Top 18 Apps Similar to Blist - Block calls and texts

Hide Text SMS & Calls 2.1.0
Communicate on the down-low! Keep your text messages privatewiththis text hide app.Text Hider Plus is a free secret vault for SMS/MMS, calls,photosand moreHide SMS and MMS text messages, hide photos, hide phonelogs!* * * Now supports KitKat devices! * * *How to get started:1. Hider Plus will appear on your device as "Batter Plus" toensureyour privacy.2. After downloading, look for “Battery Plus” with a greenbatteryicon in your WIDGETS. This is Hider Plus.3. Press the icon and move it to your home screen.4. Open the Battery Plus icon. A "Battery Information" screenwillpop up. Long tap on the battery image.5. You will be asked to set a PIN, and you will use it each timeyouopen the app.What can you hide?• SMS text messages• Contacts• Files of any type• Phone logsIn addition, you can transfer or copy any files in fromyourgallery into a Hide It file.Hider Plus will NOT block incoming calls nor will it hidethecaller ID. However, once you set contacts in the hide app,calllogs and text logs from those people will appear only intheapp.Additional features:• The safe browser never stores history, cache, cookies, etc.• The app automatically closes if you shake it• The camera lets you take a photo and keep it privatePlease rate our app in the Google Play store.This app contains paid ads that link to third parties.We are operated by SplashPad Mobile, a top Android appdeveloper.Your app experience is important to us. If you encounteranyproblems or issues, email [email protected] direct response.
Call reject - Call Blocker 3.1
Eden INC
Call Filter and SMS Block. Thismagnificentapplication is your solution if you are tired ofunwanted calls andSMS it gives you the possibility of managing ablacklist with allthe contacts and unknow phone numbers that youwant to block.HOW TO BLOCK CALLS : Call reject is very easy to use all you havetodo is to click on “+” and add all the numbers and contacts thatyouwant to block to Blacklist, you can also move theme toWhitelist ifyou want them to be able to contact you again.== Features of Call Blocker & SMS Filter ==► BLOCK UNWANTED CALLS and SMS : when you move a contact or aunknownumber to blacklist this person won’t be able to call orsend SMS orMMS or a message to you anymore.► Get Notification: when a blocked call is trying to cal you► Blocking all incoming calls: even from others platforms► BLOCK Temporary a contact: you can block temporary a personandshe will to be able to reach you until YOU want to.► ADD rejected call from your phone inventory► Block all sort of text & phones: you can deny and stop allSMSMMS message Phone number from any country== Advantages of SMS filter & Block Calls ==Light : takes very little space on your PhoneEasy to useDoes not consume memory or RAMTired of unwanted calls and SMS? Are you searching for asolutionto these problems? This is your solution
Call block [block call or sms] 3.11.2
""Call block"" is a free full-featured apptoblock harassing phone calls and SMS for you. And we've detailedthemethods of blocking, you can stop calls or SMS from thesamenumber. This app will be a good help to avoid harassment whenyouat work, meetings, driving, rest, but yet remain grace.Compared with the same type of apps, there are no difficultsettingsor complicated operations in ""call block"". We offer youa dynamicdesigned main interface, so you can get to know yourblocking modeinstead of getting into the settings.We offer four block modes, the dynamic interface willchangeautomatically, so you can know the current mode easily (blockmodesavailable: Block all, Block blacklists only,Accept whitelistsonly,Accept contacts only)This app also provides answering modes. There are four modes:Poweroff, Busy, No service, The number is not in service. (Onlyfeaturedin Simplified Chinese version)There is a general switch that you can change blocking modetonon-blocking mode immediately without getting intothesettings.* All calls from the blocking number list will be blocked. Youcancheck details in call block record.* All SMS from the blocking number list will be blocked. Youcancheck details in SMS block record.* Add numbers into black and white lists here. You can choosetoblock both or either of calls and SMS from Blacklist. The callsandSMS from numbers in Whitelist are defaulted unblocked, but youcanmodify as you want. The block rules can be modified inblockmode.* One column is call block record where the information ofblockedcalls will be displayed here, you can delete the records.The othercolumn is SMS block record where the information ofblocked SMSwill be displayed here, you can delete therecords.* The Simplified Chinese version has one more feature whichallowsthe user to select answering modes. There are fourmodes:Poweroff,Busy,No service,The number is not in service.* When block occurs,an icon will notify you on the taskbar. Touchtocheck block information.Your suggestions and requests would be highly appreciated,pleasemake comments on market review or send email to us.
