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Coletto calendar~Cute diary 1.9.2
Have you ever wanted a calendarapplicationthat is super cute,allows you to enter appointments very easily,and that can also automatically arrange your dataincluding appointments, diaries, and photos taken on aparticularday?“Coletto Calendar” is a schedule application featuring acute,handwritten-style design that will tickle your girlishspirit.It allows you to manage clearly all yourappointments, tasks, diaries, and photos(*бωб*)*――゚+.――゚+.――゚+.――゚+.――゚+.――゚+.――゚* A cute, easy-to-use application that offers support forgirlswho are busy with lots of appointments and tasks. Adding appointments is so simple that even really busy girls can enter them straight away! As you can label the colors assigned to the different typesofappointments, you can easily manage your schedule by choosing the right colorforyour appointments! As it provides diary and photo display functionality, you can record a cute daily life log as if it were an album♡°+♢ you work in an office♢+° Manage your work and private appointments perfectly by recording important work meetings and appointments(・ω・*)°+♢If you are a mom♢+° Keeping track of the schedules of the whole family canbedifficult!(・ω・`) This application allows you to enter appointments easilybycolor-coding them, so that even the usually hectic childcare tasks can becomecolorfuland fun♡°+♢If you are a student♢+° Manage school appointments and friends’ appointments usingthiscute application! It can also be used to manage your part-time jobs andjobinterviews, making the management of school life much more fun.*――゚+.――゚+.――゚+.――゚+.――゚+.――゚+.――゚* This application also provides many other features.♢Main basic functionality♢Featuring basic appointment creation functionality, thisapplicationalsoallows you to write memos easily, and it is extremely handyformanaging tasks.You can also enter other information to suit your lifestyle♪,such as the expected date of your next menstrual cycle.♢Automatic import of photos♢As the list page displays the photos taken on a particulardayyou can keep a record in your diary of even the mosttrivialevents.This allows you to easily keep even your smallest ofmemories♡Moreover, it also allows you to display a diaryso you can look at each day in turn as if you were looking atanalbum.We have no doubt that doing this will bring forth manywonderfulmemories.♢You can also copy or move appointments♢There’s no problem even if the day of your appointmentischanged.Simply slide the appointment to the new date.You can enter urgent appointment changes orirregularappointmentsextremely easily(*´∀`*)♢You can also synchronize with other calendars♢This is a schedule application that allows you toimportappointments from standard calendars and othercalendarapplications so you can manage them all centrally.It also allows you to display and operate yourGooglecalendar.Even if you delete the application by mistake,you can rest assured as this application can also be used easilyasa backup.This is a schedule organizer application that allows you toeasilyimport appointments from your Google calendarand other calendar applications so you can manage themallcentrally(*´ω`*)Even if you delete the application by mistake,you can rest assured as this application can also be used easilyasa backup♡+°■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■Please feel free to try out “Decopic,” photodecorationapplication,and “Petatto Calendar,” an easy-to-use calendar applicationthatallows you place stickers around easily♪These applications are being used by more than 1.2millionpeople.Use this application after agreeing to the Yahoo! JAPAN Terms ofUse(including the Software Guidelines).■Yahoo! JAPANTerms of Use
■Privacy Policy■Software Guidelines
Color Notes - Diary Memo 1.8.2
★★★ Free todaywith App of theDay.Unlockpaidfeatures for free everyday! ★★★Download ‘App of the Day’, and everydayget the paid versionofapps for free!Nowavailable in your country : App of the Day"Color notes - diary memo" is a simple but powerfulnotepadapplication , is your everyday essential good helper.Freshinterface design sure to make you themselves.When you write notes, memos, e-mail, information, shoppinglists,to-do list, it can give you a quick and simple notepadeditingexperience.You can set a reminder every important considerations, so youwillnot miss any important thing.You can place it on the phone's desktop, record some easytoforget things, and there are a variety of different sizesanddifferent colors of sticky notes can be selected.Support online backup, sync to Google's mission, alwayshavesafety data.*** FEATURES ***- Multi-colored sticky notes desktop plug-in, make your desktopmorebeautiful- Notes reminder, never miss a major stroke- Create the main screen notes Quick Links- Quick Memo / notes- Do, lists, shopping lists- Customize font size and background color- Provides a list of patterns to facilitate your life- Different notes in different folders to classify, so clearyournotes- Organize notes by color- Search record- Support for backup to SD card- Via Facebook, Twitter to share notes, and so on.Disclaimer:- "Quick notes" development based on MiCode/Notes code, andlicensedunder the Apache License.- Apache License, Version 2.0:
Colorful notes & notepad, easy to use for Reminder, Lists,ToDo,memos, calendar
Inkpad Notepad & To do list
Inkpad Notepad - Easy notepad to write text notes, to-donotes,shopping notes
Offline Diary
Keep a diary. Keep it offline. Keep it safe.
