Top 40 Games Similar to Let's Farm

Family Farm Seaside 7.2.200
Get Ready for the Holidays with Google Play’s FestiveUpdatesBeautiful and fun farming simulation game. Raise cute farmanimalsand harvest diverse crops to make your farm a success! It'sup toyou to make your dream farm by the seaside. Start buildingyourdream farm now. ■■ Game Features ■■ ✓ Played by over 60millionpeople all around the world! ✓ Tired of upgrading the Barn?Enjoyunlimited Barn space. ✓ Prepare more than 600+ dishes inthekitchen. ✓ Plant, harvest and produce over 300+ unique products!✓Compete with other farmers in the new Farm Beauty Contest! ✓Dailyorders and new missions added regularly for more fun! ✓500+unique, cute, and well-designed decorations! ✓ Adopt petsandcostume them with pet apparel and equipment. Now you can breedpetsto make new baby pets! ✓ Exotic Island Farm: Explore aMine,Garden! ✓ Marine Sea Resort: You are now the owner of theSeaResort! Complete resort orders and build the best resortforvisitors to come to! ✓ Visit neighbors' farms and sampletheirnewest dishes to earn prizes, help clean decorations, andtrade forneeded farm products! Family Farm Seaside supports 21languagesincluding; English, Arabic, Dutch, French, German,Indonesian,Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian Bokmål, Persian,Polish,Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, TraditionalChinese,Turkish ※ Product Usage Details - RecommendedSpecifications: CPUQuad core 2.3GHz, Ram 2GB - MinimumSpecifications: CPU Quad core1.5GHz, Ram 1GB ※ Access permissionnotice for gameplay STORAGE:The permission is required to storegame data and will not accesspersonal files such as photos. PHONE:The permission is required toproceed with in-game events andrewards and will not affect calls.CONTACTS: The permission isrequired to sync your friend list andGoogle Account. ※ App Notes -This app requires an active internetconnection to play. Please makesure your device is connected whileplaying. - Family Farm Seasideis completely free to download andfree to play. However, some itemsin the game can be purchased withreal money. If you don't want touse this feature, please disablein-app purchases in your device'ssettings. ※ Contact Us! - FamilyFarm Seaside CustomerSupport: -PrivacyPolicy:
Village and Farm
Playday Games
Immerse yourself into the best MiddleAgesfarming game on mobile! Explore the unique way of farming intheold world. It is FREE to play!10 millions of farmers are dragging their fingers to- PLANT fresh crops- COOK delicious food- FEED lovely pets- GREET friendly neighbors- TRADE with farmers from all over the world- COMPLETE challenging missions- DESIGN the prettiest farm with hundreds of decorationsThe game is free to play but some of the contents can bepurchasedfor real money. Internet connection is required.Fans Page:
Town Village: Farm, Build, Trade, Harvest City 1.9.6
Farm. Build. Town. Trade. Town Village is a unique mixofcitybuilding and farming. Build your dream village consistingofhouses, farms, factories, community buildings and a seasidetradingport. Manage the farm and village productions in your funcartoonfarming town, sell goods to further develop and expand yourfarmcity, harvest hay farms and grow your island to aflourishingtrading port in the area. Town Village is a unique mixofcitybuilding and farming. Build your dream town! It’s free!EnjoyTown Village for free, created by the number 1citybuilderdeveloper for mobile: Sparkling Society, with over adozen coolcity building games and over 85 million playersworldwide. Try todevelop, grow farming capabilities and craft yourfarming villageinto a town / city / metropolis with lots ofbeautiful and funbuildings and expansions, lots of goods and cropsto produce on thefarmfields, grow a variety of hay crops on yourfarms, and deliverorders from your citizens and neighbours to keepthem happy andearn cash and XP. Decorate your town with a lot ofbeautifuldecorations to make your fun farm city unique. So if youlike citybuilders and have played other city building games or funfarmgames in the past, you’ll definitely love this city builder. Ifyoulove a relaxing farm game with a challenge, for free, or if youarea designer when you build your own city, join now! TownVillagefeatures: * Different buildings, from craft stores to farmsanddecorations you can use to design your dream town * Variousfarmcrops to grow and goods to trade at your trading port*Characteristic townspeople with orders you can fill to earncashand XP for your town villager * Your town's distributioncenterneeds to be managed, help your citizens * Sell your farmcrops atthe market * Collect city building materials to finishcartoonybuildings * Farms to manage and expand your farming town *Exoticgoods and crops brought from trading ports from other farmislands* Decorate your fun town with numerous lovely decorations *Townbuilding game, village building game, farm management * Playwithyour friends, make new friends in the game community! (soon) *Freegame with in-app purchases
Farmdale: farming games & town with villagers 6.0.1
Game Garden
Farmdale is an addictive magic farm with a wonderfulstoryoffriendly and happy farmers living in a dream world. As oneofthesecheerful citizens you can grow plants, take care ofanimals,cozyup your part of an incredible world and help yourneighbors.Youcan do anything in Farmdale! Expand your farm, exploremysteriesofthis fantastic world. You may even find a hiddentreasure!Pleasenote that Farmdale is completely free to play,however somegameitems can also be purchased for real money. Thegame offers: -Amagical world with characters who will tell youtheirexcitingstories; - Cute animals that will need your care;-Hundreds ofquests; - Dozens of plants and trees; -Productionobjects such asa kitchen, workshop, spinning wheel andmany more; -Countlessrecipes; - Various buildings and improvements.PLAY FORFREE Have aproblem or want to ask a question? We will beglad tohelp! You canemail us at [email protected] orjoinour community: You donotneed to have aninternet connection to play the game, thoughbeingconnected doesopen several additional functions.
Farm Tribe 3: Cooking Island 1.2.2
CrioGames Ltd
Help Annie build a farm tribe to become the Keeper of theWorlds.Help her rescue the local tribes from the onset of the DarkForcesin new hay farm day game. You will choose what is your Islandwilllook a like, will it be a big farm or small village in themiddleof the Ocean of Eternity. Like in hey day it is very easy togrowand collect plants from beds, cook food and build your farmville.- Play FREE ONLINE ( Internet connection required ! ) - CHATwithfriends while farming game; - Create your own CO-OP (CLAN)andinvite your friends, to chat and help each other; - Build andmoveyour tribe between other Islands - Create your own Farm Tribeon amystery island, take care of it, decorate your village; - Feedandgrow up cute animals: chickens, cows, fishes and evencrocodiles; -Trade with other farmers' tribes on the global market;- Invent andrealize individual design in this farm ville game; -Open mysterychests, receive daily bonuses and expand the territoryof yourtribe; - The scenario and surprising characters, will leadyou tothe unusual hay farm worlds - Perform quests to revealsecrets andmysteries of the Islands, follow unpredictable plottwists.
