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For Women - News Magazine 3.54
All a woman needs!All the news and tips about Hair, Fashion, Style, Family,Career,Health, Fitness and much much more!The only app ALL women need!Here's why -All the Sources You Need -All the leading news sources and blogs in one place! For eachstoryall sources that covered it are one tap away! Don't like acertainsource? You can block it... long tap the article and seesome cooloptions!Customized news feed -Create your own magazine from a great variety of topics -fitness,parenthood, beauty, gossip & more!Just select the topics you want to follow on the topics menutocreate your own personalized news feed. You can also simplyblocktopics you don't like!Always be Up to Date -Push notifications for your selected topics or for importantnewsstories (optional)!News, Tips and How To manuals -Videos compiled from leading Youtube channels - all awomenneeds!Have Your Say!Easily comment on any article or tag it with your opinions!Busy?Save interesting articles for later reading free and insidetheapp!Collapsed mode -An efficient reading mode that will let you skim fast throughthenews, on the expense of visuals.Enjoying the app? Not satisfied? Whatever it is - we’rewaitingto hear from you. Please write us what’s on your mind [email protected] of the Newsfusion Application is governed by theNewsfusionTerms of Use (