Top 36 Games Similar to cmplt

3 Sprockets
Outfolded is a minimalist, relaxing endless puzzle gameaboutunfolding shapes
V3CK: logic brain teaser
Dark Eye
Addictive and unique, V3CK is a brain teaser colorful who willtestyour logic!
0h n0
It's 0h h1's companion game! By Q42.
Kakuro (Cross Sums) 1.0
Kakuro (Cross sums or Cross Addition) is a logic puzzlethatmixesCrosswords and Sudoku. The goal is to insert digits from 1to9into each cell, just like Sudoku. Every line has a sumwhichneedsto be achieved, each number can only occur once in arow.EachKakuro game always has only one possible solution. Thispuzzlegameexcels as a Kakuro game because it is made by Kakuroplayers.Ithas a clean design and easy controls and a lotofcustomisablefeatures to help new players. FEATURES: - modernlayout- multipledifficulties - hundreds of puzzles for eachdifficulty -googleplay games achievements - google playleaderboards for everypuzzlepack - auto-save your progress for eachpuzzle -undo/redofunctionality - selected cell highlight -crosshairhighlight(optional) - error detection - combinationhighlighter(optional) -sum highlight - timer (optional) - phone andtabletsupport
Invert - Tile Flipping Puzzles
A unique tile flipping puzzle game!
Mind Golf Puzzle
The golf puzzle of such a solution cannot provide your imagination.
Assemble letters to solve emotional narrative puzzles.
The app of the game: [kosmopoliːt]
Mosaic: BlipBlop
Raw Fury
The ultimate tap experience
Taking a jigsaw puzzle apart can be fun.
A puzzle game from the creators of Sudoku
Bart Bonte
Merge blocks, level up, but beware of red blocks in this puzzlegamefor you!
The only challenge is your dexterity.
0h h1
A little logic game
Fast, colorful, simple, addictive; break brickies & bounceyourway to victory.
Cardinal Chains
Daniel Nora
Original minimalist puzzles
Blocky XMAS
Bart Bonte
Can you get all the blocks into place in this blocky puzzle gameforyou?
Sometimes You Die
In a game, you die. And imply that it has no effect on you.
Spingram - logic puzzle
Are you a genius? Prove it by solving hundreds of puzzles!
Do you like relaxing games? Unpuzzle levels piece by piece,it'squite fun!
Kropki Puzzle
6000 levels of KROPKI puzzle game.
Penny Dell Jumbo Crosswords
150 All-New puzzles from Dell Magazines & Penny Press, the#1publishers.
Bitwise Tech
An interesting and yet challenging puzzle game.
Project Hangboard Training PRO
Important! If the app is not working - for 99% you just havetoinstall Google Text-To-Speach engine from google play.ProjectHangboard Training PRO is an application that will help youtotrain on a hangboard. The app has implemented a training setonlyfor Metolius Project but you can successfully use it to trainonother hangboards. After all, when the app says: „hang for 7secondson hard 4-fingers holds”, it does not matter which hangboardyouhave. You know where 4-fingers hard pockets are. Applicationgivesvoice commands (of course TextToSpeach data in yourandroidsettings should be installed for english or polishlanguage)telling you which exercises you have to do, how long youshouldrest, how many series etc. There is a simple editorimplemented toedit custom trainings. Additionally, there is apossibility tomanually edit a very simple xml file(sdcard/ProjectTrainingPro/traings_custom.xml). In this way youcanmodify trainings freely. Insert your custom descriptions whichwillbe read aloud just a few seconds before you exerciseandadditionally you can share them with friends inserting somecustommessages ;). For example: 10 4 7 13 Duration – duration oftheexercise (without rest) Series – series number RestBetween–duration of the rest between series Holds – which holds –firstnumber is a „row” and the second is a „column”. In this caseholdsare jugs. The author (me ;) ) was not hired to write this app.Hejust climbs and wanted to write an app which fullfills his needsin100%. The application will be further developed. I will addnewfunctionalities and I will try to make my best to make thisappuseful for everyone. Now thanks to everyone who will decide touseit :).
Like Free Number Logic Puzzles Kakuro, Kenken, Mathdoku? Youwilllove Futoshiki
Charming but deceptively difficult puzzle game.
Square Stacker - Match 3 Squared
Square Stacker is the exciting combination of Match 3 games andTicTac Toe.
Slitherlink Full
Ejelta LLC
In a Slitherlink puzzle your goal is to formasingle loop through the game field using numerical clues.In addition to classic square grids of different sizesanddifficulties this implementation of Slitherlink offershexagon,pentagon and mixed grids. Try solving those, it mayrequiredifferent ways of thinking than with squares.Automatic coloring of clues and lines helps thinking, but canbeturned off for more classic look and tougher challenge.A free ad-supported version is also available.*********************Add us on Google+ to vote on features, see updates, and togivefeedback: email if you have issues. It is impossible to respondtocomments left on the market. Thank you!*********************Highlights:- Tablets support- Dark and light themes- Unlimited supply of levels- Parity shading- Bookmarks- Scores & Sharing- Pre-loaded levels to play offline- "Kites", "Cairo", "Squares" and "Honeycomb" grids- Tutorial- Colored clues (optional)- Orientation lock
flow Inc.
An evolution based tile puzzle game!
Stereotypo 2
Life is all about stereotypes and associations
The sage
Become the greatest sage!
Sandwich Sudoku
***** AUGUST UPDATE ***** 10 new puzzles, all 100 puzzlesareoutnow! ------------------------------------- PresentedbyCrackingThe Cryptic, the most popular Sudoku channel, here isthebrand new"Sandwich Sudoku" game that has become aninternetsensation! InSandwich Sudoku, the puzzle is presented withextranumbers outsidethe grid next to each row and column. Thesenumbersindicate theSUM of cells sandwiched between the 1 and the 9in thatrow/column.The logic required to solve the puzzles willappeal toanyone whoenjoys normal sudoku and a bit of basic maths.Eachpuzzle here hasbeen lovingly hand-crafted by Mark GoodliffeandSimon Anthony, thehosts of Cracking The Cryptic. They'veevenincluded their ownhints on each puzzle to help if you getstuck.Mark and Simon haveboth represented the UK many times in theWorldSudokuChampionship. Features: 100 hand-crafted levels Manythemestochoose from Hints written by Mark and Simon!
Binoxxo Unlimited - Puzzle
Solve as many Binoxxos as you want with Binoxxo Unlimited.
No score. No timer. The only challenge is your smoothness.
Ejelta LLC
In a Slitherlink puzzle your goal is to form a singleloopthroughthe game field using numerical clues. You can readmoreabout thehistory and rules in Wikipedia. In addition toclassicsquare gridsof different sizes and difficulties thisimplementationofSlitherlink offers hexagon, pentagon and mixedgrids. Trysolvingthose, it may require different ways ofthinking.Automaticcoloring of clues and lines helps thinking, butcan beturned offfor more classic look and tougher challenge. Pleaseemailif youhave issues. Thank you! Highlights: - Tablets support -Darkandlight themes - Many different grids - Unlimited supply oflevels-Parity shading - Bookmarks - Tutorial This game is alsoknownasLoopy, Loop-the-Loop, Fences, Takegaki, Suriza, andDottyDilemma.More variety than Sudoku!
Hashi Puzzle
A challenging logic puzzle. Connect all islands with bridges,solvethe puzzle!