Top 16 Apps Similar to LSU Revolving Wallpaper

LSU Live Wallpaper 3-D Suite 0.9.5
2Thumbz, Inc
This application allows you todisplaytheofficial collegiate Black Knights license for LSU asaLiveWallpaper on your phone. You can choose to either display aa3-Danimated flag on your phone with the LSU logo, or asapictureframe for your personal images with the LSU logo.Users can set the following options to personalizetheirphonewith the LSU Logo:1. Select a variety of different modes including theanimatedflagmode or as a picture frame for images from yourFacebookaccount,your Flickr account, or from your phone.2. Select from a variety of different pictureframetemplates,including: 1) a Chalk board, 2) Cork Board, 3)FootballField, 3)Wild West Template, 4) Fire Template or 5)MetalTemplate3. Select a variety of settings for different templatessuchashow fast the images change, how the images rotate,randompictureshuffling and automatic image resizing.Installation Instructions-----------------1. After downloading, go to Applications and Select'LSULiveWallpaper'2. When the initial screen opens, tap the"SelectWallpaper/ChangeSettings" button3. Select the "LSU Live Wallpaper" application from thelistofLive Wallpaper applications4. Tap the "Settings" button to configure the application5. Tap "Photo Source" to select either "Animated Flag"modeorpicture frame mode for personal images from your phone,FacebookorFlickr.Instructions for setting up Picture Frame SlideShow---------------------------------------1. Go to LSU Live Wallpaper and select Settings2. Select 'Photo Source' and choose either Facebook,FlickRorPhone Images3. If you chose Facebook, go to 'Log In' and enteryourFacebookaccount information. The LSU Live Wallpaperapplicationwill loginto your Facebook account.4. You can select to show images from your FacebookAlbums,aswell as photos you have been tagged in. You can alsoselect toshowimages from your news feed5. After you have setup your Facebook settings, youcanchoosewhich LSU Live Wallpaper Picture Frame Template youwouldlike touse from the "Select Template" settings.6. If you chose FlickR, you can choose a particular FlickRfeedtoshow by either searching on a specific search term oruser.7. After you have chose either Facebook, FlickR or yourownphoneimages, you should "Clear Images" and "Force Update"whichwillreset your images
LSU Apex 1.0
This is a LSU (Purple and Gold) theme forApexLauncher. It includes:* A purple and gold skin for the Apex Launcher* Three LSU wallpapers to go with the launcher.* Purple and Gold notification bubbles.This app will not show up in your app drawer. You need tohaveApex Launcher (v1.2.0+) to use this theme.How to applyApex settings > Theme settings > LSU Apex > ApplyIf skin images fail to load properly, please make sure the appisnot moved to SD card.
Spectrum ICS Pro Live Wallpaper 1.2.6
Spectrum ICS live wallpaper, beautiful abstract colors withfloatingparticles. Features - Beautiful abstract colors - Settingwidget -Custom background color - 6 background themes - 4 shadowtypes -Shadow settings - Strip settings - Dust settings - Lightelementsettings - Parallax effect - Use 3D hardware to renderimages, savebattery - Support most resolutions including Android3.0 tablet -Android 4.0 ICS ready Instruction Home -> Menu-> Wallpapers-> Live Wallpapers Note: It is live wallpaperso you can't openthe app, you will need to follow the instructionabove in order toset the wallpaper. If you have put the app on SDcard and restartedthe phone, the wallpaper will reset to defaultsince the systemcouldn't find the app first. FAQ: 1. App is notcompatible with mydevice? Please try the free version first. 2.Wallpaper resets todefault after reboot/restart the phone? Pleasemove the app to phoneinstead of SD card. 3. My app is notdownloading after purchasing?If it is your first time buying,Google will check through thecredit card detail which normallytakes few hours time. Trytroubleshooting atGoogle: does 15 minutes refund period start? 15 minutes refundperiodonly starts when you have actually downloaded the app.
LSU Tigers Clock Widget 2.0.2
Officially licensed Louisiana StateTigersClockWidget (no scores) lets you replace the standard clockinyour phonewith a custom LSU clock. Includes 3 layouts: FlipClock,Scoreboardand Analog. Geaux Tigers!Note: This version does not include football orbasketballscores.If you want scores, check out the LSU Tigers 2011LiveClock.Instructions: (1)Download; (2) go toMenu>Notificationstoinstall; (3) tap and hold on your homescreen and select Widgetstoadd it to your phone. (Turn off taskkillers- they'll killtheclock!)
