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Empire: Age of Knights - Fantasy MMO Strategy Game
Become lord in a Fantasy MMO Strategy game. Build your army,battle,and conquer
DomiNations 9.910.912
Grow a flourishing civilization andjourneythrough all of human history as the leader of amightyNation!BUILD a unique village of your own design. LEAD loyal citizensfromthe dawn of antiquity to the modern era. BATTLE cooperativelyandcompetitively with players from across the world. RAIDcompetingNations for all their good loot!GREAT LEADERS!At the new University, consult Leonardo Da Vinci, CatherinetheGreat, King Sejong and other historic thought leaders tostrengthenyour Nation!BRAND NEW EVENTS!Accomplish fun limited-time goals based on actual eventsfromhistory and collect rare rewards to help your Nationadvance!FROM THE STONE AGE TO THE SPACE AGEIn DomiNations, lead a village of early hunters and gatherersontheir conquest through the ages from the dawn of civilizationtothe modern era. It’s up to you to design a small town and growitinto a thriving metropolis. Build historic Wonders of theWorld,including famous landmarks like the Pyramids of Egypt and theRomanColosseum. Tackle historic battle campaigns to collectimportantresources and upgrade your city as you advancethroughhistory!CHOOSE YOUR NATION AND LEAD AN ARMYTake charge of one of 8 fearsome Nations on its journeythroughtime. Choose from the Romans, British, Chinese, French,Germans,Japanese, Koreans and Greeks. Each Nation has a specialstrengthempowering you to build unique units who fight to advanceyourcity, like longbowmen, vandals, and the mighty samurai!DISCOVER NEW TECHNOLOGIESResearch new materials, invent advanced weaponry, and developtradeto grow a bustling economy. Through scientificdiscovery,strengthen your troops with better equipment, upgradeyourbuildings and town center with modern materials, and bolsteryourdefenses as you grow stronger. Legendary game designerBrianReynolds brings history to life in every era as keyadvancementsfrom each period in history will help you progress yourepiccivilization!FORM AN ALLIANCE AND WAGE WORLD WARPut your powerful Nation to the ultimate test in PvP combat andraidyour enemies’ cities for huge bunches of loot! Fight forcrucialresources, untold wealth, and total domination. Team upwith otherskilled rulers and forge an unstoppable Alliance.Unleash the fullforce of your armies to outwit and outlast youropponents in50-on-50 Alliance warfare to conquer the globe inWorld War. Triumphand take home the spoils of war!Privacy Policy: of Service:
L.O.S.T 1.28.7
A new survival adventure is waiting for you! Battling thedarknessof human nature. ----------------------------- GameFeatures:*MULTIPLAYER: To Survive on a deserted island you mustmake friendsto battle enemies to collect the limited amount ofresources on theisland. Meet friends from around the global*CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT:Upgrade you character to stay alive longerto endure the fullestexcitement of what mother nature has to offer*UNIQUE ISLANDS: PVEof this game is unlike anything else, theisland consist pfbeaches, rainforests, swamps, volcanoes and otherenvironments suchas expedition ship from the 1980s, the secretresearch institutesof the ages, the ancient underground ruins, theabandoned temples.*BE A CRAFTER AND BUILDER: Collect and Build yourway through thegame, everything you need can be crafted, craft yourown makeweapons and tools, to further build houses and vehicles*PvP ANDPvE ISLANDS: The choice is yours — to fight other playersor towork together! *HAVE EXCITING ADVENTURES: The game is createdtoprovide player with the Ultimate experience of being stranded onadeserted island, the PVE and PVP experience is somethingyou’venever experience in any game. Can you survive and find yourway offthe island? -------------- Follow us on social media:Facebook: NOTE! This game is free-to-play with in-apppurchases toexpand your gaming experience. If you don't wish touse thisfeature, please disable in-app purchases in your devicesettings.Under our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, you mustbe at least13 years of age to play or download this game.
