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Real-time weather forecasts
A free weather location app with daily forecasts,globalweather,clock weather
Weather Forecast
Weather forecast app with live weather radar map,real-timetemperature, widget!
Weather App - Daily Weather Forecast 1.2.3
☀️Weather App - Daily Weather Forecast is one of themosthelpfulweather applications to help you know how’s theweathertoday orthe weather tomorrow. Our weather applicationprovides thelatestweather news, real-time weather forecast,accurate hourly&7-day forecasts (up to 14 day in pro version),predictweatherinformation, on time weather alerts and moreadvancedfunctions. 🌥️Global weather forecast - By allowing our apptodetect location,you will get the latest weather information inyourcurrentlocation automatically. - Our weather app supports youtoseeweather update and weather report of any location in theworldex:United States weather, France weather, Germanyweather,UnitedKingdom weather, Japan weather,.. 🌧️ Accurateweatherinformation:- Detailed weather news: provide all informationofweather:weather temperature, Rainfall change, wind speedanddirection,hourly weather temperature.. in your location. -Moreweatherindex: includes atmospheric pressure,weather’scondition,visibility distance, relative humidity,precipitation indifferentunits, dewpoint, wind speed and direction.It’s alsodisplayweather index like precipitation, windchill, cloudcover,moonphase, humidity, UV Index.. - Realtime weather forecast:minutebyminute forecast that help you get the latest weatherforecastnews.- Determine automatically your location for weatherforecast.- Ontime weather notifications to update thelatestweatherinformation. - Clearly weather widget to showweatherinformationon your screen. 🌤️ Real time Weather Radar -Interactiveweatherglobal map: you can check radar map anywhere youwant -Diverseweather overlays: more convenient to viewweatherinformation aboutstorm path, wind, cloud cover, winddirection,temperature,lightning rain, river, ocean current,pressure. -Locally detailedforecast: show more local informationabouttemperature, rain,sunset, sunrise, wind, latitude, longitude…🌈Ourapp is freedownload on google play, we want to bring thebestexperience forusers. We hope you enjoy Weather App - DailyWeatherForecast. Ifyou have any suggestions or problems about ourweatherapp, pleasedon't hesitate to reach out us.We will try to doourbest toprovide the best weather forecast application.Yoursatisfactionwill inspire us to optimize product and servicebetterand better.Thank you very much!
Weather & Clock Widget Android
Weather & Clock Widget forAndroid,provides detailed current weather observation and weatherforecastfor all world locations, it searches for youraddressautomatically, and provides the current temperature inCelsius andFahrenheit. It also provides current weather condition,relativehumidity, atmospheric pressure, visibility distance,precipitationin different unites, ultraviolet Index (UV index), dewpoint, windspeed and direction, in addition to ten days futureforecast andhourly weather forecast. The app also provides sunriseand sunsettimes according to city time zone. You can also followmoon phasestatus for current hour and over 5 days forecast.The app includes many cool widgets, portrait and landscape mode.Thewidgets display current time clock, date, and batterylevelinformation with battery icon, calendar events in additiontoweather information and forecast.Weather & Clock Widget for Android supports a wide rangeofAndroid phones; it supports Android version 2.3 and higher.Features:- Supports Android version 2.3 and above.- Supports multiple screen resolution.- Searches for all cities in the world by country and city orzipcode.- Ability to set your internet source to WiFi only.- Ability to disable internet access from operators while you areinroaming.- Ability to set your preferred temperature unit, CelsiusorFahrenheit.- Automatic update intervals are: 15, 30 min, 1, 3, 6, 9, 12hoursand Manual update.