Light Spectrum 1.0
Live wallpaper showing light spectrum.
ZX Spectrum Live Wallpaper 2.4
Dragon's Fire
The original Spectrum Live Wallpaper and still the best! NEW!Trythefree version of this app, ZXSpectrum Live Wallpaper Lite.Inthe1980s, there were the 8-bit home micro computers. One ofthemostpopular of these, at least in the U.K., was the SinclairZXSpectrum.Relive the nostalgic, glory days of computingbyselecting fromthousands of pictures on World of Spectrumwebsitefrom within theapp. Classic games such as Jetpac and JetSetWilly. ZX Spectrum LiveWallpaper is a way of re-living the80's.Sinclair ZX Spectrumloading screens can be shown as if theyareloading from tape. Imagescan be obtained from differentsources,World Of Spectrum CameraGallery LIVE Spectrum CameraMode!! Imagescan be used as they are(full colour) or"Spectrumized" into256x192x8 colours. There is alsothe feature toconvert the livecamera image into Spectrum stylegraphics inrealtime (better onhigh end devices). Select pictures ofyourselfand see how youwould look on a Spectrum! Select existingpicturesfrom thegallery. Pictures are randomly chosen from list youset upandloaded as if on a real ZX Spectrum. Try watching thelivewallpaperwithout making the noises! Try it! Even if you don'tknowwhat aSpectrum is but just want an unusual way of usingpictures inyourgallery as a live wallpaper. Want to try this appfor free? TrytheLite version. IMPORTANT!!!! ------------- If youbuy it andthencancel, can you please give me feedback as towhatwaswrong/missing, so I can make improvements totheapplication.Thanks! V1.26: Added confirmation request todeletebutton. V1.27Added a warning to the Spectrum Live CameraMode.V1.28 Stabilityimprovements to the Spectrum Live CameraMode.Thanks to people whosubmitted crash reports. Let me know howyouget on with the newversion. V1.29 More camerastabilityimprovements. V1.30 Improvememory usage when selectingimage fromthe gallery to stop crash onlower end devices. V1.40Reduce batteryconsumption. V1.41 Minorcrash protection fix. V1.42Fixed crash onsome devices. V1.5Implemented previous imagescrolling to addressthe fact that theimage doesn't take up the fullscreen on portraitdevices. Note, Ihave also changed the defaultimage position to thebottom of thescreen, this makes the scrollingseem more natural.Also fixedlong-standing potential crash (that wasshowing up onjellybean)where a source GIF wasn't being decodedcorrectly. V1.61Asrequested, added the option to show flashingborder whenwaitingfor the next picture to load.
NRG Beams Live Wallpaper 1.15
NRG Beams live wallpaper is acolorfuleffectbased on glowing beams of light flowing throughyourhomescreenlike electrical energy. A very animated livewallpaper.TOP LIVE WALLPAPER FEATURES:★ Small Download Size★ No Ads or special permissions★ Many user definable settings★ Low Battery Usage★ Cool Glowing colorful animated effectsConfigure and control 3 glowing beams of light,withfineadjustment over a great variety of cool usercontrols.Efficientrendering is only active when the effect isvisible inorder toconsume less battery. The full version of NRGBeams LiveWallpaperallows you to modify multiple settings for eachlightbeamindependently.FOR EACH BEAM YOU CAN CONTROL:★ Color, from the full RGB spectrum.★ Cycle Between 2 colors and control the speed of the change.★ Beam Width, from skinny focused beams to superbrightgloweffects.★ Cycle Between 2 different widths and control the speedofthechange.★ Beam Speed, from 0% flow speed to 200%.★ Wave Modulation, from very smooth waves to undulatingripplesoflight.★ Direction, set the direction of the beam either normal orturned90Degrees.★ Randomize any/all of the settings to allow for a new lookeachtimethe wallpaper comes into view.FOR THE ENTIRE EFFECT YOU CAN CONTROL:★ Effect Resolution, to allow for smooth frame ratesonolderdevices/lower cpu usage.★ Rotation, variable speed spinning of the entire effect.★NOTE★ This effect uses rather intense mathematics,andmaynot perform at optimum frame rates at maximum resolutiononolderdevices.TOUSE:home->menu->wallpapers->livewallpaperor use included shortcut application.★ Feel Free to contact us with comments, suggestions,andanyother feedback!
