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Can You Escape 5 1.0.6
Can You Escape 5 - room escape games just reached the new level!Letus present you the fifth episode of the legendary Can YouEscapeseries! Can You Escape 5 brings the classical room escapeback toyou! This time we have prepared 18 different rooms for you- allstuffed with high-end puzzles, amazing graphics, mindmind-blowingriddles and much more! If you think you still havewhat it takes toescape all those rooms then go on and download thebest Can YouEscape episode ever made! ↗ Gorgeous graphics! ↗Smooth storyline. ↗Highly addicting! ↗ Innovative puzzles. ↗ WorldClass room escapegame!
Can You Escape
The purpose of this game is to break out of the rooms.Solvethepuzzles and find all the hidden objects that you have touse intherooms in order to advance to the next floor. Challengeyourselfinthis fun, addictive, free and popular puzzle game.12challengingrooms available at the moment! ↗ Smartphone puzzles!↗Addictingmini puzzles! ↗ Gorgeous graphics and differentthemedrooms! ↗Constant updates of New Rooms! ↗ it’s FREE! Can YouEscape2available now!
High School Escape 1.3
Goblin LLC
High School Escape 2 - Out Now! Hey, freshman! Are youreadytoescape through the locked campus? This escape game takesyoubackto the high school but this time you are trapped. Proveyouskillsin code-breaking, puzzle solving and logicalthinking!Because noone wants to be locked down in the school. Souse all theescapingskills you have to break out! Are you ready toescapethroughcampus, trophy room, chemistry class and manyothers?Gamefeatures: ↗ Back to school atmosphere! ↗ Scientificpuzzles!↗Amazing graphics! ↗ Classical room escape game!
You Must Escape
Mobest Media
Your one and only mission in this room escaping puzzle game istofind the way to open different doors and exit each and everyroomthe adventure has to offer. Features: ↗ Challenging puzzles ↗Logicbrain teasers ↗ Easy to start – impossible to put down ↗Exploredifferent themed rooms! ↗ New rooms added frequently ↗ 100%FREEfor Android! How to play: Find and combine objects tosolvepuzzles. Beat each level by unlocking the door and escapingtheroom! Walkthrough: Gamediscussion:
Prison Escape Puzzle Adventure
ESCAPE GAME – FIND CLUES, ITEMS & SOLVE PUZZLES TO ESCAPE Doyoulove the thrill of escaping the prison adventure games? Ormaybe youlike to challenge your brain with mind teasing challengesof escaperoom puzzles? A blend of prison escape and puzzleadventure, inPrison Escape Puzzle you need to find a way out byusing your mindand logic. Can you escape the prison and completeall escapepuzzles? Prove that you are the master evader by solvingthe puzzleprison / prigione scaping challenges. ESCAPE PRISON Yousuddenlyfind yourself charged as a criminal and locked up in anold cityprison in Alcatraz. You quickly realize that you need toplay therole of prison escapist and survive. Solve puzzles andfind itemsthat will aid you in your escape. Delight your mind byplaying thefollowing prison escape levels: • Prison Cell •Security Cell • EasyWing • Storage Room • Cell Blocks • Workshop •Secure Level • UpperFloors ALCATRAZ ESCAPE PRISON ROOM The jailescape starts inAlcatraz lockdown, but once you escape the prisonand solve allprison escape levels you are on a true escapeadventure. • AlcatrazPrison Escape Day 1-3 • Sewers • Outpost •Wharf NEW DAWN ESCAPEFACILITY PUZZLE Obtain the vaccine from theNew Dawn facility,claimed to be the only chance of protectingpeople from thedevastating effects resulting to lockdown. • Intothe Forest • NewDawn Facility • Upper Levels • Underground Lab •Research Center •Lab • Riverside • Residential Area • Apartment •Pond WORLDWIDEESCAPE ADVENTURE PUZZLE Travel to the heights of theHimalayas as atrue jail carcel breaker escapist. Escape the remoteforest islands,and discover the way out of an ancient Mayantemple. Here is a listof all escape puzzle adventure levels: •Airport • Lost in theForest • High in the Himalayas • Mayan Ruins• Work from Home OfficeTHRILLER ESCAPE ROOM Once you escaped andsolve all prison escapeadventure, we challenge you to try ourEscape Puzzle Thriller, noway home to run. These excitingadventure escape levels include: •Hospital Escape • Log CabinEscape • Tribal Village pandemoniumescapes • Ghost Town escaperoom puzzle A LOGIC QUEST FILLED WITHMYSTERY All room scapes inthis jail game prison escape puzzlerequire you to master yourlogic and unlock the mystery quest. Seek,discover, collect items,and dig your way out of the enigmatic mazefor a successful prisonbreak mistery games. PLAY OFFLINE Lookingfor fun offline puzzleadventures to play in your commute time orwhile traveling? Well,our escape puzzle game is available to playoffline. PRISON ESCAPE– MYSTERY ROOM ESCAPE FROM JAIL FEATURES: •classic prision escaperoom puzzle • investigate, find clues,collect items to escape •crisp HD graphics • simple gameplay •hints • extra world adventureescape game levels • extra thrillerescape puzzle levels •available in multiple languages • playoffline all adventure escaperoom scape Now it’s time to challengeyourself in this funadventure and addictive scapes games! Solvepuzzles to escapeadventure puzzle challenges is an excellent logicchallenge, mindteaser, and brain training master and be calledMaestro juegos deestrategia aventura (نجم لعبه الغاز). Downloadthis Prison EscapeRoom game for FREE and go escape successfullyfrom each room. Enjoythe excitement and logical challenges of ourprison escape puzzle!