- Automatic location detection by network and GPS.- Up to 10 different locations to follow weather andforecast.- Weather map with ability to add any city to your city list.- Notification alerts (with option to customize sound andvibrationor to disable it).- Current weather condition, hourly weather forecast and10-dayweather forecast.- Relative humidity percentage- Atmospheric pressure in many different units- Visibility distance in different units- Precipitation in different units- UV-Index- Dewpoint (Dew Point)- Wind speed and direction in different units- 10 days future forecast and hourly weather forecast.- Sunrise and Sunset times.- Displays temperature in status bar (Notification bar).- Shares weather and location information with friends.- Home screen widgets, 5x3, 5x2, 5x1 for large screen only and4x3,4x2, 4x1 and 2x1 for all screens.- Widgets display current time, date, and battery informationinaddition to weather information- Many fonts for clock and date- Widgets to display calendar events along withweatherforecast.- You can select multiple event calendar to events display onthewidget, including birthday calendar and holiday calendar.- Moon phase for current and next 5 days- Option to display weather forecast or moon phase onthewidgets- Supports Android Wear with wearable app version.- Light and Dark themes with different icon sets.- Ability to set custom background for dark theme.- All widgets are fully customizable and configurable.- Chart graphs for hourly weather forecast and dailyweatherforecast- Localized to most of the world languages.FAQ page: more information: us onFacebook:
Weather Forecast: Live Weather
Weather - Local weather forecast, weather daily &hourly,weather radar
Weather Forecast App Widget
A free weather location app with daily forecasts,globalweather,clock weather
Weather App - Weather Forecast
The weather app give you weather live forecast, local weatherradarand widget.
Local Weather - Weather Widget
Hourly weather forecast , real-time forecasts , fastestweatheralerts
weather forecast
weather channel with reliable daily forecasts, weather report
Weather Radar - Live Forecast
Accurate weather app with the live forecast, various widgetandradar maps.
Transparent clock and weather
Live weather widgets, hourly & daily forecasts, storm andrainmaps and alerts
Weather Forecast & Widgets
Weather forecast , desktop widgets ,hourly and dailyweatherinformation
Daily Weather: Live Radar, Forecast & Alerts
Weather channel widget brings to live local weather withaccurateforecast today
Weather Forecast
Weather forecast update real time, hourly and daily
Weather Live - Widgets & Radar
An accurate weather app that provides hourly weather anddailyweather.
Weather Live
Nuts Weather, your ideal choice for knowing weather forecast&weather radar
Weather Live - Radar & Widget
The weather app give you local weather forecast, real-timeradar,widgets.
Weather US
BVL Apps
Accurate weather forecasts for US, presented withspectacularanimations.
Weather Forecast - Rain Radar
Dreams Room
Weather Forecast app check weather easily with live weather radar
Weather timeline: Local radar
The latest weather timeline - the accurate weather forecast foryou.
Amber Weather&Radar Free
Get accurate weather info and daily&hourly forecastfromreliable data sources
Weather forecast & transparent clock widget
The most accurate live weather forecast app 2021. Windradar,customized widget
Weather Forecast - Weather Live & Weather Widgets 1.20.6
