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Text Fairy (OCR Text Scanner) 5.3.2
What the Text Fairy can do:• Converts an image to text.• Correct the viewpoint of an image.• Edit extracted text.• Copy extracted text into the clipboard for use inotherapps.• Convert the scanned page into PDF.• Recognises printed text from more than 50 languages.• Free and no ads.Please bear in mind that:• You need to take sharp images with good lightning forbestresults.• The text fairy cannot read handwriting.Icon Design by Hooi Zhoong ([email protected])FootnoteThe Text Fairy is still in development.Feature suggestions or bug reports are greatly appreciated!Source code can be found here:
Text Scanner [OCR]
This is the world's highest accuracy OCR. You can convert imagestotext. Enjoy!
OCR Text Scanner : Extracts Text on Image
Rishi Apps
Text Scanner that Extracts Text On Image.
Image to Text, document & PDF Scanner app
Image to PDF Converter & Scanner. Scan & Edit PDFdocuments.
OCR Text Scanner - Image to Text : OCR
Just scan an image, convert it into Text form and make yourworkeasy by OCR.
Copy Text On Screen 2.5.2
Rishi Apps
Copy text on mobile screen to clipboardorshare.Copy paste any text as long as you can see it on your screen!Copytext from ANY screen to your clipboard. Then, paste it intoanytext box. Convert your phone into a mobile text scanner.Default long press to copy text on mobile screen not workssometimesthen this app helps you to extract text from mobilescreen.Here OCR technology is used to recognize text on thedevicescreen.OCR Recognizes text with 95% to 100% accuracy. Please checkwithyour device.Recent scans history added as pro feature.Note: Gave support for most of languages.This app is perfect to extract text for english and otherlatinbased languages.How to use this appVideo demo link: Take a screenshot.2. Open the screenshot and share with this app.3. Drag the corners of crop view to select the text and alsoselectlanguage to OCR then save.4. Please wait while the app performs OCR (OpticalCharacterRecognition) operation to extract the text.5. Now you may copy to clipboard or share the extracted text.You can take screenshots by pressing and holding the 'Powerbutton'and 'Volume-down button' at the same time for 2secondsif that doesn't work try pressing and holding the 'Power button'and'Home button' at the same time for 2 seconds
Document Scanner - Scan PDF & Image to Text
Camera Scanner HD - Easy to Scan Documents, Photo, PDF, Text&Convert to PDF
PDF Scanner - Document Scanner 1.3.2
If you need a document scanner 📄 to create PDF files, you canusethis app. The mobile PDF scanner will process any text or imageina matter of seconds. You can download it at no cost and itiscompatible with any Android devices regardless of theirbrand.You'll be able to use this document scanner free at home 🏠,in theoffice, at school, in a public institution, when travelingorwherever you are. Thanks to this mobile scanner 📱, your lifewillbecome easier and more comfortable. You'll spend considerablylesstime chained to your computer, scanning, sending,downloading,converting and editing docs. The quality of the scanswill beconsistently high. Functionality of the free documentscanner Tomake sure that this scan app functions properly, youshould allowit to access the camera 📷 of your device and thestorage. Afterthat, you'll be able to perform the followingoperations: 🟪 Scan incolor, black & white or grayscale 🟪 Adjustthe level ofcontrast of a PDF scan to create crisp monochrome texts🟪Automatically detect the edges of the pages 🟪 Automaticallyremovethe clutter background 🟪 Configure page sizes (A4, Legal,Letter,etc.) 🟪 Send the result of the scan to print, fax,messenger, emailor cloud storage 🟪 Check the history of theprevious scans 🟪 Setlist or thumbnail view for old scans 🟪 Quicklysearch for the scanyou need by its name 🟪 Sort the previous scansby title or date 🟪Install a passcode to protect your documents 🟪OCR (OpticalCharacter Recognition) This doc scanner allows you touse its basicfunctionality without paying a cent for it. Like this,it will showyou advertising. However, you might consider switchingto a paidversion to get rid of the ads and get access toadditionalfunctionality. The perks of the paid subscription You canpurchasethe paid version of the scan to pdf free either with amonthly oryearly subscription. The free option offers morecompetitive pricesand a short free trial period. If you're planningto use this paperscanner for your work, it is highly recommendedthat you shouldinstall the paid version. What kind of documents theapp processesThe app can scan nearly any type of text or graphiccontent: 🟢Receipts 🟢 Reports 🟢 Tickets 🟢 Manuals 🟢 Letters 🟢Passports, IDs,driving licenses 🟢 Bank cards 🟢 Official documents 🟢Hand-writtennotes 🟢 Photos 🟢 Images You won't need to re-configureit to switchfrom one type of document to another. Benefits of theapp Among allthe free scanner apps, this one stands out for thefollowingreasons: 🟧 It is compatible with both smartphones andtablets. 🟧 Itis lightweight. 🟧 You can synchronize it with otherdevices. 🟧Scanner with Smart Auto Crop. 🟧 It is exceptionallyquick. 🟧 You'llbe able to send the result to any services or meansofcommunication you use daily. 🟧 The scanner recognizes the textwelleven if the quality of the original document is not perfect. 🟧Itsdesign is sleek and its interface is intuitive. The appwilldownload in a few seconds and it will take you only a coupleofminutes to figure out how it functions. A mobile PDFdocumentscanner might come in handy at any moment. Download thisapp rightnow to always have it at your disposal.