Empire: Four Kingdoms | Medieval Strategy MMO
Empires in a medieval civilization will witness rise offourkingdomswith clans clashing in this MMORPG💢. Empires areforged byallies& cunning kings in the stone age where kingsbuildempires🏘 &fortresses with townsmen. Empire Four Kingdomsis anMMO experiencingrise of four civilizations🌇 & empireswherecastles are built& kings clash for victory , anexperience inthe ages of medievalempires. This empire game is alegend thatwill give glory &victory to the true war lord whowill rulefrom the iron designedthrone, the bling kingdom, withhonor. BuildEmpires & StrikeWars in Kingdoms - True War Game🏰Build anEmpire with strategictrading of stone age resources inthemedieval era 🏯Team fortress& castles to defend your kingdominwars from dragons🐉 &ruling kings ✌Alliances with kings&other multiplayers to helpyou conquer rival clans &gainterritory on an interactive worldmap ♞Train your knights forthereign of fire as the king of kings asa war of dragons iseminentStrike kingdoms with archers & shootarrows🏹 to themobileescaping lords Enemies advancing towards yourpalace? Chatwithfriend or foe empire kingdoms or join the MMOcommunity&active forum for advice to make your kingdom ofempires themostpowerful of all 👷Build over 60 differentconstructions &traderesources to gain wealth in gold 🜚&silver🜛 forswords,shields⛨, wood & fire🔥 Witness an Age ofRising EmpiresandCivilizations United we stand, Divided we fall -Buildalliances& conquer rival kings in MMO battle. Defendyourcastle fromenemies & fight a medieval war with epicPvPstrategy. Conquerkings & defend your kingdom in this epicPvPstrategy game. Doyou have what it takes to rule an empire,fightenemies, defendyour castle & build a growing army todominatethe FourKingdoms? With this epic MMO game, you can employcunningstrategyto defend your kingdom, wisely choose your alliancestofight withyou in battle & create a resourceful army.ForgeEmpires withAlliances Join millions of players inthisaward-winningmultiplayer strategy & medieval war game -Empire:FourKingdoms. With powerful rulers, fierce battles&strategicmasterminds, your best PvP battle skills will come tothefore.Battle War Ground Strategy Game With the imperialistrulersrulingthe townsmen in despair & capable of striking a warofdragons,you must protect the earth empire from various clansofkingdoms inthe medieval stone age. The throne is forgedbydeceiving warriorsfrom massive royale clans. Are you readytoattack these empiresand claim victory? Empire Building GameswithWar Lords Socialempires are not won by just attacking. Thereisstrategy &planning involved, resources are collected&empires are builtin villages by constructing buildings,miningstone, smeltingweapons, building town halls, trainingsoldiers,knights &archers. The earth empire must be able todefenditself from thecunning war lords. Rise of Castles in KingdomswithFortress Fightclan wars & clan battles to achieve victoryoverforts &knights. Possessing state buildings of severalempiresto becomethe king of all kingdoms is the mission for thisstrategywar game.* Grow from a novice to a knight with decorativewar items* Questswith objectives for different levels ofexperience, becomea fiercewarrior * Different wars zones frommultiple countries, goonnational wars by making alliances * Collecttaxes fromthevillagers & enrich the royal wealth of theempireFacebook:, TermsConditions andImprint: *This app iscompletelyfree to play, requires an internetconnection and offersoptionalin-app purchases.
Clash of Empire: Empire Age
vip666, vip777, vip888 Enter These Code, Receive Great Rewards!
Guns of Glory: The Iron Mask
Epic global strategy. Discover the mystery of the Iron Maskandfight for glory!
Top War: Battle Game
Topwar Studio
Merge to upgrade! An innovative strategy war game! Join us inthisTop War
Exile: Survival Games Online
Pride Games
Open world apocalypse survival simulator. Survive like today isyourlast day!
War Eternal-Divine Battlefield 1.0.115
Civilization - Empire of the Dragon Available Now
War and Order
Build a fantasy empire. Orcs,elves,amazing graphics. Battleplayersworldwide.