100% FREE APPLICATION This Weather Forecast app is a weatherchannelwhich has accurate weather info. Weather forecast, Weatherlive,Weather channel, Weather radar forecasts weather hourly &daily.The live weather forecast,one of the best choose for you!There aremany information in weather forecasts which includesatmosphericpressure, weather condition, relative humidity,visibility distance,precipitation in different unites, dew point,wind speed anddirection, hourly weather forecast, also in additionto ten daysfuture forecast. Real-Time temperature, humidity,pressure, windforce and wind direction are all in this weather appbased. What theweather forecast today? What the weather tomorrow?What the New Yorkweather? or local weather? Even or the nationalweather and theworld weather? What 10 day forecast?... Theaccurate weather app canprovide you a detailed weather forecastwherever you are! Useweather forecast, you will see weatherinformation update hourly andaccurately. Weather channel has a lotof features: 🌂Various weatherinformation: temperature, wind,humidity, dew point, pressure,sunrise, sunset 🌈All free. Hourly ordaily. We provide 25 days ofinformation: today's weather,tomorrow's weather... and weather for72 hours. 🌞 Add and trackweather conditions in many locations:United States, Portugal,Spain, Mexico, Finland, Norway, Russia,Japan, Korea, China,Australia, Canada, Brazil, English, Swedish,Danish, Italian,German, French, Portuguese, Vietnamese, ... 🌦️Weather forecastsfor all cities: Washington, New York, Beijing, LasVegas, Seoul,California, San Francisco, Texas, Georgia, Florida,Ottawa, LosAngeles, Hawaii, Toronto, Dallas, London, Rome , Madrid,Oslo,Paris, Marseille, Rennes, Reims, Chamonix, Lyon, Metz,Grenoble,Strasbourg, Berlin, Tokyo, Singapore, Hong Kong, Hanoi ...Detailedweather news: provide all information of weather:weathertemperature, Rainfall change, wind speed and direction,hourlyweather temperature.. in your location. ⛅Temperature:switchbetween Celsius and Fahrenheit 🌙Sunset and Sunrise times.☔️Weatherwidgets and continuous notification, multiple locations onwidget.🏆 Chart graphs for hourly weather forecast and dailyweatherforecast Enjoy the perfect and accurate weatherforecastapplication by downloading and experiencing it now Pleasesend anyquestions to the email: [email protected]
Weather Forecast - Weather app
Simple local weather app with accurate weather forecast &severeweather alert
3D Sense Clock & Weather
3D Sense Clock & World Weather is a fullfeatured,fullycustomizable digital clock and weather forecastapplication.Thewidget features the following: - Several widgetskins tochoosefrom - Different weather icon skins - Different fontsfor thetime- Display the next alarm, next calendar event and weeknumberonthe widget (optional) - Several widget hotspots (most ofthemcanbe user defined to launch specific applications)-Automaticlocation (from cell/wifi or GPS) or manual -Automaticweatherupdate interval (30 min, 1, 2, 4, 6, 8 hours) ormanual -Detailedcurrent weather forecast display that includesthefollowing: -Local time (for current location) - Sunrise andsunsettime forcurrent location - Humidity, pressure, chance ofrain, dewpoint,visibility, UV index and wind conditions -Currentcondition,temperature, low and high temperatures - Lastweatherupdate time -Background according to the weather conditionandday/night -Optional display of the current moon phase - 24hourlyweatherforecast - 24 hourly wind forecast - 7 day futureforecast -Futureforecast details (sunrise, sunset, moon phase,wind, humidityandchance of rain - Weather alerts (get notified forselectedupcomingweather conditions) - World weather: Choose todisplayweatherinformation for up to 10 different locationsworldwideTheapplication is localized in the followinglanguages:Afrikaans,‎العربية‎, български, Bahasa Indonesia, বাংলা,Català, 中文(简体), 中文(繁體), Hrvatski, Čeština, Dansk, Nederlands,Suomi,Français,Deutsch, Ελληνικά, , ‎עברית‎, Magyar, Italiano,한국어,Lietuvių,македонски, Norsk, Polski, Português(Brazil),Português(Portugal), Română, русский, Српски (Ћирилица),Srpski(Latinica),Slovenčina, Slovenščina, Español (Spain), Svenska,ไทย,Türkçe,Українська, Tiếng Việt Please report anyproblems,suggestions orrequests via e-mail
Weather: Live radar & widgets
A weather app with accurate weather forecast, local weatherlive,radar & widget
Weather Live - Widget & Alerts
Real-time weather broadcast ,Weather information accurate tothehour
Weather Forecast - Widget Live
Weather forecast app that shows the approach of rain cloudsandtyphoons