Pen to Print - Handwriting OCR 1.62.0
Serendi LTD
Handwriting recognition - Scan and convert handwritten notesintoeditable text
TextGrabber Scan OCR Translate
Capture and digitize any text! Turn data into action andtranslateon-the-go.
Photo Translator - translate pictures by camera
Use the phone's camera to scan & translate text fromphotos,pictures & images
Image to Text OCR
Live & Offline OCR Text Scanner and Reader
Simple Scan - Free PDF Scanner App 4.6.3
Easy inc.
Want a moving scanner? The Simple Scanner is a PDF documentscannerapplication that turns your phone into a portable canscan documents, photos, receipts, reports, or just aboutanything.The scan will be saved to the device in image or PDFformat. Nameand organize your scan to a folder, or share it in thefollowingways: -Automatically upload JPG and PDF files to the clouddisk-Backup and restore synchronization files between multipledevices - E-mail, print, Fax  - Dropbox, Evernote, GoogleDrive,WhatsApp, or more  - Wifi connects directly to yourcomputer -Support importing PDF files into JPG. - Support foradding tags forquick file search. - Support OCR text recognition,export text.Support system: Android 4.4 and above The DocumentScannerapplication has all the features you need: - Mobile phonedocument,automatically remove the clutter background,generatehigh-definition JPEG pictures or PDF files. - A variety ofimageprocessing mode, you can manually adjust the image parameters,witha mobile phone can be paper documents, quickly turned into aclearelectronic draft. - Scan color, grayscale, or black and white- Canbe used in office, school, home and any place you want-Automatically detects page edges - 5 levels of contrast forclearmonochrome text - Set the PDF page size (Letter, Legal, A4,etc.) -Thumbnail or list view, sorted by date or title - Simplescannerare optimized to run very fast. - Quick search by documenttitle -Use a password to protect your documents - General - Asingleapplication that works on your phone! If you like simplescanner orhave any other comments, please take a moment to write usacomment, or simply email us at [email protected],whichwill help us improve our products and give you a betterexperience..
Add Text: Text on Photo Editor
Gabo Apps
Hello & Welcome! Add Text app is the all-in-one tool fortextcreation. Texts can be added to a photo, gradient, solid coloror atransparent background. HIGHLIGHTS • 1000+ fonts, + ability toaddunlimited number of your custom fonts (including emoji fonts) •Addlayers: texts, photos, shapes, stickers and saved text styles•Design parts of the text separately: supported in Font,Format,Color, Stroke, Highlight tools • 3D text tools: 3D Rotate,3DDepth, Perspective • Change text size, wrapping and scale togetany type of text layout • Layers view: reorder layers(overlays),change visibility, lock/unlock for each layer • Toolsforbackground: Effects, Crop, Resize, Flip/Rotate, Square Fit •Saveyour text creation in Style tool to reuse later forwatermarks,signatures, branding etc • Save project to edit &reuse later,create templates • Save image as JPEG, PNG or WebP file• Dark modeto reduce eye strain and save battery life •Professional supportfor all users: [email protected] • Constantlymaintained accordingto our users' feedback FEATURES • Add multipletexts (and overlays)on photo, edit each one without losing finalpreview • Move, scale,rotate, edit, copy, delete (for overlays) andwrap the text bytext-box handles • Font and Format tools: changefont, alignment,text size, with bold, italic, underlined &strikethroughoptions • Change text color & opacity: can beapplied on eachword/letter separately • Add Stroke (Outline) totext with colorsand stroke width • Highlight the whole text orseparate parts withdifferent colors & opacity • Letter &Line spacing •Positioning grid with snapping option, flip overlayhorizontallyand/or vertically • Bend the text: text along a curve •Shadow withcolors, opacity, blur and positioning • PredefinedGradients: editstart/end colors and gradient angle • Texture byadding any photoand make any type of transformation with it •Opacity and Blendwith background • Erase tool: Clear parts of textwith brush toachieve Text Behind effect (see screenshot) • Colortools haveeyedropper, color picker and predefined colors •AddStickers/Emojis, hundreds of them arranged in 8 categories •Addany photo from your phone as an overlay • Add 100+ shapes:withboth filled and outlined versions • Tools for otheroverlays:Opacity, Position, Perspective, Crop, Shape color, stroke&width • Change the background without starting your workfromscratch • Pan mode: move canvas with one finger & pinch tozoomwithout worrying