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Boggle With Friends: Word Game 17.32
** Welcome Word Streak players! Word Streak is now BoggleWithFriends!** Bring the fun of family game night with you on thegowith the Boggle With Friends game. This new take on theclassicboard game from Hasbro is loaded with fun new modes,dailychallenges, and puzzling twists! Challenge your friends,family, ornew opponents to spell out the most words before theclock runs outin two minutes! Want to boost your word search game?Train on yourown in solo play against the Coach to test your wordskills in athree-round match of wits. Got a competitive streak?Compete inlive head-to-head tournaments and lightning fast singleroundtournaments to show off your puzzle solving skills and earnrewardsalong the way. Join the fun and download Boggle With Friendstoday!WINNER 2017 MOST SOCIAL GAME, BEST OF GOOGLE PLAY CREATE AMATCH Itall starts here! Challenge an opponent to three rounds offun tosee who can find the most words, score the most points andemergevictorious. COMPLETE DAILY & WEEKLY CHALLENGES Brandnewchallenges are updated daily, as well as weekly. Play to winsweetrewards! TRAIN IN SOLO PLAY Test and improve your word smartsinsolo mode! Challenge yourself against the Coach in threeroundswhich get harder as you move up. COMPETE IN LIVE TOURNAMENTSGohead-to-head with friends, family and new opponents inlivetournaments and advance through lightning rounds with lots ofbonustiles! COLLECT DAILY PRIZES Win a daily bonus with prizesandpower-ups! Play each day to get better rewards. PLAY OFFLINEPlayanytime, anywhere, even offline 24/7. AVAILABLE IN 9LANGUAGESChoose your language and start a game in Spanish, French,German,Italian, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Turkish, and English.DownloadBoggle With Friends for a word search experience you can’tputdown! Additional Information The game is free to play;however,in-app purchases are available for additional content andin-gamecurrency. BOGGLE is a trademark of Hasbro and is usedwithpermission. © 2018 Hasbro. All Rights Reserved. Licensed byHasbro.Use of this application is governed by Zynga’s Terms ofService,found at
Words With Friends Classic 15.622
Check out the all-newlocation-basedleaderboard and find out if you are the best WordsWith Friendsplayer in your area! We use your geolocation to put youon theleaderboard so you can compare your scores to other playersaroundyou, challenge them to a game, and chat with them.Keep in touch with your friends by playing Words With FriendsFree,the #1 mobile game!PLAY the simple word-building game you know and loveCONNECT with your friends through in-game chatINVITE new friends to play instantly through Facebook &Twitter,or with random opponent matchmakingACCESS your games across all your devices_________________________________________PRAISE FOR WORDS• "Delightfully addictive." – GeekSugar• "Social gaming at its finest." – Fox News• "The premise of ‘Words‘ is simple: you fire it up and areplayinga Scrabble-like word game against one of your friends inseconds."– TechCrunch• "One of the most requested apps that people have waited toseecome to Android." - Androinica_________________________________________Already a fan of the game?Like us on Facebook: us on Twitter: of this application requires a Facebook or Games WithFriendsaccount and is governed by the Zynga Terms of Service.Collectionand use of personal data are subject to Zynga's PrivacyPolicy.Both policies are available in the Application LicenseAgreementbelow as well as at Social NetworkingService termsmay also apply.
Word Buddies - Classic Word Game 1.1.3
Word Buddies is the fun, free to play word game that lets youjoinplayers worldwide and enhance your witty word play skills! Areyouready to battle head to head with buddies, family, andfriendsaround the world? With over 35 spells to choose from yourword witknows no bounds. Play your tiles, rack up points, and climbtheranks until you become the next Grand Champion! Spell it. Playit.Win it. GAME FEATURES: • Compete with word buddies on Facebookandmobile devices • Find a challenging buddy instantly with asingletouch • Join a club and complete words in your club board tounlockbig rewards • Chat with thousands of active buddies in ourglobalchat system • Add your friends and challenge them to one ononeword tile battles • Trade puzzle tiles with friends or clubmembersto complete your puzzle! • Over 35+ spells to keep your wordtileplaying experiences exciting • Daily rewards redeemable forpoints,spells, club tiles, and more! REAL-TIME, QUICK THINKINGGAME-PLAYWith 60 second turns, our mobile game experiencerecreatesreal-time, in-person game-play that keeps brains thinkingquicklyand tiles playing fast. HIGHER LEARNING Learn fromWordsworth theowl and take your word tile wizard skills to the nextlevel. Withan in-depth tutorial, Word Buddies is easy to learn andfun tomaster. You'll be spelling powerful words against your buddyin notime! MEET YOUR MATCH Challenge word buddies with similarskilllevels using our smart match making system! Do you think youcanmatch your wit against the best buddy in the world? Test yourwitagainst the best possible word wizard for you. CLUBS Joinwordbuddies around the world in our highly rated club system! Needtolearn the game and learn how to spell powerful words againstyourbuddy? Your club is a great resource for learning the ropes!Yourclub is also great to challenge and practice those spellskills.Become the next great wizard, and become the best buddy inyourclub today! POWER PLAYS With over 35+ spells to use againstyourbuddy friends, you're sure to become a word wizard in no time.Useyour wit, play your tiles and spells, and you will becomegrandchampion! TERRIFIC TRADING SYSTEM Trade puzzle pieces withyourbuddies and friends around the world in our unique tradingsystem!Have a few puzzles piece that match what your buddy ismissing?With the push of a button, you can help your buddy in need,andyour buddy can return the favour. STUNNING GRAPHICS Highresolutiongraphics and effects make for an exciting word playexperience foryou, your word buddies, and Wordsworth the owl! Enjoythe beauty ofquality crafted tiles and uniquely designed board gamearea.FLAWLESS POINT SYSTEM Our best point system yet allows for newwaysto earn points and even more ways to solidify your wordplayingstrategy. Will you play your spells early on to get maximumpointsquickly? Or will you wait and save your spells for theendgame. Thechoice is up to you. STAY SOCIAL Already a GrandChampion? Alreadylearn with Wordsworth the owl and climb throughthe wizard ranks?Are you in an active club who plays their tiles,or even boardgames, every day? Like us or follow us on Twitter andFacebook tolearn up-to-date news on the game, contests with bigprizes, andmore! you for playing WordBuddies! Remember: Spell it. Play it. Winit. AdditionalInformation: Word Buddies is a free to play wordgame, however,optional in-app purchases are available which provideadditionalcontent and in-game currency. Spelling words in WordBuddies doesnot mean you are great at a spelling bee nor does itmean that youare great at spelling out words using your wit in reallife. Thisalso does not mean you are a word wizard in any capacityother thanin our free to play mobile game.
Word Chums 2.8.2
Word Chums is the highest rated wordpuzzlegame, voted 4.8 stars by Android users. Play freewithfriends or solo against the computer!◆ For lovers of anagrams, word builder games or crosswordpuzzleslike Scrabble or Words with Friends, Word Chums takes it toanotherlevel with fun graphics and sounds, a built-in dictionary,teammode, 3-4 player mode, and more.◆ Word Chums is a new word game that’s easy to pick up and play,butchallenging to master. It’s fun for the whole family or withfriends– you’ll love it, we promise! Try it once and you just mayfindyourself doing a daily crossword puzzle game with several ofyourfriends!◆ INTRODUCING THE CHUMSOozing with personality, they bring the game to life. Havefunearning gear to outfit your Chum and expressing your style.They’reguaranteed to make you chuckle.◆ NAGARAM-ANAGRAM WORD TEASERPut your vocabulary to the test in this word making gamebyrearranging a word scramble into a real word that you can play.Thebetter your word’s Scrabble dictionary score, the more XP youearn.XP helps you level up and unlock more gear for yourchums!◆ INCREDIBLY STREAMLINED GAMEPLAYWord Chums is a pleasure to play. See words validate instantlyasyou place letters and see the scoring badge automaticallyindicateword strength.◆ FAMILIAR WORD BUILDING GAMEPLAY, CROSS WORD STYLEWord Chums stays true to the classic word builder gameplaythatvocabulary game lovers enjoy and cross word lovers can’t getenoughof.◆ EARN TOP CHUM STATUSEarn experience points with each word played and level up tobecomeKing or Queen of the Chums. Show off your “wordly” prowessbyclimbing your way to the top of the weekly crosswordgameleaderboards.◆ A TRULY SOCIAL WORD PUZZLE GAMESee how all your friends are doing from the friends list on themainscreen. Experience a new level of collaborative word puzzlegame funby grabbing a teammate for a couples word game online.Invite anyoneyou like, whether they’re friends, family, adults orkids. WordChums is the best word game app that’s easy to learn,challenging tomaster and fun for all!◆ SAY GOODBYE TO GETTING STUMPEDIf you suddenly feel like you’re playing a word scramble gameandneed some help figuring out a word you can use, justactivateWord search hints. In a pinch, Word search hints canpointyou to the location of a better word and help you unscrambleyourvocabulary memory.◆ A NEW WORD GAME TO SATISFY THE SERIOUS GAMERFor all the daily crossword puzzle gamers, Word Chumsoffersachievements, best word challenges, leveling, playerstats,crossword game leaderboards and much more. It’s a deepgamingexperience for everyone that gamers can master.◆ LEARN A LITTLEWord Chums is the best word game online, great for adults andkidsalike! As a vocabulary game, Word Chums is great for wordmakergame lovers looking to get their text twist on and flextheiranagram game muscles, while also helping beginners to expandtheirvocabulary via the built-in dictionary – just tap any word toseeits definition. Experiment with new letter combinationsandinstantly discover new words to succeed.——————————————————————◆ SPECIAL FEATURES• 2-4 player games• Play versus friends, random opponents, and computerChumbots• Customizable Chum characters• Scrabble based dictionary – Know valid words before youpressplay• Automatically see the strength of your word• Weekly cross word game leaderboard competitions• Find the best word and beat the hint challenges• Drop a Bomb and take your turn with a new set of letters——————————————————————◆ ABOUT PeopleFunWord Chums is a word builder game, and comes to you from themakersof Age of Empires, one of the best-selling and mostaward-winninggames of all time. Give it a try!
Words With Friends – Play Free 16.212
Now play the World’s Most Popular MobileWordGame in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian,BrazilianPortuguese and British English. Words With Friends is thefun, freesocial word game where your word building skills aretested.Challenge your Facebook friends to a game or make newfriends withSmart Match. Play anytime and anywhere to sharpen yourskills withoffline Solo Play. May the Best Friend Win.™• CHAT with your friends in-game• TRACK your performance and improvement with detailed stats• EXPAND your English vocabulary with Dictionary and Word oftheDay• CHALLENGE your friends to think and play faster in EnglishwithFast Play• FIND your best English opponent by browsing players’ profilesinCommunity Match• ACCESS your games on your phone, tablet, and computer**Play Words With Friends without third party ads between movesifyou previously purchased Words With Friends on any mobiledevice.Be sure to login with Facebook or the email account you usedtomake the previous purchase to continue to play without thirdpartyads between moves.Already an accomplished Wordie? Like us on Facebook or follow usonTwitter to stay up-to-date on game news, contests, pollsandmore. love hearing from you! Have a question? Ask ithere: Or do you have a suggestion? Pleaseshare ithere: you for playing Words With Friends!ADDITIONAL DISCLOSURES• Use of this application is governed by the Zynga Terms ofService.These Terms are available through the License Agreementfield below,and at• For specific information about how Zynga collects andusespersonal or other data, please read our privacy policyat Zynga’s Privacy Policy isalsoavailable through the Privacy Policy field below.• The game is free to play, however in-app purchase areavailablefor additional content and premium currency. In-apppurchases rangefrom $0.99 to $99.99.• This game does permit a user to connect to social networks,suchas Facebook, and as such players may come into contact withotherpeople when playing this game.• Terms of Service for Social Networks you connect to in thisgamemay also apply to you. You will be given the opportunitytoparticipate in special offers, events, and programs fromZynga,Inc. and its partners.• Must be 13+ to play.• Use of this application requires a Facebook or Games WithFriendsaccount.