Weather forecast - Weather & Weather radar 2.3.8
☀️ Weather is excellent, easy app, it updating with theweatherreport. 🌈 How is the weather forecast for today? What istheweather tomorrow? Weather forecast is one of the mostusefulweather apps that provides detailed weather forecastsincludingdaily, hourly weather and more. With this app, the weatherforecastwill be updated accurately every hour. ☀️ Weather providesdetailedcurrent weather forecast and weather observation for allworldlocations, Weather forecast searches for youraddressautomatically, and provides the current temperature inCelsius andFahrenheit, sunrise and sunset times according to citytime zone.🌤️ Weather forecast also provides current atmosphericpressure,weather condition, visibility distance, relativehumidity,precipitation in different unites, dew point, wind speedanddirection, in addition to ten days future forecast andhourlyweather forecast. Realtime temperature, humidity, pressure,windforce and wind direction are all in this weather app basedonweather.. 🌊【Main features of Weather forecast app】: -Hourly,daily,today and tomorrow weather forecasts. -Weathernotification:Real-time weather notification with accurate weatherinformation.-Various weather information: temperature, wind,humidity, dewpoint, precipitation, visibility, pressure, sunrise,sunset -Viewweather forecasts for multiple locations. -Option toadd locationmanually. Automatic location detection by network andGPS, updateweather today at my location. -Temperature: Switchbetween Celsiusand Fahrenheit. - 7 days future forecast, currentweatherconditions, hourly weather forecast. -Atmospheric pressureof manydifferent units. -Different units of wind speed anddirection.-Sunset and sunrise times. 🌨️【More Features of weatherand weatherradar 】: -Weather radar map: You can see detailedinformation ofthe weather map. -Weather widget: A clear weatherwidget thatdisplays weather information on the screen. -Weathersupportsgeo-positioning, retrieving the latest weather report foryourcurrent location. -Add and track weather report inmultiplelocations -Animated weather conditions-See how the weathercomes tolife! -You can allow and disable notifications. -Weatherforecastin 14 days and 48 hours. -Share the weather andlocationinformation with your friends. -Display weather forecast ormoonphases -Localized to most languages ​​around the world. -Hourlyanddaily weather forecast graphs. -Today weather news: Generalweatherforecast information. If you have any questions or commentsaboutthe weather forecast app, [email protected]
Weather Forecast
Remarkable weather forecast app, update real-time, hourly anddailyweather
Weather app will forecast thunderstorm, rainy, snowfall
Beautiful, accurate and animated weather.
Weather Wow 102
Weather Wow is a beautiful, clean and easy to understandweatherapp. Check the weather for today, the weather forecast fortomorrowand the next 14 days. The weather is gorgeously animated.Seerealistic rain, snow or thunderstorm weather animations, sunraysfor clear days, the moon’s glow and the stars at night,movingclouds and more weather animations. They all reflect theweathermaking it come alive. The Weather app is using WetterOnlineas aweather data provider, which gives hyper-accuratewhereverforecasts. WEATHER WOW FEATURES ● Animated weather ●Accuratecurrent weather conditions ● Extended 14 days forecast ●Hourlytemperature graph for today and tomorrow ● Hourlyprecipitationchance and volume ● Hourly wind speed ● Pressure,sunrise/sunset,UV index, humidity ● Automatically detects yourlocation andretrieves accurate weather conditions for your currentlocation. ●Track weather conditions for all your favorite citiesanddestinations. ● The app and the weather data is available inover40 languages.
Daily Weather
Know the weather earlier.
World Weather
Weather reports for the entire world;16-day forecasts, rainradar,alerts
Local Weather Forecast
Tools Dev
Accurate Local Weather Forecast, let you easily understandthenearby weather!