to accidentally touch overlays • Pin mode:pinsthe background so that you won't accidentally change itsposition •Fit: bring canvas to its original position (fit toscreen) • Undo& Redo history • Fast sharing: showing recentapps you sharedyour work to • All these and more in a small sizedAPK All thefeatures are unlocked and free to use for everyone. Weshow ads inthe app to support our development. We give you anoption topurchase the Ad Remover which is a one-time payment. Wedon't haveany subscriptions! If you come across any problem or haveasuggestion please contact us at [email protected] Spread thewordto make this free tool available for everyone. Inspire us forthenext releases. And rate us in Play Store. So go ahead and createameme, quote, Instagram story, Youtube thumbnail, banner,coverphoto with captions, word art, poster, flyer, invitation, logoetc.Stay Young at Heart! Dev
vFlat Scan - PDF Scanner, OCR
PDF Scanner & Text recognition(OCR)
Photo Translator - Text & Web
All languages translator: translate your text, voice, photos,Camera& Web pages
Scanezy - Document Scanner, PDF Viewer & Manager
Swadeshi Labs
Scanezy is top free privacy focussed Cam Scanner, PDF ManagerandPhoto Editor
Smart Lens - Text Scanner (OCR)
Easy to scan text, extract text from images: smart, fast&super-high accuracy
My Scans - Best PDF Scanner
My Scans is the best Scanner and document organizer for your phone!
TranslateZ: Voice, Document & Camera Translator
Speak & translate, voice translator, picture translator inonetranslator app
Document Scanner - PDF Scanner
A PDF scanner converts a document into PDF to print, email orsharewith others.
Translate Photo+ Scan Camera
OCR Scanner & Snap Translator
Notebloc Scanner - Scan to PDF
Scanner app to scan documents, paper, drawings & homework.Scanand create PDF.
ScanWritr: scan docs, PDF, fax
Vanaia LLC
ScanWritr enables you to:- Scan documents quickly using camera.- Convert and open most used documentformatseasily.- Organize and store documents into multiple localandcloud archives.- Edit, fill, sign and annotate documents.- Improve document quality and retouch.- Print, fax and email documents to your partnersandcustomers.- Sync documents between phones, tabletsandcomputers.- Share notes, pages and tickets with your friendsandcolleagues.- Export documents to the most popular appsandservices.ScanWritr is perfect for business, educational and home use.Itturns your Android device with a camera into a all-in-onescanner,document editor and arhiving tool, suitable forscanning,organizing, editing, printing, faxing, emailing, syncingwithcloud, sharing and exporting of various documents likecontracts,articles, business cards, notes, receipts, warrantypapers etc.Image capture is done with the help of Real-Time EdgeDetection(auto crop).This scanner app also excels in import options. It importsvarietyof document formats, such as PDF, OpenOffice andLibreOfficedocuments (*.odt, *.ods, *.odp), Microsoft Officedocuments (Word,Excel, PowerPoint), Hancom documents (*.hwp), JPEGand PNG images,CSV, and more.ScanWritr enables you to edit scanned and imported documents asanimage. You can add signature, annotation, use eraser or pen,andfill out the blanks using writing tool. Convert thescanneddocument to PDF or JPG, save it to your phone's gallery,send itvia e-mail, fax it, print it (with the help of Cloud Print)orsynchronize and backup it to Dropbox or Google Drive.Support for synchronization of documents with the Dropbox andGoogleDrive cloud storage providers enables you to:- Share documents with your family members or team membersatyour work.- Remote-site backup of your documents.- Two-way shared folder synchronization.- Access, edit and convert your documentsanytime,everywhere from any device including smartphones,tablets andPCs.- Transfer documents between your devices (phones,tabletsand PCs).Some services (i.e. faxing, converting) require anetworkconnection, for which user's carrier fees may apply.Sending faxes from ScanWritr requires the purcahse offaxtokens.All limitations of this free version can be removed at any timebymaking an in-app purchase.DO YOU HAVE QUESTIONS?If you have any questions or require assistance don't hesitatetoemail us at [email protected]
Easy Scanner - Camera to signed PDF 3.6.1
