Top 14 Games Similar to Spaghetti Arms

Doofus Drop 1.0.56
Curious Labs
Rad Bike, Weird Creatures, Powerful Farts & OutrageousHats.Collect them all!
Shouty Heads 1.5.4
Tap to shout. Sounds easy, right?
Magniflyer 1.5
Infinite Flying Fun! A puzzling perspective game full ofunendingentertainment!
Bear With Me 1.0
Modus Games
Bear With Me is an episodic noir adventure game.
Silly Walks 1.2.6
Such a silly little game!
Rocat Jumpurr - Hilarious Mons 1.1.1
Be a cat. Have a bazooka. Discover the purr fun of blowing stuffup.In space!
Steppy Pants 2.8.24
Learn to walk... again!
Gumslinger 3.4.4
Powerful guns and crazy duels
JUUMP! Fast-paced arcade fun 2.70.13
Winkel Games
Jump your way through this fast-paced, addictive arcade adventure!
Daddy Long Legs 4.0.3
Set Snail
Play the simple yet weirdly rewarding game that got so manypeoplehooked
Sausage Flip 2.3.24
Can you make it flip and jump?
Farm Punks
Launch Funny Fruit With a Cannon Down a Mountain
Vandals 1.1.15
Sneak & Paint Puzzle Game