Word Wars - Word Game 1.470
What do you get when the age-old scrabble board meets amazingmoderndesign? Meet Word Wars, the best and the only scrabble wordgame!Word Wars is more than just a scrabble game to enjoy withfriends.Here, classic scrabble wordplay comes together with newage gamingto give you a unique experience. This unique onlinescrabble game isdesigned for avid scrabble lovers and new playersalike. Time torediscover your favorite childhood game scrabble!Strapped for time?Try the mini scrabble board for quick wordbattles with friends.What’s more? You will learn new words everyday and in no time, youwill become a scrabble master. Never gettired of waiting on youropponents to play their turn! Play as manyscrabble matches as youwant at the same time and keep the fungoing! Learn new words on thego and make your opponents scrabblefor words! ➤ CLASSIC SCRABBLEEXPERIENCE - Enjoy the evergreenclassic scrabble board game in abeautiful new avatar! ➤ PLAY WITHFRIENDS AND FAMILY - Login withFacebook and start scrabbling withfriends! ➤ FIND YOUR MATCH - Getmatched with other players basedon your skill level and unleashyour word wizardry! ➤ BROADCASTCHALLENGES - Throw down the gauntletto other players and see howmany are up for your scrabblechallenge! ➤ WEEKLY TOURNAMENTS -Compete in tournaments every weekand win grand prizes! ➤ UNIQUEPOWER-UPS - Make use of fantasticpower-ups that will help you takeyour scrabble skills to the nextlevel! ➤ CHAT WITH FRIENDS - Stayconnected with your scrabblefriends and make new ones! So, whatare you waiting for? Don’t wastetime on run-of-the-mill games. GetWord Wars now and get yourscrabble journey started!
Word Bingo - Fun Word Games for Free 1.046
If you love to ruzzle on word games, then the Yahtzee of wordgamesWord Bingo will become your new favorite word game! How goodareyou at spotting words from a random set of letters? Do you havetheYahtzee skills to get the Bingo? Get ready to test your wordskillson this new addictive word game! Word Bingo is unlike anyword gameyou have seen before. It can be best described as theperfectcombination of word game and Yahtzee. It's a word game thatwilltest your vocabulary and word skills in quick and short games.WordBingo comes with a whole new word game mode for people who lovetoplay on the go. Challenge your friends and show them who's therealword game genius! Unlike other word games, Word Bingo is veryeasyto understand and start playing. Both you and your opponentwillhave 7 letters from which to form words on the board to getthebest scores. If you get the bingo you get an extra 100 points!Ifyou love word puzzles and crosswords, Word Bingo willdefinitelywin your heart and become your favorite new word game!Leave yourstress at the door with this unique Yahtzee-style wordgame wherethere are no time limits and you can play at your ownpace. Also,you can play as many games as you want all at the sametime. It'snot just all about fun either. With each round you playwithfriends or family, you will learn new words! Your vocabularywillgrow by leaps and bounds! Think your spelling and vocabularyaretop-notch? Can you get the top spot and win the title of WordBingoMaster? Take Word Bingo for a spin and experience a whole newworldof word games!
Wordzee! - Social Word Game 1.163.0
You can train your brain as you make words, play with friends,andcompete in different word games and word game modes in newWordzee.Show off your puzzle solving, spelling, and anagram wordskills asyou search for the best scoring word combination in thisexciting,free, new, word game. Wordzee is a new twist in wordpuzzle,anagram, and crossword games! It is free to play, and thereare somany new words to make and ways to play! Roll your word tileslikedice, build words and play them on the board to get thehighestscore as you connect with friends in thrilling matches.Playclassic matches in order to try and win against other playersbybuilding the biggest word score and making a Wordzee! Can youfillall of the rows on the board with words of the correct lengthtoget a huge Wordzee point boost to your score? START PLAYINGYournew word puzzle game playing experience starts here! Start anewgame with friends or family members who love word puzzles,dicegames, and crossword puzzles. Or you can start a classic matchwitha new opponent. Shuffle the word tiles to find the highestscoringword on the board and play your move. Then it’s time foryouropponent to try and find their best word to play. Why notstartanother game with a friend while they are playing! PLAYWORDZEE ATFULL SPEED Choose an instant game so you can play Wordzeein aquick game mode. Make words from the anagrams and play yourtilesto get high scores with no waiting between rounds IMPROVEYOURSKILLS IN THE WORDZEE SOLO MODE CHALLENGES Flex your wordfindingmuscles in Journeys. Specially themed rounds let you exploreandplay your way to the top of the word map. Can your anagram andwordpuzzle skills get your word brain moving enough so you cancompletethe journey? Play the High Score challenge and build thehighestscoring words in a round to win exciting rewards. Play yourbestwords to take your word puzzle game skills to the next level.Canyou make it to the top in the Showdown mode? Supersized tilevalueslet you build huge scores against Kevin the Wordzee mascot.Useyour word puzzle skills and play to win! Totaliser lets youbuildyour score the more you play. The game is to carry on playinggreatwords to get high scores, build totals, and win rewards!CUSTOMIZEYOUR TILE STYLE Show off your word game style and skillsas youunlock special letter tiles like like the cute teddy bear,sushi,or watermelon Special seasonal tiles mean your word gamesalwayslook good Love word puzzles and word games? Love Wordzee?Like uson Facebook or follow us on Twitter to stay up-to-date onMAG wordgame news, special contests, polls and lots of other Wordzeehas been lovingly created byMAG Interactive, where we take funseriously. We’ve made wordgames, puzzle games and fun social gameson mobile for 10 years.Download Wordzee now! Good Times! AdditionalInformation: TheWordzee game is free to play. In-app purchases areavailable foradditional content and in-game currency.
Crosswords With Friends 4.1.5
**As seen on the Today Show!** From the team that brought youWordsWith Friends comes Crosswords With Friends - the firstdailycrossword puzzle that’s written for today’s world! Test yourbrainpower with a new puzzle every day that’s relevant toentertainment,pop culture, and sports news happening NOW! Enjoyfresh puzzlesdaily with a new themes every day of the week - MovieMonday, TVTuesday, Wayback Wednesday, Top 40 Thursday, Sports FanFriday,Smartypants Saturday, and Sunday Funday! Crosswords WithFriendspresents the world’s BEST crosswords for you 365 days ayear. Ledby co-editors Trip Payne (co-star of the crossworddocumentaryWordplay) and Amy Reynaldo (author of How to Conquer theNew YorkTimes Crossword), our daily crosswords are created by someof theworld’s most published crossword writers. Get ready for atop-notchcrossword experience! Game Features - English Only GameCROSSWORDSWRITTEN BY INDUSTRY EXPERTS Exercise your brain andexpand yourvocabulary by solving crossword puzzles created bycrosswordchampions and writers from top newspapers! FUN PUZZLETHEMES 7-DAYSA WEEK Play a new crossword for free every day, andenjoy unique,fun themes! Access thousands of additional puzzles inthe calendararchives! CLIMB THE LEADERBOARD Challenge your friendsand checkthe leaderboard to see who solved the daily puzzle thefastest!COMPLETE WEEKLY CHALLENGES Test yourself with new goalseach weekto earn great rewards and collect badges as you go!COLLECT PUZZLEPACKS Movie buffs, sports fanatics and nerds of allkinds, rejoice!Add a pack of 5 themed puzzles to your collection.Solve them allto collect badges and become the ultimate crosswordmaster. HELPFULHINTS WHEN YOU NEED THEM Stuck on a word? Use hintsto move aheadfaster. Playing Crosswords With Friends challengesyour brain,improves your pop culture knowledge, and lets youcompete withfriends. Download and play the all new Crosswords WithFriends forFREE! Additional information: The game is free to play;however,in-app purchases are available for additional content andin-gamecurrency. Use of this application is governed by the ZyngaTerms ofService (
Puzzly Words: multiplayer word games 10.5.55
SIA Fufla
Word Game is easy to learn, it’s competitive, it’s addictive,andbest of all Puzzly Words train your brain! It is like searchingforhidden words when you unscramble letters. Play against theclockand three other people to unscramble the letters and find thewordswith the highest score by pushing your vocabulary to thelimit! Ifyou like word games you will love the challenge of PuzzlyWords. Beword master and take victory over 3 other people to be thechampionwordsmith in this fast-paced game of vocabulary. Can youthinkquickly, create the highest scoring words and win youropponents?Test your vocabulary, learn new words and laugh with yourfriendsall in one, fast, fun game. Like all the best games, PuzzlyWordGame is easy to learn and difficult to master, the gameplayissimple but addictive, and the challenge is never ending. HowtoPlay When you play the game, you are presented with a selectionofrandom letters in your letter pile, as with scrabble, andspaceabove to drag those letters to form three words. That reallyis howsimple it is to play. However, the multiplayer challengereallymakes this different. Each round lasts just sixty seconds,and asyou drag letters into your word slots above, there are otherpeopledoing the same. You battle against the time limit, yourownvocabulary and the other players all at once! You do have helptobeat those challenges though, in the form of power-ups that youcanuse at any time. You have three, the Extra Letter power up,whichadds a random letter to your letter pile and an extra 10seconds ifyou are trying to complete a word and the 60 seconds isrunningout. Finally, you have the Validate Booster, which checksthe wordfor you during the game to make sure it's valid and willscore. Ofcourse, with varying opponents, the challenge never ends,andPuzzly Word Game is definitely a word game that will encourageyouto expand your vocabulary and keep improving to be thebest.Features • A true multiplayer word game, compete againstotherplayers as well as the clock • Test your vocabulary againstfriendsand family • Race against the clock to find high scoringwords inyour random letters • Eye-catching design keeps everythingclear tosee • Learn new words and expand your vocabulary •Power-ups helpyou tip the balance • Simple to learn, difficult tomaster • FREEto play! With its online word gameplay, the challengenever ends.Boost your brain without supplements - Puzzly Word Gamekeeps youcoming back for more, learn new words, use your power-upsand beatthe competition! Support: [email protected]
Word Breaker 7.5.1
Word Breaker, the go-to word game helper since 2011! We’vebuiltareputation as the most reliable helper, some would saycheat,forcrossword games like Scrabble Go and Words With Friends.Wealsowork with all the popular word puzzle games and evenyournewspaperjumble puzzle? Check out Word Breaker today and cureyourword gamefrustrations! Aside from its ability to build words,WordBreakeris also a learning and optimization tool. Learntostrategize usingthe Board Solver, discover how to getmultiplecrosswords in asingle play, and always have an idea of whattileshave yet to beplayed. You can also use it to solveeverydayproblems, puzzles,and anagrams. Word Breaker has even beenused inthe classroom toteach English - something we think is justamazing!TOP FEATURES: -NEW: 3 themes including a brand new dark andlighttheme. Love theold look? We still include the classic woodgrain inthe Classictheme. - Lightning fast! - Screenshot importingreadsyour gameboard directly into Board Solver! Easily check whatwordsyoumissed using this powerful feature. - Even better!Theclassicsolver mode can work with anything! Try it withwordjumbles,crosswords, hangman, and more. - Our originalandstillground-breaking Ghost Mode allows you to peek atthegameunderneath! - Local dictionary! You never have to be onlinetouseWord Breaker. Download your favorite dictionaries and takethemonthe road! Also, like everything else, dictionaries arefree!-Track what’s left in the bag! Our exclusive“RemainingTiles”screen helps you predict what letters you’ll getnext! -Supportswildcards and blank tiles! Even better, you caneasily tellWordBreaker what location and patterns to look for.-Highlycustomizable, including filters for word length! -AvailableisSEVEN languages, including English, Nederlands,Français,Deutsch,Italiano, Español, and Português! ★ How to takeascreenshot: -Press and hold “Volume Down” and “Power” for onefullsecond. - Oncertain phones, this combination is “Home” and“Power.”★ Havingtrouble with Screenshot Importing? 1) Completelyzoom outbeforetaking a screenshot. This way, the whole board isvisible andWordBreaker can properly scan every tile. 2) Make sureall ofyourplayable tiles are on the tile rack, not on the gameboard.Thisensures the results you get are valid. 3) Make surenothingisobscuring the game. Facebook Chat Heads, apptrays,andnotification pop-ups can all interfere with WordBreaker.PrivacyNotice: This app collects your device’s IPaddress,advertising ID,and other partner specific identifiers.Theseidentifiers enablepersonalized ads and analytics to improveourapp. Opt-out or learnmore by visiting our PrivacyCenter,accessible from the app'ssettings.