A leading digital transformation solution to scandocuments,receipts, tickets, reports, certificates, etc! *Installed onmillions of devices around the world * Featured in topBusinessapps – Google Play Store Features: SCANNING * Digitalizeall kindsof paper documents: receipts, invoices, notes,certificates,whiteboard discussions, etc. * Intelligent documentcropping: autodetect document border and crop document fromcaptured image * Autoenhancing text & graphic with fabulousfilters ensures thetexts and graphics in scanned documents areclear and sharp *Export documents in high quality PDF or imagefiles, easily sharingwith colleagues via email, social media, etc.* Extract Texts fromImage: OCR (optical character recognition)extracts texts inside apage for further editing and sharing SIGNING* E-signing yourcontracts on the go with Easy Scanner * Create yourcustomizedsignatures(for premium users) * Style your signatureswith vibrantcolors(for premium users) SHARING * Print (searchingnearbyprinters automatically) * Never loose your documents anymore,let'ssync to Google Drive, DropBox, OneDrive, Box or Evernote *Easilysharing papers via email, bluetooth, wifi, etc DARK MODE,NIGHTMODE A dramatic new look that's easy on your eyes and helpsyoufocus on your work Easy Scanner users scan and manage *Credential,Certificate, Identity Documents... * Business Card,Bill, Invoice,Contract, Tax Roll... * Whiteboard, Memo, Script,Letter... * Book,Article, Blackboard, Note, PPT... Premiumsubscription Service: 1.Scan in batch mode: where you can capturemultiple pictures, ourapp will allow you to export as one PDF 2.Remove ads: you will notsee ads while using the app 3. Removewatermark: exported PDF fileswill not include “Scan by EasyScanner” footer 4. Unlimitedsignatures: you can create any numberof signatures and customizesignatures with any colors Please notethe subscription isautomatically renewed at the end of the periodunless you choose tocancel the subscription. Lets make a betterdocument scanner foreveryone If you have any question or somethingto improve thisapps, please help us by sending mail [email protected] Like uson Facebook: @bferyofficial Follow us onTwitter: @BferyOfficial
Camera Translator - translate photo & picture
Use phone's camera to recognize and translate any photo intoanylanguage
Scanner App- Scan PDF Document
Scan PDF Documents with PDF Scanner App- Sign, Print &Sharepaperwork in PDF
Ace Scanner (OCR) & Translator
Photo/Camera to text converter and translator
Scanner App To PDF - TapScanner
Welcome to the new home of all your paper documents.Scan,Print& Share any document to PDF. Now you can simplyscan,importand share right inside the best portable scannerapp.Accesseverything you’ve previously scanned with the TapScannerapp.WhyTapScanner? Join over 80 Million satisfied users all overtheworldwho trust TapScanner to be their tiny portablescanner.Downloadfor Free and start scanning now with the topscannerchoice! Low onmemory? No problem - this camera scanner has atinybinaryfootprint of 20MB Scan to PDF • Scan any document andconverttoPDF with your mobile device. • TapScanner has got youcoveredwithour pdf maker. Receipts, documents, businesscards,whiteboards,ID’s, books and photos - From image to pdfimmediatelyWe do thework for you with Auto Border detection •Scanning madeeasy • Getyour documents auto cropped and sorted inthe way youneed them •Save time cropping each document Finish yourpaperworkfromanywhere • Use the best document scanner to attachanE-signatureusing pdf sign tools. • Mark and edit fields toaddeverything youneed. Get the perfect scan - Enhance with Filters•Powerfulfilters that will make your scanned documentslookprofessional •Remove shadows and artifacts to enhance yourscans •Port to blackand white or adjust contrast and brightnessBackup toCloud • Justlike that, scans on your phone are backed upto yourfavouritecloud. • TapScanner’s PDF converter ensures youstoreahigh-quality PDF output from our mobile scanner Edit textfromyourscans • Convert image to text - Edit your scans with OCR•Exportaccurate text straight from your docs • Unlock contentandextracttext from images through OCR with automatedtextrecognitionenhanced by machine learning algorithms • Read QRcodeswith thebuilt in QR scanner which supports links, text ISBNandemails -simply access the Qr code reader in the cam scan modulePDFEditor• Pdf splitter - simply import a pdf file andTapScannerwillmanage everything you need • It’s never been easierto splitpdfinto a number of pdf files Print • Using this PDFscanner, youcanprint directly from our scanner app. Get everyone inon the loop•Share documents easily and quickly • Seamlessly sharetoemail,social media and instant messaging apps Sort • Createfoldersandtag documents to organize all your scans • Find theimportantdocsyou need inside TapScanner’s mobile pdf scanner •Finddocuments inyour scanned library easily by name, tag orfolderPOWERFUL HIGHQUALITY PDF SCANNER - TRY IT NOW
OCR Text Scanner pro : Extracts Text on Image
Rishi Apps
Text Scanner that Extracts Text On Image.
