Top 12 Apps Similar to από τη Χρυσή Ευκαιρία

XE Currency Pro Inc.
All the world’s currencies at yourfingertips!This pro edition of the XE Currency Converter App notonly provideslive exchange rates and charts, you can also set an XERate Alertto monitor your favorite currencies forimmediatenotification.* RELIABLE- Stores the last updated exchange rates so it works even whentheinternet decides not to.* CONVENIENT- Easy to use currency calculator using XE’s currency converter.Italso monitors up to 20 currencies at once.* UNIVERSAL- Live rates are refreshed each minute for every world currencyandprecious metal.----------------------------------------------------Have an idea to make the XE Currency App better or just want totellus how you use it?Let us know! [email protected]--
XE Currency Inc.
All the world’s currencies at yourfingertips!This free edition of the XE Currency Converter App notonlyprovides live exchange rates and charts, you can also set anXERate Alert to monitor your favorite currencies forimmediatenotification.* RELIABLE- Stores the last updated exchange rates so it works even whentheinternet decides not to.* CONVENIENT- Easy to use currency calculator using XE’s currency converter.Italso monitors up to 10 currencies at once.* UNIVERSAL- Live rates are refreshed each minute for every world currencyandprecious metal.* XE CURRENCY PRO- Get XE Currency Pro – track more currencies at once for only$1.99US----------------------------------------------------Have an idea to make the XE Currency App better or just want totellus how you use it?Let us know! [email protected]--
Search for used cars to buy
Anycar is the largest auto and carmarketplacein the world, compiling all available online ads intooneapp.Search by brand, model and/or location and we will find thebestmatches for you.Find any brand or model: Sports cars, van, convertible,sedan,coupe, SUV... It's mobile and it's free!Key features:- Access all cars in one click and when you are on the move- Set your display preferences between list, mosaic or fullwidthformats- Sort cars by relevance, date or price- Shortlist your favourite cars and compare prices- Bookmark your dream car- Contact the seller- Store your search criteria and receive the latest matching adsbyemail and notification- Be social! Share ads with your friendsLooking for a vehicle? Quickly search, bookmark and comparecars,then contact the seller directly if you’re interested inanad.All the tools you need to find your next car are right here.Findinga car has never been so easy!
Everyhouse:Search for property
Find your next home in just one click!Everyhouse maps the real estate offerings around you, compilingallavailable online ads into one app. Find a house, flat,buildingplot, commercial property or even farmland in justonesearch.Whether you're looking to buy or rent, find it on Everyhouse.It’sfree to download and easy to use.Key features:- Access all available properties in one click and when you areonthe move- Use built-in GPS to find homes for sale or flats for rentwhilewalking in your favorite area- View a picture and key information for each property directlyfromthe search results- Set your display preferences between list, mosaic or fullwidthformats- Sort properties by relevance, date or price- Shortlist the ads you like- Directly contact the seller- Store your search criteria and receive the latest matching adsbyemail- Return to your recent searches at any time- Be social! Share ads with your friendsLook no further – all the tools you need to find your next homeareright here. With Everyhouse, it's all in your pocket!
Skroutz - Σύγκριση Τιμών
Skroutz S.A.
Γρήγορη και εύκολη σύγκριση τιμών καιπροϊόντωνσε περισσότερα από 2.000 ελληνικά e-shops με την Androidσυσκευήσου. Συγχρόνισε τα Αγαπημένα σου προϊόντα με το λογαριασμόσου στο, δες τα Αγαπημένα σου, εξοικονόμησε χρόνοκαι χρήμακάνοντας τις πιο έξυπνες online αγορές!Η εφαρμογή του σου επιτρέπει να συγκρίνεις εύκολατιμέςμέσω της Android συσκευής σου, να διαβάζεις αξιολογήσεις απόάλλουςχρήστες για πάνω από 11 εκατομμύρια προϊόντα σε κατηγορίεςόπωςτεχνολογία, μόδα, σπίτι-κήπος, παιδικά-βρεφικά, auto-moto,hobby& αθλητισμός.Βρες αυτό που ψάχνεις, σύγκρινέ το με τη μηχανή αναζήτησηςτουSkroutz και αγόρασέ το από το e-shop που προτιμάς!