Block-Spam - Blacklistcall 13.4.0
Blacklist CALL app. Free and very easy to use, Blacklistcallistheworld’s most powerful and intuitive telephone firewallapp,givingyou complete control over who can phone you whileprotectingyoufrom nuisance calls. Control all phoneblockingfeaturescentralized in the same page. FEATURES: * BlockSPAMnumbers frombeing able to contact you ever again: BlockSPAMnumbers that otherusers identified as annoying phonenumbers.Blacklistcallapplication will automatically block it assoon a SPAMnumberphones you! * Alerts you when SPAM number phonesyouindicatingthat the incoming call could be SPAM. * Block SMStextmessages aswell as calls. (Feature not available forAndroidVersion 4.4 orhigher). * Automatically hang up on unwantedcallersadded in theblacklist. * Turn an unknown caller to silent. *Blockall hiddenor restricted numbers. * Possibility to only allowcallsfromauthorized contacts. * Possibility to send anauto-replymessageafter a rejected call. * Lock numbers duringcertain timesof dayconfigured by you. * Simple to setup and use, soanyone caneasilyhave control of their privacy. *Absolutelly free.Noin-apppurchases. PRIVACY Unsolicited calls fromtelemarketers,spammers,fraudulent companies and unwanted peoplearen’t just anirritation;they can cause genuine distress, fear anddanger. Butyou spend alot of money owning a smartphone. WithBlacklistcallinstalled, youwill increase your privacy. NUISANCECALLS Telecomcompanies andgovernment agencies around the worldreceive thousandsuponthousands of complaints about nuisance callsevery week,andthere’s little or nothing they can do to combatthisseriousproblem. Your best line of defense begins right herewiththis app,and your phone. GIVING YOU BACK CONTROL ByinstallingBlacklistcallyou take back full control of your privacywithoutsacrificing theprimary reason for owning a smartphone; beingableto talk topeople. Take a look at how the Blacklistcall firewallappputs youback in charge of your connected life. Blacklistcallhasbeenextensively tested, is very lightweight so it won’taffectyoursmartphone usage, and is trusted by over 500,000smartphoneusersaround the world. You wouldn’t leave yourcomputerunprotected, sodon’t let your smartphone be a victim tonuisancecalls any longer.Join the Blacklistcall community today,and takeback control.
Text Message Creator 6.12
Text Message Creator is a chat conversation maker used byover5Million people around the Globe! It lets you createchatstories& conversations with anyone you want. Withmultiplethemes tochoose from you can make your sms conversationlooksuperrealistic. Ideal for Funny Text Message ConversationsWithTextMessage Creator you can create funny SMS conversationsandsharethem with your friends by taking a screenshot. Useyourcreativityto generate the funniest chat conversationsthatguarantee to makeeveryone laugh. Make your stories come tolifewith video Discovera new perspective to narrate your story.Exportyour chat story toa video and watch your conversation playout andcome to life. Wantto take your friendly pranks to the nextlevel?Text MessageCreator allows you to attach images to yourSMSmessages (MMS).This works both for sent and receivedmessages.Friendly PranksWant to play a friendly April’s Fool prank?Use TextMessageCreator to create the ultimate prank fakeconversation. Havealaugh with your family or friends by showingthem yourrealisticsms chat. Just remember to to play it fair!MultipleThemes TextMessage Creator allows you to show yourchatconversation indifferent themes to make it more realistic.Justswipe right orleft to switch themes, and Text Message Creatorwillkeep your sameconversation saved. Creating SMS andchatconversations is supereasy with Text Message Creator. Tryit!Formerly known as Fake TextMessage
Block SMS | Block Call | SMS 2.2
SMS And Call Blocker makes it easy to block calls and SMSs,reverselookup phone numbers .Features:- Easy to add a phone number from Contacts List , Call LogintoBlacklist.- Block calls and SMSs from one person.- Stop telemarketers and debt collectors before they wasteyourtime.- Automatically intercept calls and SMSs fromprivate/unknownnumbers.- Call blocked history , SMS blocked history.- Block calls or SMSs if phone number of sender is less than'x'characters . Ex: 8755,8533,...--> less than 5characters.----------------------Update13/12/2013---------------------------------- Change background- add feature : reply sms and call in call log list , smsloglistAny questions?you can send a note to [email protected],andwe’ll get back to you quickly.