Scanbot - PDF Document Scanner 7.10.0.B-GP-Free(313)
doo GmbH
Scanbot is the best document to PDF scannerappand very easy to use. Already 7 million people on Android andiOSuse Scanbot to scan their documents, receipts, whiteboards, QRcodesor bar codes. The scanner app already won numerous awardsandachieves a satisfaction rating of 98%.HOW IT WORKSSimply hold your smartphone or tablet over a document andScanbotwill automatically scan it. The scanner app will then cropthedocument and optimize the colors. Save your scan as PDF or JPGwithone tap.FEATURE HIGHLIGHTS- PDF documents and JPG- QR Code scanning- Bar Code scanning- Multi-Page scans- Automatic upload- Editing and annotations- OCR text recognition- Full-text searchTHE BEST DOCUMENT SCANNERScanbot scans everything from business cards to whiteboards.Whenyou scan a document, Scanbot makes hundreds of decisions tocapturethe document perfectly, crop the document, straighten it andapplythe filter.SCAN QR CODESInstantly scan QR codes to save a business card, show alocation,open a website or connect to a WiFi network.SUPPORTED CLOUD SERVICES- Dropbox- Google Drive- OneDrive- Box- Evernote- Shoeboxed- Yandex Disk- WebDAV- MagentaCloud- Amazon Cloud Drive- Slack- TodoistWORK WITH DOCUMENTSEasily work with your PDFs after you have scanned them.Highlighttext, add notes, draw on the scanned pages or add yoursignature.Scanbot features all annotation tools you need to edityour scans.Existing scans can also be easily modified and correctedby moving,deleting or adding pages.EDUCATIONScanbot is the perfect tool to manage all your documents inschoolor university. Learn all about ithere: IN TOUCHScanbot has a 98% satisfaction rating for its support. Wereallylove to hear from you. So if you have any questions orfeedbackplease contact us directly in the app (Settings, scrolldown andtap on Support) or via [email protected] We will get backto youas fast as possible.Plus us on Google+: us on Twitter: us on Facebook: more: https://scanbot.ioPERMISSIONSScanbot (optionally) uses permissions for your calendar andlocationto provide you with intelligent names like „Scan from»PlanningMeeting« at »Tech Advisory Partners Office«“.Please note that we need access to your contact details torestoreprevious purchases.More details on our FAQ page and in ourprivacypolicy
Camera Scanner - PDF Scanner App
Document Scanner with PDF Creator, QR Code Reader, OCR, Jpg toPdf,Pdf to Jpg
Doc Scanner - Phone PDF Creator
Easy Mob Apps
Doc Scanner into PDF Documents using mobile camera with highquality
PDF Scanner App, Document Scanner - PrimeScanner
100% cam scanner free –unlimited number of docs, nowatermarks,unlocked sharing
Translate On Screen
Translate text on other apps. Voice, camera translate.ScreenTranslator
Voice Text Translate Languages
Season Apps
Translate All Voice Text and Camera Learn Foreign LanguagesWithTranslation
Magical font identifier
PDF Scanner & Document Scanner
Tool Apps Hub
PDF Scanner Interactive Digital Docs into PDF/JPEG FormatswithPortable scanner
Translate All Language App
All language translator app, translate words with speak andvoicetranslation.