Kingdoms Glory
A Real-Time strategy war game based on the era and civilization
Doomsday Survival 1.250.160
Tons of Rewards, Limited Packages, Don't wait, ACT!They’reHere…..Your Mission, Survive The war ravages The virus hasspreadon aglobal scale, and most of the humans are now zombies.Inthisdiretime, we have to ensure our survival! “Commander, buildyourbase,and protect the people from zombies!” Keep thehumanity’sflamelit! Game content Build your city: To survive, youhave tobuildyour base You start small, but you will grow fast, youhave tobestrong, so you can protect more people! Properlyplanyourstructures, the space is precious. Find or Start analliance:thepeople are scattered across the world, find yourfriends, buildanalliance, and defend yourselves from your enemies -SelectClass:You can choose from one of three classes to prosper inyourownway! -Combat: Train different units, and fight foryourempire!Features [Doomsday Survival] is a MassiveMulti-Player,Zombiethemed strategy war game. The player will takeon the role ofaleader of a small Shelter where survivors have tosurvive aworlddevastated by an apocalyptic zombie outbreak. Buildyour baseanddevelop your own empire. Train your troops andrecruitlegendaryheroes. Defend your Base and attack your Enemies.Joinyour alliesin a never-ending war for glory and fame. To surviveorto turninto one of the walking dead, the choice is yours!UniqueFeatures-World Wide War Battle enemies across the globe, leadyourEmpireto greatness and fight until the last man'sstanding.-RealisticGraphics Everything from the units to the mapsto theheroes seemsvery realistic and creates a complete postapocalypseexperience.-Build Your Wasteland Empire Absolutely FreeCityBuilding,facilities upgrading, R&D, warrior andsurvivortraining andpowerful hero recruitment just for the sake ofliving anew day toconquer the new world! -Hero System Whether youlike toattack yourenemies from distance, defend at close quarters,orenjoydeveloping your base or farming, there are TONS of heroesthatcanhelp you with all that! -Strategic Gameplay One set ofunitsjustsimply cannot conquer, Warriors, Shooters and Vehicles,youhave toknow your enemy and yourself to walk this World War Zkindofwasteland -Alliance Warfare Whether it's goingagainstdifferentservers, or fighting for the title of the presidentathome, youralliance will always be backing you up, as long asyoufind theright people of course.
Frontier Justice - Return to the Wild West
Duel Outlaws, Claim Bounties, and Become a Living Legend in theWildWest!
Gods and Glory: War for the Throne
Fantasy MMO strategy game! Prepare for glory!
Vikings: War of Clans
Plarium LLC
Welcome to the ruthless world of Vikings,wherefreedom, power, fear and violence reign supreme. You mustlead bravewarriors into battle, conquer the world and prove yourmight againstplayers from all over the world.Build a magnificent palace, take part in strategic campaigns,growyour valiant army and boost your coffers by plundering loot.Usherin a new era of decisive conquests, fierce battles andheroicdeeds!Do you have what it takes to be a wise and courageous Jarl?The superb graphics, compelling story and dynamic battles willhaveyou hooked from the moment you start playing.NOTE: Vikings: War of Clans™ is completely free to playwithoptional in-app purchases to make your gaming experience evenmoreexciting. If you do not wish to use this option, you can setapassword in Google Play Store app menu to prevent anyunwantedpurchases. Be aware that you must be at least 13 years oldtodownload and play Vikings: War of Clans™.FEATURES:✔ FREE TO PLAY✔ Stunning graphics✔ Multiple language options✔ Wide range of warriors to choose from: mercenaries,horsemen,furies, archeresses, and many more✔ Fierce and thrilling battles with players from all overtheworld✔ Handsome rewards for completing a variety of questsandtasks✔ Weapons and gear crafting✔ Become a leader or member of a mighty clanNOTE: Vikings: War of Clans™ is a mobile game that is independentofany social network or web server. We would appreciate it ifyouwould send us your feedback and suggestions to help us improvethegame and make it even more fun!Support: of Use:
Survival Ark
Joynow Studio
The virus consumed the Plague Island! Survivor need survive!