Garden Game for Kids 1.27
FM by Bubadu
Spring has finally sprung! It’s time to enjoy theflowers,vegetables and fruits. So go out and plant your favoritecrops inthe garden! Combine business with pleasure and train yourgardeningskills in different sections of your garden: VegetableGarden,Flower Shop, Greenhouse, Orchard and Garden Shed. Tradefresh goodsand garden tools with customers at the marketplace andtake goodcare of your garden. • Vegetable Garden: First you have toremovegrass, plant the seeds and water them to growstrawberries,lettuce, pumpkins, cauliflowers or red cabbage. Don’tforget to fixup a scarecrow to keep the birds away from yourgarden. • FlowerShop: Sun has finally warmed up the soil! Discovera wonder ofcolors and flowers at the flower section. Grow tulips,violets,roses, daisies or orchids, decorate them and make superbeautifulbouquets for your customers. • Greenhouse: Ensureappropriateconditions for growing tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers,eggplants andpeas in the greenhouse. Use organic fertilizer andwooden sticks tohelp your veggies grow. Then fix the broken pipesas the wateringsystem needs some repair! • Orchard: What adelicious smell comesfrom apples, plums, oranges, pears and lemons!Repel moles in themini game and sort fresh and rotten fruits in thesorting minigame. Fruit farming is pure joy for kids! • GardenShed: Organizinga garden shed is always the most fun job! Help thekids find allthe garden tools in your messy garden shed! • Farm:Enjoybeautifying your farm with stickers. Earn as many coins aspossiblein mini games to unlock stickers in your Farm. All thestickers areinteractive with funny animations and sounds. Gardenerneeds yourhelp to run his cute little garden, quickly! Features: •funactivities for kids • 5 different garden sections with manytools •more than 20 sorts of veggies, fruits and flowers • varioustaskslike harvesting, digging, watering, seeding, fertilizing •funnysounds and beautiful graphics • earning coins to unlockstickers tobeautify the farm This game is free to play but certainin-gameitems and features, also some of those mentioned ingamedescription, may require payment via in-app purchases whichcostreal money. Please check your device settings for moredetailedoptions regarding in-app purchases. The game containsadvertisingfor Bubadu’s products or some third parties which willredirectusers to our or third-party site or app. This game iscertifiedcompliant with the Children’s Online Privacy ProtectionAct (COPPA)by FTC approved COPPA safe harbor PRIVO. If you wouldlike to knowmore about the measures we have in place for protectingchildprivacy please see our policieshere: . Terms ofservice:
Farm Crush 2.7.5028
Cosmo Game
Big fan of juicy fruits puzzle game? Both of the design andprogramindicates that this is one of the best casual game. Matchandswitch 3,4,5 or more crops in the most fertile farm. Joincolorfulmatching adventure in Farm Crush and share the fun with allyourfriends and families! Ready for the relax journey? Features: -With240 amazing levels in different sceneries: Vegetable Finca,FruitGarden, Tomato House, Fruit Shores and Orange Castle - Collectallkinds of adorable fruits and vegetables to get the target score-Unlock power-ups, collect breads and cakes for the preparationoftough levels - Easy and fun to pick up, yet challenging toachievethe master level - Brand new barriers: sandwich, ice floor,movingstone, fluffy ball, wooden strip, etc. - Smooth and excellentgameexperience - Fantastic game modes and small size fordownloading -Completely free to play
My Animal Farm House Story 2 1.0.2
Welcome to My Animal Farm House Story 2,thenext edition!In this game your child can learn about the country life.Yourchild or toddler can be stimulated to learn and discover theworldon his own. In this game your toddler can learnaboutfarming.In this game there are 12 little mini-games to play for yourchild.They are different from part 1, what means that your toddlercanlearn new things in the same super fun way!In part one of the farm house story you needed to get waterfroma draw-well, make straw packets, help in the vegetablegarden,feedthe chicken and get the eggs, repair the tractor and thefence, getpumpkins, help the pigs and piglets, go chop wood andpick fruitfrom the trees. There was always something to do at thefarm! Nowin this animal farm house story part 2 you can easily findnewthings to do and explore even more of the farm!Helping on a farm learns the child that food is not fromthesupermarket but from a farm. Help your child learn about thefarmto tell and explain what happens in the game. It’s sortofinteractive book that you can play. Let's do this amazing gameforkids and have super fun!My Animal Farm House Story 2:❤ Experience the sort of farm life simulator❤ Learn how to live the country farm life❤ Let your child play 12 minigames to learn about farm animalsandvegetables, but slightly different as in part 1❤ Help the chickens and pigs and help with working the land❤ Easy to play for kids and toddlers and the perfect gameforchildren❤ Good educative game to playHelp the farmer on his ranch and have an amazing time! Wworkhardaround his farmhouse with his animals, vegetables, straw andhay.Become a good farmer yourself and have loads of fun!My Animal Farm House Story part 2 is a game from Top Girl gamesandone of the helping on the farm games. We publish manydifferenteasy to play girl games apps. We hope you will enjoy ourMy AnimalFarm House Story 2 and we hope you give us the love byliking ourFacebook page or follow us on twitter or Instagram. . Sowe cankeep you up to date on our summer holiday anddecorationgames.★ Facebook -★ Twitter -★ Instagram -
Doctor Kids 1.54
FM by Bubadu
With the help of this game you can see what is like to be adoctorand treat kids in a children's hospital. You can make themhealthyagain and put a smile back on their faces. Children arecoming tothe clinic and they need your help to get better. Once youappointthe little patients to the right doctor’s office, you canhave funplaying interactive minigames and treat kids in no time.Gamepresents different kinds of doctors and treatments, withmanycolorful objects to match patients’ characteristics. Everydoctor’soffice includes a unique minigame to make treatment evenmore fun.And don’t forget about the ambulance car that is always ina hurry.Within this game, you can do the following: Appoint yourpatientsto the dentist to brush and fix their broken teeth.Diagnosepatients to heal them from strange diseases. Make aneyeexamination test to improve kids’ eyesight. Use a microscopetomake some lab tests and eliminate viruses. Use the X-ray machinetoscan bones. Drive an ambulance car and give first aid topatients.Treat an ear infection and take a hearing test in theXylophoneminigame. Features: • beautiful high quality HD graphics•intuitive, easy to use user interface • infinite gameplaywithnumerous combinations • many different patients in variousclothes• offers 7 unique doctor’s offices: dental care, eye check,skinrashes cure, lab test and X-ray, ear doctor, ambulance carwithemergency room (ER doctor) • includes 7 thematic minigames •tonsof colorful plasters, bandages, braces, glasses and syrupflavoursThis game is free to play but certain in-game items andfeatures,also some of those mentioned in game description, mayrequirepayment via in-app purchases which cost real money. Pleasecheckyour device settings for more detailed options regardingin-apppurchases. The game contains advertising for Bubadu’sproducts orsome third parties which will redirect users to our orthird-partysite or app. This game is certified compliant with theChildren’sOnline Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) by FTC approvedCOPPA safeharbor PRIVO. If you would like to know more about themeasures wehave in place for protecting child privacy please seeour policieshere: . Termsof service:
Supermarket Game 1.39
FM by Bubadu
Welcome to the shopping paradise! Explore the supermarket worldwithmany popular mini-games. Help your customers shop and getready forsome fun! This supermarket has a lot of sections: a cashregister,departments for grocery, cheese and salami, fruits andvegetables,sweets, and toys, a recycling area and other. Do allthe necessarytasks and provide superb shopping services to meetyour customers’needs. • Cash register: Have fun scanning items andissuinginvoices. Learn about numbers and make sure to get theright amountof money, just like a real cashier. • Grocery: Keepyour eyes peeledin a fun game with hidden objects where you mustfind foods anddrinks like a cake, lollipop, chocolate, juice,spaghetti and manymore. Help your customers find what they need. •Cheese and salami:Sort different types of salami and cheese fromthe conveyor belt.Drag every item to its box and be the fastestsorter in your shop. •Fruits and vegetables: Pick up fresh fruitsand vegetables and avoidthe rotten ones. Collect bananas,strawberries, tomatoes, carrotsand other healthy foods. • Candies:Candy section is always thesweetest part of the supermarket. Beaccurate and fill the passingcups with a variety of candies. •Weigh-in: Pack fruits andvegetables in bags, put the rightquantity on the scale and weighit. Watch the screen on the scaleand avoid red numbers. •Recycling: Save the world from beingpolluted by learning how torecycle and sort your waste. Place theitems correctly in differentrecycling bins: paper, plastic, glass,battery and organic. • Toycatcher: Use navigation buttons to movethe claw and hit the redbutton to scoop it up. Enjoy grabbing toysin a toy catcher machine.• Delivery: Drive a delivery truck on thefive-lane road and deliverpackages. Test your driving skills andrush through the crazytraffic as fast as possible. • Catch athief: Become a superhero andcatch a thief in the supermarket. Youhave to be quick! Keep yoursupermarket under control and becomethe best storekeeper in thisshopping game! Features: • fun andeasy to play • beautiful graphicsand friendly UI • attractiveanimations and sound effects • 10popular mini-games and shoppingareas • challenging achievementswith bronze, silver and goldmedals This game is free to play butcertain in-game items andfeatures, also some of those mentioned ingame description, mayrequire payment via in-app purchases whichcost real money. Pleasecheck your device settings for more detailedoptions regardingin-app purchases. The game contains advertisingfor Bubadu’sproducts or some third parties which will redirectusers to our orthird-party site or app. This game is certifiedcompliant with theChildren’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA)by FTC approvedCOPPA safe harbor PRIVO. If you would like to knowmore about themeasures we have in place for protecting childprivacy please seeour policies here: . Termsof service:
Littlest Pet Shop 2.3.3d
Gameloft SE
Get immersed in the LITTLEST PET SHOP world and collectyourfavoritepets! Help BLYTHE and her friends Minka, Penny,Pepper,Russell,Sunil, Vinnie and Zoe to adopt, take care of andentertaincutelittle pets! * 150 pets to collect! Dogs, cats, bearsandmore! *Wash them, feed them and play with them in funmini-games.* Buildhouses and play areas to welcome and entertaineven morepets._____________________________________________ Thisgamecontainsadvertising for Gameloft’s products or some thirdpartieswhich willredirect you to a third-party site. You candisable yourdevice’s adidentifier being used for interest-basedadvertising inthe settingsmenu of your device. This option can befound in theSettings app> Accounts (Personal) > Google >Ads(Settings and Privacy)> Opt out of interest-based ads.Certainaspects of this game willrequire the player to connect totheInternet.___________________________________ PrivacyPolicy: Terms ofUse: End User LicenseAgreement:
Cookie Crush Match 3
Play the #1 online match-3 puzzle gameforFREE! Swap and match candy, win awesome prizes and clear theboard.Download Cookie Crush, unlock fun bonuses and winlevels.PLAY NOW and join millions of happy players in thisaddictingmatch-3 game.Cookie crush is a fun match-3 puzzle game taking place in thecandykingdom. For all of you fans of online board games, get readytofall in love with this popular crush game, available now forfreeon Android.How to Play* Move and match 3 candies of the same type to burst andwinpoints.* Collect prizes and make special cookie combinations to createacookie crush!* Boost your experience with awesome power-ups.* Play and enjoy thousands of colorful puzzle levels in thisfunaddicting game.* Reach high scores and try to get 3 stars on every level.Join the adventureTravel across the lollipop wonderland, explore wondrous placesanddiscover thousands of fun levels filled with vivid colors,greatpuzzles, and bonuses. Match, pop and collect candy, it’s easyandfun! Unlock unique boosters that will help you beat allthechallenges and win levels. Don’t wait any longer to join thecookiecrush mania, it’s extremely addictive!New level new targetSolve the brain teasers and win amazing bonuses that will rewardyouwith high scores and awesome power-ups. Download this funandaddicting game, match 3 candies, collect items and beat allthechallenges. Complete the missions set at the beginning ofeachlevel and clear the board. Play today and start working onyourmatching skills.Game Features:* Beautiful graphics and effects* Thousands of fun levels filled with candy and jelly treats* Explore enchanting worlds* Cookie Crush Match 3 is the best puzzle game, play onlineoroffline-no internet connection is required!* Make sure to keep an eye out for cool updates andnewlevels.Create massive candy explosions by making thefollowingcombinations:* Swap and link 3 candy items to create a line blast and removethemfrom the board.* Match 4 candies to get a striped treat of the same colorandcreate a line blast.* Match 5 candy treats in an L or T shape to get a bomb thatwillexplode all items around it.* Match 5 sweet candies in a row to get a special colorfulrainbowbomb.* Connect 2 special items to create an even greaterexplosion.Get Cookie Crush now from Google Play ONLY IF YOU LOVE funonlinegames for free! Enjoy the best match 3 puzzle game straighton yourAndroid device today.This game is seriously fun, super addictive and we can’t promiseyouwill not fall in love with our awesome anddeliciousadventure.Follow us for news, updates and fun surprises!Visit our Facebookpage:
Builder Game 1.46
FM by Bubadu
It's your turn to run the coolest handyman’s workshop. Enjoythisbuilding experience and prove yourself to be anexcellentconstruction worker. Customers want to order your productsandservices. You can do activities like digging the soil, buildingordemolishing houses and towers, constructing wood products,cuttingwood, welding and other fun things. Make what childrenorderedusing different building materials, tools and machines toachievegreatest results. A good name is better than riches! •Woodworking:Cut the wood accurately with different saws. Constructa chair,bench, fence, birdhouse or doghouse with a hammer orscrewdrivers.Put the finishing touch to the new wood product bypolishing andpainting it. • Build the tower: Build an apartment orbusinesstower with the help of a crane which can lift heavy loads.If someparts are not appropriate for the kind of tower you arebuilding,put them on the assembly line and pick the right buildingpart. •Build the house: Pick builders tools and avoid toys andcandies inthe fun Catcher mini-game. Then build a house by addingwindows,walls, a door, a balcony, stairs and a roof to make it adreamhouse. • Demolish the tower: Sometimes an old building needsto bepulled down to make way for a new one. Use a hammer,pneumatichammer, TNT box and wrecking ball. You will enjoydemolishingbuildings in the middle of the city. • Welding: Damagesand holeshave to be fixed. When you finish brushing the ironconstruction orleaky pipes in a customer’s house, don’t forget touse a weldingmask before welding! • Warehouse: You are getting somany orders!Pick up the phone! Customers want to order buildingmaterial.Follow the shopping list, use a fork-lift and load a truckwithboxes. • Timber cutting: To get wood for your constructions,firstchop timber with a chainsaw or a hatchet in theTimbermanmini-game. Then move all the logs with a crane and cutthem withthe circular saw. • Construction site: Be the head of thebuildingsite and roll up your sleeves. To fill the holes with soil,dig upthe material with a digger, take a truck to transport it anduse aroad roller to flatten it. • Tile art: Remove all the crackedtilesusing different hammers, pour enough adhesive over the floorto laynew tiles and solve an animal puzzle in the meantime. •HardwareStore: Find all must-have handyman tools and buildingmaterials ina fun game with hidden objects. • Wall Builder: Followbuildinginstructions to make a pillar, a wall or a built-in window,thenpaint a house facade with different colors. • Electricity:Yourcustomers need to fix the radio and lights so they callourprofessional electrician to help them. Electrical safety isveryimportant! • Bridge Builder: Operate different machines andbuildbridges with materials like wood, steel or concrete to becomeareal bridge city constructor. Complete all fun challenges andbethe boss builder in your town! Features: • many mini-gamesandcreative possibilities • over 50 different tools andbuildingmaterials • play and learn how things are made • beautifulgraphicsand special sound effects • earn coins to use entertainingtoolsThis game is free to play but certain in-game items andfeatures,also some of those mentioned in game description, mayrequirepayment via in-app purchases which cost real money. Pleasecheckyour device settings for more detailed options regardingin-apppurchases. The game contains advertising for Bubadu’sproducts orsome third parties which will redirect users to our orthird-partysite or app. This game is certified compliant with theChildren’sOnline Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) by FTC approvedCOPPA safeharbor PRIVO. If you would like to know more about themeasures wehave in place for protecting child privacy please seeour policieshere: . Termsof service:
Mandala Coloring Pages 16.9.6
100 Mandala coloring pages for adults andkids.Both easy and complex mandala's for everyone.Become relaxed and zen!Tip: Use a large screen with high resolution for thebestresults.Tip: Use a tablet pen for filling small areasThis app offers:* 100 Mandala's* Easy to play* Share your artwork* Save and load your work* Undo buttonHave fun and a creative moment!
Cooking in the Kitchen - Baking games for girls 1.1.74
Are you the Masterchef this cooking game needs? 🍳 Choose arecipeand select how you want to make the dishes! Pick a good greatpizzaor become the number one hamburger cheff. You as a Junior Chefmusttake control over the kitchen at home, prepare your self tobecomea restaurant owner or buy your own Food Truck after learningtocook. Prepare dinner and practice to cook faster and bettereachtime as Jr Chef! Create a cuisine cooking fever withprofessionalfood as a real master in the kitchen! This game isspecially buildfor kids. Make the best burgers in town or a healthypokebowl,English breakfast or Italian pasta. No real ingredientsneeded inthis cooking tycoon game! Just start the kitchen adventureto runyour own home restaurant and serve the best cookery suppers.Wehave multiple recipes for you in this kitchen cooking game. Youcanchoose what to bake: fries and a hamburger, donuts, soup,spaghettiwith meatballs, sushi, pizza, sorbet, cake and many morerecipes!Most of the dishes you can decorate with different toppingsortoys. There are more than 25 recipes in Cooking in theKitchenalready! This is the menu: ✔ Make fries and a hamburger ✔Bake anddecorate your own donut ✔ Cook your own soup ✔ Bake anddecorateyour own birthday cake ✔ Bake your own pizza in the oven ✔Fillyour thanksgiving turkey and bake it ✔ Make a long drinks inthesummer in your kitchen ✔ Chop and fill your sushi withyourfavorite ingredients ✔ Bake cupcakes for the family anddecoratethem ✔ Create a poke bowl dish ✔ Make taco's for diner ✔Cook waterfor your own noodle soup ✔ Bake waffles with ice creamand toppings✔ Design your own Easter egg and paint it ✔ Make yourown chocolatebonbons ✔ Bake french croissants for breakfast ✔ Bakepancakes withfruits and syrup ✔ Make the best hot dog in town ✔This girl gameis totally FREE to play! Cooking in the Kitchen iseasy to play forkids, a must play kitchen cooking game for kidsfrom top girl gamesand is one of the best food maker games! Wepublish many differenteasy to play girl games apps. We hope youwill enjoy our Cooking inthe Kitchen and we hope you give us thelove by liking our Facebookpage or follow us on twitter orInstagram. So we can keep you up todate on baking and cookinggames.