FineReader PDF - PDF Document Scanner App + OCR
ABBYY Mobile
ABBYY FineReader PDF is your first AI-powered smartmobilescannerfor any type of documents. Forget about thedesktopscannerforever. FineScanner turns your mobile device intoapowerfulall-purpose tool to create electronic copies in PDFandJPEG. Anadvanced optical character recognition technologyextractstextfrom scans even without an internet connection. Theextractedtextis available for editing and sharing in 12 mostpopularofficeformats, including Word, Excel, and PDF. FineReaderPDF - thetopmobile scanner for Android from ABBYY, aDigitalIntelligencecompany. FineReader PDF can be described asphotoscanner, receiptscanner, slide scanner, business card scanner,andbook scanner allat the same time. It's an essential scan tooltoscan paperdocuments, agreements, receipts, magazinearticles,notes, recipes,pictures, charts, tables, slides, books,whiteboardsor evenbillboards on the street and get perfect digitalcopies.*****Ranked #1 Business application in 98 countries **********Winnerof SUPERSTAR Award in the 'Document Capture' category attheMobileStar Awards ***** ABBYY FineReader PDF features: •Getdigitalcopies of any printed or hand-written papers and savescansto JPEGimages or cross-platform PDF documents. • Instantlyextracttextfrom scans into TXT format right on your device withoutaninternetconnection. • Recognize text (OCR) on scans in193languages(including Latin, Cyrillic, and Chinese,Japanese,Koreanalphabets) and choose from 12 output formats (docx,xls, pdf,txt,and more), preserving the original document formattingsuchaslists, tables, and headers (premium account andInternetrequired).• Share and export results anywhere – send bye-mail, toFineReaderPDF for Windows messengers, or save in yourfavoritecloud storages- Google Drive with autoupload feature,Box,Evernote, Dropbox,Yandex.Disk, and more. • The smart gallerywillautomaticallyclassify documents into 7 types: A4, books,businesscards,handwritten, IDs, other docs, receipts. • Search textonphotos.Type a text containing on a photo into a Search fieldinthegallery. FineReader PDF will find photos that have thistext.•Create, edit, and enhance separate images orlargemulti-pagedocuments effortlessly (up to 100 pages per file). •Getexcellentvisual quality with auto-capture of page boundariesandadvancedimage filters, which processes scans in color,greyscaleorblack-and-white versions. • Save scans inside theappwithdifferent tags and search capabilities. PremiumAccountincludesauto-renewable subscription: • Image-to-textrecognition(OCR) • Noads Join and read us: •• • [email protected]_Mobile_ww• --------------------CORPORATEVOLUMELICENSING If you are interested in volume licensing(morethan 100)for your company or any customization of the app,pleasecontact usat [email protected] -------------------- Leave areview,ifFineReader PDF makes your life easier. We value youropinion!
Cam Scanner App: PDF Scanner Pro, PDF-scanner 1.1.8
No need for an expensive scanner or wait in line to use it onceyouhave scanner app - document scanner - the app that camscannerdirectly on your phone. Scanner app free can quickly scanfiles astext and images. This pdf scanner is completely free andeasy touse. With simple pdf-scanner by a scanner pro, users cangetdigital copies of any kind of photoscan. Scanner app is theperfectapp to back up all personal documents such as ID cards,passport,or driver's license. In addition, with two optional scanmodes, thecam scanner also saves your time when you need to scanmultiplescanner app free at the same time. Especially, the pdfscanner canbe converted to PDF format or JPG image file thatdepending on yourpurpose when exporting or sharing files.Therefore, thispdf-scanner is suitable for everyone, who demands toscan documentsat work, school, or anywhere that need the free pdfscanner app.Download scanner app now to get the smoothest camscannerexperience with the following outstanding advantages:scanner appfree EASY - Pdf scanner directly with the camera or scanphotosfrom the gallery. Get the sharpest image quality. -Constantpdf-scanner feature and unlimited number of scans - Scanany fileformat very quickly and conveniently - Scanner pro :Flashlight forscanning in low light BASIC DOCUMENT ADJUSTMENTScanner app allowsto adjust the documents after scanning by thecrop feature, imagerotation, and color filters. Besides, the camscanner smart cropfeature automatically recognizes your document tocrop the image atthe perfect ratio PROFESSIONALLY CREATE AND MANAGEPDF FILE -Scanner app free create PDF files quickly while exportingorsharing pdf scanner images - Sort files by name, file size, orfilecreation date according to the user's needs. - Pdf-scanner : 3fileviews such as list view, grid two, grid three MULTIPLE FILEEXPORTOPTIONS All files exported by photoscan has extremely highquality.Users free pdf scanner app can choose to export a PDF fileor a JPGimage file. Using scanner app - document scanner to scanand storedocuments right on your phone, that will be moreconvenient andefficient. cam scanner feature give the best imagequality andflexible output file format that suitable for all users'needs.Scanner app free is a convenient tool that is theperfectreplacement for a pdf scanner. Download pdf-scanner now toquicklyscan directly BY your phone for FREE!