Horror Escape 1.2
Can You Escape - Holidays - Out Now! Dare to entertheabandonedasylum full of scary locations? If you think you aresmartenoughto face this challenge and solve all the puzzles andriddlesthegame has to offer then download this game now! ↗ Epicminipuzzles!↗ Amazing graphics! ↗ Unique atmosphere! ↗Innovativeriddles! ↗...and it's FREE!
501 Room Escape Game - Mystery
HFG brings you the most popular point and click type latest newroom2D adventure mystery escape games specially designed forescapegames lovers. With endless levels filled with various themesrangingfrom fantasy, mystery, detective thriller to fiction, whichtestsand improve your brain IQ skills while providing you thedesired funand excitement. Our game was beautifully designed withcolorfulinteractive graphics and dressed up with appealinggame-play objectsthat alleviates your eyes. Make up your mind tojump into a game oflogic's and fun. Observe, Analyze and use yourlogical skills toescape the mysterious Room. Easy gaming controlsand alluring userinterface pleases players from all age groups.Grab your detectivehat and lens to find the hidden objects to planyour Escape plan.Put on your logical hat and solve the variousnumber and letterpuzzles to open the locks. Solve the riddles byinvestigating theclues found. Start your mission and facechallenging differentvarieties of logical puzzles. Enjoy themysterious journey continuedfrom every room with thrilling twistin the stories. Look out formore struggles to find the hiddenobjects. Find thousands of keysand unlock all the locked doors andprove your wits. Are you anescape game lover, eager to exploremore rooms to unlock them all,then download this game to fulfillyour desires. Are you an expertin facing brain challenges, thenstart playing today. Are your eyesare too sharp to find hiddenobjects in the scenes, install our gamenow. Loaded with tons ofmystery puzzles waiting to entertain you.Get addicted bychallenging your brain with our puzzle escape gamewhich can relaxyour mind and can be your stress buster. With overten millionplayers world-wide, our game tops the chart withthousands ofpositive feedback's. 501 levels waiting. Let's startyour journeynow but it not coming to an end. Surely the journey ishaving moreadventurous and riddle fields. Get ready to enjoy ourhighlysuccessful room escape game in this year 2021. With nothingtolose, do you have the smarts and tenacity to solve every puzzleandmake it off the Rock! FEATURES: - 501 Levels with differentdoors& exits - Tricky Challenging brain teaser - Beautifulgraphicsdesigns and sound - Addictive Gameplay (250 hours) -Riddling Logicmysteries Puzzles waiting for unlocking - Free gamecoins are givendaily - Charming rooms with lots of hidden clues andsolutions
Puzzle 100 Doors - Room escape 1.4.2
You are welcome to the most mysterious house in the world. Ahouse,that is ready to isolate in its walls anybody who is not abletosolve its puzzles. The house of 100 Doors! Mini-games,quests,logical puzzles, hidden objects, jigsaw – all of those youwillfind on each of 100 rooms of this mysterious house. Find theescapefrom the room in colorful and well elaborated Egypt, Maya,England,and many other locations. It is time to escape the room!Gamefeatures: - interesting puzzles; - logical tasks; -amazinggraphics with special attention to details; - high-qualitysounds;- more than 100 rooms to escape; - constant updates; - nointernalpurchases and paid levels: the game and all the updates areforfree! - this game is really complicated! - works offline,nointernet connection required! This is a continuation of apopularpuzzle 100 Doors Challenge, in which already participatedmore thanfour million people in the whole world. Plunge into themysteriousworld of the new conundrum game - Puzzle 100 Doors - Roomescape.Each new level is a unique puzzle that is becoming more andmorecomplicated. In order to pass a level, you have to searchforobjects, perform tasks, solve conundrums and win inmini-games.Plunge into the mysterious world of the house of 100doors. Thegame 100 doors is a complicated game – it gives food foryourbrain, just enjoy it! If you have any questions about the gameoryou just want to communicate with its developers, write amessagein our groups in social networks: ★Facebook: There is no doubtthat apleasant bonus of this game is the fact that you can play itevenif you don’t have an internet connection, you can play itevenoffline.