Chhota Bheem Jungle Run 1.58
Nazara Games
Ever wished to become Bheem yourself, this is just therighttime.Isn’t this very exciting. So…..Get-Set-Run.  ChhotaBheem,India’ssuperhero is back in action.  He is far far awayfromDholakpurand the road back to the village is through adenseJungle. Unlike any other jungle, this is very wicked andfilledwith weirdcreatures.  Bheem has to save himself by avoidingall ofthem.Witches and mummies will try to hurt you. Jungleenvironmentisalso not all friendly and is filled with huge stones,bad beesanddeadly snakes.  But Bheem is macho kid and Now, you aretheretohelp him and let him reach his home faster. You have toguidebheemto run, slide and fly.  Guide your superhero toovercomeobstaclesand avoid enemies. Laddoos are your saviour.Collect themas muchas you can as Laddoos give Chhota Bheem energyto runmore.Features:  Endless Runner with great graphics andfunanimations. Exciting Powerups and upgrades  Avoid Bad-guysandJungleanimals. Play4Good :  Bring smiles to faces ofKidssuffering fromlife threatening diseases by Donatingin-gamecurrency (Laddoos). Run races, Earn more laddoos &donate themin game by clickingon Fairy icon.  Keep playing forgood, bringingsmiles &fulfilling wishes. Controls :  Touch thescreenanywhere to jumpand Hold to Fly.  Tap to jump ****HINDI****लौटआया है छोटा भीम,अपना प्यारा SUPERHERO भीम ढोलकपुर से बहुत दूर हैऔरअपने गावंपहुँचने के लिए उसे घने जंगल से गुजरना है। यह जंगल बहुतहीडरावना हैऔर अजीब है। आपको भीम बनकर उसे अपनी मंज़िल की तरफ लेजानाहै। रंगडा,मम्मी और डाकू मंगल सिंग आपको चोट पहुंचा सकते हैं।बड़ेपत्थर ,जहरीले सर्प और ढेर सारी मधु मक्खियाँ आपको परेशान करेंगेऔरआपकारास्ता रोकेंगे। भीम को इन दुश्मनो से बचाकर आपके बहुत दूरलेजाना हैलड्डू को लेना ना भूले। लड्डू से आपको अपनी शक्ति फिर सेमिलसकती है।Chhota Bheem Jungle Run respects your privacy, doesnotstore anypersonal information and does not allow you sharethisinformation.We do require a few additional Permissions tofunction:1.GET_ACCOUNTS This permission would use your googleaccount nameandpicture to show it on the leaderboard once you signin2.READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE &WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGEThesepermissions is needed to cache and readvideo content duringthegameplay3.ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION/ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION/READ_PHONE_STATEThesepermissionsis needed to show suitable ad content for targeteduserfor better adexperience 4. RECORD_AUDIO This is required forzaprSDK which isintegrated with this app for the purposes ofprofilingthe device onmedia consumption and other device data andutilizingthe same totarget relevant content and ads to thedevice("Services") pursuantto the terms and conditions of RBLServices("Terms of Use").
Hello Kitty Nail Salon 2022.1.0
Budge Studios
Budge Studios™ presents Hello Kitty® Nail Salon! Help HelloKittycreate supercute manicures, and work your way up to superstarnaildesigner status. Test your skills with challenges or exploreyourcreativity in Free Style! FEATURES • Choose from differentnailshapes, polish colors, patterns and backgrounds • Addcutestickers, gems and Sanrio characters such as HelloKitty,Badtz-Maru, Chococat, Keroppi, Little Twin Stars, My MelodyandTuxedosam • Apply manicures on a photo of your hand or afriend’shand • Design unique manicures in Free Style • Put yourmatchingskills to the test by copying a manicure in Match This •Earn cutestars and new nail designer levels • Save and share yourdesignsfrom the album • Tablet compatible PRIVACY & ADVERTISINGBudgeStudios takes children's privacy seriously and ensures thatitsapps are compliant with privacy laws. This application hasreceivedthe “ESRB (Entertainment Software Rating Board) PrivacyCertifiedKids’ Privacy Seal”. For more information, please visitour privacypolicy at:, oremail our DataProtection Officer at: [email protected] you downloadthis app, please note that it is free to try,but some options mayonly be available via in-app purchases. In-apppurchases cost realmoney and are charged to your account. Todisable or adjust theability to make in-app purchases, change yourdevice settings. Thisapp may contain contextual advertising(including the option towatch ads for rewards) from Budge Studiosregarding other apps wepublish, from our partners and from thirdparties. The app may alsocontain social media links that are onlyaccessible behind aparental gate. Please note that this app givesusers the ability totake and/or create photos in-app that can besaved locally to theirdevices. These photos are never shared withother users in-app, norare they shared by Budge Studios with anyunaffiliated third partycompanies. END-USER LICENSE AGREEMENT Thisapplication is subject toan End-User License Agreement availablethrough the followinglink: ABOUT BUDGESTUDIOSBudge Studios was founded in 2010 with the mission toentertain andeducate children around the world, through innovation,creativityand fun. Its high-quality app portfolio consists oforiginal andbranded properties. Budge Studios maintains the higheststandardsof safety and age-appropriateness, and has become a globalleaderin children’s apps for smartphones and tablets. Like us: Followus:@budgestudios Watch our app trailers: We always welcome your questions, suggestionsandcomments. Contact us 24/7 at [email protected] SANRIO®,HELLOKITTY® and associated logos are trademarks and/orregisteredtrademarks of Sanrio Co., Ltd. used under license byBudge StudiosInc. Hello Kitty® Nail Salon application © 2015-2017Budge StudiosInc. All artwork in application © 1976, 1979, 1988,1993, 1996,2015-2017 SANRIO CO., LTD. All rights reserved. BUDGEand BUDGESTUDIOS are trademarks of Budge Studios Inc.
Fruits Garden Mania 3.1.5002
Here comes the new adorable fruits match-3 game. Swap andmakemouthwatering lines of 3 or more cute cropsies to solve100+amazing puzzles. Plunge into Fruits Garden Mania and stock uponsweet tomatoes, beckoning blueberries, ripe carrots, greenpeppers,violet broccoli and cuteturnips.=========================================== ✦ 144 deliciouslevels- challenging and uniquely fun ✦ March through 3 delightfulmaps- Broccoli Lane, Radish Clouds, Veggie Meadow✦Match 3 or more cropsies to collect appetizing fruits and veggies✦Gather various cropsies to win tasteful levels before you run outofmoves ✦ Powerful boosters, amazing props, interestingobstaclesskyrocket your fun ✦ Cute veggies and adorable cropsiesgraphics ✦Enjoy classic and addictive match-3 gameplay for FREE ✦Easy toplay, hard to master============================================Join Fruits GardenMania now! I want all those cropsies!
Magic Candy 8.7.5038
Magic Candy is a deliciously sweet match 3 casual game. Inthisfantastically amazing candy world, Cherry Pea, Peppermint,BananaHeart, Blue Bonbon and Violet Candy are everywhere. SWAP,SWIPE andMATCH 3 or more same adjacent magic candies to master thefun ofcasual match 3 game. Escape to this superb Magic Candyparadise andmatch to sweet triumph!! Magic Candy Key Magical Spells✿ Addictiveand irresistible match 3 gameplay ✿ Unlock appetizinganddelightful candy maps: Sweet Valley, Chocolate CottageandSugarshell Bakery ✿ 144 perplexing and puzzling candy levels✿Charming and taste candies Topped With ✿ Challenging butfunobstacles: Fruit Cake, Lollipop etc. ✿ Wonderful arsenal forpropsand power-ups ✿ Enjoy high quality visuals and excitingspecialeffects ✿ Attention: Play Magic Candy could lead to strongdesirefor tasty candies! ✿ Leaderboard available: Play and competewithfriends Have a delicious rest. Play awesome Magic Candy filledwithamazing fascination NOW!!
Tooth Fairy Horse - Pony Care 3.1.0
Ride into this lovely horse game and start to take care of yourveryown adorable foal! Become the best horse keeper in themagicalunicorn and pony farm! Care for and breed your own littlepony andwatch as they grow into beautiful purebreds on the fairyislands!Start this cute pony adventure at the magic ranch bycleaning theanimal stable and completing horse care quests in yourstable bycrafting hay, horseshoes, and other items for your animalto alwaysbe ready for a ride. JOIN THIS BEAUTIFUL ADVENTURE IN THEHORSEWORLD. Meet our Tooth Fairy Princess, who will be in chargeofguiding you in your equestrian adventure from lowly stable handtodressage and horse racing superstar in this free game forkids.Travel through the horse farm, clean the stables, and takecare ofthe unicorns and the little ponies until you reach a magicalfarmwith everything you can imagine: A horseback ridingacademy,princess palace pets, a cute animal stylist, an animalhotel, or apony town with wild unicorn rides. CLEAN AND MAKE OVERYOURADORABLE STEED IN THE SPA. Relax and clean your cute ponies intheequestrian farm spa, breed the baby unicorn, groom your foalhair,braid the unicorn princess's hair, or take care ofyourthoroughbred horse's mane in the star stable. TAMEBEAUTIFULHORSES. Join the Tooth Fairy's animal breed academy tolearn allabout colt manes, hair braiding, the best saddles to ridethem in,and the best grooming tips for your horses. Complete thehorsebackriding academy and enjoy lots of levels and events withall kindsof purebred colts like the mare, the stallion Pegasus, orthe wildand dark horse. Experience the magic of horseback ridinganddressage and become a rider in this pony adventure. CREATEANAMAZING LOOK IN THE EQUESTRIAN BEAUTY SALON. Create an amazinglookfor you and your horse. Groom and clean the horse haven manelike avet hairdresser in this princess game! Mane care andperfectgrooming are essential in raising a baby unicorn, as itrepresentsthe purity of the breed! Try on different colors andhairstyles inthe pet salon, prepare the ponies' clothes, and don'tforget to usesome perfume for your little pony and unicorn too!Become a hairdesigner in this animal game for girls! PREPARE ABEAUTIFULPRINCESS CARRIAGE IN THE ROYAL SALON. Complete all thetasks tohave the royal carriage ready for the visit. Design andpaintprincess clothes, braid the mare's hair, and prepare thebeautifulroyal carriage to ride into the magical fairy island withall kindsof unicorns, flying horses, little ponies, and all kindsof fairytale animals. Features of this animal game for kids: - Showyourbest pony look to take the fairy princess carriage! - Completeallmini pony events in the magical farm islands! - Customizeyourmighty steed's mane according to your taste! - Beautifulhorses,such as Palominos, Shires, Hanoverian, Thoroughbreds,Arabians, andadorable Shetland Ponies are just waiting for you tocare for them!- Complete the horseback riding academy and finishall of thequests and levels in this equestrian beauty adventure! -Enjoyyourself by painting and start drawing clothes in the designbooksthat are free, which you can find in the beauty salon! - Thispetbreeding game offers you a unique game setting withcountlessopportunities to customize your gaming experience, and itis easyfor kids of any age! Enjoy the best riders and cowboys andfeellike a horseback riding enthusiast on the go withbeautifulgameplay and all of the fantastic rainbow features of thislovelyhorse game!