Block Call and SMS 1.0.2
Do you receive so many annoyed andunwantedcalls and SMS? then no more headache. download and installthis appto make your life free of all annoyed calls and SMS.Block Call and SMS application blocks your unwanted calls andSMStext messages with blacklist.Block Call and SMS application is the best and very effective apptoeasily block unwanted calls or text messages.You can review your blocked phone calls and blocked SMShistoryanytime in the blocking log without having to worry aboutmissingimportant calls or messages.Features:- Adding numbers to blacklist and whitelist from contacts,logs,messages and adding manually number and then block thesenumbers byselecting different blocking modes- Block private numbers- Different blocking modes- Accept all calls and SMS ( short messages )- Block all calls and SMS from black list- Accept calls and SMS only from whitelist- Accept calls and SMS from whitelist and contactAdvantages:- Fast call and SMS blocker- Easy to use- Does not consume extra memory or CPU resources.We are working hard to provide the best apps in the marketthatare the essintial parts of our life. Let us know from yourreviews,so that we keep providing quality products and help us byhighestrating stars and nice reviews
Calls And SMS Blocker 1.0.1
Calls And SMS Blocker blocks unwantedcalls& Short text messages with blacklist.or Receive only calls from those you trust the most withputtingthose contacts in White list.Have you ever wondered how to block those annoyed phone callsandmessages ?Now this Calls And SMS Blocker will give you a peaceful life.Calls And SMS Blocker is the most effective app to easilyblockunwanted calls or text messages.You can review your blocked phone calls and blocked SMShistoryanytime in the blocking log without having to worry aboutmissingimportant calls or messages.Features:* Adding phone numbers to blacklist or white list fromcontacts,call logs, messages and adding manually number and thenblock thesenumbers by selecting different blocking modes* Block private numbers* Different blocking modes- Accept all calls and SMS ( short messages )- Block all calls and SMS from black list- Accept calls and SMS only from white list- Accept calls and SMS from white list and contactAdvantages:* Fast call and SMS blocker* Lightweight and fast working.* Easy to use* Does not consume extra memory or CPU resources.Your reviews will be importantly noticed, so that we keepprovidingquality products and help us by highest rating stars andnicereviews.
Call Blocker - Call Blacklist 1.7
Call Blocker: Block unwanted calls &SMStext messages with blacklistHave you ever wondered how to block those annoyed phone callsandSMS? Now Call Blocker can give you a peace.Call Blocker is the most effective app to easily blockunwantedcalls or texts. You can review your blocking historyanytime in theblocking log without having to worry about missingimportant callsor messages.-- Advantages of Call Blocker --Lightweight and easy to useLow power and CPU consumption-- Features of Call Blocker --► BLOCK UNWANTED CALLS and SMS+ Blocking mode: Block all from blacklist, Block all newnumbersexcept contacts, Accept all.► PERSONAL BLACKLIST+ Blacklist: Calls and SMS from blacklisted numbers willbeblocked.► HOW TO BLOCK CALLS+ Two ways to deal with blocked calls: Hang up, Hang up and sendatext (not for blacklist), Users can edit the text templates.► NOTIFICATIONS AFTER BLOCKING+ Notification of blocked calls and SMS.► PASSWORD PROTECTED+ More security-- Note --If you want to go back to use the old version, please send [email protected] you for your understanding and support!