501 Free New Room Escape Game 2 - unlock door
501 Free New Room Escape Games is a combination of pointandclicktype classical room escape games of different locations anditisdeveloped and released by HFG Ena Game Studio. What'sinside?Eagerto learn what's this room escape game is all about? Themaingoalof this room escape game is to break out of the rooms,solvethepuzzles and find all the hidden objects that you have touse intherooms in order to advance. Get involved in the gameandchallengeyourself in this fun, addictive, free, and popularpuzzlegame.Observe, Analyze and use your logical skills to escapeallthemysterious Room. Try to break all the doors andmysteriouslocksthrough your long memory power. Can you escape allthe doors?Canyou escape all the mysterious rooms and doors? Can youescapefromall the fantasy worlds and it's magical shrines? Canyouescapefrom the mine-filled war fields? Can you escape fromthehorror andgothic abandoned places? If your answer is YES, youcantry ourgame which includes all the flavors of the genres. Getreadyforthe most adventurous thrilling journey of your life withthe501Room Escape game. Collect the clues and start building theplantoescape the way out. Explore the location carefullyandcombinevarious clues to find the way out.! Prove yourdetectiveskills andinvestigate every scene and object to find theclues. Puton yourlogical hat and solve the various number andletter puzzlesto openthe locks. What's special about 501 Roomescape games? Ourescapegame is designed with mystery stories andunique gameplayaddedwith logical brain challenging puzzles. It issuitable for allagegroups and also a family entertainer. If youlove tosolvechallenging puzzles then never miss our game. TakeAway:Improveyour logical thinking and increase the efficiency tosolvepuzzleswith our game. Push out your brain and exercise yourmind tosolvethe challenging puzzles. Features: 501 varieties ofescaperoomsand themes. Gorgeous graphics and different themedrooms! Lotsofchallenging levels Thrilling scenes and hiddencluesInterestingriddles and puzzles It's FREE
Mansion of Puzzles. Escape Puzzle games for adults 2.4.1-0903
You, as a detective with a secret mission to go on a secretmansion,where you will discover all its secrets and mysteries! Useyouringenuity to the full! Open the locks, solve challengingpuzzles andriddles, collect cards and examine the details, evenlet's shoot ashotgun! Everything is useful in order to open all100 doors! Hereis a new game from the developers of a puzzlegames: 100 Doors -Seasons! For a long time, we will not describe,And now let us focuson creating new puzzles! And not for readingyou came here ;) So tryit, of course - you'll like it! ✌ We lookforward to your feedback!Unravel all the mysteries of the cryptichouse! 🔑 FEATURES: ★ PuzzleGames - Thought-provoking fun ★ Findthe Hidden Objects ★ Point andClick Quest ★ Tips for beginners ★Ability to skip challengingpuzzles ★ Genre: «Escape», «100 Doors»★ Challenging puzzle gamesfor adults, puzzle games for kids,family games ★ The soothingsounds and beautiful visual effects ★Each new level has an originaland beautiful graphics ★ Regularupdates, with new puzzles ★ NoWIFI? No Internet? - Offline-games,without Internet ★ Puzzle games- Logic games - Smart puzzles ★FREE Games! ★ Do not worry - it'saddictive and very interestingpuzzle games! Bonbeart - we makeinteresting games! 🔎 DIFFICULT? -GET HELP: 🔦 🔦 VK: 🔦 Feel yourself in the role of SherlockHolmes! 🕵🎩
Can You Escape - Titanic 1.0.7
Welcome to Can You Escape series latest game - Titanic! Do youthinkyou have the skills to escape from the sinking Titanic? Inthisamazing room escape game your mission is to escape from thesinkingship before it's too late! Solving riddles and puzzles,lock pickingand breaking codes is the key to survive in thisruthless adventure.If you think you have what it takes to escapeall the differentrooms full of tricky puzzles then download thisroom escape now andstart the biggest adventure of your life! Gamefeatures: ↗ Genuinestory! ↗ Innovative puzzles! ↗ Stunninggraphics! ↗ Realisticatmosphere! The question then arises: Can YouEscape - Titanic?