Οι κυριότερες λειτουργίες της εφαρμογής περιλαμβάνουν:- Αναζήτηση προϊόντων και σύγκριση τιμών στο Λειτουργία autocomplete στο πεδίο αναζήτησης για ακόμη πιογρήγορηαναζήτηση- Χρήση φίλτρων για βελτίωση της αναζητήσης- Περιήγηση σε φωτογραφίες και αναλυτικά χαρακτηριστικά για11εκατομμύρια προϊόντα σε 1.500 κατηγορίες- Συγχρονισμό των Αγαπημένων σου προϊόντων από το λογαριασμό σουστο Προσθήκη Αγαπημένων προϊόντων- Δες ειδοποιήσεις για πτώσεις τιμών, αλλαγέςδιαθεσιμότηταςπροϊόντων και προσθήκη νέων αξιολογήσεων για τα"Αγαπημένα"σου- Πληροφορίες καταστημάτων για τα e-shops του Πρόσβαση σε αξιολογήσεις χρηστών για προϊοντακαικαταστήματα- Εύρεση του κοντινότερου καταστήματος στο χάρτη τηςσυσκευήςσου.Βρες τις καλύτερες τιμές σε:- Κινητά Τηλέφωνα, Tηλεοράσεις, Laptops, Θήκες KινητώνTηλεφώνων,Tablets, Φωτογραφικές Μηχανές, Υπολογιστές.- Κουζίνες και Φούρνους, Ψυγεία, Πλυντήρια Ρούχων,ΗλεκτρικέςΣκούπες, Εργαλεία Kήπου, Eίδη Γραφείου.- Ανδρικά Ρολόγια, Ανδρικά Μπουφάν, Γυναικείες Τσάντες,ΓυναικείαΜπουφάν, Ανδρικές Μπότες & Μποτάκια, Φορέματα, Τζην,Παπούτσια,Αξεσουάρ Μόδας.- Αθλητικά Παπούτσια, Αθλητικές Μπλούζες, Ποδήλατα,ΑθλητικάΜπουφάν, Παντελόνια Φόρμας.- Λάστιχα αυτοκινήτου, Ηχοσυστήματα Αυτοκινήτου, ΚράνηΜηχανής,Ηχεία Αυτοκινήτου, Μπαταρίες Αυτοκινήτου και Σκαφών.- Αθλητικά Παιδικά Παπούτσια, Playmobil, Παιδικά Καροτσάκια,ΠαιδικάΜποτάκια, Καθισματάκια Αυτοκινήτου, Lego.- Κρέμες Προσώπου, Γυναικεία Αρώματα, Μηχανές Κουρέματος,ΕιδικάΣυμπληρώματα, Make Up και Πούδρες.Για τις αγαπημένες σου μάρκες:Sony, Casio, Bosch, Hasbro, Samsung, Delonghi, Timberland,Nike,Pioneer, Adidas, Apivita, LG, Whirlpool, Tommy Hilfiger,Lego,Philips, Nike, Korres, Apple, Einhell, Vans, Asics,Michelin,Fisher Price, Oral-B, Huawei, Inventor, Emerson, Converse,Castro,Playmobil, Lego, Frezyderm, Xiaomi, Izzy, Superdry, Salomon,Lampa,Mayoral, Solgar, Braun, Kickers, Geox, New Balance,Birkenstock,JVC, Remington, Kenwood, Siemens, Babyliss, Chicco,Estee Lauder,Lenovo, Ray Ban, Peg Perego, Whirlpool, Clarion,Clinique.
GOCAR 1.0.7
Η εφαρμογή GOCAR mob είναι η απόλυτηπηγήενημέρωσης για τους λάτρεις αλλά και τους υποψήφιουςαγοραστέςαυτοκινήτου από το Και είναι δωρεάν.Δες στο Android κινητό σου εύκολα και γρήγορα τα τελευταίανέα,όλα τα μοντέλα της αγοράς, αναλυτικές δοκιμές, πλήρεις πίνακεςμετιμές, εξοπλισμούς και τεχνικά χαρακτηριστικά, πλούσιεςσυλλογέςφωτογραφιών και video καθώς και τις ισχύουσες εκπτώσεις&προσφορές.Στο GOCAR mob θα βρεις:• Τον πληρέστερο οδηγό αγοράς με όλα τα μοντέλα και τιςεκδόσειςπου κυκλοφορούν στην Ελλάδα, με φωτογραφίες, video και140χαρακτηριστικά εξοπλισμού, επιδόσεων και τεχνικών στοιχείωνγιακάθε έκδοση ξεχωριστά.• Όλα τα νέα της αυτοκίνησης με μια ματιά.• Όλες τις προσφορές που ισχύουν για κάθε μάρκα και μοντέλο.• Τη δυνατότητα να κλείσεις στη στιγμή, Test drive με τομοντέλοπου σε ενδιαφέρει.• Εκατοντάδες δοκιμές αυτοκινήτων από την έμπειρηδημοσιογραφικήομάδα του GOCAR.• Εύχρηστο οδηγό με όλες τις επιχειρήσεις του αυτοκινήτου,μεχάρτες και αναλυτικές πληροφορίες για τις βρίσκεις εύκολακαιγρήγορα.Βλέπεις κάτι που λείπει; Θα ήθελες κάτι παραπάνω στηνεφαρμογήτουGOCAR; Στείλε τα σχόλια και τις προτάσεις σου σε αυτότοemail:[email protected]===================================Η εφαρμογή υλοποιήθηκε σε συνεργασία με την εταιρία AntMoveshttp://www.antmoves.comThe application GOCARmobis the ultimate resource for enthusiasts and prospective buyersofthe car And it's free.Navigate to the Android mobile phone easily and quicklythelatest news, all market models, analytical testing, completetableswith prices, equipment and technical features richcollections ofphotos and video as well as applicable discounts&promotions.In GOCAR mob will find:• The most comprehensive buying guide with all modelsandversions circulating in Greece, with pictures, video and140equipment features, performance and technical data for eachversionseparately.• All new motoring at a glance.• All deals valid for any brand and model.• The ability to close in time, Test drive the modelofinterest.• Hundreds of car testing by the experienced editorialteamGOCAR.• Handy guide to all companies in the car with maps anddetailedinformation about the found easily and quickly.Do you see anything missing? Would you like more intheimplementation ofGOCAR; Send your comments and your suggestions on thisemail:[email protected]===================================The application was implemented in collaboration with thecompanyAntMoves
AutoScout24: Buy & sell cars 9.7.65