My Little Pony: Harmony Quest 2021.2.0
Budge Studios
Budge Studios™ presents My Little Pony: Harmony Quest. Thisapptakesyour kid on a magical adventure to spread the spiritoffriendshipacross Equestria. Gather all 6 ponies, use theirspecialpowerstogether and save the Tree of Harmony. Chase evilminions,solvepuzzles and play fun mini games to bring back thesixmystical jewelsknown to ponydom! MAGICAL ADVENTURES • TRAVEL to6regions acrossEquestria • CATCH the evil minions • FINDhiddenkeys and traps •RESCUE captive ponies • RECOVER the 6Elements ofHarmony 6 PONIES,EACH WITH THEIR OWN SPECIAL POWERS •PRINCESSTWILIGHT SPARKLES: MoveObjects and Solve Puzzles •FLUTTERSHY:Lullaby and Animal Language •APPLEJACK: Shake N Breakand Catapult• RAINBOW DASH: Fly through andDrop • RARITY: Uncoverand Stylize• PINKIE PIE: Hypnotic Dance andPinkie Sense PRIVACY&ADVERTISING Budge Studios takes children'sprivacy seriouslyandensures that its apps are compliant withprivacy laws.Thisapplication has received the “ESRB (EntertainmentSoftwareRatingBoard) Privacy Certified Kids’ Privacy Seal”. Formoreinformation,please visit our privacypolicyat:, oremailourData Protection Officer at: [email protected] this app, please note that it is free to try,butsomecontent may only be available via in-apppurchases.In-apppurchases cost real money and are charged to youraccount.Todisable or adjust the ability to make in-app purchases,changeyourdevice settings. This app may containcontextualadvertising(including the option to watch ads forrewards) fromBudge Studiosregarding other apps we publish, from ourpartners andfrom thirdparties. Budge Studios does not permitbehavioraladvertising orretargeting in this app. The app may alsocontainsocial medialinks that are only accessible behind a parentalgate.TERMS OF USE/ END-USER LICENSE AGREEMENT This applicationissubject to anEnd-User License Agreement available throughthefollowing link: STUDIOSBudge Studios was founded in 2010 with themission toentertain andeducate children around the world, throughinnovation,creativityand fun. Its high-quality app portfolioconsists oforiginal andbranded properties. Budge Studios maintainsthe higheststandardsof safety and age-appropriateness, and hasbecome a globalleaderin children’s apps for smartphones andtablets. Like Followus:@budgestudios Watch our apptrailers: We always welcomeyour questions, suggestionsandcomments. Contact us 24/7 [email protected] MY LITTLEPONYand all related characters aretrademarks of Hasbro and areusedwith permission. © 2017 Hasbro. AllRights Reserved. LicensedbyHasbro. BUDGE and BUDGE STUDIOS aretrademarks of BudgeStudiosInc.
Candy Fever 10.3.5077
Super big fan of delicious candy puzzle games? Match and collect3or more scrumptious candies in Candy Fever. Create sweetboostersto achieve highest score and win 3 stars with each puzzle.Join andspread the fun in amazing Candy Fever! - Journey throughmore than200 enchanting levels. Updates come out all the time! -Explore asweet world of delicious candies: Chocolate Villa,Ice-creamBakery, Whipped Citadel and Pastry Carnivals - Useboosters toburst 5 layers cake, Jam Virus, Gummy Skull, Chocolate,Ice etc. -Show off your gaming progress on leaderboard - Neverending fun ofmatch-3 puzzle game - Slide, swap, switch and match 3or more samesweet candies - You will be able to get a special candyif 4 ormore candies are matched - Appetizing and delightful candydesignwith sweet charm and charisma - Play anywhere anytime:Internet isnot a must - Completely FREE match 3 candy game Tryexciting CandyFever and test your matching skill with interestingyet challengingcandy levels!
KingCraft - Free match 3 games for adults
Over 5 million of candy lovers are already playing KingCraft-Fruitcandy island, our sweet puzzle game! Slide rows &columnstomatch 3 fruits, jelly, gems or candies to clear everystage.Conquerevery island and every land to harvestvegetables,chocolate andeven gems! Will you become the king of yourowncastle? Enjoy thebest candy game - Join the sweet candy maniaforFREE! Smash sugar,blast fruit, match 3 gummies, slidechocolateand swap gems to win!FEATURES THE BEST MATCH 3 Swap &match 3yummy candies tocomplete every relaxing level. Conquer everylandand harvestfruits, vegetables, chocolate, sugar or gems! TENSOFFREE LEVELSPlay in different islands and collect as many candyasyou can!Match fruits, gems and sugar and get the highest scoreineverylevel! GAME FOR ALL THE FAMILY KingCraft - Fruit candyislandis aneasy to play sweet match 3 puzzle game! No matter yourageorexperience, you will enjoy those wonderful candygames&levels! CREATE YOUR FARM AND HARVEST Vegetables,fruits,chocolate,gems, diamonds… Produce different blocks andcandies andwin goldcoins selling them! COOL GRAPHICS AND SOUNDSCandies aremore realthan ever! Explore every island and create acolorfulgarden fullof vegetables and candies to match! SWEETBOOSTERS TOHELP YOUSolve every puzzle using boosters! They willhelp you tomatchevery block, chocolate or jelly. Blast every piecein thissweetcandy game! RELAXING MATCH 3 PUZZLE GAME KingCraft -Fruitcandyisland is a stress relief game! No time limits, greatpowerups andrelaxing levels. Are you ready to join the candy mania?PLAYWITHFRIENDS! Can you beat your friends’ high score? Combinecandiesandcomplete every level in just a few movements to get agreatrecord!Are you ready to join this candy fever? Try thebestmatching candygames! Download KingCraft - Fruit candy islandforFREE and blastfruit, smash sugar, crush chocolate and makepowerfulcombos! Yummycandies are waiting for you. You will enjoyKingCraftif you lovestress relief match 3 puzzle games, sweet &yummygummies andcandies! Start smashing sugar and blasting fruitstoconquer everyisland and create your own garden & harvest!