100 Gates 1.32
100 Gates
100 Gates is the most addictive "Room Escape" puzzlegameforAndroid. Unlock all the jail doors to get the nextlevel.DownloadNow, it's FREE! ★★ How to play ★★ ↗Escape and advancetothe nextroom of the castle by solving the puzzle and unlockthecurrentjail door to get the next level/floor. ↗Each level hasadifferentpuzzle to be solved ↗ Use any possible way tounlock:Drag, Shake,Touch the floor, Swipe, Tap,Tilt ,Push Buttonsand soon ↗Manydifferent items available Features: - The best doorexitgameavailable for ANDROID - Completely free - Completeutilizationofyour devices features! - Addicting mini puzzles!-Gorgeousgraphics and Sound - Balanced difficult level fromveryeasy tovery hard Remember that in some rooms of the first flooryouhaveto complete the heist in order to open the doors and advanceinthegame. Just try it. You’ll love!!
Can You Escape 2
Can You Escape - Holidays - Out Now! The people who broughtyouCanYou Escape invite you to enter the challenging sequel.Thepurposeof this game is to break out of the rooms. Solve thepuzzlesandfind all the hidden objects that you have to use in theroomsinorder to advance to the next floor. Challenge yourselfinthissecond part of the fun, addictive, free and popularpuzzlegame. 8challenging rooms available at the moment! ↗Smartphonepuzzles! ↗Addicting mini puzzles! ↗ Gorgeous graphics anddifferentthemedrooms! ↗ Constant updates of New Rooms! ↗ it’s FREE!
Logic Master 1 Mind Twist 2.8.62
Weez Beez
A game of logic with the most unusual and tricky questionsthatrequire creative approach. Looking for a logic game thatisbrilliant, creative and strange at the same time? Now youcanbecome a logic mastermind by solving the most unusual andtrickygames or questions you have ever seen! The puzzle containstrickyquestions that incorporate use of memory, attention and theabilityto think in unconventional ways. This is the first versionof abrilliant and unusual puzzle that tests your attention andabilityto think outside the box. Logic Master is an addictive freetrickypuzzle game with a series of tricky brain teasers.Differentriddles and tricky tests will challenge your mind. - Verysimpleand addictive gameplay - 260+ puzzles - Craziest mind gameever! -Global Leaderboards, Achievement Boards and Star Boards -CognitiveScore Evaluation - High quality and lovely handdrawngraphics - Funmusic and sound effects - One finger touch or dragcontrols -Compete againist time and players all over the worldCREATIVEPUZZLE & ABSURD SOLUTIONS! You do not need to be geniusto playLogic Master. However if you are genius, you're more thanwelcometo try :) There are more than 260 unique and funny problems.Whatyou need is to try various creative approaches to reachthesolution. THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX Logic Master is an addictivefreeIQ game and find out if you are genius like Einstein or not!Thiscrazy game is an ingenious puzzle with a series of funnybrainteasers and absurd solutions that you will never ever thinkbefore.FEATURES - Performance tracking mind game givescognitivestatistics that show your activity and performance history-Offline brain game. You can solve brain training problemswhereveryou are. - Unlock new creative levels - Exercise your brainwithintellectual problems with more than 260 logic games and boostyourmental capacities - Improve your memory, concentrationandmindfullness. EVALUATE COGNITIVE SKILLS Logic Master is a funbasedbrain training game designed to improve attention,flexibility,visual and spatial processing and memory skills. Themore you solvethe puzzles, the more you will raise up criticalcognitive skillsthat are