling, scripting and unsafe HTML removed) * Confirmopeninglinks, images and attachments * No special permissionsrequired *No advertisements * No analytics and no tracking (errorreportingvia Bugsnag is opt-in) * No Google backup * No FirebaseCloudMessaging * FairEmail is an original work, not a fork or acloneEfficient * Fast and lightweight * IMAP IDLE (pushmessages)supported * Built with latest development tools andlibraries Profeatures All pro features are convenience or advancedfeatures. *Account/identity/folder colors * Colored stars *Notificationsettings (sounds) per account/folder/sender (requiresAndroid 8Oreo) * Configurable notification actions * Snoozemessages * Sendmessages after selected time * Synchronizationscheduling * Replytemplates * Accept/decline calendar invitations *Add message tocalendar * Filter rules * Automatic messageclassification * Searchindexing, search on server * S/MIMEsign/encrypt * Biometric/PINauthentication * Message list widget *Export settings Support Ifyou have a question or problem, pleasecheck herefirst: youcannot find what you are looking for, please contact [email protected] and I will try to help you.
10 Minute Mail - Disposable temporary email 1.94
Instantly generate a disposable temporary email addressthatself-destructed after 10 minutes. The concept ofTemp-Mailperfectly visualised with an hourglass in our app. ► Whyto use ?Email address is necessary to perform many operations ontheInternet. But, providing your real address to everyone whoasked,you risk your inbox to be filled with thousands ofunnecessary spammessages. Revealing real email in unknown places,like public wifior airports, will also compromise your privacy andsecurity, putyou in danger of phishing or malware attacks. To avoidthat andkeep your inbox clear, use an instant temp mail address inour appto receive any incoming messages, including attachments.Thegenerated address will expire after 10 minutes by default, butifyou need it - you may extend the usage time. ► With Freeversion,you can : ✔ Create disposable temporary email address for10minutes ✔ No registration is required ✔ Copy TempMail addresstoClipboard and use after in the place you want ( i.e.registrationforms ) ✔ Receive incoming emails to your disposableemail address( inbox ) ✔ Receive push notifications when the newemail arrived ✔Read, download or delete emails inside the inbox ✔Prolongedexpiration time up for 10 minutes and 60 minutes ✔ Recoverlast 3expired addresses from history ► With Premium version, yourcan getextra features, including : ✔ 100% No ads ✔ Expiration timefullcontrol - the user may add more time or even stop the timer tousethe email address for a longer time. ✔ A dedicated set ofpremiumdomains - the email domains list is different on free andpremiumversions. On premium, the list of domains is moreprivate;therefore, less blacklisted. ✔ Multiple Temp Mail addressesforsimultaneous usage - the user may operate with many mailboxesatthe same time. Generate new ones, change timers, switchbetweenthem, or delete anytime he wants. ✔ Custom names foremailaddresses - the user may select the name he wants(i.e.,[email protected]) across the whole premium domain list. ✔Fullyprivate addresses - extra security features applied, it allowstoallocate all the email addresses to a specific user only. Itmakesmailboxes 100% private and secure. ✔ Extended storage foryouremails and attachments ► Subscription pricing and terms:Premiumallowing to unlock additional features and billed asanauto-renewing subscription with following prices : Weekly:$2.99Monthly: $7.99 Three month: $19.99 Semi-annually: $35.99Yearly:$58.99 Prices are in U.S. dollars, may vary in countriesother thanthe U.S. and are subject to change without notice. Exactprice inspecific country available in the app and may be observedpriorsubscription will be made. The free trial available for 3days,then paid Monthly subscription will be activated. You maycanceltrial subscription anytime. Terms ofUse: Privacypolicy: ► Contact us: Feelfreeto send you question and suggestions to: [email protected] our website
Новости Украины 4.73
