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Fake GPS Location Donate
This is the donate version. If you likethisapp and would like to see future improvement - please donate.Youwill also get a high priority support if you haveanyproblems.+++ Remove free app first ++++++IMPORTANT+++Be aware that after using FakeGPS you may find your locationLOCKEDTO THE LAST MOCKED LOCATION EVENT AFTER UNINSTALL FakeGPS!It's nota bug and your GPS sensor isn't broken. There are two waysto fixthis issue:1. Install "GPS Status" from the Play, launch and get a freshGPSfix. You may need to repeat it several times with 30mininterval.2. Start FakeGPS, set your real location and leave it so forseveralhours.You may combine these steps. The issue will disappear in one ortwodays - be patient.For ROOTED devices you can mock locations without enabling"Allowmock locations" option. To do so please use Root Explorer orothersimilar app and move /data/app/ru.lexa.fakegps~1.apkto/system/priv-app or to /system/app (for Android 4.3 andolder).Then change apk permissions to rw-r-r and reboot yourdevice. Ifyou find apk in /syste/priv-app disappears after rebootit meansthat your devices has S-ON mode enabled and so restores/systemfolder aftear each reboot. Please google how to switch yourdeviceto S-OFF mode.If you can't find ru.lexa.fakegps.apk in /data/app you may finditat /mnt/asec/ru.lexa.fakegps/1.apk. In this case you shouldcopyand rename it to /system/priv-app/ru.lexa.fakegps.apk.
Fake GPS 5.3.1
Set your phone location to anywhere in the world with justoneclick,if you need to develop or test other apps ability totrackGPSinformation without the need to catch a GPS signal thenthisapp isfor you. The following is needed to make sure the apprunssmoothly:1 - It is needed that you turn on "Allow MockLocations"onDevelopment Settings 2 - It is recommend that youswitchlocationmode to "GPS Only" or disable Location Servicesaltogetherto avoidreceiving cached mock locations after stoppingFake GPS,if thishappens check our help section inside the app. 3.Make sureyou runFake GPS first before running your app. To helpdevelopmentyou canuse the following commands from the commandline: adb shellamstartservice -acom.blogspot.newapphorizons.fakegps.START -elatitude11.11 -elongitude 32.21 adb shell amstartservice-acom.blogspot.newapphorizons.fakegps.UPDATE -e"latitude" 1.11-e"longitude" 0.21 adb shell amstartservice-acom.blogspot.newapphorizons.fakegps.STOP If you findany bugs-please feel free to contact us
WolMobile 1.3.8
The best workplace safety app is one that keeps trackofwho’son-site automatically. If your organizationusesWhosOnLocation,WolMobile is the perfect partner. Sign in andoutfor work usingyour smartphone’s geolocation and receiveimportantsafety updatesvia Instant Messages. AUTOMATIC SIGN IN /OUT Neverforget to signin / out for work again with our smartgeofencingtechnology.WORKING REMOTELY Sign in for work wherever youare -receiveimportant notifications and allow your employer tocheck inwithyou when working from home or out in the field.INSTANTMESSAGESReceive Push Notifications for important safetynotices orwhen avisitor signs in to visit you. SOS ALERTS Send SOSalertstodesignated SOS Responders from your organizationandinstantlyshare your location for immediate assistance.DURATIONON-SITEWorking at risk? Inputting your estimated time onsite willprompta designated safety contact to check on you ifyou’re overduetofinish. FOLLOW ME Set WolMobile to ‘Follow Me’ whenworkinginremote locations or at risk, and ensure a designatedsafetycontactknows where to find you in an emergency.
GPS Locker Prime 2.3.1
SilentLexx UA
*Now this is the full version of the application. If you do notfindthe icon in the launcher, reinstall the application* GPSLocker iscreated to keep a GPS signal locked switching betweenapplicationsand when your device's screen is off. GPS Locker helpsget a fasterGPS signal lock and fix your GPS. Where it can behelpful: - Inmobile games which are used in the game process GPSnavigation. -GPS Locker will be useful for those who use GPSnavigation (forexample, everyone is familiar with the situationwhen the device cannot immediately catch the GPS signal at theexit of the tunnel in acar, etc.). - Helps to improve GPS signalto devices that are oftenlost GPS signal. Key Features: -Possibility of manual and automaticreset A-GPS data. - Ability tolock on screen when GPS Locker isrunned. - Manual or automaticlaunch your applications after fixingGPS signal (the desiredapplication you specify in GPS Lockersettings) - Create shortcutson the desktop to quickly launchapplications after a successfulfixes of GPS signal. *Thisapplication has access to geodata in thebackground, but does notsend it to third parties and does not saveyour geodata on thedevice.* P.S.: This application is not designedfor freeze thecoordinates!