Wordtornado 1.185.30537
Enjoy the ultimate wordplay experience! If you want to flexyourvocabulary then Wordtornado is just the game for you!🌪️Wordtornadois the #1 online Free Word game for friends, families,and wordgame fans! Whether you are looking to test your word skillsorunwind from a long day, Wordtornado has it all. It's a gameofstrategy and smarts, one word placement can be thedifferencebetween victory and defeat! 📱Download Wordtornado forfree on yourphone or tablet for endless amounts of fun anywhere,anytime. Getready to challenge your family and friends! Show themwho is themaster of this word puzzle. 🧩⭐ Wordtornado is NOT youraverage freeword game. It is the world’s premier vocabularyadventure! It is aperfect fun game for: 👪 Families, friends andfans all over theworld ⌛ Having timeless & classic fun ✨Mastering your wordskills 🚆 Playing during your downtime to relax 👋Meeting new peoplewho also love word games! With a fully optimizedfunctionality youcan choose to either play Wordtornado in a CLASSICand FASTER TURNmode. The familiar CLASSIC mode allows you to enjoythe game atyour own pace, while for those living in the fast lanewill preferthe FASTER TURN mode. Play smart and you'll be thewinner! We alsooffer free Coins every few hours in Wordtornado, sodon't forget toclaim them! More Coins means more free games andmore fun times!GamePoint's other unique Wordtornado features are:💰Placing yourtiles on bonus squares might double or even tripleyour points!🧨Don’t forget to use the perks to enhance your game tothe max. ✏️Did you make a mistake? Don’t worry, we’ve got youcovered. Use ourEraser feature to turn a tile into a blank tile andto use to youradvantage! ⌚ Real time contests 🤝 Compete againstyour own friends💬 Exciting chat capabilities: Chat in real timewith your friendsor get to know people from around the world! 🏆Gain higher combo'sand unlock achievements countless achievementsAre you alreadyregistered on No need for a newregistration: Log inwith your existing info and we'll have all yourdata, includingcredit balance and buddy list, waiting for you! Thisgame isintended for an adult audience. This game does not offer"realmoney gambling" or an opportunity to win real money orprizes.Practice or success at social casino gaming does not implyfuturesuccess at "real money gambling."
Bertheussen IT
Ad free version of Wordfeudwithstatistics.Play against 30 million opponents!Wordfeud is a multiplayer puzzle game where you canchallengefriends and random opponents and play in up to 30 separategamessimultaneously!Create and place words on the 15 by 15 tile board and earnpointsfor creativity and placing letters on the high scoringDoubleLetter, Double Word, Triple Letter and Triple Wordtiles.Search for friends to play against or allow Wordfeud to match youupwith an opponent. Even chat with them - smack talk or praise -it'syour choice!Tired of the same standard board each game? Choose the optiontorandomize the board and change up where the DL, TL, DW, TWtilesare placed - giving the classic game a new twist!Features:- Choose to play with friends or be matched up againstrandomopponents- Play in 30 simultaneous games!- Random board option to mix up the DL, DW, TL, TW tiles- Push notifications informing you of opponent's latest move- Uses English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, French,Dutch,Norwegian, Swedish, Danish and Finnish dictionaries- Chat with your opponentsFor more information on Wordfeud, visit us at Wordfeud.comandfollow on Twitter @wordfeud. Also check out the Facebook fanpageat
Classic Words Plus 2.4.5-Plus
Lulo Apps
Classic Words Solo is the number one wordgameto play against your smartphone or tablet (solitairemode).Enrich your vocabulary thanks to the built-inworddefinitions!6 difficulty levels and many languages are supported:English,Spanish, French, Italian, German, Dutch and Polish.Tired of stumbling across cheaters or waiting hours for youronlineopponent to play on Scrabble, Words with friends orWordfeud?Try out Classic Words Solo for instant fun, no matter if you areabeginner in crossword games or a Scrabble tournament player!★ Classic Words Plus exclusive features ★• Pass-and-Play mode for 2 players• Ad-free experience• Preview your score before validating a moveChoose the skill level of the computer (from beginner toexpert),pick a word list (English word lists include Scrabble - TWLandSOWPODS - official lexicons), and use your strategy skillsandvocabulary to try and defeat the Droid.Classic Words Solo gameplay is classical to crosswords boardgames:create and place words on the board and boost your score byplacingletters on the high scoring Double Letter, Double Word,TripleLetter and Triple Word squares.Use all 7 letters from your rack to play a Bingo and get a 50pointsbonus.This game is a great time killer for all fans of board gamesandstrategy games. It is also an educational game that will allowkids(and adults) to improve their spelling and vocabulary.Thanks to the fast reactivity and variable skill of the computerandofficial word lists, Classic Words can is used by manyScrabbleenthusiasts to play quick training matches and learn newwords fromthe computer's moves.Unlike with multiplayer board games where some dishonest playersuseanagram solvers, there is no cheating possible whenplayingsolitaire... Letters and blanks are always picked randomly,and thecomputer's artificial intelligence does not have moreinformationthan you do.Only your tactics and creativity can make the difference...Will you play strategically enough to outwit the computer anditsextensive vocabulary?★ Features ★• 6 levels of difficulty• Display the definition of words by swiping them• Quit and resume game whenever you want• Shake to shuffle• Languages and dictionaries supported:- English- SOWPODS 2015 (Official English tournament list)- TWL 2014 (Official list)- German (with support of Umlauts, and Ezset to be replaced bytwo'S')- French- Italian (based on Zingarelli)- Spanish (DRAE)- Dutch- Polish• Distribution of letters and points is adapted tothelanguage• Supports offline play
Words With Friends 2 Word Game 17.111
OUR MULTIPLAYER MOBILE WORD BOARD GAMES are better and smarterthanever before! Unscramble letters, train your brain and indulgein aplethora of word board games and crossword puzzles in WordsWithFriends 2! Expand your vocabulary and show off your spellingskillsas you search for the highest scoring word in this belovedclassicfree crossword game. CREATE A GAME ► The multiplayercrosswordboard games showdown starts here. Challenge your friendsand familymembers who love crossword puzzle games to play, or useSmart Matchto find your perfect opponent. Unscramble letters andsearch forthe highest scoring words on the board and fill in thecrosswordstyle puzzle! COMPLETE GOALS AND GET REWARDED ► Play yourbestletters and words to complete goals to earn keys andunlockexclusive collectibles with Rewards Pass! With a new themeevery 6weeks, there is always something new and exciting tocollect! Climbthe rewards track, put your spelling skills to thetest and collectthem all! PLAY LETTERS WITH SPEED IN QUICK PLAYEVENTS! ► Show offyour spelling skills and unscramble letters tocreate high-scoringwords in crossword style puzzles in record time!Check out QuickPlay in the Events tab, the new home for competitivecrossword miniboard games such as Duels, now with new custom gameboards! BOOSTYOUR WORD GAME IN SOLO CHALLENGE ► There is no needfor multiplayerwhen you can play against themed WordMasters to testand improveyour spelling, vocabulary and word skills in thiscrossword puzzleladder. Stay sharp, because as you move up, theWordMasters willget tougher to beat. COMPETE IN LIGHTNING ROUND ►Collaborativemeets competitive gameplay in this new, fastmultiplayer mode. Playon a team of 5 players, and face off in amatch to play your bestletters on the board and be the fastest toscore the most points!SWITCH IT UP WITH WORD WHEEL ► Do you lovecrossword puzzles? Doanagrams get your brain wheels turning?Unscramble letters, improveyour spelling skills, and search for theright words as youchallenge your brain by playing solo in thiseasy-to-play, limitedtime crossword mini-game. CUSTOMIZE YOUR WORDSTYLE ► Show off yourletter game and crossword puzzle persona andplay words with flairthrough Stickers, Tile Styles and ProfileFrames! You can now alsoequip Widgets to stay updated with yourongoing matches andfavorite events! --- Words With Friends 2 is afree crossword boardgame, but you can play without third party adsbetween moves if youpreviously purchased either Words With FriendsPro or nothird-party ads in the original Words With Friends wordboard gameon any mobile device. Be sure to log in with Facebook orthe emailaccount you used to make the previous purchase to continueto playwithout third party ads between moves. Crossword puzzles andwordgames aficionado? Like us on Facebook or follow us on Twittertostay up-to-date on board game news, contests, polls and otherfunstuff. up your word game andplay your best letters in one of the mostfun, multiplayercrossword puzzle games on mobile! Download WordsWith Friends 2today!