Читайте только ПРАВДИВЫЕ новости ведущих СМИ Украины водномприложении! Приложение "Новости Украины" это удобныйфункционал,красивый интерфейс и все самые свежие НОВОСТИ под рукой.НовиниУкраїни - лучшее новостное приложение с удобным интерфесоминенавязчивой рекламой! • Самые популярные новостные ресурсы•Возможность просмотра как отдельного источника так иобщейновостной ленты • Удалены дубликаты новостей от разныхисточников вобщей ленте новостей • Удобный интерфес отображения +полный текстновости • Возможность делиться интересными статьями сдрузьями иколлегами • Пуш уведомления "Новость дня" • Гибкиенастройки "язык""шрифт" "тема" Список сайтов СМИ Украины:Корреспондент,,BBC Украина, Зеркало недели, Громадське,5-Канал, Диалог,Интерфакс-Украина, Обозреватель, Подробности,Сегодня, Факты ICTV идр. Выбирайте интересующие сайты новостей иполучайте мгновенныеуведомления по горячим новостям. Просматривайтевсе новости Украиныв одной ленте. Присоединяйтесь, этоудобно!----------------------------------------------------------Вприложении нет хорошего сайта? У вас есть идея, предложениеилизамечание? Пожалуйста, отправляйте через раздел"Написатьразработчикам" вприложении.----------------------------------------------------------
Zoho Mail - Email and Calendar 2.4.23
With full-fledged Email, Calendar and Contacts packed intoonesingleapp, Zoho Mail is the suite-st email app around.TopFeatures:Multiple account support - Add and switch betweenyourdifferent Zohoemail accounts. Or view it all in one go throughtheunified Inboxwith push notifications. Conversation view -Easilykeep up with longemail threads with related messagesbunchedtogether. Optimized forTablets - Zoho Mail is fullyoptimized forAndroid Tablets of variousform factors. Quick swipeactions -Instantly archive or deleteemails with customizable swipeactions.Advanced search - Dig intoyour inbox in secondswithauto-suggestions and handy filter options.Work Offline -Composeand send emails even when offline. Emails willbe sent asand wheninternet connection becomes available. IntegratedCalendar- View /schedule your appointments and accept invites fromwithinyouremail. Contacts on the go - Filter emails from yourcontactsorkeep in touch with them through Email or a Call. Streams-Whereyou can Collaborate, Socialize and Integrate.Haveproductiveconversations without the clutter of long emails,thuschanging theway you communicate; within and between teams.
Tutanota - Encrypted Email & Calendar 3.88.3
Tutao GmbH
Tutanota enables you to use the benefits of the cloud-availability, flexibility, automatic back-up - withoutcompromisingon security. With Tutanota's built-in encryption youown your data,no one else can access it. Tutanota comes with alight &beautiful GUI, dark theme included, with instantpushnotifications, auto-sync, full-text search, swipe gesturesandmore. The open source email app Tutanota enables you tosendend-to-end encrypted emails to anybody. Even emails that arebeingsent without end-to-end encryption and all your contacts arestoredsecurely encrypted on the Tutanota servers based inGermany.Tutanota also has an encrypted calendar, easily accessiblefromwithin the mail client. Our passion for privacy. Tutanota isbeingbuilt by a team passionate about everybody's right to privacy.Weare supported by an amazing community, which enables us to growourteam continuously, making Tutanota a lasting successwithoutdepending on venture capital interests. Tutanota respectsyou &your data: - Only you can access your encrypted emails&contacts. - Tutanota does not track or profile you. - Opensourceclient & apps. - Innovative full-text search feature letsyoueasily search your mailbox. - TLS with support of PFS, DMARC,DKIM,DNSSEC and DANE. - Secure password reset that gives usabsolutelyno access. - 100% developed and located in Germany understrictData Protection Laws (GDPR). Official website:https://tutanota.comSource code: the Tutanotaapp, you can: - Create your own Tutanota emailaddress (ending [email protected],,, [email protected]) with 1 GB of free storage. - Create customdomainemail addresses for €1 per month with optional catch-all. -Sendand receive end-to-end encrypted emails to anybody. - Sendandreceive old-fashioned emails (not end-to-end encrypted). Eventheseemails are stored encrypted on the Tutanota servers.-Automatically encrypt subject, content and attachments. - Getpushnotifications instantly. - Auto-complete email addresses asyoutype from your Tutanota or your phone contacts. - Auto-syncbetweenapp, web client and desktop clients. - Tutanota is free andopensource software (FOSS) so that security experts can check thecode.The Tutanota app asks for very few permissions to keep yourlevelof privacy to a maximum: - Full network access: Used to sendandreceive emails. - Receive data from the internet: To notifyyouwhen you receive a new email. - View network connections: Tofindout if an internet connection exists. - Read your contacts:Thisenables you to select recipients from your phone's contacts. -Readfrom SD card: To allow adding of attachments from the SD cardtoemails. - Control vibration: To notify you when you receive anewemail. - Deactivate sleeping mode: To notify you when youreceive anew email.