Gladiator Heroes: Battle Games
Prepare your Gladiator guild for War! Strategy Clan Battles&Empire Building
Rise of the Kings
Lead legions of elves and men in epic battles! Crush enemies!Seizethe throne!
Empire War: Age of hero
FT Games
My lord, it’s time to fight for glory!
Civilization War (ROE)
Clegames Inc.
Build an empire and battle for world domination in this warMMOstrategy game!
Rise of Empires: Ice and Fire
One World, One Server Real Time Nation vs. Nation medievalstrategywar game. Join now! Train your troops and go to war! RiseofEmpires is a Massive Multi-Player, Real-Time strategy war game.Theplayer will take on the role of a leader in a small towndevastatedby the invasion of the Eastern Dynasty and themysteriousappearance of the legendary Death Harbingers who now hascorruptedand have full control of the ancient powers of thedragons. Buildyour empire once again from the ruins, train yourtroops, tamedragons, recruit legendary heroes and join your alliesin thenon-ending war. To befriend or to plunder, the choice isyours!Unique Features -World Wide War Real-time combat againstplayersacross the world, lead your country to greatness-StrategicGameplay One set of units just simply cannot dominate,Footmen,Cavalries and Archers, You have to know your enemy andyourself towalk the battlefield of this world. -Powerful DragonsPowerfuldragons each with different unique shouts are at yourdisposal,crush your enemies with their help! -Hero System Whetheryou liketo engage your enemies at a distance, take them on atclosequarters, or you enjoy developing your base at home, there areTONSof heroes that can help you with just that! -AllianceWarfareWhether it’s going against different servers, or fightingfor thetitle of the president at home, your alliance will alwaysbebacking you up, as long as you find the right people ofcourse.-Realistic Graphics The Map, The World, Your City, TheUnits, TheHeroes, Everything just seems, REAL -Build Your EmpireAbsoluteFreedom in City Building, upgrade your facilities, researchyourtechnologies, train your troops and recruit powerful heroestostrengthen your empire! FacebookPage: NOTE: Rise ofEmpires isfree to download and free to play, but does offer in-apppurchasesof items and other gifts. In-app purchases can be disabledthroughyour device’s settings.
West Game
The Old West theme SLG game.
Age of Myth Genesis
Mint Y Games
Prepare for a mythical battle with players from all world onthesame server!
Last Hope TD - Tower Defense
A unique TD RPG game with customizable heroes wieldingpowerfulskills and gear!
Stormfall: Saga of Survival
Hunt. Craft. Survive. Start your quest in a world of swordsandsorcery.
Last Shelter: Survival
The Zombies are coming, the last shelter is almost inruins,rebuildand survive!
King's Empire
An epic strategy war game! Build armies, fight for glory andconquerthe world!
Gods of Olympus
Command the gods of Olympus as they battle through ancient Greece.
Total Battle: War Strategy
Build your military base and battle with other players online inatactical war!
Forge of Empires: Build a City
Play strategy city simulation & build an empire through theagesof civilization
War of Empire Conquest:3v3 Arena Game
Xu Min 0124
WOE is a RTS mobile game. This game is a real-timecompetitive(PVP)one
War Dragons
Pocket Gems
Build, breed, and customize the ultimate dragon army toannihilateall others!
Epic Odyssey: Brave Guardian Idle
3D Adventure Strategy RPG
Delivery From the Pain:Survive
Fight and Survival In Last Day
Idle Arena: Evolution Legends
Summon your legendary heroes, explore the fantasy world!