WordBuzz: The Honey Quest
Search, swipe and explode your way intothisnew word game with a diverse selection of game types tochallengeeveryone. WordBuzz is a unique word game that involvesdifferentstrategies to climb the rankings and become the bestplayer.★ Frantic word frenzy or slow and steady - whatever word gametakesyour fancy★ Quick games with leaderboards for you and your friends★ Multiple levels introduce new challenges with lots moretocome★ Designed for low battery usage - ideal for that commute★ A new take on word search games★ A great new challenge for all the word game fans out there★ Connect to Facebook see social leaderboards andfriendsscores★ Sync and backup across multiple devices★ Compete against friends in multiplayer modeIf you're a big fan of word games and want to play something withalittle more spice then you should give this a try!WordBuzz Facebook Page: Games - Play Is Essential
Word Solo Saga 1.31.8
Different from custom scrabble word game, different fromconnect,collect, find, search word game, Word Solo Saga is a newstyle wordgame .It starts as an easy word game and gets harder asyou levelup! Simple and Challenging ! === Enjoy Word Gameplay! ===-- Youwill have letters on a rack like you do in scrabble and youwillhave to connect them to create words with varying lengths. --Eachtime you use the letters, the rack will be replenished for youtomake new words and you can shuffle the letters that you haveifthere are no choices available for you. -- The lengths of thewordsthat you have to make start from three letters long up tosevenletters long. -- Need good tiles? Swap then collect new tiles.--Can't figure out the word jumble? Use diamonds to get a hint andasearch, win the level! -- In Daily puzzle you need to collectthesame letters to spell them. In boss level, you can't swap! --Over2000+ Levels to play word games free! -- Mainly Single playermode,you can play offline or online -- Free swap chance everyround! --Word Solo Saga is the best free word game! ===GameFeatures=== --New: First score-mode level up word game in the worldgames. --Simple: After 30 seconds of learning , you can playeasily. --Quick : No wait,3 minutes a game. Whenever and whereveryou canplay easily! -- Challenging: Star, bingo, Sliver star, bosslevel,rank etc. you can find enough things to challenge in WordSoloSaga. -- Flexible: Variety of answers to get the high score.youhave a high degree of freedom. Get Word Solo Saga for the bestwordgames free for word game fans, scrabble addicts and more!Simpleand Challenging !Play word games now in Word Solo Saga - it'ssoaddictive! The prizes in this word game are not exchangeableforreal-world money or prizes. Having an issue with these freewordgames for android? For immediate support, contact [email protected]! Download Word Solo Saga Word Game Now!
String of Words 1.4.3
Create a word chain of two-word answers to solve eachpuzzle.Thesecond word of one answer becomes the first word ofthenextanswer. Crossword puzzle style clues help to guess eachanswerinthe string of words. Together all the answers form achainreactionfrom the first word to the last. ★ Hours of word gamefun ★Solvecrossword puzzle clues for each answer ★ Earn goldcoinsbycompleting chapters of word puzzles ★ Hints are availabletohelpyour progress ★ Learn to think outside the box by solvingclues★Train your brain - word games are a great way toincreaseyourvocabulary This is not just another standard wordconnect orwordsearch game. Fans of crossword puzzles, letterguessing games,andother word games will love String of Wordsbecause it issomethingnew and different. This is a word puzzle gamefor adultswho liketo have fun! Download today for word game fun! **Now withdailymini puzzles!
Words Out 1.1.27
“Words Out” is a word gameplay that put to the test yourspellingand vocabulary skills EASY TO PLAY The game consists ofusing the 4rows of the board to line up cards in order to makewords of 3letters or more. Once a new word is displayed on theboard andvalided by the dictionary, the player can cash out thepoints ortrying to make a longer word And the more points he willcash outand the more he will reach the target score fixed to him ateachlevel. But watch out! ... No right to make mistakes! If theplayermakes a word that the dictionary does not know, it is "gameover"!The player must start all over again to succeed his level!300AVAILABLE LEVELS it's starts off easy but it's getschallengingfast ! As an apprentice, the player will easily pass the1st levelsby making words of 3, 4 or 5 letters. Then he will haveto be alittle bit more focus !!! BOOSTERS AND DANGERS Throughoutthe gameboosters cards will help you cross the difficulty levels :TheWildcard, The Green Card; The Red Card; The Blue Card etc. Butyouwill also have to beware of danger cards … The Bomb Card, TheTrashCard… The way you will manage those boosters and dangers willaddan extra layer of strategy to entertain you until you ‘llreachlevel 300 and the hall of fame ! GREAT FOR BREAKS ! "Wordsout" isbased on the most classic and simple gameplay of solitairethat isperfectly tailored for coffee break, in the subway or eveninboring meetings! "Words out" will provide hours ofentertainmentfor you and your whole family.
WordBrain 2 1.9.40
Find hidden words, swipe your finger over them, and see thepuzzlecollapse. Complete the levels with themed puzzles and advancefrombeing a simple Word Newbie to a Super Word Mastermind!Theincreasing level of difficulty, with themes ranging from FoodtoSpace, will challenge even the toughest Brainiacs out there. *Freeto play * 100+ unique Themes * 1130 brain twisting Levels Wearen'tpromising it's going to be easy, but you'll have fun, andyourbrain will thank you for the workout! -- WordBrain2 hasbeenlovingly created by MAG Interactive, where we take funseriously.Join a global audience of more than 250 million playersand checkout some of our other chart-topping hit games like Ruzzle,WordDomination or Wordalot! We really value your feedback, goto and say what's on yourmind!More about MAG Interactive at GoodTimes!
Wordfeud FREE
Playagainst 30 million opponents!Wordfeud is a multiplayer puzzle game where you canchallengefriends and random opponents and play in up to 30 separategamessimultaneously!Create and place words on the 15 by 15 tile board and earnpointsfor creativity and placing letters on the high scoringDoubleLetter, Double Word, Triple Letter and Triple Wordtiles.Search for friends to play against or allow Wordfeud to match youupwith an opponent. Even chat with them - smack talk or praise -it'syour choice!Tired of the same standard board each game? Choose the optiontorandomize the board and change up where the DL, TL, DW, TWtilesare placed - giving the classic game a new twist!Features:- Choose to play with friends or be matched up againstrandomopponents- Play in 30 simultaneous games!- Random board option to mix up the DL, DW, TL, TW tiles- Push notifications informing you of opponent's latest move- Uses English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, French,Dutch,Norwegian, Swedish, Danish and Finnish dictionaries- Chat with your opponentsFor more information on Wordfeud, visit us at Wordfeud.comandfollow on Twitter @wordfeud. Also check out the Facebook fanpageat
Word Checker - For Scrabble & Words with Friends 6.0.14
Keith Games
Letter Up with Word Checker - Anagram Solver, the offline,nofrillsword helper for word games like Scrabble, WordswithFriends,Lexulous, Text Twist, Literati and crosswords.WordChecker lets youenter up to 16 letters to generate a completelistof possible wordoutcomes. Find anagrams, search for twoletteredwords, and evendescramble words to win in all of your wordgames!SCRABBLE HELPER -Word Checker lets you find words for thetoughesttile combinations.The built-in Scrabble dictionary lets yousort Ato Z or by letterpattern to find the best move. PlayingScrabblewith friends isbetter than ever with our massive dictionaryofScrabble wordsCROSSWORD DICTIONARY - Crossword puzzledictionaryhelps you solveeven the most devious crossword puzzles.Easycrosswords or hard –solve them all with Word Checker!Viewdictionary definitions forthe words you find. Changedictionarylanguage with six totaloptions ANAGRAM SOLVER - Findanagrams byentering your letters andseeing which new words theymake WORDCHEATS FOR GAMES LIKEScrabble, Words with Friends,Lexulous, TextTwist, Literati andmany more. Additional featuresinclude, Twoletter word list, Threeletter word list, Q without Uword list,Enter up to 14 letters with2 blanks for Word Solver,Enter up to16 letters when validating aword. Allows graceful exitofapplication from menu, there is nolimit to results whensearchingfor words, click on any returnedword to check thedefinition. Thebuilt in dictionaries includingthe following:English OfficialScrabble Players Dictionary (OSDP6),EnglishOfficial ClubTournament Word List (OCTWL3), EnglishOfficial CollinsDictionary(CSW2019), English Words with FriendsGame Dictionary(WWF),Spanish Official Dictionary (FISE), andFrench OfficialDictionary(ODS). Find anagrams and words forScrabble, Words withFriends,crossword puzzles and all of yourother word games! Spell itoutand be the best with Word Checker!Note: Word Checker is in nowayaffiliated with any of the apps orgames mentioned here andissolely a tool that can be used to assistwith finding wordsanddefinitions for the games mentioned.
YAHTZEE® With Buddies Dice Game 8.8.2
Roll dice to play YAHTZEE® With Buddies! It is the fun,classicboard game with a new look. Play dice with friends inthismultiplayer game. Challenge your friends to play this familygamefor hours of endless fun! The classic dice game is reimaginedinYAHTZEE® With Buddies! Love board games like Scrabble, Phase 10andFarkle? Are you a puzzle game fan? Like poker dice gameswithfriends? Enjoy free games? Then you will love this new twoplayerdice game! Don’t have a clue what YAHTZEE® is? Download itnow andyou will soon find out! Classic & Fun Board Game on theGo Playthe officially licensed mobile version of Hasbro's beloveddicegame, anywhere, anytime. Social game meets dice challenge:Rolldice against other players in an epic 2 player board game!Boardgames like Yahtzee® are fun to play with family and friends:Youcan chat and send stickers while you play any of the dicegames!Join a YAHTZEE® family to get help from your friends!Download nowfor 30 free bonus rolls! ===YAHTZEE® With BuddiesFeatures=== GameBonuses: • Complete Yahtzee games to win in-gamescratchers for achance to win bonus dice rolls. • Activate a bonusdice roll to getan extra dice spin right when you need it. Defeatthe Dice Masters:• Dice Masters play back instantly in Yahtzee'sreinvented soloadventure - take down the Dice Masters and earnamazing custom dicealong the way! • Conquer dozens of new levelswith brand new boostsand obstacles like ice blocks, flyingmultipliers and more! • Jointhe Race for the ultimate head to headcompetition and earn greatnew rewards! Take part in tournaments: •Yahtzee tournaments are anew, thrilling challenge! YahtzeeSolitaire, Yahtzee Bingo, andYahtzee Stars are completely new waysto play these classic games!• Play through different leagues to winexciting prizes. SocialGames with Friends: • Play with friends andfamily. Create your ownfamily in game to get and give help. •Multiplayer games withrandom opponents. Play dice games withplayers around the world. •Explore Yahtzee Survivor to compete realtime with hundreds ofchallengers and win Yahtzee’s biggest jackpotprize. • Chat andchallenge your friends with the new social buddiessystem!Personalize your dice rolling experience: - LOADS OF CUSTOMDICE! -LOTS OF SPECIAL PORTRAIT FRAMES! - TONS OF THEMED GAMEBOARDS!Doesn't matter if you call it crag, balut, farkle, kismet,yamb, orgenerala, there’s only one authentic Yahtzee! Roll the diceto findout why millions have played this classic family game forover 50years! If you like free games, download this super funmultiplayergame, roll the dice, and prepare to shout “YAHTZEE!”HASBRO andYAHTZEE names and logos are trademarks of Hasbro. © 2020Hasbro,Pawtucket, RI 02861-1059 USA. All Rights Reserved. TM &®denote U.S. Trademarks.