TypeApp mail - email app
TypeApp LLC
TypeApp is a beautifully designed email app providing atop-notchemail experience while managing all your email accountsfrom onecompletely customizable mail app. With instant smartpushnotifications, packaged in an intuitive & easy to usedesign,TypeApp is the perfect replacement for your stock emailclientUnified Inbox – All Your Mail Accounts in One Email AppSupportingIMAP, POP3 as well as Exchange protocols. TypeAppautomaticallyconfigures them once you sign in. View & sync allyour emailaccounts from one Unified Inbox, while enjoying lightningfast truepush email. People-Centric – Bringing People TogetherCommunicatingwith people is important and with TypeApp’sinnovativepeople-centric features, it becomes even more simple.Focus on mailfrom people much faster with the People Switch, or benotified whenspecific VIP Notifications. Group Mail – Quick &Easy MailingYou can create a Shared Group with all your contacts atyour workand personal accounts, which every member can view, toreceive andsend emails. Simplifying Email with ClustersAutomatically combinerelevant emails into a single expanding slotusing TypeApp smartClusters as well as set different notificationsounds for specificservices. With Clusters, you can control allemails from a specificsender and with multi-edit quickly moving,deleting, or markingclusters as spam is simple. FEATURE RICHEXPERIENCE ● Instant,Smart Push Notifications - Quiet Hours, CustomSounds, Vibrate, LEDLight, Snooze Alerts and otherpreferences per each of youraccounts ● Smart Conversations –Makes mail app convenient and easy● Rich Text - Easily configuretext styles and add your logo ●Calendar Sync and Contacts – Getyour ActiveSync work account insync ● Android Wear - Intelligentemail on your wrist ●Configurable Menus – Customize your menus withactions that reallymatter to you ● Wireless Printing – Integratedwith any supportedprinter ● Days to Sync – Saves memory for offlineuse ● Unread andScrollable Widgets - Access your mails inbox at aglance ●Beautiful Dark Mode & Themes ● Account Color Coding -Know fromwhich account a mail has been received Getting Stuff DoneQuicklymark emails that you wish to be handled later & setyourselfreminders. When you finish handling an email, you cansimply markit done and get it out of your way without having todelete theemail. Use our Smart Filters to easily filter emailsbyunread/starred. Visually Appealing – Beautifully DesignedEasilyrecognize popular services by their icons and give yourfriends andcontacts an avatar photo to help you process yourincoming mailfaster. Quickly see how many unread emails are in yourinbox withthe TypeApp icon (for supported devices) or with the 1x1unreadwidget for any account of your accounts including theUnifiedInbox. Set colors for your accounts to help them stand outor useTypeApp’s automatic Dark Theme which switches per thedaylighthours in your area. Security – Private & SecuredTypeApp takesyour security and privacy seriously by utilizingindustry leadingencryption. You can rest easy knowing your data isalways encryptedto protect all your email communications and keepyour informationsecured. With passcode and lock screen, you can seta timed lockscreen to protect your private emails, or use SMSverification toensure your email app is safe. We ❤ getting yourfeedback! Please email us anytime: [email protected] with anyquestions orsuggestions you may have! For news, please follow us onTwitter& Facebook:https://www.typeapp.com
Quiet for Gmail 1.0.9
Do you hate work email on weekends? With "Quiet for Gmail" youcanset time-based rules to stop notifications from yourpersonal/workemail accounts. It's like a "Do not Disturb" mode foreach of youremail accounts. The app will automaticallyenable/disable thesynchronization to follow your schedule. Forgetlate evening emailnotifications and get a better work-life balance!With "Quiet forGmail" it's really easy to block theseinterruptions. Disconnectfrom work and stress, no one will botheryou again during yourquality time! - Stop email during your quiethours - Stop emailcertain days (like weekends) - Override yourrules for a period oftime in special situations - Control youremail accounts separately- Keep using the official Gmail app -Saves battery and data byautomatically turning sync off - And it'sfree with no ads!