Usage: taking notes (notepad)Features: encrypt notes, send notes by email/sms/g+,backup/exportto SD card (/sdcard/notes), attach pictures, composeto-do listnotes (starting every line of a note with "#"), reminder,organizenotes with labels, import notes from SMS (to provide thisfeature,the app needs the permission to read SMS).Acknowledgments:- The Hebrew translation is contributed by שלו מויאל- The Russian translation is contributed by Калиско Гоэссе.- The Italian translation is contributed byMassimilianoArione.- The Hungarian translation is contributed by Kiss György.- The Turkish translation is contributed by Rashid Vahobov.
Notes 1.5
notes for your which can replace yournotepadand used as a notebook.Notes has simple use experience that allows you to quicklycreateand save your notes content. While supporting cloud sync tothegoogle task. Let your notes is simpler and more secure.Key features:1. Add 2x2 or 4x4 notes widgets to launcher;2, Quickly and easily to create a new notes;3, Create a notes file folder, now you can simply classifiedtomanage your notes;4, Showing all of the notes;5, Five kinds of notes background color available to change,makeyour notes more personalized.6, Edit your notes into a checklist view;7, Set reminder to your notes, no longer missing youimportantthings;8, Share your notes via e-mail, SMS, and etc.;9, Create a quick entrance to the phone desktop, open or edityournotes more easier.10,To export your notes as a common text file, safely to backupyournotes.11,Sync your notes to Google task,save in cloud.More advanced features, please download the Notes!------------------Disclaimer:This app is based on MiCode/Notes code, and licensed undertheApache License.MiCode/Notes code: License, Version 2.0:
intuitive, lightweight notepad application memo and note
Simple Notepad with Caller ID
Simple Notepad is the best notes app for Android, allowingyoutotake notes quickly and easily, direct after calls andwhenyou’reon the go. Do you sometimes want to make quick notesandorganizeideas after a phone call?  This handy notepadapp& CallIdentifier is your best solution. This free notesappallows quickcreation and sharing of notes online with justoneclick rightafter a call, saving you lots of time. The CallerIDfunctionprovides you with full details of the caller, even theonesnot inyour contact list. You can then use all theusefulinformation fromthe caller Id screen when note taking, sothat youdon’t forget anyimportant details! Simple Notepad &CallIdentifier keyfeatures: ✎ Create, edit and delete notes quicklyandsimply. ✎Easily share notes via SMS, email, socialmedia(LinkedIn,Facebook, Twitter etc.) or other utilities(Bluetooth,Dropbox,Android Beam). ✎ Backup and restore your notes.✎ Smartnote searchfeature to find notes quickly. ✉ Send a SMS withoneclick aftercalls. ✆ Real-time caller identification: Alwaysknowwho’s callingbefore you answer and take a note. ✆ Get spamwarningsfor morethan 1 million spam numbers worldwide. ✆ Saveidentifiedcallers toyour phonebook with one click and take a noterelating tothe call.✆ Re-dial a number with one click. Life canbecomplicated. Keep itsimple and organize life with SimpleNotepad& Call Identifier.
Personal Diary 2.0.2
Rahul A R
This is a simple, minimalistic and elegant applicationforrecordingthe day to day events of your life. No more fussofpapers and pens.Just type in whatever happened today and saveitforever! You canalso capture and attach as many photos as youwishand cherish yourmemories. Password protect your app andstoppeople from snoopingaround your private life. What's more?It'sabsolutely free!Features : * edit previous entries * searchforold entries * sortthe entries * add pictures * backup andrestore* move to SD card
Fast Notepad
The simplest in the world notepad. Nothing extra, no ads,loadsinstantly
Anton Lashkov
Simple powerfull notepad!
Sticky Notes + Widget 4.2.4
SYM coding
A simple sticky notes memo app and widgetforhome screen.Features:✓ Resizable widgets✓ Local backup and Restore✓ Online Cloud sync✓ Scrollable text in a widget✓ Handwritten notes✓ Share memo as text or a drawing✓ Extensions Store✓ Reorder items✓ Manage trash✓ Organize with folders and sub-folders✓ Password protection✓ Adjust transparancy✓ Customize with different fonts (in home screen widget withlongtext a default font will be displayed)✓ No ads.To put sticky note on your home screen, go to your home screen,tapand hold a free space, and select widget option.
