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PicPac Stop Motion Pro
★ PicPac is the highest-rated (4.3 out of 5) stop motionapponGoogle Play ★ Freeversionlink:*Note:user login is only required when you share your videotoYoutube. *★★★★★★ PicPac - Pack your Pictures into Movies.Stopmotion animationand time lapse in one app. Add audio andmusiceasily. ★★★★★★ ++ Useyour gallery photos, gallery videos(brokendown to pictures),Instagram photos, or capture time-lapsephotosto createstopmotion/timelapse videos and animations. You canalsodoHyperlapse. ++ Hands-free sound-controlled in TimelapseManualmode.Simply make a loud sound and a photo will be taken! ++Addvoice ormusic ++ No upload to server ++ No copy to computer++Spanish,French, Portuguese and Russian support Main features:1.Can generate360p, 480p,720p,1080p videos/animations 2.Canduplicate and mergeprojects 3. Can use your own ending logo 4.Canrecord your own audio5. Can select local music or searchonlinemusic 6. Can reorderpictures================================== 10demo videos arecreated toshow you the possibilities, includingsimple examples oftime lapseand stop motion (animations). Pleasevisit StopMotion - Bring anything to life inyouranimation. Your Lego, toys,pen, chair, you name it. Anythingcanbe animated. Time Lapse -Compress your story. Turn a boringeventinto a funny movie. Yourspecial touches - Pick a good titleandtitle font. Add your ownvoice and do your magic. Extras -Processany videos and photos(gopro, dslr, etc.). Createanimatedslideshow (a coming feature).And more - Like to takeselfies? Makea movie of it. You can alsocreate your own animatedcomic story. Agood movie stores a goodmemory, and finally, unleashYourCreativity. Hyperlapse? Easy done.Everything is possible.Animateanything!================================== How to use thisapp?1. Create anew project by one of these methods: selectgalleryphotos, importInstagram photos, extract pictures from aselectedvideo, and taketime-lapse photos. 2. Select Pictures -Select thepictures you wantto be in the video by clicking them.Choose aspeed and create thevideo. 3. Add Audio - you can recordyourvoice, select local music,search SoundCloud music. 4. Sharethevideo/animation to thecommunity on Youtube, or share it tootherplaces (Facebook,Google+, etc.) For stop motion, you can takeavideo of you playingthe objects, extract the pictures fromit,select those showing the"move" of your objects and showingyourhands, and then combine themto a movie. Alternatively, youcantake time lapse photo at theintetval of a few second, thenpickthe right pictures again. Takingtimelapse photos will use alotless space compared to shooting avideo, but it cannot capturethemotions like jumping and othetfastactions.Example: lapse, it isbasically the same as above, only that theshootingintetval may belonger, and you simply need to combine allthecaptured pictures.For example, time lapse of traffic,sky,etc.==================================Helps:
PicPac Stop Motion & TimeLapse
★★★★★★ PicPac - Pack your Pictures into Stop Motion Movies.Stopmotion animation and time lapse in one app. Add audio andmusiceasily. No upload to server or PC.★★★★★★ * Note: user login isonlyrequired when you share your video to Youtube. * ++ Useyourgallery photos, gallery videos (broken down to pictures),orcapture time-lapse photos to create stop motion / timelapsevideosand animations. You can also do Hyperlapse. ++Hands-freesound-controlled in Timelapse Manual mode. Simply make aloud soundand a photo will be taken! ++ Add voice or music to yourstopmotion ++ No upload to server ++ No copy to computer ++Spanish,French, Portuguese and Russian support Upgrading to Pro: 1.Removewatermark 2. Can generate 480p,720p,1080p videos/animations3. Canduplicate and merge projects 4. Can add photos to existingprojects5. Can use your own ending logo Free version: 1. Cangenerate 360pvideos 2. Can record your own audio 3. Can selectlocal music orsearch online music 4. Can reorder pictures 5. Cannotduplicate ormerge projects 6. Cannot change video ending logo 7.Have a smallwatermark at bottom right================================== 10demo videos are created toshow you the possibilities, includingsimple examples of time lapseand stop motion (animations). Pleasevisit
Stop Motion Video Maker
Create and animate with us!
Lapse It • Time Lapse Camera
Capture amazing time lapse and stop motion videos withthisaward-winning app.
