Top 8 Apps Similar to supertype

Sweet Drmzzz 1.3
Bart Bonte
When sleep sets in, that's when therealadventures begin! Many levels of point and click, puzzle andarcadeaction by Bart Bonte / bontegames.Silver PocketGamer Award winner"Elegant, charming, challenging, Sweet Drmzzz is a masterclassinsimple and intuitive game design" -"It’s an awesome time waster, its true strength is in thesimplequality of the puzzles" -"The crisp graphics and intuitive gameplay combined with somecleverlevel designs will keep you going back for more"-jayisgames.comWhen sleep sets in, the mini version of you gets in the alarmclock,is launched into space and sets off for a mix ofspaceyadventures:- solve logic puzzles involving coloured space worms popping outofplanets- collect stars in space in snake-style arcade levels wherethelogic and difficulty changes as you make it throughmorelevels- draw to direct space dust as it trickles out of your spacealarmclock, because the space worms need itand many more...
Zip Zap
Touch to contract. Release to let go. Bring the clumsymechanicalbeings home.
factory balls
Bart Bonte
The logical puzzle game. Make the correct ball in each levelusingthe tools.
Up Left Out
Rainbow Train
Simple relaxing puzzle game. Unlock sliding, peg puzzles.
Relaxing puzzle with beautiful graphics and unique rules
Rainbow Train
Simple, relaxing, disassemble puzzles.
Turn It On!
Rushing Pixel
Find out how these black boxes work!
Golf Peaks
Golf + puzzle + cards