Audio Glow Live Wallpaper
Cypher Cove
Music visualization in style, as your wallpaper!
FFT Spectrum Live Wallpaper 1.0.20100908.1
Ho Lum Cheung
Edit: October 31 2015 - Added detailed purpose of app. Sorry Ihavenot had time to work on this.This is a simple yellow and red wallpaper that showsthefrequency spectrum of the music you're playing.It's not configurable and may not work well or at all withsomedevices.Some devices seem to need a restart for the listening servicetowork.The math (low pass filters, frequency range) is also geared tomypersonal tastes.It uses Android's MusicVisualizer library for the heavy lifting,andthus may not support some devices' bluetooth players (andothermusic players).If anyone knows of a free application that will show aFFT(frequency/spectrum analysis) of the music currently playing(ex.from Spotify), let me know. This is EXACTLY why I made this app--to enjoy awesome violin solos. I would very much prefer to useaprofessional's work myself and will link it here if you tellmeabout it. I myself used to have an app that was much bettercodedwhich came default with the Samsung phone.About the lack of updates: I have a day job, and nobody wouldpaybig bucks for this anyway. If you want the source code, e-mailmeand I will dig it up and upload to github.
Music Live Wallpaper 1.0
Are you concerned about battery when usinglivewallpaper, Here is solution, Enjoy the free music livewallpaperwith Amazing backgrounds and Realistic music animationeffects, withjust a static wallpaper battery usage. Discover apeaceful mindblowing backgrounds with music notes on swipe.This Music live wallpaper makes your Phone/tab screenfabulous.Download it and enjoy the beauty of the natural guitars inyourbusy life.It has scroll effect, swipe your screen to see the fullwallpaperscreen with the animation of music notes.Though we had made the best battery optimized technology inthisLWP, which will use very less battery. It needs only astaticwallpaper battery usagemusic live wallpaper uses battery only for swipe animations. Ifyoudisable animations it will work as static wallpaper withscrolleffect.Features• Three beautiful backgrounds of natural music guitars.• Have fabulous swipe effect with different music notesandleaves.• Has Background scroll effect.• Can adjust speed of background scroll.• Can adjust the amount of music notes.• Highly optimized battery usageTo use: Home -> Menu -> Wallpapers ->LiveWallpapersTo develop more free great live wallpapers, we haveimplementedsome ads in settings.Advertisement can support us to develop more free live wallpaper has been tested on latest devices suchasSamsung Galaxy S4, Galaxy S5 Samsung Galaxy S3, Nexus 7, HTCOneand Sony Xperia Z. Please contact us if your device isnotsupported.Note: If this Music wallpaper resets to default after reboot,youneed put the app on phone instead of SD card.
Electric Plasma Live Wallpaper 2.9.0
A live wallpaper that displays a moving electrical plasmaeffectinthe background of your home screen. Includes a varietyofsettingsfor the color, pattern, and motion of the plasma. AsofDec. 31,2013, all of the features in the paid version(ElectricPlasmaWallpaper Plus) have been added to the free version.Thepaidversion has been discontinued. This app containsnoadvertisementsand requires no permissions. Furthermore, nofutureupdate willever add advertisements or permissions to it. AsofMarch 11, 2013,this app has been updated to use OpenGL ES 2.0. Asaresult, itruns faster, more smoothly, and more efficientlythanolderversions. It uses very little power on testeddevices,includingSamsung Galaxy S2 and S3, and many users reportthat ituses verylittle power on their devices as well. The "Open"buttonon thispage will take you to your Live Wallpapers menuforconvenience. Toopen the LWP menu normally on most devices, gotoyour home screen,press and hold on the background, thenselect"Wallpapers," then"Live Wallpapers," and then select"ElectricPlasma Live Wallpaper"from the list. This is also a way toaccessthe settings for thiswallpaper. Always remember to checkthepermissions beforedownloading any app. There is another appnamed"Electric PlasmaLive Wallpaper" which is a spam/adware app.Thereal ElectricPlasma Live Wallpaper does not requireanypermissions.