Cookie Mania - Sweet Match 3 Puzzle 8.5.5005
Cookie Mania is an amazingly new style match 3 time killergame!With a deliciously sweet cookies and chocolate, this match 3gameis full of fun and challenges. Travel through magical worldofcookie village, visiting lovely panda, deer and littlemonster'swonderland. Float your way though hundreds of challengesby makingdelicious cookie combos, or your batch combo will besmashed by thewizard you summoned! Cookie Mania is completely freeto play butsome in-game items such as extra moves or lives willrequirepayment. Come and enjoy the addictive match 3 gamingexperience youcould ever have. - Swap to match 3 or more yummycookies - Match 4or more luscious cookies to create powerfulspecial cookie - Smashcookies or special task to complete levels -Delectable cookiedesign and amazing sound and graphic effects aftercracking cookie- 160 unique and funny levels that are filled withfascinatingchallenges - Visit match 3 world rank through facebookconnect,playand contest with friends - WIFI free Are you ready totravel onmagical cookie paradise with us? Follow us to get news andupdateson facebook: - Acquireup todate cookie crush game news and update - Special rewards andeventsall the time, such as game world rank - Seamless syncacrossmultiple devices
Make Donut: Cooking Game 6.3.5077
Tap Happy
Want to own a donut shop and cook yummy donuts?💝 Followinstructionsto learn how to cook sweet donuts! Let’s be a donutchef and createdifferent flavors and types of donuts! 💟Not just acook, but be akitchen chef who can make all kinds of donuts!Features: 🤤 Followdirections and learn how to cook donuts 🤤 Tonsof decorations foryou to choose 🤤 Share your donuts with friends.Have a donuts party!How to play: 🤤 Drag proper ingredients fromthe cabinet 🤤 Mix allingredients together 🤤 Cook your donuts inproper temperatures 🤤Choose different decorations and flavors foryour donuts Let's enjoycooking the delicious donuts!😋😋
Strawberry Shortcake Bake Shop 2021.4.0
Budge Studios
Budge presents STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE BAKE SHOP! StrawberryShortcakeis so excited to bake with you! Make the dessert of yourdreamswith yummy ingredients, food coloring, icing, toppings,anddecorations! You can even create your berry own recipes to makeathome! FEATURES • Step-by-step instructions so fun for kids ofallages! • Each dessert features unique and deliciousgameplaymechanics! • Tilt to pour milk into the bowl or batter intothepan! • Decorate your dessert with icing, sprinkles,chocolatechips, and more! • Add birthday candles and blow them outyourself!• Tap to eat your dessert when finished! • Completespecial ordersto earn stars! • Get lots of handy baking tips fromStrawberryShortcake herself! • Create your berry own recipe, andmake itlater at home! ALL DESSERTS • Very Berry Shortcake •ChocaliciousBirthday • Berry Bitty Cakes • Brownie Supreme •Princess CakeKITCHEN TOOLS • Orange Blossom’s Electric Mixer •Lemon Meringue’sCooking Spray • Raspberry Torte’s Fine Knife •Blueberry Muffin’sConvection Oven • Cherry Jam’s Icing PressSUBSCRIPTION DETAILS -This app offers monthly subscriptions - Usersmay be offered a freetrial of the subscription - One free trial perGoogle account onnew subscriptions only - Users will need to opt-into asubscription in order to accept the trial period and will havetheright to opt-out at any time during the trial period. Users willbeautomatically charged after the trial period if they haven'toptedout. - Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renewisturned off before the end of the current period - Auto-renewalofyour subscription can be canceled anytime by going to theGoogleAccount Settings -You can cancel your subscription at anytime, butplease note that you will not get a refund for anyremaining periodof a subscription PRIVACY & ADVERTISING BudgeStudios takeschildren's privacy seriously and ensures that its appsarecompliant with privacy laws. This application has receivedthe“ESRB (Entertainment Software Rating Board) Privacy CertifiedKids’Privacy Seal”. For more information, please visit ourprivacypolicy at:, oremail our DataProtection Officer at: [email protected] TERMSOF USE /END-USER LICENSE AGREEMENT This application is subject toanEnd-User License Agreement available through the followinglink: ABOUT BUDGESTUDIOSBudge Studios was founded in 2010 with the mission toentertain andeducate children around the world, through innovation,creativityand fun. Its high-quality app portfolio consists oforiginal andbranded properties. Budge Studios maintains the higheststandardsof safety and age-appropriateness, and has become a globalleaderin children’s apps for smartphones and tablets. HAVEQUESTIONS? Wealways welcome your questions, suggestions andcomments. Contact us24/7 at [email protected] BUDGE and BUDGESTUDIOS aretrademarks of Budge Studios Inc. Strawberry Shortcake isatrademark of Shortcake IP Holdings LLC used under license byBudgeStudios Inc. Strawberry Shortcake Bake Shop © 2013-2021BudgeStudios Inc. All rights reserved.
Cake Shop 2 - To Be a Master 6.2.5077
Tap Happy
Make a super delicious cake!🍰🍰 We all like sweet anddeliciouscakes, which cake do you want to make today? Challengelevels andunlock more sweet cakes! Features: 🎀 Many ingredients forcakecooking 🎀 Put them into bowls, and blend it, the next step isBAKE🎀 Pick some fresh fruits 🎀 Over 15 kitchen tools, help you tomakesweet and yummy cakes Be a super cake chef in Cake Master!
Sara's Cooking Class: Vacation 2.5.13044.222
Spil Games
Hi, I'm Sara and I ♥ to cook. Wanna comeeatwith me? Let's cook (and eat) our way through Mexico andItaly!What's more, you can decorate the dishes we make together anywayyou like—just make sure you take a pic of it before digging in.Here's what we'll do in my vacation cooking class:STEP-BY-STEP RECIPES♥ Try out 12 tasty recipes from Italy and Mexico♥ Follow my instructions and handy hints♥ Stir like a champ, chop like a pro, drizzle like acelebchef!♥ Work your way up to a 3-star rating♥ Take the fun offline—use the recipes in yourreal-lifekitchen!HOURS OF CREATIVE FUN♥ Complete challenges to earn points for a shiny gold ribbon♥ Discover new cultures♥ Decorate dishes exactly how you wantA KITCHEN JUST FOR KIDS♥ Hours of parent-approved entertainment♥ Kid-friendly interface designed to build motorcoordination,imagination, and curiosity♥ Cute, super-polished graphics♥ Game available in 11 languages: US English, UK English,French,Portuguese, Swedish, Italian, German, Dutch,Latin-AmericanSpanish, Polish, and RussianCheck out Sara's website: Sara on Facebook: note: This game is free to play, but it containsitemsthat can be purchased for real money. You can lock out theabilityto purchase in-app content by adjusting your devicesettings.
Baby Tailor - Clothes Maker 7.9.5077
Tap Happy
Search for “Baby Tailor” for more free tailor’s series of gameforyou to enjoy! It's Fashion Tailor Shop! Now, you play as alittlefashion tailor. Have different thought about the dress thatshowedin shop window? Change it right away! Lots of customers arewaitingfor your latest design. How to play: ✂️ Pick your favoritefabric✂️ Cut it based on your design, then stitch it with sewingmachine.✂️ Choose cutest buttons and decorate the clothes withshinningstickers. ✂️ Explore new design in Baby Tailor! What'sdifferent:✂️ Tons of colorful fabrics and fashionable accessories✂️ Offeryou iron machine/sewing machine and other facilities. Freetoselect well-designed clothes in the boutique ✂️ You are abletomake all sorts of skirts/sweaters/trousers👖/coat🧥/T-shirts👕✂️Fashion kids up like never before, match everything forthem,includinghairstyle💇/sunglasses🕶️/earrings/dresses👗/shoes👠/handbag👜 Do notforgetto take a picture for your idea& design and share it bothwithfamily and friends!
My Baby Care 1.47
FM by Bubadu
See what babysitting is all about as you run your ownkindergartenat home. Adorable babies are not newborns anymore,their moms anddads put them into day care to you. Baby kids areplaying in theinteractive playroom and waiting for your attention.Delight thosecute children with diverse care activities in 7 lovelyscenes, likea funny bathing, foamy teeth-brushing, changing thenappy, trendydressing, tasty food, beauty sleep and joyful play.Babies want youat the same time, so satisfy their wishes step bystep! It's timefor a bath! Pamper your baby with indulgent bathing.Before bathtime, choose a few toys to make the baby jump for joy.Then washthe baby with some soap and shampoo and wipe him softlywith atowel. Let's have fun popping soap bubbles. Dress up littlebabies.You can choose from a variety of cute outfits for boys andgirls.Yummy! Babies need a delicious meal several times a day.Prepare 3different types of food, powdered milk, cereals withyoghurt andberries, or slice some fresh fruit that is full ofvitamins. Don'tforget to use a napkin. Zzzzz, it's bedtime! Baby istired andsleepy after so much playing. Give him his favorite toyand dummyto get a good night's sleep. Cover the baby with a funkybedspread.Now, everything is fine to rock the baby and lull him tosleep.Find toys in a nursery! Toys are everywhere. Help the babywithsearching hidden toys. Keep your eyes peeled and find what thebabyneeds. Playground fun Outdoor activities offer endless funforkids! Learn how to grow flowers or sort apples and enjoywhilesaving the birds. You can spent some great time with babies attheplayground slide. You will enjoy like a kid in a candystore!Features: • 7 different activities • 5 lovely babies withdifferentface expressions • funky sound effects • hidden objectsmini gamewith 3 different scenes • more than 50 different babyclothes •vivid colors and beautiful HD illustrations • interactivescenesThis game is free to play but certain in-game items andfeatures,also some of those mentioned in game description, mayrequirepayment via in-app purchases which cost real money. Pleasecheckyour device settings for more detailed options regardingin-apppurchases. The game contains advertising for Bubadu’sproducts orsome third parties which will redirect users to our orthird-partysite or app. This game is certified compliant with theChildren’sOnline Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) by FTC approvedCOPPA safeharbor PRIVO. If you would like to know more about themeasures wehave in place for protecting child privacy please seeour policieshere: . Termsof service:
Burger Shop (No Ads) 1.6
GoBit Games
Make burgers, shakes, fries and more in thisexcitingfood-makinggame that has been enjoyed by millions of fansaroundthe world.After receiving a set of strange blueprints in themail,you buildan extraordinary food-making contraption and openarestaurant.Your goal? Make tasty food and satisfy your customersasyou try todiscover the truth behind the mysteriousblueprints.Upgrade yourkitchen to provide your customers withdifferent typesof food likehamburgers, triple cheeseburgers, milkshakes, chickensandwiches,salads, sodas, onion rings, ice creamsundaes and much,much more!Open different restaurants, including aDiner, Beach Hut,Old WestSaloon and more! Can you dash aroundserving hungrycustomers tastyfood and discover the secret of themysterious foodmachineblueprints? Burger Shop® is a fun andaddicting timemanagementfood shop game. This Free Version of BurgerShop lets youplay 20levels of Story Mode and 2 restaurants inChallenge andRelax mode.If you enjoy the game, you can upgrade thisgame to theFullVersion with a one-time payment! FEATURES: • 80Story Levelsand 80Expert Story Levels! • Challenge Modes and RelaxModes! •8different restaurants! • Over 60 different food items!•104trophies to earn! • Unlimited play! Join the Burger Shopcrazeandplay four different game modes that offer endless play!GAMEMODES:• Story Mode - Build your Burger empire and discoverthesecretsbehind the mysterious BurgerTron! • Challenge Mode-Playfever-pitched, fast one-minute rounds - but don't loseacustomeror it's all over! It's Burger Mania! • Relax Mode -Servefoodwithout any pressure or stress. Customers areinfinitelypatient. •Expert Story Mode - So, you think you are theBurgerMaster Chef?Put your food-making skills to the test!Available in12 languages:English, German, Spanish, French, Italian,Dutch,Portuguese,Swedish, Russian, Japanese, Korean andSimplifiedChinese.