Stop Motion Cartoon Maker
Whisper Arts
Time lapse video creator, animation, cartoon making,stop-motionvideo
Lapse It • Time Lapse • Pro 4.70
Interactive Universe
Lapse It is an award-winning full featured app forcapturingamazingtime-lapse and stop motion videos with your Androidcamera.It issimple, fast and intuitive. No need forexpensivephotographyequipment, you just need Lapse It. ★ Featuredon theEnglish TVShow "The Gadget Show"★ Youcan watcha great video reviewat★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★POWERFULAND UNIQUEFEATURES: ● Capture stunning shots using thefullpotential ( FullSensor ) of your camera ● Blazing fast renderenginethat createsgorgeous Full HD ( 1080p ) videos ● Importimagesequences fromyour DSLR or GoPro cameras ● Importpre-recordedvideos to createslow motion and fast motion versions ofthem ● Useany song fromyour library as the sound track of yourvideo ● Speedup your timelapse with millisecond precision up to240x ●Adjustable manualcontrols for exposure, focus, white balanceandscene modes ● Sharedirectly to Instagram, YouTube, Facebook,GooglePlus and manyothers ● Stunning effect filters to make yourlapseeven morestunning ● Tons of post-capture optionsincludingtrimming, addingtimestamp, square mode, backwards playbackand more● Stop motionand clay animation mode with onion skin ●Schedule thecapture tostart and stop automatically ● Super easy touse withintuitiveinterface and no registration needed ● Lapse It isthebest timelapse and stop motion available on Google PlayOTHERFEATURES: ●Real photo based time lapse and not just recordhighspeed videos ●Capture interval for photos ranging frommillisecondsto hours ●Resume capture for multiple days or differentlocationprojects ●Captures with higher image quality and for longerthanHyperLapse ●Supports background capture on compatible devices●Built-in timelapse social gallery ● Supports camera zoom ●Supportsfront facingcamera ● Silent camera shutter mode ● Export toH264,MP4, MOV andFLV ● Easily adjustable full featured settings ●Hyperlapsestabilisation not supported at the moment ● Norestrictionsforcapture length or frames ● More powerful thanFrameLapse andDroidTimeLapse ● Android L ( Lollipop ) major updatecoming soon●Tested and approved by more than 1.000.000creativepeople★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★ Lapse It has a UNIQUEandPOWERFULnative render engine that allows you to createspectacularvideos,it is blazing fast, robust, support audio and hasa fullyfeaturedrange of settings to apply. Lapse It is the ONLY apponGoogle Playwith this powerful render engine, and the only onethatreallyworks rendering the videos in the Android proper format,soyou caneasily watch the videos on your phone, share it acrosstheweb andwith other devices. Also there's plenty of features, youcanreallycustomise your sequence of pictures in many differentwaysand willbe easy to archive the desired result. You can evenapplydifferentcool and stylish cam effects to them, such as vintageandblack andwhite. This new version brings more integrationwithsocialnetworks so you can easily publish your videos orsharethrough thebuilt-in Lapse It gallery, where other users canwatchand vote. Weare on these social engines:Facebook- Google Plus- ! ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★WHATIS TIMELAPSE ? TimeLapse is a photography technique that allowsyouto accelerate avideo to and watch slowly changing eventsmuchfaster. Events suchas movement of clouds, the rising andsetting ofthe sun, animallife, a party with your friends, evenindividualactivities likedrawing or playing sports or anything elsethat youcan imagine.You will see them in a new way andotherwiseundetectable patternswill emerge. Android is a trademarkof GoogleInc.
Stop Motion Studio
A unique animation app. Powerful, easy to use, and lots of fun.
Framelapse Pro (Legacy Ver)
Neximo Labs
Try latest version too, which includes pro features in herewithoutany cost.
ReversaVideo: instant reverse video playback
Instantly play videos in reverse. No waiting, no time limit.Saveand share.
Slow Motion Video Editor
Create awesome videos with Slow Motion Video Editor! Trim thevideo,adjust video speed, add amazing effects and filters and addcreativemusic! Your smooth slow-motion video masterpiece iscomplete! WithSlow Motion Video Maker you can easily createstunning content andshare it on social media like TikTok,Instagram Reels, Stories,YouTube and more! MAIN FEATURES: - EDITVIDEO SPEED: smooth slowmotion, fast motion, time lapse and stopmotion effects - APPLYFILTERS: edit videos and add an epic filter:glitch, color, vintageand more - ADD MUSIC: select a track fromour own music library oradd something of your own! Add sounds,music tracks and voice-overto your video. - CUT VIDEO, TRIM VIDEO:Edit like a real pro, cutand trim your clips, adjust length - EDITVIDEO ASPECT SIZE: Fit theright aspect ratio to createmasterpieces with the perfect size foryour favorite social mediasuch as Instagram, TikTok, YouTube andmore! Creating smooth slowmotion, epic fast motion videos has neverbeen easier! We want tomake video editing a quick fun process. Wewelcome feedback so ifyou have any suggestions or problems with ourSlow Mo video editorapp, contact us at: [email protected]
Fast Motion: Speed up Videos with Fast Motion
Make your video faster or shoot a fast motion video! Videoeditorwith music 💨
Magic Motion 3.7.6
A creative music player!* Play musics imported from Itunes.* Connect to creative BT4.0 toys, leds, massages and make themworkwith the music rhythm.* Control BT4.0 toys, leds, massages by voice.* Control BT4.0 toys, leds, massages by customized sequence.* Control BT4.0 toys, leds, massages by motion sensor.