SMS and Call Blocker 2.1.0
Enables you to hide SMS from your lovedonesand block unwanted calls. Call blocker and SMS filter.Thisapplication both blocks unwanted calls and SMS, and helpsmanage ablacklist. Easy and lightweight, it does not consume any ofyourdevice's battery power. If you are looking for a call blockerorSMS spam filter, this application is what you need.SMS and Call Blocker makes it easy to block calls and SMSs,reverselookup phone numbers.Features:- Easy to add a phone number from Contacts List , Call LogintoBlacklist.- Block calls and SMSs from one person.- Stop telemarketers and debt collectors before they wasteyourtime.- Automatically intercept calls and SMSs fromprivate/unknownnumbers.- Call blocked history, SMS blocked history.Advantages:- Robust call blocker.- Works on all devices.- Easy to use.- Lightweight and robust.- Does not consume memory or CPU resources.Features:- Numbers blacklist (blocking incoming calls and SMS).- Blocked calls and SMS journal.- Blocking anonymous (private) numbers.- Blocking all incoming calls.- Blocking all incoming SMS.- Notification of blocked calls and SMS (can be disabled inthesettings).And it's totally FREE!
Bloqueador de Chamadas DDD 1.0.2
*Em android 6.0 verificar Em configurações-> aplicativos - > bloqueador de chamadas DDD ->permissões, e verifique se está habilitada a permissão parauso.* Pode não ser compatíveis com aparelhos com mais de um chipsim.Em aparelhos com essa característica o aplicativo poderáfuncionarsomente no chip um.* Não avalie o aplicativo se ele não funcionar em seuaparelho,mais abaixo avisamos quais aparelhos não podem sercompatíveis,devido as fragmentações do Android sabemos que nemtodos osaparelhos são compatíveis com o aplicativo. Nos envie umemail [email protected] que possamos ajudar vocêcomproblemas.* Não avalie o aplicativo por não ter funcionalidades alémdasoferecidas por ele. Novas funcionalidades vão ser implementadasevocê terá oportunidade de avaliá-las.* O Android mata serviços em segundo plano quando necessitademais memória(aplicativos pessados, jogos ou celulares combaixodesempenho) podendo causar o sintoma de as vezes bloqueia, asvezesnão. Ainda é possível que o celular toque um ou doissegundosdependendo do desempenho do aparelho ou dependendo dastarefas queaparelho esteja fazendo.Aplicativo leve e simples, não consome muito espaço, nemmuitamemória.Este aplicativo oferece o bloqueio de recebimento dechamadasfiltrado pelo DDD. Se você recebe ligações indesejadas deoutrosDDD, ligações de cobrança de dívidas, ligações inoportunas detelevendas este aplicativo lhe ajudará. Lembrando que esteaplicativo ésomente para bloquear chamadas por DDD. Novasfuncionalidadespoderão ser adicionadas futuramente.O aplicativo possui histórico das ligações bloqueadasparaconsulta com o número bloqueado, data e horário dobloqueio.- Versão sem propagandas.- Histórico de ligações bloqueadas.- Notificação ao bloquear chamada.- Bloqueio por DDD.Pode ser não compatível com:* Alguns aparelhos Xperia ou que tenhamdialerspersonalizados.* Aparelhos dual sim ou com mais de um chipBloqueio de chamadas, bloqueador de chamadas, bloqueio deDDD,boqueador DDD, bloqueio de ligações, bloqueio de ligaçõesDDD.* In android 6.0 checkinSettings -> Applications -> DDD call blocker->permissions, and make sure it is enabled permission to use.* May not be compatible with devices with more than one chipyes.In devices with this feature the application can run on thechipone.* Do not assess the application if it does not work onyourdevice, below which advise devices may not be compatible,becauseof Android fragmentation we know that not all devicesarecompatible with the application. Send us an [email protected] we can help you with problems.* Do not evaluate the application for not having featuresbeyondthose offered by it. New features will be implemented and youhavethe opportunity to evaluate them.* Android kills background services when you need morememory(pessados ​​applications, games or mobile phones withlowperformance) may cause the time of symptom blocks, sometimesnot.It is still possible that the phone touch one or twosecondsdepending on the machine performance or depending on thedevicethat tasks are doing.light and simple application, does not consume much space,nottoo much memory.This application offers the call receive blocking filteredbyDDD. If you receive unwanted calls from other DDD, debtcollectioncalls, nuisance calls tele sales this app will helpyou.Remembering that this application is only to block calls byDDD.New features will be added in the future.The application has a history of blocked calls forconsultationwith the blocked number, date and time of blocking.- Version without advertisements.- History of blocked connections.- Notification by blocking call.- Lock DDD.It can not be compatible with* Some Xperia devices or have custom dialers.* Dual devices yes or with more than one chipcall blocking, call blocker, DDD lock, boqueador DDD,blockingcalls, DDD lock.