designed to boost your productivity andcreatingalternative solutions for the daily problems. Try toadvance yourmental core abilities, challenge your friends, compareyourperformance and motivate each other. A stronger workingmemoryenables quicker learning and an improvement in brainconnectivity.By playing this game you will not only have fun, butyou will alsoupdate your mental skills and cognitive abilities -Improve yourmemory - Train your creativity - Increase your visualprocessing -Prove your ability with these problem solving games forlogic basedlevels. - Train shape and color coordination HOW TO PLAYFollow theinstructions carefully. Some questions may be tricky orneed adifferent approach to solve. Those small puzzles will helpyou topower up your attention, focus thoughts on a specific item,trainspatial thinking and improve your mental skills at all.TRICKYPUZZLE GAME Could you be a genius, are you smart enough solveallthe test to beat your friends to get the think highest IQoutsideyour game? Try this innovative test puzzle to improve yourspeed ofthink and try to figure it outside the circle. As you canseepeople commented that their coginitive skills were challenged,theywere forced to think alternative ways to solve problems, sotheirreasoning ability progressed. Try logic master for smartbraingames. Enjoy brain training game and improve yourcognitiveabilities.
100 Doors Challenge 1.1.0f5
Do you like puzzles and hidden objects? Playing games from 100Doorsseries? Then this point and click game is exactly what youneed! Useall your skills to complete all levels and get allachievements.Features: - exciting puzzles; - point and clickgenre; - coolmechanics: the movement in time and space, combiningobjects, searchfor hidden objects, puzzles and more; - amazinglevels with reallynice animations; - the game is absolutely FREE;- nine beautiful anddetailed locations; The main goal in 100 DoorsChallenge is toescape the room. Using all the possibilities of thedevice you needto open each of 100 doors and move the elevator tothe next floor.Search for hidden objects, sovle puzzles and use anitems to dothis! Play new point and click 100 doors game for FREENOW! Thereare problems with passing some of 100 doors or have asuggestions?Contact us in social networks: VKontakte: We are making gameswith thesoul!
Escape Through History 1.9
Mobest Media
A mysterious time portal beacons you…Are you ready to step intoittojourney through history? It is a quest to overcome theepiceventsthat mankind has ever experienced. Get immersed in therichandvibrant locations spanning across eras and show your skilltoweaveyour way out of them. Do you think you have got what ittakesto bethe chosen one to find out how it all ends?... Bewareasthere is noturning back once you are in! Features: ↗Amazingpuzzles ↗ Trickybrain teasers ↗ Intuitive and easy to start–impossible to put down!↗ Time travel different eras ↗Constantupdates ↗ Unique atmosphere ↗Auto-save function ↗ FREEforAndroid! ↗ Enter the biggest adventureof your life! How toplay:Search and combine items, solve puzzlesand try to beat eachstageto discover what's behind the door!Gamediscussion:
World's Hardest Escape Game 1.0.5
Mobest Media
We are happy to present you the World's Hardest Escape Game-20different locations with tricky puzzles andinnovativebrainteasers are waiting for you! Download this awesomeroom escapegamenow and test your logical thinking skills. Features:↗ Hundredsofamazing puzzles! ↗ 20 different locations! ↗ Testyourself withareally challenging escape adventure! ↗ 10 hours ofgameplay! ↗Andmuch more! Be the first of your friends to win theWorld'sHardestEscape Game!