HB Mail for Outlook, Hotmail 1.46
This is the fastest email, mail checker app, optimizedonlyforOutlook, Hotmail & Microsoft mail. This app allowsyoutopreview, read, send, reply and forward your messages as wellastoadd and view attachments quickly, simply and securely! Allyouneedis your email login and password and the mail app is readytouse.✰✰✰ KEY FEATURES ✰✰✰ ✔️ Sync mail from the server withthefastestspeed ✔️ Read, compose, reply, forward and all otheractionswithmail ✔️ Support login for Outlook mail, Hotmail andotherMicrosoftmail. ✔️ Push notification when new mail arrive ✔️Smartspamfiltering, allowing permanent block of spammers✔️Multi-optionmail search feature: search by sender,recipient,subject ... ✔️Support adding signature automatically whensendingmail ✔️ Mailfiltering feature: unread mail, flagged mail,attachedmail ✔️ Darkmode feature helps protect eyes from glare ✔️Supportmultiplethemes with different colors ✔️ Secure with app lock- PINcode ✔️Multiple accounts support. Add all of your mail boxesandswitchbetween them easily. CONTACT AND FEEDBACK: We are tryingtoimprovethe application better and better, please send usfeedbackviaemail: [email protected] are stable, secure and powerful technical platformandmorethan millions of satisfied users. Hosted on own serversinEurope.Android and iOS applications makes work even moreconvenientandmobile. The app is currently available on7languages:Latvian, English, Russian, German, Spanish,Lithuanian,Estonian.KEY FEATURES: • Free & Advanced email -messagereading andrespond in online & offline mode • Userfriendlyinterface -convenient email preview and work withattachments •Instantnotifications - push notifications so you nolonger have tocheckyour mail manually • Multiple account support -use email accounts right from the app • Swipeactions-instantly delete emails or mark as unread with swipeactions.•Quick Search & Filters - easily filteremailsbyunread/important flag and search across all of youremailsfasterthan ever. • Security & Spam protection - datastorageandsending via SSL, use of a “more secure” login method(OAUTH2)•Contacts & Calendar synchronization ADVANCEDFEATURES:•Compact message list • Home screen widgets • On / Offremoteimagesin messages • Sound choice for notifications • Outboxqueue•Folder management and creation • Support for differenttypesofavatars • Choose beautiful dark or other color theme •“DonotDisturb” mode from 22:00 to 7:00 OS REQUIREMENTS: Android4.2.3orhigher CONTACT US: We're always excited to hear from you!Ifyouhave any feedback, questions or concerns, please sendviathe"Feedback" in the app or email [email protected] In thiscase,wewill respond quickly and solve the problem as soonaspossible.RATE US: Special thanks to everyone who rates us 5starsandprovides a warm feedback. It's so encouraging for the team!
EPRIVO Private Email with Voice and Controls 1.4.38
BlueRiSC Inc.