Block unwanted call and sms 2.0.2
blocks unwanted calls and protectsyourprivacy. Now with better developed features, you don’t havetoworry about privacy leakage.You can easily block annoying calls from people you don’t knoworpeople you know but do not want to talk to. Unwanted incomingcallsare automatically silently sent to voice mail when blocked.Anotification Icon is displayed when a call is blocked so youcanquickly see if any calls have been blocked.One of the very best call blocker apps for AndroidAutomatically intercept calls and texts from private andunknownnumbersStop telemarketers, debt collector and sales people fromwastingyour time.Add Spam Numbers to be blocked directly or with one click fromyourphone call historyAutomatically hangup on or send calls to voice mail.- Block unwanted calls with a Black list- Block Individual numbers from Contacts- Block Individual phone numbers from Android call log- Block Custom phone numbers by range- Block all unknown number (not in your Androidphonecontacts)- Block all calls- Block no callsAlso blocks incoming text messages using the same rulesasincoming calls.TESTED ON DEVICES:- Samsung Galaxy Pop- Samsung Galaxy S3- Samsung Galaxy S2- Samsung Galaxy Ace- Samsung Galaxy Fit- Sony XPERIA Arc- HTC Tattoo- KarbonNOTE : Installing other call/text blocking apps such as:CallBlocker, Easy Filer Call Blocker & SMS, Call Filter,Mr.Number, Call Control, Truecaller, WhosCall, Phone SpamBlocker,Phone Number & Caller Location, PrivacyStar orBlacklist onyour phone with this app together may make your phoneunstable orcause potential conflict.KEYWORDS: call block - call blocker - call filter - reject call-stop incoming call - unwanted call - unwanted number - ignorecall -blocker - truecaller - directory - telemarketer - texts -caller -number - incoming - identity - phone - text - from - Blockcalls -Block Calls - block calls - number - landlines - intercept- spam -voicemail - debt - communications - whos - harassment -blacklist -whitelist - App Update - lookups - control - blocking -offender -hangup - blocking - call - calling - registry - calls -messages -protection - verizone - identity - numbers
Call Blocker & more Tools 2.1.0
Advanced Call blocker, Fake call manager, Call logs hide,Callconfirm and Caller location. ALL-IN-ONE!This brilliant app is ‘Swiss Army Knife’ for your callfunctions.From the developer of #1 SMS blocking app on android(smsBlocker byOptinno), this app is a must for you if you arelooking to get ridof the pesky callers, get excused from boringmeetings and keep yourprivate call logs untraceable from thespying eyes.Features-✔ Block calls based on number✔ Block calls based on series (starts with or ends with)✔ Block call silently✔ Fake call with customizable name & number✔ Single click fake call✔ Deceptive fake call widget shown as RAM when on homescreen.Clicking on it shows that ‘RAM cleared’ but the fake call issetautomatically.✔ Hide call log✔ Call confirm prompt pop up with customizable settings✔ Caller location (for India)✔ Insanely simple UI✔ Most easy to usePro features-✔ Blocked call auto delete history✔ SMS auto response to blocked caller✔ Completely block unknown numbers✔ Option to show fake call entry in phone logs✔ Customizable time scheduling for fake call✔ Upto 5 numbers to hide call logs✔ No ads✔ Priority SupportIf you are facing any issue or have feature request, pleasewriteto us on ‘[email protected]’.Ref: call blocker, fake call, hide call logs, callconfirm,caller location, trace location, block unwanted calls,mobilesecurity, Optinno, mobile privacy, secret vault
SMS Blocker & Privacy Manager 1.0
ItCato Ltd