Alliance at War: Dragon Empire - Strategy MMO 1.1.0
Hour Games
Build your kingdom, summon epic heroes, train powerfultroops,andfight cross-server wars with over 2 million players allovertheworld in real-time, right in the hottest new strategy gameof2020![Alliance at war] combines both Real-time warsandround-basedbattles! As you move forward, legendary heroes willjoinyour teamto help you lead troops to conquer the demon cave,lookfortreasures, and kill enemies, thereby becoming an armythatmakesthe enemy tremble with fear! Right here, you can alsoworktogetherwith your allies to attack territory, seizeancientartifacts,occupy Stronghold and Royal city, and make a nameforyourself inthe cross-server war that starts twice a month!GameFeatures:⚔️Unique Hero System The hero plays a significant roleinthe game.Unique heroes will join you as the gameprogresses,including theCommander who is good at counterattacks,the Sorceresswho is ableto melt enemy armor with flames, thePaladin whoenhances troopmorale and brings blessings, and theOracle who helpsyou improveluck in battle. However, the speed withwhich yourecruit and trainthem greatly affects your troops'combatperformance and strategyabilities! ⚔️Diversified UnitStrategiesVarious types of units areavailable for recruitment here,includingInfantry, Mage, Catapult,Cavalry, Ballista, and Archer.Withdifferent stats, they’re ableto counter each other. Besides,you’refree to boost your might byupgrading your troops withenhancedequipment. ⚔️Rare AncientArtifact The reappearance of thelostartifact provoked a fiercebattle in the kingdom. The playerwhocompletes the server questfirst will get the artifact withuniqueskills and buffs. But becareful, the enemies stand ready totake itaway from you!⚔️Cross-Server War You’re free to sign up forthiswar every twoweeks to compete with alliances from differentserversaround theworld. In this event, you can invade youropponents’Stronghold onother servers to conquer them and plunderspoils, thusranking topin the event and winning handsome rewards!⚔️TheStrongholdFighting Day Players can participate in theStrongholdevent everyweek. With the occupation of the rareStronghold, thealliance notonly wins glory, but also enjoys theprivileges itbrings,including resource protection, units upgrade,combatprotection,and other special features. Also, the strongalliancebuff and richweekly spoil rewards will help your alliancegain anadvantage!⚔️War of Throne It is an event where you need tooccupythe BloodPalace and activate the Dark Tower to attack theRoyalCity withyour allies! The alliance leader who wins the warwillbecome theKing, enjoying privileges and wielding supremepower!⚔️VariousAlliance Events Varieties of alliance events arewaitingto beexplored, such as Arena, Cave team-up, Pappas’Treasure,Spirit OrbCollection, Hunting event, etc. These eventsrequire bothstrengthand collaboration, and you’ll get great rewardsto help yougrowfaster! ⚔️Update and Support We will continue tobreathe newlifeinto the game while making further progress. InAlliance atwar,you can reach out to our support team for real-timehelpwheneveryou have problems and share your ideas to improve thegame!We lookforward to meeting you in this magical world andworkingwith youto create an increasingly bettergame!Facebook: group: 826894601Email:[email protected]
Game of Kings:The Blood Throne
Become the Supreme King in Game of Kings: The Blood Throne!
Empire:Rome Rising
Mountain Lion
Forge an empire to stand the test of time. Play the mostaddictivewar game!