Secure all your accounts for encrypted email with privacycontrols.Pioneering text/voice private emails! Recall sent secureemailsanytime to make them vanish. Privatize and securely archivepastemails from any email account. Easily maintain free serviceaftertrial. EPRIVO is much more than encrypted email. EPRIVO is theonlyprivate email service with a wide range of fine-grainedprivacycontrols for each email - allowing future control in bothrecipientdevices and cloud. It is also the only private emailservice thatenables you to send voice and text emails using yourexisting emailaddresses (IMAP accounts - Exchange accounts requireIMAP accessenabled), and maintain control over sent private emailsforever.EPRIVO service does not store your emails, but insteadcombinesgovernment-grade digital security/encryption with patentedPhysicalSecurity to ensure each email’s privacy and access controlin thefuture. No single provider ever has access to all the contentevenin encrypted form. You can manage EPRIVO private emails usingyourfavorite email client software, web-based email, or simplythroughthe EPRIVO app. Features include: • ability to send voice ortextprivate emails from all your email accounts •sender-controlledprivacy • special privacy features per email •access control inboth cloud and recipients’ devices •authentication •confidentiality/encryption • affordablesubscription plans withfree trial period Special Privacy Features:- Individual Plus (1user) and Family Plus (up to 5 users)Subscription: • One-time view• No-forwarding • Time-basedexpiration • Privatize and securelyarchive emails from any of youremail accounts • Privatize subjectto make it confidential in thecloud • Privatized sender(unlockable) • Recall/expire anytime(unlockable). - Celebrity Gold(1 user) and Celebrity Platinum (upto 5 users) Subscription: • Allspecial privacy features listedabove, unlocked and immediatelyaccessible • Privatized metadata •Prepaid invitations – Inviteesreceive 1 year subscription for freeNote: Unlockable features canbe unlocked for free by sending 2invitations that result in a fullregistration (i.e. IndividualPlus/Family Plus/Celebrity plans), orthrough in-app purchase forimmediate unlock without sendinginvitations. Celebrity plan usershave all features alreadyunlocked. EPRIVO is a private emailservice built by leadingsecurity team from MIT & UMass Amherst.An active subscriptionis required to send, receive and read privateemails. Currentsubscription prices (in U.S. dollars) are asfollows. Prices mayvary in other countries and are subject tochange without notice. -Individual Plus: $1/month (charged annuallyat $11.99/year) -Family Plus: $0.30/month/user with 5 users(charged annually at$17.99/year) - Celebrity Gold: $3/month(charged annually at$35.99/year) - Celebrity Platinum:$1.50/month/user with 5 users(charged annually at $89.99/year) Ifsubscription is purchasedthrough in-app purchase: Payment will becharged to your Play Storeaccount at the end of the free trialperiod after confirmation ofpurchase, unless cancelled at least24-hours prior to the end ofthe trial. Any unused portion of thefree trial will be forfeitedif you upgrade your subscription whilein the trial period.Subscription period is 1 year and renewsautomatically, unlessauto-renew is turned off at least 24-hoursbefore the end of thecurrent period. Account will be charged forrenewal within 24-hoursprior to the end of the current period atthe price of the selectedsubscription plan. Subscription may bemanaged and auto-renewal maybe turned off by going to your MySubscriptions in your accountafter purchase. You can continue touse EPRIVO to send and receiveprivate emails until the end of thecurrent period, if cancelled.Terms andConditions:
Samsung Email
This update is available for Samsung Mobile with Android OS.SamsungEmail enables users to manage multiple personal andbusiness emailaccounts seamlessly. Samsung Email also offersEAS integrationfor business, encryption using S/MIME to safeguarddata andease-of-use features such as insightful notifications,SPAMmanagement. Furthermore, organizations can administervariouspolicies as needed.    Precautions . Doesn'tsupportSamsungTheme from P OS Key features · POP3 and IMAPsupport formanaging personal email accounts · Exchange ActiveSync(EAS)integration for synchronizing Exchange Server based businessemail,calendars, contacts and tasks · Encryption using S/MIMEforsecure email communication Additional features· Customizableuser experience with notifications, schedulesynchronization, SPAMmanagement, and combined mailboxes· Policy administration withcomprehensive, built-in EASsupport · Conversation and threadview to read related mail--- Regarding the App Access Permission--- The followingpermissions are required for the app service. Foroptionalpermissions, the default functionality of the service isturned on,but not allowed. [Required permissions] - None[Optionalpermissions] - Camera: Used to attach photos to email -Location:Used to attach current location information to email -Contacts:Used to link email recipients/senders with contacts andsynchronizecontact information when using Microsoft Exchangeaccount -Storage: Used to attach files to email or save attachedfiles -Phone: Used to check device-unique identificationinformation whenusing Microsoft Exchange account.