Notepad 1.7.3
It is comfortable, beautiful and fast notepad withsynchronization.Allows you to customize the colors, fonts, etc. inorder to getyour absolutely interface with all the amenities.Features: *Absolutely any color for your notes * Customizable font*Synchronization * Export / import notes * The ability toimporttext files * The application password protection * Keepingthe textor list * Work with folders Send us your comments andsuggestionsby e-mail
しんぷるな日記 1.0.3
シンプルに簡単に書ける日記帳です。日記の入力方法は、カレンダー内の入力したい日にちを押してえんぴつマークを表示させ、画面下のえんぴつボタンを押すと日記を入力できます。思いついたアイディアをメモする等にもご使用ください。※追記他機種への日記の引継ぎは出来ません。ご了承ください。This is the diarythateasily can be written in simple.Input method of the diary,Press the dates you want to enter in the calendar to displaythepencil mark,When you press the pencil button at the bottom of the screenallowsyou to enter the diary.Please use it also to like to note of the ideas that cameup.※ postscriptIt is not possible to Diary of a takeover of the othermodels.Please acknowledge.
InNote is a handwriting note taker featuring a natural digitalink,afull set of tools and a beautiful UI. It is theeasiestfingerwriting app for taking notes, writing memos andmakingannotations.When you are at brainstorms, meetings or needashopping list andto do list, InNote is here to help. FULLEDITINGTOOLSET • A fullset of ink pens, ballpoint pen andhighlightersproviding lifelikehandwriting experience. • A colorpalette ofmillions of colors tocustomize your pen colors. • Aselection ofpaper templates for youto write on • Adjust the size oferaserunder differentcircumstances EASILY TAKE NOTES • Add widgetforcreating quicknotes • Smoothly hand writing experienceonsmartphone or tabletscreen • Insert text into notes andcustomizetextsize/color/shadow effect • Embed and annotate images.Take aphotodirectly or import an image from album and use itwithinnotes. •Rotate and zoom image • Take notes or annotate onmapsscreenshotfor current location or others • Record your voicenoteswhen youare not able to write GET ORGANIZED • Neatly organizeallyourdigital notebooks on the shelf with a cover and title•Changenotebook title and cover • Sort notebooks by createdtimeormodified time • Rearrange pages within a notebook •Previewnotespages thumbnails • Mark a page with bookmark for easysearchSHAREYOUR NOTES • Share notebooks in PDF format. •Sharemultiplenotebooks via email/social media • Share pages inimageformat •Use annotation feature in CamScanner, syncing editstoCamScannerSupport installation on SD card We'd love to hearyourfeedback:[email protected] Check out other INTSIGproducts:CamScanner –Intelligent Document Management CamCard –ProfessionalBusinessCard Reader
Quick Notes 3.1
QuickNote is a very useful tool inandroidmarket. It helps you note down important and interestingthingsanytime anywhere very quickly and easily, which will bringyou amore convenient life experience.You can write notes, messages, ideas, shopping list and to dolistin QuickNote by different category.What's more, QuickNote approved that info sync with Googletask,letting your notes info more securer and convenient to checkatanywhere.We are sure that QuickNote will be your good partner and friendinwork and life.Key features:- Add sticky note widget to your desktop, easy to openandedit.- Setting reminder in your notes, you will never forgetyourimportant things.- Search notes by keywords in your content.- It Can be organized in folders, easy to classifiedyournotes.- Checklist notes for To do list & Shopping list.- Five kinds of notes background color available to change asyoulike.- Auto-saved- Share your notes via email, SMS, and etc.- Sync your notes to Google task.More advanced features, please have a try, and you'lllikeit!
Password Notes 1.1.3
Password Notes can protect your noteswithpassword, just write all you notes in it, it keeps secret foryou.If it works for you, you can buy the pro version to supportourdevelopment. The PRO version do not have any ads and morefasterthen the free one.Thank you for your support.Please feel free to email if any questions and [email protected]: Note, Notepad, ColorNote, notes, Sticky Note, StatusNote,AKNotepad
Classic Notes - Notepad
Tran Tri
NOTES is an intuitive, light weight notepad application.
Simple Notepad
Please use this "Simple Notepad" If you wanted to make a noteineveryday life.