Spectrum ICS Live Wallpaper 1.2.6
Spectrum ICS live wallpaper, beautifulabstractcolors with floating particles.If you like this wallpaper, please support us by purchasingProversion with more themes and features. Beautiful abstract colors- Dust- Light element- Parallax effect- Use 3D hardware to render images, save battery- Support most resolutions including Android 3.0 tablet- Android 4.0 ICS readyInstructionHome -> Menu -> Wallpapers -> Live WallpapersNote: It is live wallpaper so you can't open the app, youwillneed to follow the instruction above in order to setthewallpaper.If you have put the app on SD card and restarted the phone,thewallpaper will reset to default since the system couldn't findtheapp first.FAQ:1. Why is there "Internet access" permission?It is for Google ads on setting screen only, nothing else.Proversion is ads free with more features.2. Wallpaper resets to default after reboot/restartthephone?Please move the app to phone instead of SD card.
Geometry music live wallpaper 5.2
Visualizer of currently playing music.Trysliding up/down to change the color and double tap to changethefigure.There is a beautiful iridescent elements or geometry figureswhenmusic doesn't play.Big abilities of configurations!Visualizer doesn't play music. Turn on music using any of yourmediaplayers and go back to the desktop.To access live wallpaper: HOME -> MENU -> Wallpaper->Live Wallpapers -> Music Geometry
Spectrum of the sky 5.2
Colorful spectrum of the amazing sky inyoursmartphone!Best Wallpapers for best people!Installation instructions:Home -> Menu -> Wallpapers -> Live WallpapersScroll down the list, find out the wallpaper and setup it.Note: It is live wallpaper so you can't open the app, youwillneed to follow the instruction above in order to set thewallpaper.Also slower/older devices (shipped with Android OS below2.1) can'trun it too.
Pixel Art Live Wallpaper 1.0
Pixel Art Live Wallpaper with MarioMonsterthemes* Options :* LINEAR and RANDOM PIXEL GENERATION* COLOR* DELAY BETWEEN TWO PIXEL GENERATIONFor use:* Long touch on the main window* Choose Live Wallpaper* Choose Pixel Art Live Wallpaper* Select.* Optimize for meduim screen and smaller (smartphone). Notfortablet.Languages supported : EN-ES-FR-DE-IT-PT
Warp Rings LITE Live Wallpaper 1.10
Warp Rings live wallpaper has a bit ofa1960'svibe to it. 2 sets of concentric rings move aroundthescreenoverlapping, stretching and warping. Very trippy fx.TOP LIVE WALLPAPER FEATURES:★ Small Download Size★ No Full-screen Ads or Excessive permissions★ Many user definable settings★ Low Battery Usage★ Cool colorful stretching and warping rings creatingvibrantopticalillusions.Configure and control every aspect of this vibrant,colorfulwarpring effect. Two sets of concentric rings overlap,spin, warpandfly around the screen creating a trippy variety ofvisualeffects onthis live wallpaper. This effect is inspired byoldschool projectoreffects from the 1960's rock concertscene.Efficient rendering isonly active when the effect is visibleinorder to consume lessbattery. The free version of Warp RingsLiveWallpaper allows you tomodify multiple settings for theeffect,offering outstanding visualvariety.FOR THE ENTIRE EFFECT YOU CAN CONTROL:★ Effect Resolution, to allow for smooth frame ratesonolderdevices/lower CPU usage.★ Color of each ring set and the background from thefullRGBspectrum.★ Black and white mode for that old school 1960'slookandfeel.★ Rotation, variable speed spinning of the effect.★ Magnification, control the size of the rings independentlyfrom1x- 6x magnification.★ Horizontal density, to control the repetition oftheringshorizontally.★ Vertical density, to control the repetition oftheringsvertically.★ Control for each ring set's horizontal and verticaltraveldistanceand speed.If you enjoy this, please support us by gettingthefullversion!THE FULL VERSION INCLUDES:★ No Advertising banners or special permissions.★ Cycle Between 2 colors and control the speed of the changeforeachset of rings & the bg color.★ Control the behavior of the overlap, whether the 2 ringcolorsmix,or erase and cancel out.★ Magnification, control the size of the rings independentlyfrom1x- 11x magnification.★ Cycle Between 2 horizontal densities and control the speedofthechange.★ Cycle Between 2 vertical densities and control the speedofthechange.★ Larger Ranges for all settings allow for more variationinthevisual appearance.★ Randomize any/all of the settings to allow for a new lookeachtimethe wallpaper comes into view.TOUSE:home->menu->wallpapers->livewallpaperor use included shortcut application.★ Feel Free to contact us with comments, suggestions,andanyother feedback!