Yandex.Disk Beta 5.6.0
Yandex Apps
Yandex.Disk Beta is an app for people who want to be among thefirstto learn about new Yandex.Disk features and impact theservice'sdevelopment. In the beta version, you can: - Try newproducts beforethey're released to millions of Yandex.Disk users.- Rate and givefeedback on new features and contact the developersdirectly. - Helpmake the service what you want it to be. In thebeta version, thingsmight not to work right or the way you expect.That's okay, it'sjust for testing new features. Feel free toreport bugs [email protected] Your reviews andcomments help makeYandex.Disk better! If you already have the mainversion ofYandex.Disk installed, don't delete it: the beta versionwill stillwork alongside it.
AOL - News, Mail & Video 6.33.2
AOL Inc.
Stay informed, entertained and in touchwithAOL.* 2015 Webby Award Honoree for News (handheld devices) inMobileSites & Apps *Get today’s headlines, fast-loading AOL Mail and trendingvideosright from your phone with the AOL app. Receive breakingnewsalerts instantly even before opening the app and never misstheurgent notifications you need throughout your day. Whateveryouenjoy reading, the AOL app has you covered: News,Entertainment,Finance, Lifestyle, Sports and Weather. Plus, checkyour AOL email,send messages, receive real-time email alerts,manage your inboxand access all your AOL and phone contacts.AOL News- Today’s trending headlines, news, entertainment,finance,lifestyle, sports and weather - all in the AOL app- Read news and stories from popular sites like TechCrunch,TheHuffington Post, Engadget, Daily Finance and AOL Sports- Get instant push notifications for breaking news storiesAOL Mail- Fast-loading email with tools that save you time- Manage your AOL Mail from anywhere- Access all of your AOL and phone contacts easily, inoneplace- Swipe to delete, move, mark or flag emails- Tap just once to empty all trash and spamAOL Video- Enjoy informative or LOL video clips that interest youthemost- Find the top news stories, hottest entertainment buzz, andevenfunny pet videosSocial & Weather- Social sharing: send articles and videos via Facebook, Twitterandemail- Check weather in your location with a tap
eclipso Mail & Cloud App 2.1.3
Mit der eclipso Mail & Cloud-AppfürAndroid haben Sie Ihren eclipso Mail & Drive-Account auchaufdem Smartphone oder Tablet stets dabei.Die eclipso Mail & Cloud-App ist dauerhaft kostenloserhältlichund wird ständig weiter entwickelt. Folgende Funktionenkönnen Siederzeit nutzen:E-Mail:- E-Mails sicher und verschlüsselt versenden undempfangen(SSL/TLS)- E-Mail Anhänge öffnen, speichern und versenden- E-Mail markieren, verschieben, löschen- PUSH-Benachrichtigung für neue E-Mails (Notifications)- E-Mail Anhänge mit bis zu 50 MB versenden (abhängig vomgebuchtemTarif)- Zugriff auf alle E-Mail Ordner, Verschieben von E-Mails- Textmodus für bessere Lesbarkeit aktivierbar(beiHTML-Mails)- E-Mail Text weiterleiten (derzeit kein HTML und keineAnhänge,spart Datenvolumen)- Bildvorschau bei Anhängen eines oder mehrerer Fotos- Pinch-to-Zoom (E-Mail Inhalte zoomen)Adressbuch:- E-Mail Adressen können aus dem Adressbuch ausgewählt und indenE-Mail-Verfassen Dialog übernommen werden.eclipso Drive:- Upload, Download, Umbenennen von Fotos, DokumentenundDateien.- Ordner anlegen, löschen, umbenennen- Vorschaufunktion für FotosSicherheit:Falls Ihr Smartphone oder Tablet verloren geht oder gestohlenwird,können Sie jederzeit in der Desktop-Version (MenüEinstellungen -Smartphone-App) nachsehen, wann der letzte Zugrifferfolgt ist unddiesen ggfls. blockieren und den Zugang löschen. DieKommunikationzwischen der App und unseren, ausschließlich inDeutschlandgehosteten Servern wird automatisch verschlüsselt.