7 Little Words – Daily Puzzles
If you enjoy crossword puzzles,wordsearchchallenges and anagram games, you're going to love 7Little Words,from the creators of Moxie, Monkey Wrench, and RedHerring!7 Little Words has word puzzles that test your knowledgeofdictionary and trivia terms (and spelling), with thousandsofpuzzles available by subscription or in-app purchases. Eachpuzzleis a brain-teaser with clues for seven words that are similartocrossword puzzles or anagram riddles. The seven words thatanswerthe clues are broken into tiles of two, three or four lettersandscrambled around the board. Players must tap the tiles inthecorrect order to unscramble the letters, thus solving the riddletofind one of the seven words. There is no time limit and youcanfind the correct solutions in any order.Each puzzle consists of 7 clues, 7 mystery words, and 20lettergroups. The challenge of the game is to find the mysterywords bydeciphering the clues and combining the letter groups tospell outthe right answer. 7 Little Words contains 50 puzzles thatyou canplay for free. One new puzzle is available for free eachdaywithout a subscription or in-app purchase.MONTHLY PUZZLE PACKSNew puzzle packs are added to our app monthly. These mayincludethemed and non-themed puzzles from our 5 difficulty levels,as wellas semi-annual Daily Puzzle collections.CATALOG OF 10,000+ ADDITIONAL PUZZLESThe app also includes more than 10,000 fun puzzles that havebeencompiled since the original release of the app in 2011. Therearethemed and non-themed puzzles of every difficulty level (in USandUK English versions), as well as puzzles in Spanish andpuzzleswritten for an Australian audience.7 Little Words is a unique riddle game with all the best elementsofcrosswords, wordsearches and anagrams in bite-sized puzzles.Enjoythe challenge of unscrambling words and spelling out therightanswers. 7 Little Words is an entertaining twist ontypicalwordsearch games. There is no time limit so you can reallyimmerseyourself in the game, and the process of elimination of thecluescan teach you or your children to spell new words.7 Little Words is FUN, A REAL CHALLENGE and EASY TO LEARN.Weguarantee you've never played a crossword game, wordsearchriddleor anagram puzzle like it before. Download the app now andgive 7Little Words a try today!You may subscribe to play our monthly new puzzle packs plusourentire catalog. Subscription options include annual ($29.99peryear), monthly ($3.99 per month), and weekly ($1.99 permonth)subscriptions. Subscription prices are for the United Statesandvary for other countries. The subscription amount will bechargedto your Google account as an in-app purchase. Yoursubscriptionwill renew automatically unless you cancel it at least24 hoursbefore expiration. You can also turn off auto-renew atanytime.You may buy individual packs within the app withoutasubscription.Find our privacy policyhere: more info and other amazing family games, visit:
Word Farm Adventure: Word Game 5.12.1
Save the farm animals on this Free word scrabble puzzle game! Inournew challenging and super fun word game for adults and kids,youwill word swipe your way into becoming the beloved hero of thefarm.Word Farm Adventure is not just about solving crosswordpuzzles forfree - it is also about enjoying a great story whilefighting theevil forces that want to destroy the farm. So let’sget going, fast- the animals need you at your best! In this freechallenging wordgame, you will: 🧩 Solve Word Puzzles! 🧩 Solvecrossword puzzles,word find challenges, word scramble missions,word swipe scrabblequests, and more challenges for your brain. 🦸Become the Farm'sHero! 🦸 Unveil the story of Perry the Parrot, Rexthe Dog, and theother farm heroes on their adventure in thisawesome word puzzlegame! 🧱 Renovate and Design! 🧱 Fix, build,paint and design yourfarm just like on other games - but with atwist… The farm needs ahero, and you are that hero. So join ourpuzzle adventure now, andget ready to save the farm! 🌟 GameHighlights 🌟 It's time to skipthose ordinary scrabble games andcrossword puzzles. Join us on thefarm! The Word Farm Adventuregame offers so much more than a wordsearch! To solve each level,you need to complete a word puzzle byconnecting the letters andspelling words that fit perfectly intothe crossword puzzle blocks.After you solve each puzzle of words,you'll be rewarded with coinsand shovels to help you completemissions and restore the farm toits glory days. Once you help theanimals rebuild the farm andprove to uncle Jeff that it's worthsaving, you'll venture on tothe county fair. Long ago, the animalsbuilt the fair to prove touncle Jeff that the farm could turn aprofit. The fair was once aplace filled with fun and laughter, butit's been neglected. It'sup to you to redesign and renovate thefairgrounds so everyone cancome back and enjoy the atmosphere. Now,like any farm, there'salways more work to be done! The onceextravagant farmhouse is incomplete disrepair, but it doesn't haveto stay that way. Keepsolving word puzzles and earning shovels soyou can redesign thefarmhouse and make it beautiful again! Continueplaying and you’llkeep discovering more of the story and additionalareas of the farmthat need your help. Every level of this excitingfree word game ismore challenging than the last so get ready forhours of fun withyour new farm animal friends. If you're everhaving trouble solvinga word puzzle, tap on the fireworks or hammerto reveal puzzleletters, or blast away an entire word withdynamite. Don't forgetthat the magic wand is also only a tap away.Visit the farm fordaily puzzles. Don't miss out on each month'sspecial event becauseyou'll never experience the same one twice!This brings a whole newchallenge to puzzle word games! If you enjoyword search games,crossword puzzles, or scrabble, you'll loveplaying Word FarmAdventure. Download and play our word game today!-- Word FarmAdventure is free to play, though some in-game itemscan also bepurchased for real money. If you don't want to use thisoption,simply turn it off in your device's Restrictions menu.Questions?Contact our Tech Support by sending an [email protected] Want to enjoy exclusive bonuses,meetother word puzzle enthusiasts, and dive deeper into the VanDerFarm story? Let’s connect!
WordCrex: The fair word game 1.4.25
WordCrex is a multiplayer word game with the unique fairgameprinciple. It’s all about skills, knowledge, language and fun.Eachturn players use the same set of seven letters to form words,sobeing lucky getting the right letters to play is not afactoranymore. Each player receives the points of the valid wordtheyplayed. Only the word of the player with the highest score oftheturn will be placed on the game board. The player with thehighestscore at the end of the game wins! Already more than100.000downloads! Features: - Fair word game principle
 Playersarechallenged to form words with the same letters. - Multiplayer.Two,three or four players can play a game of WordCrex. - Manylanguagesavailable. WordCrex can be played in many languagesincluding smalllanguages like Fries, Catalan and Esperanto.
 -Choose yourfavourite colours. Choose your favourite color for yourWordCrexgame board. - Useful statistics 
A lot of useful and funstats torate your play. - Great game summary screen 
A game summaryscreenwhere you can find all the points and words that youropponentsplayed.
Word Buddies - Fun Puzzle Game 3.4.0
Betta Games
Check out the latest word game ever! Come and join WordBuddies!WordBuddies is a free and fun crossword game. It willexerciseyour brainand expand your vocabulary. It’s definitely themostinteresting wordgame for you to kill time and relax.Features:BRAND NEW GAMEPLAY:Combined the classic word gameplaywith uniquemechanics, play thesimple word-building game you knowand love!STRATEGIC LEVELS: Useyour skills to make through tonsofwell-designed and challenginglevels and unlock new episodes!EASYTO LEARN, HARD TO MASTER: Expandyour English vocabularyandsharpen your skills to the limit! UNIQUEGOALS &OBSTACLES:Play with dozens of entertaining elementsincludingcrates,rockets, moles, bubbles and clouds! POWERFULBOOSTERS:Unlockspecial boosters to make your way to the next level!DAILYEVENTS:Take part in time-limited events to earn rewards tohelp youlevelup! TEAM UP: Receive gifts from your teammates to keeponplaying!TRACK STATS: See how your word skills are progressingwithourin-depth profile! View your scoring averages, longestwords,mostbrilliant plays, and more! PLAY EVERYWHERE: Sync yourgameeasilybetween your phone and tablet! Don't forget to askyourfriends tojoin in on this awesome word game, they will alsofindWord Buddiesvery addictive. Hope you have a great gameexperience!If you haveany questions or suggestions feel free tocontact usat:[email protected] Like us on Facebook and joinour grouptostay up-to-date on Word Buddies news, contests, pollsandotherfunstuff.
WordOn 2.9.1
The unique twist is found in having to give away one ortwolettersfor your opponents to use. Will they be able to use themandget abonus, or did you just strategically win the word game..?Lookforthe right words and connect the letters in WordOn. Usethelettersto your advantage. You can use up to seven letters inthiswordgame. So a word like 'cornbread' will be too long, but awordlike'cottage' fits perfectly. If you love to play amultiplayerwordgame with millions of other players, download WordOn-MultiplayerWord Game today! You go heads-up against otherrandomplayers orstart playing words with friends to beat them.Don't maketheassumption you are better than they are. This game islike theoldword board games found on your attic. If you weretheannualspelling champion, this game is the perfect asset for you.Doyoulove word puzzles? WordOn is a pleasantly addictive wordgametotake with you wherever you are. Enjoy in small bursts ortakeyourtime to find the best possible words in this wordgame.Dyslexic?No problem, this game helps you out and you'llstartlearning newwords as well as classic words while having fun atthesame time! •PLAY immediately after installation to see whatit'sall about •CONNECT with players of similar skill or enjoy withyourfriends •WIN coins and stars to unlock special features•TOURNAMENT matchesoffer new play modes and special prizes •SOLOCHALLENGES tosharpen your skills even further • WORD OF THEDAYoffers a freshdaily puzzle • CHAT with friends and brag aboutyourrewards •IMPROVE after seeing statistics after every game toshowyourprogress • CONTINUE your games on your phone and tabletMoreaboutWordOn:• •
CrossCraze Pro 3.46
ORT Software
CrossCraze is a fun, modern twist on the classiccrosswordgame,designed for players who prefer the challenge ofacomputeropponent. You can also play offline with a friend.Withitssuper-smart AI and huge range of gameplay anddisplayoptions,CrossCraze will take your word play to anotherlevel. ◆ 10SKILLLEVELS Frustrated by the cheating found in onlineword games,withso many players using puzzle solvers and in-apppurchases foranunfair advantage? Tired of hanging around for yourfriends tomaketheir move? CrossCraze's single player solo mode letsyouchoose acomputer opponent to match your own skill level. Itnevertakesmore than a moment to think, never abandons a game beforetheend,and never sends you inappropriate messages. How refreshing!◆2GAME MODES Choose from "Classic" mode, where new lettersmustlinkto existing words, and "Tile Stacking" mode, where newtilescanalso be dropped over old ones. ◆ 28 BOARD LAYOUTS Boardsizesrangefrom the standard 15x15 squares up to 21x21 (theselargerboardshelp reduce the first-move advantage for a fairergame). ◆ 12BOARDSTYLES Change the board's appearance to suit yourtaste. Youcaneven customize the screen colours. ◆ 9 LANGUAGES PlayinEnglish(US or International), French (Français), German(Deutsch),Spanish(Español), Italian (Italiano), Dutch (Nederlands),Danish(Dansk),Norwegian (Norsk) or Swedish(Svenska).CrossCraze'stournament-standard vocabularies cover almost5 millionwords. ViewEnglish and French dictionary definitions witha swipeof yourfinger. ◆ LOST FOR WORDS? Don't scrabble in thedark.CrossCraze'sunique hint system will find you the best word.Allowyourself asmany or as few hints per game as you like.CrossCrazecan spell outthe full word, or just show you where tolook. ◆STREAMLINEDGAMEPLAY CrossCraze is a pleasure to play. Seeyourwords validatedand scored instantly as you place letters. ◆PLAY ITYOUR WAY Wantto play names, or other words that aren'tusuallyallowed?CrossCraze's "flexible vocabulary" option lets youoverridethedefault word list. ◆ CHALLENGE YOURSELF Want morepressure?Setyourself a timer. Make your move before the clockcounts downorface the penalty! ◆ NO IMPOSSIBLE RACKS Choose fromthreetileallocation methods to suit your ability: "Random" forpotluck;"Balanced" for a more predictable draw; or "Helpful"tomaintain aneven spread of letters across your rack. ◆ SORTORSCRAMBLECrossCraze's automatic rack sorting lets you orderyourlettersalphabetically, or split them into vowelsandconsonants.Alternatively, scramble your rack with asimpledouble-tap. ◆PREPARE FOR TOTAL WORD DOMINATION CrossCraze isagreat educationaltool for all ages. Boggle your brain, masteryourspelling, expandyour vocabulary, or even practice aforeignlanguage. Plus, it's anexcellent training aid for fans ofanagrams,crossword puzzles andother classic word building boardgames. Soimpress your chums andbegin your journey from amateurchamp totournament word mastertoday.