Motion Shot 2.2.1
Motion Shot you to capture a short movie by automaticallyrenderingthemovement into a single still image so that it appearsto beacontinuous picture. It is perfect for creating animatedimageswithunique expressions in action scenes involvingsports,animals,kids, friends, vehicles, airplanes and movingobjects. Youcan alsoadd a variety of effects (fade-in/fade-out),set the numberofanimation sequences, and specify other settings tocreateaoriginal expression. Even more, you can quickly shareyourimageson a social network or upload it to a storage service.Reliveandshare your memories! MAIN FEATURES: • 3 easy steps - With3easysteps (capture a short movie > edit > save/share),youcaneasily create a movie with dynamic movement. • Variouseffects-With various editing features and effect, you can addyourownoriginal expressions to your pictures. • Save/Share -Piecesaresaved as a JPEG or Animated GIF* and they can beuploadedinstantlyto PlayMemories Online, social networks, storageservicesand otheronline services**. * When using the Effect[Animation]feature (payoption). For details, see our website **When socialnetwork andstorage service apps are installed on yourdevice.
VOCHI Video Effects Editor 3.19.0
A simple movie editing app to add cool effects and createtrendyvideos!
Reverse Video Player & Editor. Rewind a video
Edit Backwards Videos! Rewind or Shoot a Backward Video inReverseVideo Editor!
Stop Motion Studio Pro
The world’s easiest app to get you into stop motion moviemaking!
Node Video - Pro Video Editor
Modern VFX Editor, (re)Defined.
Kizoa - Movie Maker
Make movies using your photos, videos and music. Add specialeffectsand text!
A Clapperboard always at your fingertips!
Movepic: Photo Motion Animator
Live Photo & moving face animator, make pixa loop withanimafymotion portrait.
Lumyer Effects: Animate Photos
Lumyer Inc.
Live FX Photo Animator with magic effects and Filters. Slowmotionvideo editor
Green Screener
Get amazingly perfect green screen with Green Screener.
StoryZ Photo Video Maker & Loop video Animation 1.1.0
StoryZ Photo Video Maker & Loop video Animation:Createvisualstories from still images. Make your pictures move andcometo lifeusing StoryZ Photo Video Maker. StoryZ Photo MotionMaker isaCinemagraph maker & photo video maker with musicthatenablesyou to add moving effects and elements to your photosandmakemoving pictures. Create animated Double Exposure Effectwithacombination of static imagery and overlay video. Storyz isauniqueapp to create and share photo motion art. Bringyourphotographs tolife with user-friendly and simple tools. APhotoanimation suiteis equally suitable for beginners as wellasexperts. Be a part ofa leading photography community and getachance to gaininspiration from other artists. Create amazingvisualeffects likeCinemagraph, double exposed gifs or magicalmovingportraits. Itcan turn your photo into an animated GIF andAnimatedDoubleExposure. You can make an Animated Video out of astill imageandget amazing animation effects. StoryZ is a "Photovideo makerwithmusic and effects" for Instagram, Tik Tok andFacebook.Storyzoffers: Ripple: Make your pictures move and come tolife andmakeamazing digital arts! Using StoryZ app tools make stillimagesintoanimated visuals using motion effect on pictures.Ripplecananimate still images to create amazing animatedphotographsordigital arts. Convert a still picture to amazing videobyaddingdirection pointers. Motion: Blend still images with videotogetamazing animation effects. Create your videostoriesblendingoverlay video on the still image. You can make anAnimatedVideofrom out of a still image and merging a video. It canturnyourphoto into an animated GIF and Animated DoubleExposure.Mergestill image with video overlay to createamazingCinemagraphs.Merge photo with overlay video, video motion tocreateamazingvisual effects like Cinemagraph, double exposed gifsormagicalmoving portraits. Video Overlay Effects: Videooverlayeffects onmultiple layers of videos, effects and overlaysaresupported.Create Cinemagraph using Video Motion effect andapplyoverlayeffects. Choose amazing video effects and overlay videofromtheAsset Store. Apply stunning video overlay effects andfiltersinmotion and stills. Apply stunning video effects withStoryZPhotovideo maker with photos and music. Use this videoeditorwithfilters and music to create amazing video overlayeffects.STORYZPREMIUM SUBSCRIPTION : - You can subscribeStoryZpremiumsubscription for unlimited access to all featureswithinStoryZapp. - Subscriptions are billed monthly, annually attherateselected depending on the subscription plan.-Subscriptionsauto-renew at the cost of the chosen package,unlesscancelled24-hours in advance prior to the end of thecurrentperiod. - Youmay manage your subscription and turn offauto-renewalby going toyour Account Settings after purchase. - Oncepurchased,refundswill not be provided for any unused portion of theterm. -Terms ofuse: -Privacypolicy:
Pocket AC
Exim Labs
A collection of tools and reference tables for DPs, ACs, DITsandOperators.
Slow Motion Video Maker
Eco Mobile
Slow motion video maker is video editor app help create slowmo,music video
Efectum – Video Editor and Maker with Slow Motion
Pro video editor app with music, effects, slow motion, textandmore!
Clapboard Pro - Premium Slate
Completely redone, new features, fast and extremely accurate!
Slow motion video fast&slow mo
Bizo Mobile
Great slowmo cam! Change speed, make fast motion video &slowmo! Post-edit