Über eclipso:Seit 2008 bieten wir Kommunikationsdienstleistungen an.UnsereServer werden in Deutschland gehostet, als deutschesUnternehmenunterliegen wir dem strengen, deutschenDatenschutzgesetz. eclipsoist der E-Mail- und Clouddienst fürDeutschland, Österreich und fürdie Schweiz.Feedback & Support:Wir freuen uns über Feedback. Fehler oder Anmerkungen zureclipsoApp senden Sie bitte direkt an [email protected], überdasTicketsystem oder über unser Kontaktformular aufunsererWebseite.Falls Sie noch keinen @eclipso Account haben, können Siesichkostenlos über die Loginseite der App registrieren und erhalten5GB Speicherplatz (Startvolumen, kostenfrei erweiterbar),fürE-Mails, Fotos und Dateien, 3 E-Mail-Adressen und vieleweitereFunktionen.Weitere Informationen zu eclipso finden fränkisches Produkt, mit Liebe gemacht :)With the EclipsoMail& Cloud App for Android you have your Eclipso Mail &Driveaccount on the smartphone or tablet is always there.The Eclipso Mail & Cloud App is permanently available forfreeand is constantly evolving. The following functions cancurrentlyuse:Email:- E-mails securely and encrypted and received (SSL / TLS)- open, save and send e-mail attachments- Mark, move, delete e-mail- PUSH notification of new e-mails (Notifications)- E-mail attachments up to 50 MB send (depending on thebookedrate)- Access to all email folders, move emails- Text mode for better readability activated (in HTML emails)- E-mail text forward (currently no HTML and no attachments,savingdata volume)- Preview of attachments sent one or more photos- Pinch-to-zoom (email contents zoom)Address:- E-mail addresses can be selected from the address bookandtransferred to the e-mail writing dialogue.Eclipso Drive:- upload, download, rename photos, documents and files.- create, delete, rename folders- Preview function for photosSecurity:If your smartphone or tablet is lost or stolen, you can at anytimein the desktop version (Settings - smartphone app) to see whenthelast access has been made and this sometimes. block anddeleteaccess. The communication between the app and ourhostedexclusively in Germany servers is automaticallyencrypted.About Eclipso:Since 2008 we offer communication services. Our servers arehostedin Germany, a German company, we are subject to strict Germandataprotection law. Eclipso is the email and cloud service forGermany,Austria and Switzerland.Feedback & Support:We appreciate feedback. Errors or comments about the Eclipsoappplease send directly to [email protected], via theticketsystem or through our contact form on our website.If you do not have @eclipso account, you can register for freeonthe login page of the app and get 5 GB of storage (startingvolume,free expandable), for email, photos and files, threee-mailaddresses and many more features ,For more information on Eclipso under a Frankish product with love :)
InboxIt - the ultimate productivity tool
Put everything into your inbox with 1-click. Ever findsomethingyoureally want to read or review later, and then forgetaboutit?Whether it is an article, image, video, or anythingelse,easilysend it to yourself with a single click and find itwaitingfor youlater! That's not all, InboxIt allows you tocreatereminders fromalmost everywhere, no more forgetting thingsbehind!How it works?InboxIt appears in your share menu. Click toshare viaInboxIt, andyour item will instantly and privately bewaiting foryou in youremail inbox. What's easier than that? Forcreatingreminders, youcan use the notifications tile, set ashortcut on thelauncherscreen, or use the app. The reminder can besent right awayorscheduled for a later time. InboxIt also supportsattachingfilesso reminders can have more context What makes InboxItbetter?Thereis no need to type your email address, subject title oremailbodymanually. InboxIt does it all with a 'single click'.Inaddition,InboxIt grabs the website's image and descriptionfornicer andmore readable emails. In other words, InboxIt isbetterthansharing to your email app! No more clicking on emailstofigurewhat article that was. Images and videos are alsosupported(up toGmail's size limit of about 35 MB, may change)That's not allYoucan also create quick reminders using the appshortcut/widget.Thisway all of your items will be waiting in thesame place!Premiumfeatures: - Custom subject prefixes - Customrecipient-Automatically apply Gmail labels - Scheduled reminders-RemoveInboxIt branding Notes: * THIS IS NOT A REPLACEMENT FORTHEINBOXAPP and IT'S NOT AN EMAIL CLIENT. Please read thefulldescriptionand watch the demo video. * A Gmail account isrequiredfor usingthe app. Items can be saved to ANY account.