Word Jumble Champion 21.1020.09
THE ULTIMATE WORD PUZZLE TOURNAMENT BEGINS AT LAST! Be part ofaworld-class Word Jumble Champion tournament to become a truewordmaster! Swipe or tap letters to rearrange them into realwords!Challenge different literary masters from around the world inSolomode or find others in the Champions League! Play with millionsofother real brilliant players around the world! If youlikecrossword puzzles or popular word games like Scrabble andWordCookies, you'll be addicted to Word Jumble Champion! HOW TOPLAY •Swipe or tap scrambled letter blocks to rearrange them intomakingreal words! • Login with your social accounts to challengeotherplayers in the Champions League! KEY FEATURES • SOLO modefortraining your brain alone & LEAGUE mode to play againstyourfriends & many other players across the globe! • CHALLENGEyourfriends in the Champions League & accept their invites toWINBIG in multiplayer games! • TIMED PLAY in League mode tofurthertest your skills! Time is ticking; get as many words aspossible! •SIMPLE premise & gameplay, making WORD CHAMPIONsuper easy topick up! • Carefully-coordinated LIFELINES, BOOSTERSand CLUES tofacilitate your play! • Select input modes of yourchoice: SWIPE orTAP the letters. • Excellent for enhancing &expandingVOCABULARY & SPELLING and emphasizing social gameplay!•PERFECT game for word puzzle aficionados looking for evenmorechallenges! NOTES • Enjoy Word Champion on mobile phones&tablet PCs. • Word Champion contains ads varying frombanners,interstitials, videos to house ads. • Word Champion is freetoplay, however, you may purchase in-app items, such as AD FREEandcoins. We value your feedback! Please ask away! Please email [email protected] Visit Bitmango for moreinformation Already a Word Champion's fan?Like us onFacebook PrivacyPolicy App Permissions[RequiredPermissions] - None [Optional Permissions] - Photo / Media/ File:required storage access permission to save game data[Permissionsetting and withdrawal method] - Android 6.0+: DeviceSettings>Application Management> Select App> Revoke Access- UnderAndroid 6.0: Can revoke access by deletingapplication===============================
Lexulous Word Game 5.7.09
You can start playing Lexulous word game with your friends in 5easysteps: 1. Install app. 2. Login. 3. Tap + sign (top left). 4.MatchFriends. 5. Enter numeric ID of your friend or give them yourID.Enjoy! Play with fellow word lovers across the world and setachallenge for all age groups. Learn, Practice, set your targetandbecome the ultimate champion of words. This addictive gamewillchallenge your brain and your vocabulary. Truly a game forwordwizards. More than 7 million gamers are hooked on and theLexulouscommunity is increasing by the day. Connect with peopleacross theworld and get a chance to challenge and beat ace wordplayers. Allyou need is a zeal to win and notch up your levelgradually. 😃 Thisgame has features that are hard to find anywhereelse! Play via theapp or any browser, coz Lexulous is for all theavid gamers wholove to use multiple devices. In-game dictionary tohelp you outwith instant definitions. Look up words played byyourself or theopponents and make your gaming experience moreinteresting.🧐Dictionaries supported in four languages UK English,US English,French, Italian. Score more with attractive provisionslike Bingos.Grab the chance to double or triple up your score ineach turn byplaying on the specially marked tiles.😎 Instant uploadof averagestatistics with the Global Ranking. Get a detailedpicture of yourstats such as average score, total score number ofBingo wordsplayed and many more. Irritated with any player? Anyunwanteddisturbance? Just block them off from the game boarditself. Now nounwanted correspondence. Chat with your fellow gamersand neverstop the interesting convo developing in betweennavigating wordmazes. Play with your friends from Facebook, or wewill find a player for you in the live mode.An effective wordpuzzle where you need to create words on the boardwhenever it'syour turn. It’s like a new game in each turn but eachturn needs tobe planned with a long term strategy in mind. Justplaying thehighest scoring word won’t always let you win! Utilizenew lettertiles below the board and join with the letters alreadyon theboard, horizontally or vertically, to form a whole new word.New tothe game? Play in Solitaire mode or against the computer andhavethe privilege to choose the difficulty level. The moreyoupractice, the more your skill improves and you have a betterchanceat becoming the champ of Lexulous. Tease your brain and learnmanynew words that will deepen your knowledge horizon sodramatically!🧠 Lexulous is ranked as one of the most popular gameson Facebook.Now play and be a socially active gamer and let theworld know whois the ruler of words!💪
Dice With Buddies™ Free 8.1.1
Dice with Buddies puts a new spin on oneofyour classic dice game by letting you play multiplayer boardgamesfor free with friends, family, or random opponents—share thefunwhether they're sitting next to you or thousands of milesaway!Play the exhilarating board game from the same account onanyAndroid tablet or phone!Board games are now even easier and more exciting to play withbrandnew Custom Dice, improved interface, Biggest Winner eventsandpremium tournaments! Roll the dice with all your friends in afunnew social board game experience!How to Play Dice with Buddies:Dice with Buddies is a dice game where players need to score asmanypoints as possible, by rolling five dice to makedifferentcombinations. This free dice game consists of 13 roundswith thescorecard having 13 categories. In each round, you can rollthedice up to three times and choose which scoring category is tobeused for that round. Once a category has been used in the game,itcannot be used again. To get the best dice score, a playerwouldhave to had rolled five-of-a-kind and scores 50 points; thehighestof any category. The winner is the player who scores themostpoints.This dice game has also been referred to as Poker Dice sincetherecombinations such as Full house, Three of a Kind, Four of aKind,Small Straight, Large Straight that resembles that ofPoker.If you love Yathzee, Yatzy and Farkle you would love DicewithBuddies! Play this classic dice game with your friends andfamilyprepare to have fun!===Dice With Buddies Features===Board Games with Buddies! Multiplayer Games and More:• Dice Master Showdown! Beat the Dice Masters for huge XP andbonusroll prizes!• Dice tournaments give you a new thrilling challengeeachday!Dice Game Bonuses• Play the in-game scratchers to win bonus dice rolls• Activate a bonus roll to get an extra boost right when youneeditSocial Games with Friends• Multiplayer games with random opponents• Chat room in the game - joke and heckle with youropponents!• Play with friends and family through FacebookDice Game Customization:• Personalize your experience with CUSTOM DICE!• Level up your frames by earning Achievements!Fans of card games and fun social experiences will LOVE DicewithBuddies! Addictive games with friends await in Dice withBuddies!Download today and roll the dice on your Androiddevice!
Classic Words Solo
Lulo Apps
Classic Words Solo is the number one wordgameto play against your smartphone or tablet (solitairemode).Enrich your vocabulary thanks to the built-inworddefinitions!6 difficulty levels and many languages are supported:English,Spanish, French, Italian, German, Dutch and Polish.Tired of stumbling across cheaters or waiting hours for youronlineopponent to play on Scrabble, Words with friends orWordfeud?Try out Classic Words Solo for instant fun, no matter if you areabeginner in crossword games or a Scrabble tournament player!☆ Buy Classic Words Plus for exclusive features ☆• Pass-and-Play mode for 2 players• Ad-free experience• Teacher• Preview your score before validating a moveChoose the skill level of the computer (from beginner toexpert),pick a word list (English word lists include TWL andSOWPODSofficial lexicons), and use your strategy skills andvocabulary totry and defeat the Droid.Classic Words gameplay is classical to crosswords boardgames:create and place words on the board and boost your score byplacingletters on the high scoring Double Letter, Double Word,TripleLetter and Triple Word squares.Use all 7 letters from your rack to play a Bingo and get a 50pointsbonus.This game is a great time killer for all fans of board gamesandstrategy games. It is also an educational game that will allowkids(and adults) to improve their spelling and vocabulary.Thanks to the fast reactivity and variable skill of the computerandquality word lists, Classic Words can is used by manyScrabbleenthusiasts to play quick training matches and learn newwords fromthe computer's moves.Unlike with multiplayer board games where some dishonest playersuseanagram solvers, there is no cheating possible whenplayingsolitaire... Letters and blanks are always picked randomly,and thecomputer's artificial intelligence does not have moreinformationthan you do.Only your tactics and creativity can make the difference...Will you play strategically enough to outwit the computer anditsextensive vocabulary?☆ Features ☆• 6 levels of difficulty• Display the definition of words by swiping them• Quit and resume game whenever you want• Shake to shuffle• Languages and dictionaries supported:- English- SOWPODS 2015 (Official English tournament list)- TWL 2014 (Official list)- German (with support of Umlauts, and Ezset to be replaced bytwo'S')- French (Official list used in Scrabble tournaments)- Italian- Spanish- Dutch- Polish• Distribution of letters and points is adapted tothelanguage• Supports offline play
Alphabear: Words Across Time 01.12.00
Spry Fox LLC
"Alphabear: Words Across Time" is an English word puzzle gameandisthe grand sequel to Google Play's 2016"StandoutIndie"award-winner! You spell English words by selectingletters onapuzzle grid. When you spell words out of letters thatareadjacentto each other, bears appear! The more letters you use,thebiggerthe bear gets, and the more points you earn.Spellingwordscleverly is the key to success! Collect Bears: Whenyou solvetheword puzzles, you'll earn new bears for yourpermanentcollection.These bears increase the points you earn fromspellingwords,extend your timer, modify the game board to youradvantage,andmore. Bear humor: Words you spell will appear infunnycartoonsafter each game that you play. This sequel hashundreds ofall-newtemplates, cartoon backgrounds and props.Thehilariouspossibilities are endless! Dictionary: Adynamicdictionary andother new features make this game a great waytolearn new wordsand have fun while doing it. With tens ofthousandof words in ourword lists, you're bound to stumble on a newwordnow and then. Sowhat are you waiting for? The best word puzzlegameof 2018 awaits!:-)
Wordox The Word Snatcher
Players in the best word game are waitingforyou!Create words, steal letters... it's anyone's game in this battleofwords!Awarded the best word game!More than 3 MILLION players!--------------------Win by playing cunning, short and simple words. Surpriseyouropponent by stealing their letters for your words and makeyourmoves impenetrable!Forget the cupboard of dusty and difficult board games: Wordoxisthe only word game you'll ever need!DELUXE OFFER:Enhance your gaming experience with these features!• No Ads: Play ad-freeFEATURES:• A colorful word game, both strategic and fun, that allows youtosteal letters from your opponents• Play in turns and at your own pace against your friends orplayersfrom around the world• Challenge random players or play with your friends (viaFacebook,their user ID or by playing face to face with them on yourmobiledevice)• Use Jokers to avoid losing your turn* Talk to your opponent using the in-game chat!• Stats: Access your statistics to easily track your progress inthegame• Scores: Compare your performance with all your friends• 6 dictionaries (English, French, Spanish, German, ItalianandBrazilian Portuguese)
Ruzzle Free
- Top 10 word game in 145 countries- Over 70 million players- So addictive, it has been played for a total of 100000years- Now with Team Play!Ruzzle is a fast-paced and addictively fun word game. Challengeyourfriends or random players to find as many words as possible intwominutes.Swipe over the scrambled letters to form the words and usebonustiles to collect more points than your opponent. The game isplayedin three rounds, each played whenever suits you.Have two minutes to spare? Challenge yourself and your friendsinRuzzle!Ruzzle can be played in 14 languages.--Ruzzle has been lovingly created by MAG Interactive, where wetakefun seriously.Join a global audience of more than 100 million players andcheckout some of our other chart-topping hit games likeWordBrain,Wordalot, or WordBrain 2!We really value your feedback, goto and say what's onyourmind!More about MAG Interactive at www.maginteractive.comGood Times!