101 - Free New Escape Games
101 Free New Escape Games is a collectionofnew games in various genres. After playing all these games,surelyyou will have the feel of escaping in reality. The games arefullof puzzles and make a challenge to your brain. but definitely,youfeel it's not an easy thing that kind of experiences gives atthetime of play. The game is one of the best in this categorythatcovers all genre from Room escapes, horror, fantasy,adventurous,outdoor and so on. You might have read out greatescapes frombooks, novels and also have watched in movies. But youcould gainthe real exciting experience once you play these "Newescapegames". HFG brings you this point and click type latestgamesespecially for the escape games lovers.FEATURES:101 attractive levelsChallenging Puzzles.Incredible graphics.Addictive Gameplay (50 hours).Amazing Logics.Explore different themes and roomsPolished animation.Stuck in Game - Get Help - Any Suggestion about the game,pleasecontact us through below social media links. We are ready tohelpyou...Facebook: +:
Puzzle Games "World of Logic Puzzles" 2.4.1-0903
For you we have created amazing riddles, by solving them, youwilltrain your thinking, open new doors and continue yourjourneyaround the world. Solve puzzles, ciphers, look forpatterns,conjure with a genie and much more! All of this - is toget the keyand open the doors. Immerse yourself in this interestingandexciting world of secrets and mysteries. Solve puzzles, searchforhidden objects, train your logic and plan your escape! Fromthedevelopers of the popular puzzle: 100 Doors Seasons. Nowavailable50 doors - puzzles! ↗ Puzzle Games - Thought-provoking fun↗ Finditems - Find hidden objects ↗ Amazing HD Graphics! ↗ RelaxingMusic↗ Regular updates of new worlds! ↗ Family Puzzle Games, Enjoythegame with your family ↗ No WIFI? No Internet? -Offline-games,without Internet, without WiFi ↗ Logic games - Puzzlegames ↗ Freepuzzles - Free games! Bonbeart - we make interestinggames! Escapefrom the world! ✌
Can You Escape 3 1.1
Can You Escape saga continues with the third episode! Welcometoaresidence of exceptional people with their owntastesandlifestyles. But you won’t meet the people themselves -youwillhave to solve their secrets and puzzles to escape15mysteriousrooms. Break out from a room of a rockstar,writer,sportsman or ahunter - fifteen unique characters! Use yourpuzzlesolving skills,finding hidden objects and breaking the codestoescape thisstrange place! ↗ Innovative puzzles! ↗ Amazinggraphics!↗ Strangelocations! ↗ Addicting story! ↗ It’s FREE!
Escape Alice House2 2.1.2
Let's find 5 Alice characters! The popular FUNKYLAND gameofescapingfrom Alice-themed rooms like "Through theLooking-Glass"by findingcharacters is now available as an App!Solve themysteries in theroom to escape. "Alice House 2" has toughroomsrequiring scrutinyand deliberation. Let's escape whileenjoyingthe imaginary world of"Through the Looking-Glass". How toPlay: -Just tap - Tap the [+]button in the upper right hand cornertodisplay the settings screen.Game Features: - Beautiful graphics!-The room to enjoy a fantasy ofAlice! - A little bitdifficultgame! - Perfect game length to enjoyan escape gamelightly! TheSave Function: Cleared rooms will besaved in the listso you canplay them anytime. In the case thatcleared rooms havenot beensaved in the list, please check yourdevice settings asthere maynot be enough storage space. The list ofrooms: No.01Looking-glassHouse No.02 The Garden of Live FlowersNo.03 TheCompartment No.04Tweedledum and Tweedledee No.05 Wool andWaterNo.06 Humpty DumptyNo.07 The White Knight No.08 Queen AliceNo.09Alice's Dinner Party
Escape Girl's Room 2.1.2
Find cosmetics and escape! Solve the mysteries and find5cosmeticshidden in each girly room to escape, enjoying theuniqueconcept ofeach room. It is a bit more difficult than"FruitKitchens", thesister game. Beautiful graphics and soothingBGM willheal andrefresh you in your spare time. How to Play: - Justtap -Tap the[+] button in the upper right hand corner to displaythesettingsscreen. Game Features: - Beautiful graphics! - Easyandfun, evenfor those not keen on escape games! - Perfect gamelengthto killtime! - You can enjoy each charming room! TheSaveFunction:Cleared rooms will be saved in the list so you canplaythemanytime. In the case that cleared rooms have not been savedinthelist, please check your device settings as there may notbeenoughstorage space. The list of rooms: No.01 Lipstick No.02CheekRougeNo.03 Nail Polish No.04 Eye Shadow No.05 Powder BrushNo.06HairRoller No.07 Perfume No.08 Mascara No.09 Eyelash CurlerNo.10FalseEyelashes No.11 Lip Gloss No.12 Hairbrush No.13FoundationNo.14Powder Puff No.15 False Nails No.16 Eyeliner No.17Hair ClipNo.18Cosmetic Bag