ГОРДОН: Новости 1.2.3
Интернет-издание “ГОРДОН” – самое независимоеиобъективноеобщественно-политическое медиа, созданное в 2013 годунавторойдень Евромайдана известным журналистом ителеведущимДмитриемГордоном, который является единственныминвесторомпроекта.Благодаря незаангажированности, высокимстандартам,самымоперативным новостям и мегарезонансным эксклюзивныминтервьюза тригода издание вошло в топ-5 самыхчитаемыхинтернет-ресурсовновостей в Украине. ✔Ежедневно сайтпосещают300-400 тысячуникальных пользователей. С приложениемновостейинтернет-издания“GORDON” вы сможете читать самые свежиеновостимира, Украины иРоссии в удобном формате – на планшете илителефоне.Приложениепозволяет делиться понравившимися новостями всоциальныхсетях ичитать загруженные материалы даже без подключениякинтернету. Всеновости о политике, экономике, спорте, шоу-бизнесе,атакжеэксклюзивные откровенные интервью самыхзнаковыхперсонажейукраинской и мировой истории доступны на русскомиукраинскомязыках.
РИА Новости 4.1.37
Официальное новостное приложение информационного ресурса РИАНовостиот МИА «Россия сегодня», признанного и широко цитируемогоисточникаоперативной и достоверной информации в России и зарубежом. Новостиобновляются круглосуточно, поэтому для Вас будетдоступна самаяполная и свежая информационная картина в любое времясуток. Всеновости в одном приложении – получите мгновенный доступк самымпоследним новостям федерального, регионального имеждународногомасштаба: – актуальные ежедневные новости:экономика, финансы,политика, экология, спорт, наука и техника,культура, шоу-бизнес иинтересные новости мира – комментарии ианалитика – фотоленты поактуальным событиям – авторские программыи тематические видеосюжеты– карикатуры – новости мира и России –наглядная инфографика истатьи Возможности приложения: – сводка илента новостей –сохранение материалов в «Избранное» дляотложенного чтения –публикация новостей в социальные сети иотправка на электроннуюпочту – просмотр видеороликов и фото,размер иллюстраций подбираетсяпод разрешение устройства –отображение виджета на главном экранеустройства – прослушиваниерадио Sputnik – светлая или темнаяцветовые схемы – изменениеразмера шрифта – изменение насыщенностииллюстраций – отключениезагрузки изображений для экономии трафика –редактирование спискарубрик – просмотр комментариев РИА Новости —это оперативнаяинформация о самых резонансных и важных событиях вРоссии и в мире:оборона и безопасность, ключевые события и встречимировых лидеров,курсы валют и цены на нефть, новости бизнеса,катастрофы ипроисшествия, новости науки и техники, региональныеновости городов(события в Москве и события в Санкт-Петербурге). МИА«Россиясегодня» лидирует по цитируемости среди российских СМИ инаращиваетцитируемость своих брендов за рубежом. Агентство такжезанимаетлидирующее положение по цитируемости в российскихсоциальных сетяхи блогосфере.