Surprise Eggs
Get ready for some Surprise Eggs fun!Multipleeggs with a surprise! What's hidden inside the eggs? Knockan egguntil it's striped and find out what the big surprise ishidden ineach egg! Be careful, this game is very addictive!Surprise Eggs is the best application for entertainingsmallchildren and is the ultimate surprise eggs virtual simulator.Ifyou have kids who like to open surprise eggs, this is theperfectapp for them.In this application you will find an abundance of eggs and a lotofinteractive surprises to play with. You will find many giftstocollect that belong to different worlds, like Princess andothercartoon and movie characters.Surprise Eggs is entertaining game for children combiningachocolate egg, surprise, toy and fun.There are different type of surprise eggs:* Toy Surprise* Girls* Princess* SupermanHow to play:* Choose the egg you want to open* Use your fingers to scrape the paper from the egg and to breakthechocolate egg* Tap the egg yolk (container) to get to the surpriseA lot of different toys and surprises to keep your littleonesoccupied for a long time.Come join the fun and play exciting Surprise Eggs adventure!
Little Fashion Tailor2: Sewing 6.9.5077
Tap Happy
As one of the most popular clothes-making games,❤️LittleFashionTailor 2 - Fun Sewing Game now is here and FREE to download!In allsimilar games! This is the favorite fashion design game forgirlsand boys.👸 Complete your fashion design and become afashionprincess.👸 Now your brand new clothing store is open forbusiness!Design clothes, cut fabrics, match colors, and pick outbeautifulaccessories and buttons. In a fashion boutique, you arethe fashionqueen among tailors! Hurry up! Come manage your ownboutique!What’s New: 👗 New & trendy fabrics added😉👗Gems💎/stickers/buttons 🌻and other cute decorations are increased😉👗Apply finished clothes, makeup your customers like a superfashionmodel😉 👗Beautiful graphics & amazing outfits😉 Take aphoto andshare it with your family members and friends! FashionTailor 2 isfree to download!😆😆😆
My Baby Food - Cooking Game 1.28
FM by Bubadu
Learn how to make simple and tasty snacks for lovely babies.Developyour babysitting and cooking skills by keeping them happyand fed.Let’s start with baby food creations! Babies have becomehungryafter playing joyful games in the interactive playroom. Astheirbest babysitter take good care of them by preparingnutritious anddelicious healthy snacks. Follow the recipe andlearn how to maketasty soup, powdered milk or smoothie for thelittle ones. Powderedmilk: Enjoy playing the “plumber” puzzle minigame. Connect all thepipes correctly to get water, then choosebaby's favorite flavor.You can select between classic, vanilla,strawberry, chocolate,caramel and berry. Shake the bottle and feedthe baby with a quicklyprepared and tasteful meal. Smoothie: Fruitis nature's candy! Tomake a perfect smoothie, you have to shakethe tree and pick fruitsin the fun “catcher” mini game. Add fruitsand milk to the blender,then feed your hungry child with a cherry,plum, orange, apple,peach or pear smoothie. Soup: Everybody lovesscrumptious homemadesoup. Play the mini-game to harvest vegetableswhile avoidingearthworms. Choose the right vegetable from yourgarden and makecarrot, tomato, cauliflower, pumpkin, potato oreggplant soup. Don'tforget to add some aromatic spices! Kids arewaiting for your yummysnacks! Therefore, use your cooking skillsand have fun playing thisfood maker game! Features: • cookingadventure for kids • fun-packedmini-games • over 20 fruits,vegetables, spices and milk flavors •cooking recipes with images •interactive playroom • friendly HDgraphics with vivid and shinycolors This game is free to play butcertain in-game items andfeatures, also some of those mentioned ingame description, mayrequire payment via in-app purchases whichcost real money. Pleasecheck your device settings for more detailedoptions regardingin-app purchases. The game contains advertisingfor Bubadu’sproducts or some third parties which will redirectusers to our orthird-party site or app. This game is certifiedcompliant with theChildren’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA)by FTC approvedCOPPA safe harbor PRIVO. If you would like to knowmore about themeasures we have in place for protecting childprivacy please seeour policies here: . Termsof service:
Chef Fever: Crazy Kitchen Restaurant Cooking Games 1.9.4
Time to release the chef inside you… Chef Fever: CrazyKitchenRestaurant Cooking Games is a delicious blend of franticmobileKitchen & Cooking and Restaurant empire building. ChefFever:Crazy Kitchen Restaurant Cooking Games is an awesome cookingservearcade. It is an addicting time management cooking gamethatfeatures endless play. Whatever you are doing, if you have timetokill and lightening rod focus, you will definitely love thismobilekitchen Restaurant game :) Join Emma in her food truckcookingadventure, to be the Chef Fever: Crazy Kitchen RestaurantCookingGames is a long hilarious way…Roll up your sleeves forbreakfast,lunch, dinner shifts because Emma needs your help. Byprovidingspeedy services and delicious food, please customers andmakefoodie paradise. You are hired in a chain Restaurant to serveyourpatrons by cooking the most Delicious and Unique dished suchasScramble Egg, Pizza, Hotdog, Hamburger....Dash it! ProvideSpeedyservice and please customers with the most ever findingDeliciousand Unique food items. Dispense the dishes with your bestrecipesof your kitchen. Never forget the Recipes. RememberingRecipe willprovide speedy serving system to your clients. Join Emma, helpwhen customer appears in your mobile kitchen restaurant.Here’s thescoop, its time to make Fantastic, Delicious and Uniquedishes toserve your customer with the best plunging recipe of yourmobilekitchen!!! Take the crazy fate of mobile restaurant in yourhands.Keep your customers happy by prepping everything fromBurgers,Fries, Pizza; Take orders, tap and slide to seat customers,servepiping hot dishes and collect tips to upgrade your mobileKitchenRestaurants! Chef Fever: Crazy Kitchen Restaurant CookingGames isa playful cooking foodie paradise. This keeps you on yourtoe, timeyou as you make different dishes with different Recipes!Get readyfor the food making and serving the most Delicious andUniquedishes. For a limited span you should make the right dishesin timeto serve the customers happy. Chef Fever: Crazy KitchenRestaurantCooking Games gives addiction to an awesome franchise andwilldefinitely spirit you away. Never miss the best RChef Fever:CrazyKitchen Restaurant Cooking Games, if you want asubstantialentertainment. Easy and addictive will make youradrenaline going.Please like us on Facebookat
Little Pets Animal Guardians 1.4.3
Explore the beautifully crafted levels, play with withlittleanimals, tame your own mini pets and catch them all! Thecutefluffy animals need your protection! Go on adventures withyourfavorite friend. Look after the little animals like they'reyou'revery own mini pets. Let the animals roam wild in the safarilikelevels. Tame enough pets and the guardian dragons arrive tohelp tolook after them. Lots of different animals and little petsto playas and train, do you have what it takes to get to thefinalguardian dragon sanctuary and release the mighty dragonkings?Features: ★ New: Multiplayer mode! Play online or offline ★65 cuteanimals - little pony, mini horse, cute puppy, happy dog,babyduck, pussy cat, super goat, sheep, Pig, Cow, Baby Dragons andmoreto train and play with! ★ Access 6 beautifully crafted levelstoplay and discover - Enchanted Forest - Ice Fortress -DesertWasteland - Mayan Jungle - Paradise Island - GuardianSanctuary ★Immersive ambient music and sound effects ★ Easymovement system,just tap the ground and automatically navigate tothat location ★Unique animations ★ Intuitive camera control ★Screen lock ★Reduced graphics option for lower performing devices ★Animalinteractions ★ Unlock interactions by collecting gems andtrainingthe animals ★ Collect gems by interacting with the animalsor byexploring the levels ★ Unique and colorful effects ★Collectpotions to gain speed boost and unlock additional effectsLots ofanimals to enjoy and explore with, from pink pigs to cutelittlepuppies and dogs! Cat lovers will enjoy the kittens and cats.Theycan even play with a little pony! There’s lots of little pony’stotrain and play with. Run around the level at lightning speedonyour very own little pony pet. Once you’ve trained and tamed upallof the animal kingdom, the guardian dragon will return toprotectall of your trained pets. The guardian dragon is a babydragon withlittle wings, and they are also the fastest animals inthe game, socollect them all and complete your very own pokedexlike inventoryof animals. Progress through the levels and discoverthe rest ofthe animal planet and provide shelter and care for therest of theanimal world Once you’ve trained all of the guardianbaby dragons,you will open up access to the guardian sanctuary.You'll findlot's of different dragons here, from big strong dragonsto smallcute dragons A cute game that will provide hours ofentertainment.Adopt your own animal farm and create a wild haven.It's visuallystimulating and thoroughly fun to play, hours ofentertainment foryour children and completely free to access 100%of the content, sowhat are you waiting for, help tame the littlewild pets! What'syour favorite pet? Pink pony? White Horse? TheFox? The Pig? Ormaybe the water Dragon? Let us know your thoughts,suggestions orany issues that you’re experiencing:[email protected]
Kids Doodle - Color & Draw Free Game
Kids Doodle, the BEST android drawing app for kids! KidsDoodleisparticularly designed for kids with super easy-to-usepaintingonphoto or canvas. It has endless bright colors and24beautifulbrushes, such as glow, neon, rainbow, crayon andsketchy,etc. Appsupports unique "movie" mode, which can play backkid'sartworklike a small film. Children love it so much! Thebuilt-ingallerystores both kids drawing picture and drawingprocedure. Kidscancontinue their drawing whenever they want, or"movie"theirprevious masterpiece anytime they would love. 