Q. Tired of unwanted texts?Q. Want privacy on your messages?Answer Is:SBPM SMS Blocker and Privacy Manager.No more teasing, no more disturbance any more, just add theunwantednumbers in the list and you will not begetting a singletext fromthem again in your inbox …NOT only this, but PRIVACY is what you asked for too. So hereyougo, this message blocker is giving you the privacy on messagesaswell.This privacy on texts is not the only thing here we aretalkingabout. Blocking the texts facility is also here, blocker fortextsas the blocker app, in itself. You want a text app here it isyourtext and message app. Message lock is the feature on this bestapp.Message locker it is along with message sender to your numbersyouwant to send with contacts you want to connect and talk to.Automessage sender is its future work too, of course it is yourfreemessage sender because it will not require your extra cash justtheSMS package is what you need. It is a, message privacy box afineterm to represent this amazing app. Message lock andmessageprivacy including FREE message sender all in one androidSPBMSMSBlocker and PrivacyManager.Now the message tones will not disturb your sleep, add thecontactnumber in the message blocker list and you will be neverdisturbedagain, and whenever you feel right to remove the numberyou arefree to go. And then the best feature you can reply theblocked andprivate number from this same app so this messagesending app ismaking your work easier.It is the top best messaging app, blocker app and privacy appof2015 .it is FREE to you and it will help you to ease yourlife.Girls can use it to avoid the people texts which they don’twantFeatures:Providing you a list to add all the numbers there and you won’tbegetting their messages in the inbox.Blocked messages will be displayed in personal list provided inthismessage blocker along with their sender’s number andname.If you don’t want, if you don’t allow!! They will never get toyourpersonal messages, app locker is there to guard yourprivacy.A code based Authorization feature is there to help you.The texts from selected private numbers will be in privatelistalong with sender’s number and name.“Easy to handle, easy to use, friendly interaction and an easetoyour worries that’s all folks!!!”Can send message easily from this same app on the numbers thatareblocked and are private.
Remote Phone
Remote Phone is the best way to manageyourAndroid device from any browser directlyfrom GENERAL #Remote Phone requires a Dropbox account, if you don't haveone,registerhere your 500 Mb extra space for free!A new way to interact with your smartphone has born! Calllog,contacts, texts, device position, battery status... will benowavailable just for you on any computer or otherportabledevice.Sitting in front of your browser, you can text, change theringingsettings (*), send an alarm beep, start a phone call, setyourwi-fi and bluetooth services (*), make your phone speaking(*)...use your smartphone even though far from your hands.We use your Dropbox account for a recurrent back-up of all datainyour phone; it will be available anytime, even with yoursmartphoneoff.Don't panic anymore if you loose your smartphone: RemotePhoneallows you to block your device with a PIN, as well as takeapicture, start audio recording, locate and wipe it (*).We are really concerned with your privacy. You only have yourdata!All data are transmitted over a SSL channel; all data arestored onyour Dropbox account only.# FAQ #Q: I got an error message while uninstalling the app: why?A: All apps requiring device administrator permission cannotbeuninstalled. Please disable this option in the menubeforeuninstalling RemotePhone.Q: I purchased the full version, but I do not receive eventsfromRemote Phone.A: Open the app and select "Restore purchase". If the paymentwascorrectly processed, this option will not beclickableanymore.Q: I signed up for my Dropbox account through the link inhomepage:how do I get the extra 500MB of space?A: The extra space will be recognized when you completetheactivation of your account by installing the Dropbox applicationonyour computer.(*) Some operations require the payment of the full version.
Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus & AppLock
Kaspersky Lab
Free antivirus and phone securitysolutionfor Android™ devices by Kaspersky LabKaspersky Internet Security for Android is aFREE-to-downloadantivirus solution to help keep phones and tablets– that can beeven more vulnerable than your computer – as well asyour privateinformation secure from online dangers. Our new AppLock featurealso protects personal data from prying eyes.Product features► Background check - scans for viruses, spywareandTrojans► Antivirus protection - acts as a virus cleaner&automatically blocks malware from phones & tablets► App Lock - lets you add a secret code to accessyourprivate messages, photos and more► Find my phone - tracks & finds your Android phoneortablet if it’s lost or stolen► Anti-Theft - protects vulnerable personal informationfromprying eyes► Anti-Phishing - keeps your financial informationsecurewhile shopping & banking online► Call blocker - blacklist unwanted phone calls andtext/spammessages► Web filter - filter out dangerous links & siteswhilesurfing the WebKaspersky Internet Security for Android includes:★ Antivirus protectionOur antivirus for Android scans downloaded apps for virusesandother infections using a background check to give youprofoundvirus protection & keep your devices secure againstdigitalthreats. After detecting malware, the phone security appacts as avirus cleaner by blocking viruses and dangerous apps,links andfiles.★ App LockOur App Lock feature protects private communication &financialswith a secret code to access confidential apps you haveselected andhides sensitive data (messages, photos, files andmore) on yourdevice from wrong hands.*★ Find my phoneKaspersky Internet Security for Android helps you track andfindyour lost phone or tablet. You can turn on an alarm on thedeviceremotely, lock and locate your phone, wipe personalinformation(messages, photos and videos) and take a mugshot of thepersonusing your device if it’s stolen.★ Vulnerable personal data, privacy protectionOur solution for Android helps protect privacy and defendagainstidentity theft. Hide your contacts, phone calls and textmessagesfrom prying eyes, protect vulnerable personal informationandcontrol what others can see if they pick up your device.*★ Unwanted calls and SMS blockingIt includes a tool to blacklist unwanted calls, messages and spamonAndroid devices. You can set filtering rules for incoming callsandSMS texts, add unsolicited contacts to a blacklist, block SMStextswith ads and detect spam from non-numeric numbers.★ Blocking dangerous sites and links during WebsurfingOur powerful antivirus for Android protects your devicefromInternet threats while you are surfing the Web - byblockingphishing and other dangerous links.* That’s why we grantyouprofound virus protection & help keep your vulnerablefinancialdata and privacy secure while making purchasesonline.★ Support of Android Wear to control yoursecuritystatusUsing voice control you can activate the ‘Find my phone’function,run a scan for viruses and other threats, get protectionstatusupdates.* Functionality is available only in Premium version.This app uses the Device Administrator permission.
TrapCall: Unmask Blocked & Private Numbers 6.8
If you are being harassed by blocked calls fromprivatenumbers,TrapCall will solve your problem. With TrapCall, youcantake backyour privacy and find out exactly who called fromaprivate,blocked, unknown, and restricted number. Downloadingandsigning upfor TrapCall not only helps you unmask privatenumbers,it alsogives you freedom from phone harassment,robocalls,andtelemarketing spam calls with automatic spam callblocking.Wantproof? Call us from a private number and we’ll proveit to youbyunblocking your number. Just dial *67-1-917-900-1916 andwe’llreadyour unblocked number back to you. ****TRAPCALL IS AFREEINSTALLBUT REQUIRES A PAID ACCOUNT**** With TrapCall you can:⚫PROTECTYOUR PRIVACY AND SAFETY ✴ Find out who’s callingfromprivate,blocked and unknown numbers ✴ Lookup the Caller ID Nameofnearlyany number with reverse phone number lookups ⚫ GETTHEEVIDENCE YOUNEED TO FILE A POLICE REPORT ✴ See eachunblockedprivate number inyour call logs ✴ Record your