Scan Hero: Document to PDF Scanner App 1.51.2
Apalon Apps
Overwhelmed with papers? Make your life easier - go paperlessathomeor at the office with this lightweight scanner app foryourAndroid!Scan Hero is a handy all-in-one app that turns yourdeviceinto amultifunctional office tool. Scan, edit, organize,print andshareyour docs in a tap! Using only your Android deviceyou caninstantlyscan to PDF and print any written, printed orgraphicmaterial,including: - Contracts for your partners orclients; -Businesscards; - Receipts to track your expenses; -Paper notesand mindmapsto save the best ideas for futurereference; - Bookpages andarticles for further reading andanalysis; - Texts thatdon't offer adigital copy; Or play with themultiple editingoptions and filtersto use the app as afull-fledged photo scanner.This smartPDF-scanner helps you manageyour documents easily: SCANany written,printed or graphic materialwith camera or add snapsfrom cameraroll. You can even mergemulti-page agreements andbooks into onefile.The scanner appdetects page edgesautomatically and makesperfect scans in seconds.EDIT perspectiveand borders, adjustscanner brightness, rotatepages, apply filtersor correct capturearea borders if needed.CONVERT your scans intoeditable andsearchable text that can beextracted and copy-pasted.OpticalCharacter Recognition (OCR) makesit possible. SIGNdocuments easilyon the screen of your device.With thisPDF-scanner you can createand save an electronicsignature topromptly add it to your scans.HIGHLIGHT the key pointsof yourscans to glean the main idea at aglance. PRINT scannedpapers, aswell as the text from Clipboard,attached to emails filesandwebpages. STORE all files directly inthe scanner app, sort thembyfolders and find in seconds whenneeded. Or, easily upload toyourcloud storage (Dropbox, GoogleDrive, Box, etc.) SHARE eachfileseparately or send a number offiles in one document via Mailandany other 3rd party applications.Or simply export them toPhotos.♕ Scan like a PRO using the PREMIUMapp features ♕ PRINT&SHARE without limits and ads! Scanningpapers and pictures topdfhas never been easier. Take full advantageof this mobilescannerapp to simplify the mess of papers! Bydownloadingthisapplication, you agree to the Apalon Apps EndUserLicenseAgreement and Privacy Policy. You can choosefromdifferentsubscription options. * A subscription with a freetrialwillautomatically renew to a paid subscription unless youcancelthesubscription before the end of the free trial period. *Cancelafree trial or subscription anytime through your accountsettingsonthe Google Play Store and continue to enjoy thepremiumcontentuntil the end of the free-trial period orpaidsubscription!PrivacyPolicy:
Mobile Scanner App - Scan PDF
Glority LLC
The Cool Mobile PDF Scanner App to scan documents, photo to PDFin2022
Copy Text On Screen pro
Rishi Apps
Copy text on mobile screen to clipboardorshare.Copy paste any text as long as you can see it on your screen!Copytext from ANY screen to your clipboard. Then, paste it intoanytext box. Convert your phone into a mobile text scanner.Default long press to copy text on mobile screen not workssometimesthen this app helps you to extract text from mobilescreen.Here OCR technology is used to recognize text on thedevicescreen.OCR Recognizes text with 95% to 100% accuracy. Please checkwithyour device.You can also check your recent scans history.Note:Gave support for most of languages.This app is perfect to extract text for english and otherlatinbased languages.How to use this appVideo demo link: Take a screenshot.2. Open the screenshot and share with this app.3. Drag the corners to select the text and select the languageforOCR then save.4. Please wait while the app performs OCR (OpticalCharacterRecognition) operation to extract the text.5. Now you may copy to clipboard or share the extracted text.You can take screenshots by pressing and holding the 'Powerbutton'and 'Volume-down button' at the same time for 2secondsif that doesn't work try pressing and holding the 'Power button'and'Home button' at the same time for 2 seconds
Camera Translator - Scan Photo
Translate photo images and documents pdf from gallery or cameratoall languages
ScanScan(白描) - OCR Text Grabber, Document Scanner 3.1.6
Xinle Tao
ScanScan(白描) is a high accurate and efficient OCRtextrecognitionand document scanning App. It has highrecognitionaccuracy, fasterspeed, clean scanning effect and cangenerate PDF.Usage scenarios:Translate text on image, pick text onimage, makereading notes,paper documents to electronic files,identificationof identitycards and so on. Main features: ● Batchprocess. Leadersof thesame area, handle 50 pictures at a time fortext recognitionanddocument scanning. ● Form recognition, recognizeform image to.xlsfiles, which can be continue edited in Excel orNumbers. ●Freelyexport and edit the recognition results. ● Therecognitionresultis automatically saved as a historical record andeasy tosearch. ●Translation after recognition Support thetranslation ofsimplifiedChinese, Japanese, English, Korean, French,Spanish,Arabic,Russian, German, Portuguese, Italian,traditionalChinese,Cantonese and classical Chinese. ● MultilingualrecognitionSupportthe recognition of Chinese, English, Japanese,Korean,French,German, Russian and Spanish. ● Automatic detectdocumentboundariesfor document scanning, with a variety of documentcolorsto choose.● Automatically continuous document scanning andgeneratePDF. ●Flexible select text. ● Proofreading for result andoriginalimage.● Restore the originalparagraph.Privacypolicy:
PDF Scanner - Easy Scan to PDF 1.4.3
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PDF Scanner quickly scan to PDF the documents you want andoutputsto a multi-page PDF. Download now and join with 1,5M+quality usersof Easy scanner app! Main features of Easy scannerapp: ✅ PDFscanner - Scanning Scan documents, receipts and businesscards,contracts. Scan ID cards, passports, driver's licenses,airlinetickets, visas. Scan multi-page PDF by batch scanning modein camscan. Automatic border detection. ✅ Scan to PDF - EditingConvertimage to PDF from gallery with one touch. PDF scanner worksmoresmoothly thanks to optimized processing technology.Fine-tuneimages with many filters: Black & White, Grayscale,Magiccolor, Original. Document merging & splitting. Adddigitalsignatures to your PDF documents before sending and printingthem.✅ Convert to JPG - Exporting Scan to PDF and export tohigh-qualityPDF or JPG. Support sharing too many work platforms:Email,Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive, OneDrive, Telegram, Zalo. ✅Morefeatures Easily manage your documents. Start with camera toquicklyscan documents to pdf to save time. PDF scanner is a scannerappthat makes paperwork easy! Easy scanner app easily turns yourphoneinto a small PDF scanner with high quality, not inferiortoexpensive scanners but much more convenient. Cam scan issuitablefor people doing paperwork at the office, students studyingandworking from home sending homework online to your teachers,oranyone who needs to scan to PDF. PDF scanner is underdevelopmentand completion. Eco Mobile's product development team iseager tobring you an easy scanner app with good features andexperience foryou. So, if you have any suggestions for us, pleasesend feedbackto email: [email protected] Thank you so much.
Scan & Translate: Photo camera
Text translator and photo scanner OCR app. Translate a picture orapdf file!
Mobile Doc Scanner 3 + OCR
If you are not completely satisfied withourapp - for any reason - just send us your order number andwecompletely refund your order.Extremely useful mobile tool gives users the power to scan anytypeof document, transform it into PDF format and share it rightfromyour device.With MDScan users are free to scan any type of document,rangingfrom receipts to text pages and almost everything inbetween, onthe go anywhere and anytime.A perfect companion for busy users, MDScan allows anyonetotransform everything from invoices to whiteboards andclassesnotes, magazine articles and more into a PDF format in ordertoeasily export them, share and e-mail it to others, or for anyotherreason they can come up with. MDScan automatically detectsborders,corrects distortion, and equalizes brightness to createclear,legible documents at a very high speed for yourconvenience.Going above and beyond other mobile scanning solutions MDScanoffersBatch shooting mode for a super fast scanning so users caneasilyscan within seconds multiple pages and save scanned filesfor batchprocessing later.The app shines in terms of uploading as well as alldocumentconversion is performed locally right on user's device.This meansthat you can upload documents to cloud storage services,includingDropbox, Google Docs, or, email services, orFacebook andTwitter that is guaranteed to go off quickly, without ahitch, andwithout risk of any potentially sensitive informationbecomingcompromised.Simply put there's enough for you to worry about without havingtogo out of your way to scan and convert files into PDFs shouldtheneed arise, and now with MDScan its one worry you won't everhaveagain.★★★★★Main advantages and benefits========================★ Transform any image into PDF format.★ Automatic, high quality document edge detection andperspectivecorrection.★ Manual free Advanced image processing to enhance poorqualityimages and documents.★ Quickly scan and manage multi-page documents on the go★ Scan, upload or send any document quickly, includingreceipts,news and magazine articles, invoices, coupons, posters andmuchmore★ Cloud storage and social network integration for accessibilityandsharingDon’t hesitate to contact us at any time and send yoursuggestionsor questions to our support email. We try to do our bestto answerto your comments as soon as possible.This software is registered by Russian Federal InstituteOfIndustrial Property # 2013619506