GAMEFEATURES:*paint on photo or canvas
* 24 brushes, such asglow,neon,fireworks, spark, star, rainbow, crayon, spray, ribbon,etc
*bright colors * creative drawing * built-in art gallerystoresbothdoodle and doodle animation.
 * "movie" mode to playbackthedrawing like a little film.
 * undo, redo
 * sharedrawingviaFacebook, twitter, instagram,gmail,etc. Share your ArtonKidsDoodleFacebookPage
Strawberry Shortcake Holiday Hair 2021.1.0
Budge Studios
Budge Studios™ presents Strawberry Shortcake™ Holiday Hair!JoinStrawberry Shortcake and her friends on a berryexcitinghairstyling holiday around the world. Discover fabuloushairaccessories and decorations from amazing destinations likeParis orNew York! Wash, color, stylize and create trend-settinghairdosthat will dazzle the whole world! All aboard! THE MOSTAMAZINGHAIRSTYLE HOLIDAY TRANSFORM Strawberry and friends’ hair“don’ts”into fantastic hair “dos”! WASH away the sand and brush offthepetals DRY off the rain water or snow SMOOTH out humidity’sfrizzymess MIX & MATCH magical potions for wonderful styles!CREATEthe hairstyles of your dreams with FreeForm Mode KEEPyourfavourite memories in your own photo album CUSTOMIZE youralbumwith beautiful decorations! 5 EXCITING CITIES, EACH WITH THEIROWNSTYLES TO DISCOVER PARIS: flowered and sun-kissed golden hairNEWYORK: berry sweet curls and dazzling waves RIO: beautifulbraidsand berry-full strands CAIRO: fun and fast drying, loosecutsTOKYO: stackable hair buns and spectacular volume PRIVACY&ADVERTISING Budge Studios takes children's privacy seriouslyandensures that its apps are compliant with privacy laws.Thisapplication has received the “ESRB (Entertainment SoftwareRatingBoard) Privacy Certified Kids’ Privacy Seal”. For moreinformation,please visit our privacy policyat:, or emailourData Protection Officer at: [email protected] Beforeyoudownload this app, please note that it is free to try, butsomecontent may only be available via in-app purchases.In-apppurchases cost real money and are charged to your account.Todisable or adjust the ability to make in-app purchases, changeyourdevice settings. This app may contain contextualadvertising(including the option to watch ads for rewards) fromBudge Studiosregarding other apps we publish, from our partners andfrom thirdparties. Budge Studios does not permit behavioraladvertising orretargeting in this app. The app may also containsocial medialinks that are only accessible behind a parental gate.TERMS OF USE/ END-USER LICENSE AGREEMENT This application issubject to anEnd-User License Agreement available through thefollowing link: ABOUTBUDGE STUDIOSBudge Studios was founded in 2010 with the mission toentertain andeducate children around the world, through innovation,creativityand fun. Its high-quality app portfolio consists oforiginal andbranded properties. Budge Studios maintains the higheststandardsof safety and age-appropriateness, and has become a globalleaderin children’s apps for smartphones and tablets. Like us: Followus:@budgestudios Watch our app trailers: We always welcome your questions, suggestionsandcomments. Contact us 24/7 at [email protected] BUDGEandBUDGE STUDIOS are trademarks of Budge Studios Inc.StrawberryShortcake Holiday Hair © 2016 Budge Studios Inc. AllRightsReserved.
The Cooking Game- Mama Kitchen 4.0
Welcome to The Cooking Game. You’re on a mission to startrunningyour own restaurant business. Fancy celebrity chef who ownsa chainof his own restaurants and who promotes healthy andvegetarianrecipes inspired from all over the world? Do you want tobecome afamous gourmet, and food writer who has her own TV Show?Start nowwith The Cooking Game and learn how to cook, serve andmanage yourown restaurants. Chef Jennifer will help you gettingaccustomed topreparing a variety of dishes from all over the world&managing different style of restaurants: from fast food cafetovegan to a high-end exclusive Japanese sushi restaurant. Youwillstart with simple Fast Food Cafe to gain basic culinaryskills,then proceed with to earn a Turkish restaurant business,providedyou prove what you have as a chef. Features: - 8uniquerestaurants, from bakery to diner, from american to chinese -morethan 320 levels - hundreds of kitchen upgrades - preparehundredsof dishes - satisfy thousands of customers - personalizeyourinterior with elegant furniture - cook any dish from burgertofancy chef recipe, from breakfast to dinner You will slowlymakeyour own into owning and managing a Chinese Noodlesrestaurant.Ever wonder how to stir fry a Chinese noodle and friedrice? Do youhave what it takes to stir fry a Chinese styleegg-noodles in frontof your customers with selected toppings, meat& sauces?Upgrade your culinary skills then with managing moreadvanced andexquisite Italian and Japanese Sushi restaurants. Theserestaurantsare not for the faint-of-hearted. Japanese sushirestaurant willtake your skill to the limit as you explore thetraditional ways ofmaking Japanese sashimi, sushi rolls, tempuraetc. All work but noplay? Don’t worry. Candy shop will take youback to your sweetestmemory as a kid. Serve the desserts to yourcustomers by learninghow to bake cupcakes, make cotton candy,frozen yogurt and Slurpee!A variety of cuisines: - Chinese Noodles& Rice - ItalianPizza, Pasta & Lasagna - American Fast FoodBurger & Hotdog- Japanese Sushi & Tempura - Arabic Shawarma& Kebab -Popular Cakes, Icecream & Sweets WHAT ARE YOUWAITING FOR?!?Show your skills and feed the hungry customers!Download the freeversion of "the Cooking Game" now! THIS IS THEMOST INSANELYADDICTIVE COOKING GAME EVER! The Cooking Game is freeto play, butyou can choose to pay real money for some extra items.FacebookLIKE:
Coloring Book: Animal Mandala
Best app for coloring book therapy andrelaxingis now on Android. Totally FREE. More than 100 animalmandalacoloring pages.Free animal mandala coloring book for adults and kids. We offer100free coloring pages of animals like owls, elephants, cats,birdsand horses. Can you color your favourite animal?Painting coloring books helps adults and children relax andreleasestress: start painting and test it now!- 100 free mandala designs. Starring animals like cats,dogs,elephants and owls.- Easy to play: fill an area or draw a line- Use 2 fingers to zoom in on details.- Lots of free stamps- Save, load and share your artwork- Undo- Mystery optionWhat is your favourite animal? A fluffy cat or a wise owl.Bigelephant or tiny mouse. Or maybe you are more a person of theseawith colorful fish or beautiful dolphin. Pick your favouriteanimaland start painting it in Mandala style.● Coloring books help reduce stress and relax. Good for a momentofrelaxation in the evening. Also great forMindfulnessexercises.● Coloring books anywhereColortime is a free app and doesn't need an internetconnection.Have fun painting and drawing in the garden or during alongjourney. Relax and be creative● Easily share your paintings.Share your creations in Instagram, Snapchat, Messenger,Facebook,WhatsApp, Pinterest, Google Plus, Line, Kiko, Twitter,email andSMS.● Support.We work hard to keep Colortime running on all availableAndroiddevices. If your run into any issues please send us an emailso wecan try to solve it for you and other players.● Age ratingColortime is a free game for all ages. Children, girls, andadultscan enjoy it without any restrictions. Have your kids passtimewith this app.Download today and start your coloring book relaxing therapy,youwon't regret it!