incomingcalls forevidence (requiresour Ultimate plan) ⚫ AVOID NEEDING TOCHANGE YOURNUMBER ✴Automatically block telemarketing and spamrobocalls fromover100,000 numbers. ✴ Blacklist any number so thatthey can’tringyour phone and will think your number hasbeendisconnected.TrapCall is the ONLY app that can reveal who’scallingfrom aprivate, blocked, unknown or restricted number. Ifyou’reconcernedabout your privacy and safety, or simply need to putanend toharassing phone calls, TrapCall is your solution.JustdownloadTrapCall, follow our setup instructions, andTrapCallwillinstantly start unblocking every blocked or privatecall youget!TrapCall supports ANY phone on AT&T,VerizonWireless,T-Mobile, Sprint, US Cellular, MetroPCS andCricket.(Boost Mobile,Virgin Mobile and Simple Mobile do NOTsupportTrapCall) How doesit work? Easy! When you receive a callfrom ablocked, unknown orprivate number, just decline the call (orletthe app auto rejectthe call) so it can be sent to TrapCallforunmasking. Withinseconds we send the call back to your phonewiththe private numberunmasked! You can even get the name andaddressassociated with thenumber via SMS or push notificationinstantly,so that you’llimmediately know who called. But that’s notall!Automatic SpamCall Blocking: TrapCall will block telemarketingandspam robocallsfrom over 100,000 numbers so that your phonenevereven rings.Plus, this list is constantly updated to ensurethatwe’re alwaysblocking the latest spam threats. BlacklistUnwantedCalls: Stopgetting unwanted, harassing phone calls!Blacklistednumbers willbe automatically blocked and played a phonecompanyrecordingtelling them your phone number has beendisconnected.They’ll thinkyour number has been disconnected andwill stopcalling FOREVER!Reverse Number Lookups: Get the Caller IDand photoof nearly anynumber with reverse number lookups. Thatmeans you canfind outexactly who called, not just their phonenumber. Upgrade toourUltimate plan to get UNLIMITED reverselookups! IncomingCallRecording: On our Ultimate plan, you can holdpeopleaccountableand have evidence of your conversations byrecording ANYincomingcall. These recordings are available to beplayed back andsharedfrom the app and our website. Caller ID Name& Address:Youwon't only see the number of the person who’scalling you,butwe’ll also show you their full name and addressinformation,whenavailable! TrapCall is so revolutionary it’s beenfeatured in:⚫The New York Times ⚫ Wired Magazine ⚫ MSNBC ⚫ ABC News⚫ CNET ⚫PCMagazine ⚫ Gizmodo ⚫ The Washington Times TrapCall™UnmaskBlockedCalls & Private Numbers is a product of TelTechSystemsInc.Patent Pending.
OS9 Lock Screen - Keypad Lock 1.7
Do you want to experience the new OS9Launchersystem? Then I trust this app would suits you best.OS9 Lock Screen – Keypad Lock with Phone7 and OS9 theme, and itwillmake your phone looks like an real Phone7.Features:* Support set wallpaper from gallery and camera* Support set pin password or pattern for lock security* Provide multiple Iphone 5s, Phone6 plus, Iphone 7, IOS 8 andIOS9, IOS10 HD wallpapers* Optimized Battery Usage* Has photo appearing and disappearing effect* Firefly effect* Support you put pictures in frames square, round and heart* Support unlock sound and vibrate* Support 12-Hour and 24-Hour format* Support setting wallpaper* Support multiple lock style* Support displaying missed calls and unread messages* Quick launch app (Camera, Dial, Clock,Flashlight,Calculator)* The control panel lock: set switcher, volume,brightnessfaster* Support customized unlock sentence(default is "> Slidetounlock"), you can design any thing you want, just like"HelloBoss", "SunShine", “My Love!"…* Support custom color and font of date and time* Allows you to choose border color for your photo frameHow to Use app?1. Open the application and click enable lock screen2. Select set wallpaper to switch to differentbeautifulwallpapers3. Select pin lock if you want to set higher securityOS9 Lock screen is tested and works well on a variety ofthelatest phones like: Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, Note 5, LG G3, G4,SonyXperia Z3, Z4, Nexus 7, Nexus 5, HTC One, Galaxy S7…Please contact us by email if your device is not supported!Thankyou so much!