GrabbyWord 2.15
GrabbyWord is an exciting fresh twist on the typicalwordgame.Challenge your friends, play against a random opponent, ortrytobeat Grabby. Create words on the game board to score points,butbecareful because your opponent can steal your letters byusingthemin new words. Steal their letters back to boostyourscore.++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++GrabbyWordFeatures++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++-*NEW*Events/Tournaments - *NEW* Speed Matches - *NEW* Power Ups-*NEW*Updated Leaderboards & Stats - *NEW* DailyRewardChallenges -*NEW* Bonus Goals - *NEW* Event Badges - *NEW*CustomGame Tiles -TileView - see which tiles are still left to beplayed-Achievements - try to get all 50+ achievements andcompeteagainstyour friends - Leader board - see who's gotten thebestwords ofthe day and who has the best scores against Grabby-Detailedstatistics show how you are doing against your friendsandgloballywith weekly and all time rankings - Challenging wordgame -Createwords - Use your opponents letters to steal theirpoints -Bonusspaces increase point values - Play friends - Playrandomopponents- GrabbyChallenge mode. Play against the computerwith 3differentdifficulty levels - Pass and play supported - Chatwithyourfriends during the game - Customize your tile color-Dark/Lightbackground setting - Create a playzot account toplayyour games onmultiple devices - Unlimited game play. No need tousegamecurrency to play and no timers on playing your turns.
Word Battle 10.5.61
SIA Fufla
Word Battle is an exciting and addictive, real-time,multiplayerword game. You can choose your opponents either fromfriend andfamily cycle or wide Facebook user audience. Gameplay:each user isgiven the same 9 random letters where each letter hassome valueassigned. In 40 seconds, you need to come up with a word,whichgives you as many points as possible. It is up to you whatstrategyyou choose to win a battle. The one with the highest wordscorewins. Word building is really fun! Moreover, the ability tocompeteand chat with others makes it even more gripping. WordBattle is agreat game to practice spelling skills. Word BattleFacebook Page:
Spite & Malice 1.2.5
Now with online multiplayer! Connect and play with friendsandfamilyor simply choose a random opponent. Play North SkyGames’brand newSpite & Malice game, also known as Skip-Bo andCatand Mouse.Play all the cards from your payoff piles beforeyouropponent andwin the match! With a host of unique gamevariants,including Kingsand Misery, and 4 challenging levels ofdifficulty,Spite &Malice offers an unparalleled game playexperience!Customize yourgame to your liking with one of our 8unique themes,including thenew Night theme, and come back everyday for a newchance to earnadditional coins and unlock the latesttheme bycompleting the dailychallenges! Also includesFacebookintegration! Personalize yourgame, earn experience witheverygame, never lose your statistics!Your statistics are storedin thecloud and shared between all yourdevices. Features: •Realisticgameplay and graphics • Intuitivesingle player gameplay •4difficulty options • 5 game modes:Regular, 3-Player, Misery,Kingsand Speed Malice! • ExtensiveStatistics for each game mode!•Facebook integration - personalizeyour game and saveyourprogress. • 8 unique themes to customize yourgame playexperience!• Daily Challenges! Come back every day foranadditional chance toearn coins!
Word Crossy - A crossword game 2.5.3
Betta Games
Word Crossy’s Second Anniversary is Coming! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY andaheartfelt thanks to all our players! We are simply amazed bytheincredible outpouring of support we have received over the lasttwoyears. To celebrate the Second anniversary, Word Crossy isbringingAdditional levels, missions, rewards, and excitement!-Golden Piggymode: Collect as much Golden piggy as possible andbecome a WordMaster! -Limited time event: Complete the set tasks toobtain hugeamount of rewards. Only at the Second anniversary event!-SuperTournaments: Compete against other players every weekend.Higherthe rank greater the rewards! -5700+ Levels: An endless arrayoflevels that are suitable for all players. Train your BrainandSharpen your Mind! Word Crossy is a relaxing Word game whereyouconnect letters together to form words on a crossword-styleboard.Learn while you play! With over 4,600 levels and thousands ofwordsranging from simple to complex, Word Crossy will help youbecome atrue Word Master. Daily Challenges and Super Tournamentsallow youtest yourself against even greater challenges whileearningfantastic rewards! No Time Limits, No Pressure. Gameplayoccurs ata leisurely pace - without any time limits or pressure -making ita great way to comfortably pass time. Spell out wordsamidstbeautiful backgrounds and tranquil tunes to bring serenity toyourspare time. An enjoyable blend of Word Find andCrossword-stylegames Innovative gameplay modes, appealing visuals,a variety ofgameplay features, 5700+ challenging levels, and muchmore.Features: 1080p HD Visuals: High resolutions graphics provideanexquisite visual experience Built-in Dictionary: Learn newwordsand expand your vocabulary while you play! DailyChallenge:Complete levels to earn Stars which can then be exchangedfor MindStones. Butterfly Mode: Catch butterflies and become a WordMaster!New Visual Design: Constantly optimized UI and gameplayprovideusers with a better gameplay experience. Don’t miss out onthe gamethat’s already been downloaded by over 18 million players!Note:Word Crossy is free to play, but you can also make in-apppurchasesto help you enjoy the game even more.
Chess With Friends Free 1.89
Take no prisoners and protect your King at all costs! Broughttoyouby the makers of Words with Friends, Chess with Friends Freeisthebest way to play the classic Chess board game onAndroid.Connectwith friends and challenge them to one of theoldest, mostpopularstrategy games in the world. Play multiple gamesat thesame time,track your moves and improve your stats. DownloadChesswith FriendsFree and start playing the most social chessgametoday! Features: ★CONNECT with Facebook to play familyandfriends, or find andchallenge a random opponent ★ TRACKyourrecord, skill rating, andhead-to-head stats to improve yourgameplay
 ★ SIZE UP youropponent by viewing their matches and statsontheir profile ★PRACTICE MODE - Choose your skill level, trainyourbrain, and learnnew tactics by challenging Chesster theChesscoach. Play him onlineor offline to sharpen your skills ★RELIVEthe glory by replayingmoves on the board in existing andpastgames ★ ENCOURAGE, boast ortaunt your opponent with in-gamechat ★PLAY multiple chess games atonce across Android and iOSPlayerReviews: ★“Great app for playingwith friends or anybody elsethatloves the game” ★“I love thisgame!!! It’s as simple as that.Amust have for the chess player inall of us” ★“Great gamethatchallenges your mind, and helps youlearn new skills whileplayingwith friends” ★“My favourite app. Thefirst app I checkeachmorning. The only game I play every day. I’vegot a dozenopponentsacross the globe. My favourite appbyfar.__________________________________ Already a fan of thegame?★Join the community on Facebook to discuss the game,givefeedbackand find more friendstoplay ★ Follow usonTwitter for all of the latestnews★Follow us on Instagram challenges andinspiringquotes__________________________________ ADDITIONALDISCLOSURES ●Use ofthis application is governed by the Zynga Termsof Service.TheseTerms are availableat ●Forspecificinformation about how Zynga collects and uses personalorotherdata, please read our privacypolicyat Zynga’s Privacy Policyisalsoavailable through the Privacy Policy field in theDevelopersectionbelow. ● The game is free to play, however in-apppurchasesareavailable for additional content and premiumcurrency.In-apppurchases range from $0.99 to $99.99. ● This gamedoes permitauser to connect to social networks, such as Facebook,and assuchplayers may come into contact with other people whenplayingthisgame. ● Terms of Service for Social Networks you connectto inthisgame may also apply to you. ● You will be given theopportunitytoparticipate in special offers, events, and programsfrom ZyngaInc.and its partners. ● Must be 13+ to play. ● Use ofthisapplicationrequires a Facebook or Zynga With Friends account
Aworded Crack 4.0.4
APP STORE'S BEST GAME OF 2012APP STORE'S BEST NEW GAME OF 2012APP STORE'S IPHONE APP OF THE WEEKChosen Apple Store's Best Game of 2012, Aworded is an addictivewordgame that has already exceeded 20 million downloads. Challengeyourfriends and enjoy yourself by making words!You can play whenever you want and against whomever you want: Itisan asynchronous, cross-platform, multi-player game. You canplayagainst your friends or against random opponents. And thereareunlimited simultaneous games!Combine the letters in your rack with the ones in the board, andusethe bonus squares to get more points. You can double and eventriplethe value of the letters you use or the words you make!Besides, ifyou manage to use all the letters on the rack in onesame move,Aworded will reward you with 40 extra points.Aworded has an intuitive and sophisticated interface, andhasanimations so you can revive your best moves.You can play in 16 different languages: Spanish, AmericanEnglish,Catalan, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, Russian,Galician,Basque, Brazilian Portuguese, British English, Norwegian,Swedish,Dutch and DanishIf you like Aworded, check out Word Crack and Trivia Crack!For more information on Aworded, visit ourwebsite:http://www.aworded.comLike us on Facebook: us on Twitter: @Aworded
Words AI Friends offline games 0.7.8
Words Games vs AI (Free offline games) is a words withfriendsoffline game. No internet required. But if you want, you canplayonline. - Play offline vs computer, 4 difficulty levels. -Playwords with friends and family members. Stats for everyplayerstores. - Use word finder with words description in game,worksonly online. - New daily tasks, solve daily puzzles betterthaneveryone else, and be first in rank. - Play solo withfriendsoffline, online, on same device or bluetooth / internet -Game fortwo, one device split screen. - Online stats in rankedgames -Online Acheivements: play strong and your results willseeeveryone. - Light fast and not overloaded UI - 4 DictonariesInWords With AI Offline Games you can play classic words rulesorEgghead , Erudit (Extended version of classic game rules whereyoucan put any amount of words in one turn.) Words Offline WithAI:Four dictionaries (OSPD5,SOWPODS, TWL6, Common Nouns )-Differentcustomizable rules. -Set time limit (for offline games)-Set scorelimit (for offline games) -Advanced rules version of thisgame:Erudit (or Egghead). (online or offline games) -Elo (Chess)ratingsystem for online games (only online) -Acheivements Play gamesolo(offline), with friends (split screen) bluetooth orinternet(online) 4 level of offline game difficulty , in easy levelAIselect most used words. In hard - it can use whole fulldictionaryand predict player moves..