Don't miss a great deal: With one of the best car apps.Whetheryou're looking for used cars, new cars, campervans ormotorbikes.Create car classifieds, receive price reductions, newcar offers orchanges of your favorite cars - you'll get all theimportantinformation from our car app via push to your mobilephone.Discover new SuperDEALS with attractive price reductions. Ontop ofthat, the AutoScout24 features such as notepad & searchfilterswill help you to find your new car easily. The Autoscout24app isthe must-have app for car fans searching for their nextcar.Everything quick. Everything for your convenience. WiththeAutoScout24 app, buying a car is easy, whether you’re searchingforused cars, or new cars of all brands! You can even sell yourcarwith your mobile phone. Checking the value of your car is freeofcharge, so you will start with the perfect sales value.Interestedin buying a car? That's possible too! As soon as you findyourfavorite new or used car, discuss it with your friendsviaWhatsApp. AutoScout360° brings you an additional fun feature-that's the virtual, mobile test drive. You can visit carsonlineand zoom in for a detailed preview. AutoScout24 AppHighlights: ✅ 2millions used & new cars ✅ Find cars,motorbikes, vans orcampervans with our search features ✅ Visit carsonline – withAutoScout360° ✅ Save your favorite cars to share withyour friends✅ Get notified of price changes immediately ✅ Sell yourused carwith our AutoScout24 App ✅ Check the value of your caronline andfree of charge 🚗AutoScout24 is the biggest marketplacefor cars inEurope With our AutoScout24 app you have access to acarmarketplace with 2 million available car offers. Whether newcars,used cars, motorbikes or trucks. From Audi, BMW & FordtoMercedes & Tesla to VW, with the AutoScout24 app you'llfindthe right car for you! 🔭AutoScout360° - save our time &visitcars online Take a virtual seat in the car of your choicewithAutoScout360°. You save valuable time and it will be easier foryouto select the right car you want to see live! 💰Fair price&vehicle ratings Whether you want to buy a car or sell a car:Wesupport you. You can see at a glance which price-performanceratiois the best for your car. This will help you to get the rightpricefor your car in our car marketplace. 🕓Always up to date withtheAutoScout24 App Price drops, latest car offers & changestobookmarked cars - via push directly from our car app to yourmobilephone. Features such as notepad & search favorites willhelpyou to find your car easily. 📝Save your favorite cars &shareit! Save your favorite cars on your notepad, receive relatedpriceinformation, compare your bookmarked car offers or share themwithfriends.. 📱Contact car dealers directly and get fair dealerreviewsEvery car dealer rating on our car marketplace is authentic&verified. Check out the reviews on your mobile or get incontactwith car dealers directly from our mobile app. 💵AutoScout24:Sellyour car easily & professionally with your mobile phoneYouwant to sell your car via app? With AutoScout24, it's easytocreate your acr classified ad. Whether VW, Audi, BMW,Mercedes,Ford or Tesla, just upload pictures, get your value checkfree ofcharge and reach millions of interested people! We hope youenjoyusing our car & used car app. If you have any questions,praiseor criticism, feel free to send us an [email protected]
Recipe Convert Pro 2.02
Red Binary
Recipe unit conversion calculator: Convert volume&weightmeasurements in recipes. Makes scaling servings yieldsup ordowneasy for cooks, bakers, & chefs at home or therestaurantKEYFEATURES: * Values can be entered and displayed aseitherfractionsor decimals * Makes the coveted "grams tocups"conversion, as wellas other weight/volume conversions, basedonuser-selectable weightfactor parameter: includes common180quick-searchable ingredientswith factors already figured. *Quickswitch between convertingunits of measure to scalingyields(changing how many servings arecipe makes) * Also serves asageneral reference of cooking unitsPro includes featuresnotavailable in the free version. By allmeans download and testdrivethe free version first! TO DO: + Addability to"favorite"ingredient weights for faster reference + Addfeature toshow themeasure of accuracy for converted units whendisplayed asfractionsto aid in choosing the closest + Add featureto allowdisplayingconversions as mixed units (ie: "1 cup + 2tsp")
