Top 18 Games Similar to Pebble Universe

Pukk 3.4
Smash ice, crates and what not in search of gold. Play Pukk -TheCool Runner!
Dialer for Rebble 3.3.1
Improved call interface for Pebble
White Pebble Live Wallpaper 1.2.8
Appling TM
Animated Live Wallpaper for android devices
Pebble Wallpapers 1.0
Discover the natural simplicity of pebble wallpapers!
Dashboard for Pebble 4.17
Chris Lewis
Pebble watchapp allowing control of phone features and viewingofphone status.
Pebbles 1.5.0
Pebbles is a fun-learning program designed to improveproductknowledge, detailing skills, visual memory, scientificknowledge,brand identity and more. The more you train with pebbles,thebetter you will get at remembering key brand messages,campaignelements, clinical trial results, and problem solvingabilities. Inshort, you will become better at your daily work. Andall it takesis just 3 minutes of your time in a day. In pebbles,you embark ona journey of weekly challenges and amass a scoredepending on thenumber of challenges you complete. A high scoremakes you eligiblefor special offers and rewards. By playingserious games, on themove, your sales force will learn to enhancecalling skills andconversion rates. FEATURES 6 types of challengeswith 3 levels ofdifficulty – easy, medium and hard Scoring based onspeed andaccuracy Detailed performance tracking Leaderboard andbadges tokeep you motivated Rewards based on performance *PLEASENOTE:PEBBLES IS ONLY FOR CORPORATE GROUPS
Nativecation 1.6
Receive notifications from Android on your Pebble watch vianativeinterface.
Notification Center for Pebble 3.3.4
Notification system for Pebble watch
Kevin Cooper
A dashboard for KingSong, Gotway, Inmotion, NinebotElectricUnicycles
Locus - addon Pebble 2.1.17
Pebble smartwatch add-on for Locus Map
QuickFit for Pebble 1.26
Hans Quick
Companion App for the Pebble QuickFit watchapp
jetAudio Pebble 1.1.0
Team Jet
jetAudio for Pebble is a music app for Pebble smartwatch tocontroljetAudio.
Pebble Navigation / Geocaching 1.2.0
This is an application that connectandroidnavigational applications and Pebble watch!Please do note that it's designed with Geocaching in mind, butitmight also work for other uses. If you have suggestions,pleaseemail me! (There is a contact email underAdditionalinformation)It then shows you distance and direction to the location onyourPebble watch! You must also install application to yourpebble,then you can use c:geo/geocaching app/locus to select thelocationyou want!This app uses GPS position and calculates direction from it.Itdoes not use Pebble's compass as it is not yet made accessiblebythe developers!PLEASE NOTE: This application only supports Pebble SDK v2.Beforewriting for support, please update to latest pebble firmwareandPebble Geocaching app.To install:- beside this application, also install application on Pebble.Sincethe Pebble store is now public, please download pebble appfromthere!To use:- See videos provided for help with all three apps: close the app:- Simply click notification on top that says"PebbleGeocaching"In case of bugs:Every application sooner or later has a bug. If you find one,pleaseinform me so I can solve the issue. You can also contact meif youhave suggestion for improving the app. I will gladly listento yoursuggestions!If you have any question or want to post negative comments,PLEASECONTACT ME FIRST on [email protected] so wecansolve the issue(or add a feature).If you want to help me with the application in any way, suchasprogramming, designing, giving suggestions, pleasecontactme!Application's sources are available on: keep in mind that application is provided "AS-IS". Itshouldnot be relied on to and I shall not be responsible foranyproblem/expense/life threatening situation it could cause.Special Thanks to:Jason Brand for implementing Pebble compass feature!Whole c:geo developing team for their app and effort of helpingmewith integration!
Alarmist for Pebble 4.02
Ben Caller
The Android alarm clock now works with your Pebble! Snooze,dismiss,set.
Pebble Communicator 1.3.2
João Luís
Pebble Communicator is an app built so youcanread and send SMS without taking out your phone. Isn't thatthereason we all have a smartwatch?(Well, that and because it looks really cool.)With Pebble Communicator you can even type your own SMSusingTertiary Text, an input method by vgmoose which allows you towriteusing only Pebble's three buttons.You can read more about Pebble Communicator on itswebsite,*The purpose of this app is to serve a Pebble watchapp. Ifyoudon't have a Pebble (or if you don't have the CommunicatorPebbleapp installed), this app will be useless for you. The Pebbleapp isavailable at*Features:* See the last 30 contacts you texted or who texted you* Read the last SMS in the conversation with a contact* Reply to a contact, typing with Tertiary Text* Reply using quick responses written on the phone app* Check the sent SMS sent status (for the last SMS you sentthroughCommunicator)* SMS delivery reports (can be turned off on Communicator'sAndroidapp)
Pebble Air 4.0.8
Pebble Air lets you control your heatpump / airconditioningfromanywhere.
OW Camera for Pebble 1.30.1
Take photos from your Pebble Watch! The Pebble Camera CompanionApp.
Translit Pebble r41
*** You need to install AugmentedSmartWatchappbefore using this.*** Use 3-dot or menu button to change translit language.*** Does not support caller name.Convert non-latin notifications for your Pebble smart watch.Transliterator for Augmented SmartWatch appforPebblewatch.As for now Pebble does not support non-latincharactersfornotifications, we made a little helper for AugmentedSmartWatchappwhich can convert non-latin text to latin.It'scalledromanization/latinization or translit.All you need is install this app and turn on translationinPebbleadvanced settings for Augmented SmartWatch app.Languages to latin supported:Russian/CyrillicGreekHebrewPolishCzechArabicRomanianGeorgianIf you want another language please send me aconversionchartlike ф->f, п->p etc. And I will add supportforadditionallanguages.