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Sound Profile (Volume control)
Control phone volume for calls and notifications separately.
Sound Profile Extender 1.12
This is an extension of theapplicationSoundProfile (by Corcanoe).This extension gives extra features to SoundProfile likedetectingenter and exit from Geofences.A Geofence is a virtual perimeter for a geographic area ontheEarth.You could change your profile depending on where youarelocated.For example, activate Wifi when you are nearby Home. Deactivateitif you are away from your home area.This Extension needs this permissions for maps towork:Yourlocation, Network communication and storage, read Googleserviceconfiguration.I hope you enjoy [email protected]
Phone Profiles Plus
Henrich Gron
Automatically configure the device for life situations.
MyProfiles (Profile Manager) 5.2.0
Lab01 Inc.
《Location and rule based profile manager.Veryeasy to use.》《5 stars rating encourage us to keep improving it, thanks:)》《Characteristics》- Switch profile automatically by rules(Timer, Location, Calendar, WiFi, BT and more)- Apply various settings by one click- Detect location by nearby cells or map position- Support 30+ settings and 12+ rule types- Priority mode for rules- Desktop widget- Themes- Auto-answer- White list / Black list- Support exclusive ROOT features《Profile settings》- Audio volumes, Ringtone- Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Hotspot- Mobile network, APN- WiMAX(4G)- Bluetooth- Airplane mode- Airplane mode for JellyBean 4.2+ (ROOT)- GPS- GPS for Android 2.3+ (ROOT)- Brightness- Screen Timeout- Auto-rotate- Disable screen lock- Wallpaper- Auto-answering- Auto-speaker-on- Driving mode (Car mode)- Launch application- Close application- Exception contact group(White list, Black list)《Rule types》- Time period- Location- Wi-Fi hotspot- Bluetooth device- NFC tags- Calendar events- Foreground App- Display- Power- Battery- Headset- Car dock- Desk dock
Easy Audio Profile 1.1
Easy Audio Profile Application isusedtocontrol the volume settings of the phone. Just in oneclick,youcan change the default volume settings of your deviceonapre-stored preferences.Benefits of Easy Audio Profile:- All works in one click (not counting the clicks tocalltheprogram);- Nothing more that could complicate the life of a man,noextrasettings (only the sound and vibration);- The ability to see and change the current settings ofsoundandvibration without the use of the profile directly inthemainwindow;- There is only 4 kinds of preset profiles that can be changedbyalong press - no need to waste time inventingunnecessaryandredundant profiles. Four is enough.Multi-language support:- English;- German;- French;- Spanish;- Portuguese;- Italian;- Russian;- Swedish;- Finnish.
Phone Profiles
Henrich Gron
PhoneProfiles is not more maintained. If you want,installPhoneProfilesPlus and in Editor menu usefunction"Backup/restore"/"Import data from PhoneProfiles".Configure thedevice for life situations (at home, at work, in yourcar, sleepoutside, ...) with one click. Only manual configuration.Forautomatic device configuration check myapplicationPhoneProfilesPlus. **** Please report me bugs, commentsandsuggestions to my mail. Speed up the especially bug fixes.Thankyou very much. **** *** Please help me with translation, thankyou: *** features: -forphones and tablets (tablet UI) - source profile - add,edit,duplicate, delete profiles (Editor) - activating profile withclickfrom popup window (Activator) - notifications: status bar,toast,notification icons style - application theme - light/dark -widgets- icon, one row, profile list - shortcut into profile -"drag anddrop" profiles reordering (Editor) - import/exportprofilespreferences into sdcard profile features: - ringer mode,soundvolume, speakerphone, sounds, airplane mode, automaticdatasynchronization, mobile data, WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, NFC,screentimeout, screen brightness, screen auto-rotation, runapplication,launcher wallpaper, lockscreen on/off, Wi-fi hotspot,power savemode, lock device, connect to SSID - airplane mode: fromAndroid4.2 only on rooted devices - GPS: for not-rooted devicesonly viasecurity hole, when found in device - NFC: only on rooteddevices -temporary profile activation - Interruptions (Android5.0), reqiresroot - Mobile data requires root for Android 5.0 -Lockscreenworking only for non-secure lockscreen - Power save moderequiresroot Source code (free of use):-
Corcanoe GPS Tracker Locator
Family and grandparent with Alzheimer GPS mobile cell-phonelocator.Set Alerts.
My Profile Manager
Change your phone sound settings for you
Mega Icon Launcher (easy mode) 1.11
This app is used to set one (or several)homescreens.It is perfect for Kids, Grandparents, elderly people orSeniorsbecause you can pre-set the home screens as you want. Yourkid orgrandfather could not modify the design. They could notdelete,remove or modify anything. Password protected layout.Perfect for easy mode.Easy press buttons. No need to slide or swipe. Perfect forolderpeople that finds difficulties to slide the device to answeracall.Large photos for incoming calls.Big fonts and big numbers for calling.Big large easy dialer screen.Big icons.Hide the Android notification bar.Modify the screens as you need. Choose the icon size, shapeandposition.Create your own custom home screen the easiest way to yourson,daughter, grandfather, grandmother or any elderly people.They will be able to answer a call without glasses thanks tothelarge full screen incoming call screen.Perfect for people with Parkinson's disease, they will be abletouse the phone easily.Perfect also for seniors or elderly with Alzheimer because ithasour own Family Locator (Corcanoe Tracker). Don't loose anyfamilymember using this software. You will be able to watchtheirposition on your screen.If you need extra help, please contact [email protected] have created this app for your family members that needextracare. I hope you enjoy it.Ask for any suggestions if you have them.
Cartoon Sound Effects
Press and hold for features Set a ringtone to a contact,asthedefault ringtone, notification or alarm. Cartoonsoundeffectsfeatures funny cartoon sounds at the press of abutton.Funnypopular cartoon effects sure to entertain and amuseanycartoonfan, old or young. Sounds can be saved as aloudringtone,notification or alarm sound. Cartoon SoundEffectsfeatures: * Tonsof high quality funny cartoon sound effects*Easily set defaultringtone, notification or alarm sound *Clean,easy to useinterface * Free, ad supported! Enjoy thesefunnycartoon soundeffect ringtones free!
Profile Selector Free 1.7
This application allows you to createanumberof profiles and set for each of them aparticularconfiguration,consisting of a set of actions.By default, Profile Selector includes a setofpreconfiguredprofiles. You can add as many profiles as youneed.Each profilecan have a variable number of actions toconfigure.Among the mostcommon actions that can manageinclude:• Call volume• Volume of notifications• Alarm volume• Volume of multimedia• Volume of system sounds• Wifi• Bluetooth• Mobile Data• Automatic synchronization• Brightness