APP DESIGNED BY FABIO SPADA AND FABIO EPISDistilleries, products, history and events from the worldofgrappa.The application Gr.App has the aim of highlightingthefundamental binomial GRAPPA and DISTILLERY, highlightingtheimportance of the use and meaning of the historical,philosophicaland symbolic that the STILL has had and continues tohave on theItalian territory in relation to the productionGrappa.Grappa is the only Italian tradition, culture and law.The app comes from the need to catalog the true Distilleries,thosewith "Smoking Still."These distilleries are (unfortunately) becoming less and weconsiderit important to protect cultural heritage on theGrappa.This application is designed for all those who in differentwaysthey approach the Grappa, in order to provide a tool toorientthemselves within the distilleries submitting your greatestnumberlabels of Grappa and other products.Our research led us to count:Total 144 distilleries with "Smoking Still" in 2013107 distilleries appear in our App. Among these currently34 distilleries have joined the full presentation of the companyandthe products (they appear in a colored button followed byourlogo)73 distilleries have acceded to appear.Have been cataloged:587 grappa, spirits and other products270 stills divided by type.You can search distilleries by region, by alphabetical orderandby alembic.You can search for grappa category and type of grape.All products have a technical-descriptive card with photo.There is a rich vocabulary of terms useful both to thosewhoapproach for the first time at the "World of Grappa", both tothosewho already have some skills or are experts in the field.
Search for training courses 2.1.2
Find the right course for your needs in just one click.Everycourseis the most complete training course search engine,compiling allavailable online offers into one app. Easy to use,simply enter thetype of course you are looking for, a location andlet Everycoursefind the best matches for you. Key features: -Search for a courseany time and anywhere - View key information foreach trainingdirectly from the search results - Sort search resultsbyrelevance, date or price - Shortlist the courses that matchyourneeds - Find your ideal training program and call them directly-Store your search criteria and receive the latest course matchesbyemail - Be social! Share courses with your friends Just got anewposition and want to develop your knowledge? Looking forauniversity or to study abroad? Everycourse is your key todetailedinformation about training programs and universities allaround theworld. It's global, free and fits in your pocket! – vehicle market
With more than 1.4 million vehicles –usedvehicles, new vehicles, motorcycles, motor homes andutilityvehicles – is Germany's largest vehicle marketonline.Use the free app to quickly and easily searchforvehicles, or offer your car for sale directly through the appfreeof charge.+++ SEARCH AND OFFER WITH THE MOBILE.DE APP +++SEARCH:Use numerous sort and search options to find the rightvehiclequickly. Place vehicles that interest you in your car parkandaccess them whenever you want – whether you're on the go or athomeon your PC. Every ad shows the vehicle data, photos andfeatures soyou can judge it at a glance.OFFER:Use the app to offer your car or motorcycle for saleforfree. You can edit your ad within the app under My Ads. Theappalso tells you how many potential buyers have viewed andparkedyour vehicle.OTHER SERVICES:Maybe you're interested in a vehicle and would like to testdriveit? The app shows the location of the vehicle onanintegrated map, and the directions will take you straight totheseller. Once you've arrived, you can use checklists which listallthe key questions for you.+++ OVERVIEW OF ALL FUNCTIONS +++The app provides the following functions forsmartphonesand tablets:• Search for used vehicles, new vehicles, motorcycles,caravans,motor homes, trucks and utility vehicles• Numerous search criteria and sort options for hit list andcarpark• All vehicle data, photos and features at a glance• Save search query and rerun any time• Park the vehicles you want and retrieve them at any time• Synchronize parked vehicles and saved searches withotherdevices• Alarm function when a saved search has new hits• Free ads for cars and motorcycles, including photos and avehicledescription• Vehicle location with directions to the seller• Display all vehicles from one dealer on a details page• Photos as preview, in a gallery and full image• Checklists for testing vehicles including notes feature• Direct contact with seller• App fully functional in portrait and landscape modes• Use any share-capable application to recommend vehiclestoothers• Switch language if you want: German or English• Statistics on the amount of interest in your ads• Edit (e.g. change price) and delete ads for carsandmotorcycles• Supports Rich Text Format for vehicle description• Submit complaints about ads• Direct contact with customer service+++ QUESTIONS OR SUGGESTIONS? +++Tell your opinions and suggestions via the app: Justusethe feedback form in the app's navigation menu, or contactourcustomer service at [email protected] or +49 (0)30 - 81097-601 (Mon-Fri 8am to 6pm).Follow on Google Plus:
Trulia Rent Apartments & Homes
Trulia Rentals for Android takes the hassleoutof finding your next home. Whether you’re looking for a housein LosAngeles, apartment in New York, condo in San Francisco,loft,townhouse, or even just a room for rent, Trulia will leadyouthere.New local info maps give you a level of insight intospecificneighborhoods that you can’t find anywhere else. Whateverisimportant to you, we have maps to make sure your nextneighborhoodhas it...✓ Crime: View heat maps of the most recent crime data to seejusthow safe an area is before having to check it out inperson✓ Commute: Make sure your future commute is bearable. Toggleto“Driving” or “Transit” and we’ll show you just how easy (ornoteasy) your commute would look from any of our rentallistings✓ Shop and Eat: Check out nearby restaurants, grocerystores,nightlife, shopping, and more✓ Affordability: See what the median prices look like in theareasyour searching. Especially if you’re in a pricier citylikeChicago, San Francisco, New York, Seattle, Los Angeles,Miami,Boston, or Washington DC, you might find a bargain justoneneighborhood over✓ Traffic Volume: Drive or bus to work? Make sure the trafficaroundyour next home isn’t a total nightmare✓ Essentials: Day cares, hospitals, pediatricians,pharmacies,urgent care, playgrounds✓ Schools: View all the nearby elementary schools, middleschools,and high schools✓ Natural Disasters: Earthquakes? Floods? Tornadoes?Hurricanes?Wildfires? Don’t worry, we’ll show you exactly where thebiggestrisk areas are so you’ll know what you’re gettingyourselfintoTrulia Rentals for Android is the only rentals app you willeverneed. It features the most comprehensive rental marketplaceoutthere, all while screening and weeding out listings thatarefraudulent. It’s built to save you time and give you alltheinformation you need to find your next place as quicklyaspossible. With features like Rental Resume, you can provideyourbasic information up front (only as much as you’recomfortablesharing) to landlords and property managers, giving themtheinformation they need and increasing the likelihood ofthemresponding to you in a timely manner - ultimately getting astepcloser to finding the perfect rental. That’s just one ofthefeatures that sets Trulia apart. Here are a few others…FEATURES:• NEW! Design & Interaction: We’ve rebuilt our appoptimizingfor simple, bold, and intuitive design• Custom Search: Customize your rental search by location,price,number of beds and baths, pet friendliness, and more• Alerts: Get notified when rentals meeting your criteria hitthemarket. You won’t have to worry about missing that perfectrentalwhen it becomes available• Instant Search: Quickly find properties you like by GPSorlocation, get rid of the ones you don’t• Boards: The simple way to organize, narrow, and shareyourfavorite homes• 1-Click Request: Contact landlords and rental property managersonthe go with just one click - it's that easy!• Rent Near Transit (select cities): Want to rent near BART inSanFrancisco? The L train in Chicago? The New York subway? Just setatransit filter we’ll find you a place within walking distance ofastation• Voice Search: Find properties using voice-based search. Justsaythe city, # of beds and bath, and price range• Draw Your Search: Draw your search area for rental homes on amap!Just circle the area you’re interested in and see rental homeandapartment results• Map Modes: View a map area in normal, satellite orterrainmode• Open Houses: Find open houses near you and easily add them toyourcalendarLet Trulia do the heavy lifting and help you find your nextrental!Download the app today and get one step closer to yournextplace.Have a comment or suggestion? Email usanytime:[email protected]: Trulia is only for properties in the USA at this time