Kryss - The Battle of Words 6.24
😍Kryss is the new, highly addictive game that lets two playerstesteach other's imagination and vocabulary!😍 The turn-based gameisdeveloped from the idea of transforming the traditionalcrosswordsolution - old school Scandinavian style - into a gamewhere youcompete against each other in the same crossword puzzle.Youreceive five letters each turn, then strive to place the lettersinthe crossword within a minute. There are several waysofout-scoring your opponent, including significant bonusesforcompleting words, for getting key letters right or for usingallyour five letters within a round. Then again: it might just payoffto keep one of the crucial letters for later use – when thestakesare higher. Kryss has the element of randomly awarded lettersincommon with other classic word games. But Kryss is faster, anditoffers a logic and gaming experience which makes it feel likenoother pastime you ever engaged in. It is pure yoga for thebrain,meditation for the mind, and vocabulary training in a game,all thewhile being so easily accessible that it is loads of fun forbothyoung and old. And with the chat function you can keep intouchwith your favorite aunt at the same time as teasing yourbestfriend for being the slowest player in the known Universe.Bysending challenges to your friends via social media, email ortextmessages you will get both more people to compete with andin-gamebonuses that lets you enjoy Kryss even more!
Upwords 2.062
The classic game UPWORDS is now available for Android fromindiedevelopers Lonely Star Software. UPWORDS adds anotherdimension tocrossword board games. Build words by playing lettersacross, downand stacked atop existing letters. This unique3-dimensional gameplay allows you to change existing words into newwords. Scorepoints for each letter tile in your word and everyletter tileunder your word. The higher you the stack, the higheryou score.Build words, stack letters, score high and have fun! Ifyou loveword games, give UPWORDS a try. Features: -Onlinemultiplayer withfriends or random opponents -Play against theComputer Opponentwith 4 skill levels -Pass and Play -In-game chat-Pushnotifications Extra Features (with In-App Purchase) -Ad Freewithpremium upgrade -Online Stats and leaderboard with premiumupgrade-Word Glow - An extra feature to greatly speed up yourgameplay. Asyou place tiles valid words glow green and invalidwords glow red!
Coin Blossom 1.1.22
Treenod Inc.
Welcome to the world of Survival W.I.N! You can be the next"COINRICH"! Join the Survival W.I.N contest by the "QueenRich"Committee. Collect Coins and build buildings for a chance towin! ★Spin the flower stand and get Coins! Spin the slots on thepuzzleboard to get Coins! Flowers are hiding various blocks suchasAttack and Raid blocks. ★ Attack and raid your competitors! -Usethe Attack Card to attack your competitors and get lots ofCoins. -Throw bombs at your competitors' buildings to attack them.- Go onraids to steal Coins from competing "COIN RICH"s. - Play theCoinJackpot Roulette in Raid mode. ★ Play with cute pets! -Finally,you can play the game with cute pets! - Your pet will runaroundthe spinning puzzle board, making your game all the more fun!-More content will be unlocked, depending on your Town Level. ★Havefun decorating your Towns! - Build different-themed Towns.-Decorate your mission areas, including the beautiful FlowerShopsand Towns. ※ This game requires an internet connection. ※ Thegameis free to play, and offers some purchasable items that canhelpyou play more easily. ▶ Got suggestions or inquiries? Feel freetocontact us at the following address. [email protected] ▶CoinBlossom takes your privacy veryseriously.
Scrabble® GO - New Word Game 1.38.1
Welcome to Scrabble GO, the free new and updated version oftheclassic word game! ⭐Your winning word awaits!⭐ ClassicScrabbleGame with New Word Game Features Official Scrabble board ➤Customword tiles ➤ Scrabble dictionary ➤ Authentic crosswordgameexperience Play with Friends and Family Easily find newScrabblefriends ➤ Challenge your friends ➤ Use our fun andeasy-to-use chatemojis & phrases to chat with friends &family New WordGames - Move beyond the traditional scrabble boardwith 4fast-paced competitive game modes! 1. Duels -Fast-Paced,head-to-head Scrabble game! Play 5 turns against playersof similarskill. Watch out for the timer and unlock Scrabble prizechests. 2.Word Drop - New word search game. Used word tiles arereplaced withnew custom tiles, opening new crossword gamepossibilities! 3.Tumbler - Like anagrams? Find as many high-scoringwords from arotating set of letters in a limited amount of time. 4.Rush -Challenge yourself in this Solo Scrabble mode, set uphigh-scoringplays on a smaller 11x11 scrabble board. ⭐Play theupdated versionof the classic word game as a free to play mobilegame⭐ CollectPlayable Word Tiles Play Scrabble GO and personalizethe classicscrabble experience with custom word tiles! Unlockchests todiscover and collect a variety of new tiles! Newandlimited-edition tiles are added often, so be sure to collectthemall! Scrabble Game Features ➤Scrabble Leagues - Play againstotherScrabble friends to achieve top league rankings to get more XPandchests as well as an exclusive League Frame to show offyourprogress. ➤Practice Mode - Play Scrabble 1-on-1 againstthecomputer. Designed to match your skill level, it’s a great waytotest out new strategies and tactics. ➤Boosts - Powerful wordgameboosts like Hint, Upgrade, Word Spy, and Vortex help takeyourgameplay to the next level. ➤Track Stats - View yourscoringaverages, longest words, best plays, and more! See how yourwordpuzzle Scrabble skills are progressing with our in-depthprofilepage or visit another player’s profile. ➤Level up &Unlock more- Unlock new collectible Scrabble tiles and otherfeatures byscoring points in Scrabble games and Duels, or byranking high onthe Arena leaderboards! Privacy Policy: of Service: Like Scrabble GO onFacebook! By installing thisgame, youagree to the terms of the license agreements. SCRABBLE,theassociated logo, the design of the associated SCRABBLE brandgameboard, and the distinctive letter tile designs are trademarksofHasbro in the US and Canada and are used with permission. ©2019Hasbro
Dice with Ellen 8.6.6
Dice with Ellen is ALL NEW! Roll the dice to compete withfriendsand fans of The Ellen DeGeneres Show! Play head to headagainstEllen fans from around the world - it’s all the fun,excitement andcraziness of your favorite TV personality, in afast-paced, easy toplay dice game! Check out the brand new solo andmulti-player gamemodes to put your skills to the test! Win evenmore rewardsincluding amazing new Ellen themed dice! ===Dice withEllenFeatures=== All new ways to play! • Head to head games withfriendsand Ellen fans that you can start and continue at any time•Challenge the dice masters in dozens of new levels with brandnewboosts and obstacles like ice blocks, flying multipliers andmore •Tournaments like Solitaire, Bingo and Stars give you newchallengesand awesome bonuses 6 times each and every day Great newrewards! •Hundreds of seasonal and Ellen themed dice • Specialportraitframes to dress up your profile • Tons of custom gameboards Socialgames with friends! • Chat, challenge and favoriteyour friendswith the new social buddies system • Play with Ellenfans aroundthe world [© 2019 Ellen Digital Ventures | Inpartnership withWarner Bros. Entertainment] PrivacyPolicy: Additional Information, Rights,andChoices Available to CaliforniaPlayers:
Royaldice 1.180.31149
Royaldice is the dice game that redefines and puts a modern twistona classic board game! Enjoy smooth gameplay, stunning graphics,easynavigation, and an amazing player experience in this classicgame.The perfect dice game for families, couples, and friends.Roll thedice and let’s play RoyalDice together! Download Royaldicefor freeand play a new version of original Yatzee with yourbuddies anywhereand anytime. Challenge you friends or other dicegame players fromall over the world for endless hours of fun!RoyalDice is theperfect free-to-play game for lovers of boardgames, Yatzee,Scrabble, Phase 10, Farkle, and Rummy! Not only willyou enjoyendless hours of fun but the multiplayer game experiencemeans youcan make friends from all over the world! Royaldice iseasy andexciting to play! Throw 6-sided dice, make good dicecombinations,and outscore your opponents! Play with the officialdice rules andcombinations: Full House, Small Straight, LargeStraight, Three,Four, and Five of a kind! Get all 5 dice to be thesame and you havea ROYALDICE! RoyalDice, multiplayer social gameby GamePointincludes: Fun, strategy, and a bit of luck 🍀 • InRoyalDice, youhave a total of 5 dice to roll each turn in order tofill in a scorecard. Your goal is to mark your dice rolls on yourscore card withthe highest score combinations. The player with thehighest score isthe winner. Multiple active simultaneous games.Try multiple fungame modes! 🎮 • Normal: Challenge up to 3 friendsor randomopponents • Triple: Play with a bigger scorecard (threecolumns)!Perfect for strategic players • PartyMode 🎉: Compete withdozens ofopponents at the same time for big rewards Collect andPersonalizeCups and Dice 🎲 • When you keep playing with a Cup, youcan level itup and upgrade it, meaning it's appearance willimprove. UpgradedCups look awesome and make you stand out from thecrowd! • Choosethe custom dice that fits you best and get lucky!Receive mysterioustreasure chests to earn special rewards! 💎 •Winning a round ofRoyalDice is pretty exciting and fun, but it'seven sweeter becausenow you'll get a mysterious treasure chest aswell! • There'sdifferent kind of chests to earn, each with theirown specificunlocking times and amount of special rewards andbonuses. Queue andunlock them to see the treasures they hold. Playgames with yourbest buddies 👫 • Chat with players from all overthe world! Join acommunity who shares the same passion for dicegames as you! Battleagainst each other and see who wins! AllGamePoint advantages ✔ •Huge Royal Jackpots and Free Coin bonusgifts 💰 • Social features,Chat, Smileys 😀 • Large and friendlycommunity 🌍 Compete inTournaments 🏆 • Play against other playersin the all newtournaments format! Roll your way through all youropponents and getto the top of the rankings for even biggerrewards! • Choose fromtwo available modes! Time Match and QuickMatch! In Time match raceagainst the clock and score all yourpoints as quickly as possible!In Quick Match play with the classicRoyaldice rules. Missions &Clubs in RoyalDice 🛡 • Join orcreate a Club and claim fantasticrewards for completing missionstogether! • If you join a Club inRoyal Dice, you will have anextra chat channel exclusively formembers of your Club! • Playtogether, win together! This socialgame is intended for adults.This game does not offer "real moneygambling" or an opportunity towin real money or prizes. Practice orsuccess at social casinogaming does not imply future success at"real money gambling." Lovegames like backgammon dice or farkleonline? You'll find theperfect free game in Royal Dice!
Word Crack Mix 2 3.7.3
Love crosswords and word puzzles? All a-board! Enjoythenewlydesigned Word Crack Mix 2! This quick-paced and fun wordgameinwhich you can challenge opponents from all around theworldhasbeen smartly renewed. Dive into this multiplatformvocabularygame. You can play against your friends oragainst randomusers ofany platform. Plus, there is no limit ofongoing games! Upfor anew kind of challenge? With the new singleplayer mode, youwill beable to shake your brain and get your wordsearching rhythmgoing.Join our characters and help them as you winmedals whilegainingpractice. Stay sharp as you put your skills tothe test!Form asmany words as you can by connecting the letters onthe boardin anyway, not strictly linearly. Each game consists of 3rounds of2minutes each, so your brain has to be really fast! Theplayerwhogets more points by the end of the game, will be thewinner.Expandyour vocabulary and show off your spelling skills inthis funfreeword game. Our 5 charismatic characters will guide youthroughthepath of victory. What are you waiting for? We guaranteeyouwillenjoy it from A to Z! Don’t be a stranger! If you’rehavingtroublewith the app or have any doubts, please contactusat:[email protected]