weather 8.6.8
Weather forecast app is a weather channel or weathernetworkwhichforecast weather today, weather tomorrow, weather of 7daysinfuture. Weather information or weather report isveryimportant.Nowadays we can see weather today, weather tomorrowbywatching TV,surft web on Computer or Mobile phone. It isreallyconvenient ifyou have weather app in your phone. With areliableweather channelor weather app on your hand, You can answerthequestion "what isweather today, what is weather tomorrow?"veryquickly. This makeyour life more confortable with suitableplan.Weather forecast appgive you many weather information.Weathertoday will be updatedhourly, it is realtime. Weather todayisreported with 24 hours.Weather forecast app also has aweatherreport on weather tomorrow,also 7 days weather forecastWeatherforecast detect your locationautomatically. Your localweather willdisplay in some seconds. Youalso can see weather ofmany places onthe world. If you are in NewYork, You can see Londonweather, Parisweather, San Franciscoweather, Houston weather...Weather channelapp is very easy touse. Please open app, enable dataservice (Wifior 3G/4G network)then you receive the weatherforecasts in yourlocal location. Thenweather report providescurrent weatherforecast, weatherobservation for all worldlocations, Weatherforecast searches foryour address automatically,you can choosetemperature unit isCelsius or Fahrenheit. There aremanyinformation in weatherforcasts which includes atmosphericpressure,weather condition,visibility distance, relativehumidity,precipitation in differentunites, dew point, wind speedanddirection, in addition to tendays future forecast, alsohourlyweather forecast. Realtimetemperature, humidity, pressure,windforce and wind direction areall in this weather app based.Weatherchannel has a lot offeatures: - Free Weather channel,weathernetwork. Availableeverywhere if you have data network (Wifi,3G/4Gnetwork). - Seeweather of any places ex: London weather,Parisweather, SanFrancisco weather, Houston weather... You justneed tosearch forthe place you want and add to location list. Thenpick upthatlocation weather anytime. - Forecast manyweatherinformation.Displays all information of weather: locationtime,temperature,atmospheric pressure, weather condition,visibilitydistance,relative humidity, precipitation in differentunites, dewpoint,wind speed and direction This weather and climateapp offersdailyweather, hourly weather forecasts and monthlyweatherforecasts.Meanwhile, it also provides interstate travelweatherforecasts andforecast weather and wind. - Today, tomorrow, 3dayslater, 7 dayslater. Weather for today, tomorrow’s weather, …hourlyweather ineach hour. - Automatic location detection bynetwork orGPS. - Addand track the weather reports in multiplelocationsplease downloadweather forecast app, you have weatherchannel onyour mobile. Youhave weather today information, weathertomorrowinformation onyour hand.
Weather app
The weather channel, tiempo weather forecast, weather radar&weather map
Apex Weather
⛅A free weather location app with daily forecasts,globalweather,clock weather
Weather Live Wallpaper
Fall in love with nature, see forecast in landscapes.Сlimatewallpapers here!
Weather Forecast: Alert&Widget
1 Bit
Live Weather Forecast app with acu weather radar, weatheralert& weather widget
Digital Clock & World Weather
Local weather forecasts and a 4x2 digital homescreen widget
Animated and accurate weather forecast
Weather Forecast
Weather forecast, weather radar for today, tomorrow & next7days
Sense Flip Clock & Weather
Local and international weather forecasts and flip clock widgets
Daily weather forecast
Daily weather forecast is weather app!
Weather Live Free
Apalon Apps
Check the weather around you and all overtheworld at a glance.Rely on the accurate weather forecast and adjust your scheduletothe weather coming in. You won’t even have to look out thewindowas the app will make you feel like you are alreadyoutside!Weather is sometimes difficult to predict. This accurate weatherappallows to find out a detailed forecast wherever you are, foranytime of the day or for the next 7 days just by tapping ontheicons:- Current and “Feels like” temperature- Wind speed and direction- Pressure and precipitation information- Sunrise/sunset time- Weather Radar & Rain mapsand other useful weather data accompanied by live animationsandgraphics.You can easily switch between detailed or compact layout togetweather information that is relevant for you.In addition, you can check weather forecast even without openingtheapp. A visually appealing widget is easily integrated intoyourscreen. Choose a detailed full-size widget or keep your homescreenas clean as possible with just the essentialweatherinformation.A clear and simple live weather app will show you everythingyouneed to know about the weather in any part of the world rightonthe screen of your device.Enjoy the perfect balance of beautiful pixels and accurateweatherforecast!AdChoices:
Local Weather
Rain Kings
Let you track weather information anytime, anywhere.
Weather - Accurate Weather App
The most accurate Weather app, hourly and daily forecasts,severeweather alerts
Weather Forecast - Live Weather Radar & Widgets
Get accurate today and tomorrow weather report 🌦 for youroutdooractivities.