God Kings 0.61.1
IT’S TIME TO BECOME THE WORLD’S GREATEST KING!! Competeontheultimate battleground against epic monsters andtyrannicalenemykings in the vast 3D world of God Kings! Raise aneternalempireand build an army, the likes of which have never beenseen!Yourstrategy, your victory! Summon legendary Guardiansandunleashdevastating damage upon all those who stand opposed!Joinforceswith other strong kingdoms and grow your influenceonthebattlefield together! FEATURES ☥ Build your empireinunseenbeautiful 3D graphics ☥ Forge an alliance with yourfriendsandother players and conquer your enemies’ territories☥Summonlegendary Guardians and evolve them into theultimatebattlemachines ☥ Command your Guardians and mighty armiesto win inepicPvP battles ☥ Capture and sacrifice your enemies’Guardianstostrengthen your empire ☥ Research Divine Powers toshapethedestiny of your troops and economy ☥ Fight in diverseregionssuchas deserts, jungles, the arctic or volcanoes --- GeneralTermsandConditions:
Idle Mania 1.0.224
Please contact FB fan page for black screenissues 【Game Introduction】 Thefirst3D Poly RPG Idle mobile game! More than 150 heroes from 6differentfactions with unique skills are waiting for your call torestorethe order to the world. Let’s start a crazy adventure in thenew 3Dlow-poly world —— Idle Mania! ★24H auto-fighting and levelup! No.1AFK RPG! No more time-wasting! Say NO to complicatedcontrollingand gestures. 24H auto-treasure-hunting when AFK.Release stressand claim great rewards after whole day work! ★150amazing heroes,worthy of your collection. Low-poly is the new trendin the 3D RPGworld. Experience the first 3D RPG poly idle mobilegame! Discoverthe fantastic heroes, including Pumpkin Archer, GhostWarrior,Goblin Bomber, and Angel Guard. Surprises are in gameeverywhere!★Strategic thinking, use your wisdom to get victory. 6factions,including Lawful, Chaotic, Harmonic, Savage, Civilized,and Undead.Each faction has a distinct set of battle skill. Idlingdoes notmean playing without strategy, combat ability is always thekey tosuccess. Summon SSR heroes, arrange hero’s lineup place, tobeatdown the strong opponent! ★Global Rank, challenge topworldwideplayers. The game opens up a variety of Rank points modesforchallenging, including 1v1, 3v3, and 5v5. Join theworldwidetournament to win the honor! ## SUMMARY ## Faced withimminentchaotic invasion, the order is about to collapse. As asavior,player is tasked to summon the epic heroes from six factionsandunite a clan team with other players around the world. Thisworldneeds you to create a new balance between order and chaos!Theadventure begins at this moment! Enjoy infinite fun of AFKRPGtogether! Let’s fight to evil power and challenge top playersfromall over the world in Idle Mania! ##About Subscriptions andGooglePlay Website Subscriptions 1. Pricing & Billing CycleEnable“Subscription (Weekly)” within the game for $0.99 a week,whichwill be billed every natural week (every 7 days). (Price mayvaryby location) 2. Subscription Content Subscribers will beeligiblefor certain perks during the subscription period,including:●Exclusive “Honor“ Player Portrait ●Resource collectionincrease(Gold+100%, Soul Fire+100%) during AFK time ●1 extra chanceforrefreshing castle mission every day ●$0.99 per week ●Price mayvaryby location 3. Automatic Subscription Renewal ●Payment willbecharged to Google Play Account at confirmation ofpurchase.●Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew isturned offat least 24-hours before the end of the currentperiod.●Subscription is not compulsory. User can managesubscription andauto-renewal can be turned off by going to theuser's AccountSettings after purchase. ●Please Notice: Only 3 daystrial forfree. Players need to pay for continuously usingprivilege. 4.Subscription Cancellation On your Android phone ortablet,go to theGoogle Play Store. Step1.Check to see if you havesigned in to thecorrect Google account. Step2.Click the [≡] menuand choose[Subscribe]. Step3.Select the【Idle Mania】to cancel.Step4.Click[Unsubscribe]. Follow the instructions.
Days of Empire - Heroes Never Die!
Solve Puzzles to expand your empire.
Outact Inc
The ultimate strategy battling RPG you have been waiting for!
King of Avalon: Dominion
Build an army to become the King of Avalon! Your dragon andthroneawait!
Call of Spartan
Wang Xin
Will you respond to the great Spartan?
Abyss of Empires:The Mythology
Free online strategy game Abyss of Empires coming! To betheemperor!
Rise of the Roman Empire
Rise of Empire. City, empire building games. Grow Empire:Rome.Kingdom building
Three Kingdoms: Overlord
Relive the history of the Three Kingdoms Period with hundredsofcities.
Moonshades RPG Dungeon Crawler
Fight to survive in this offline action RPG game andold-schooldungeon crawler.
upjers GmbH
Stonies – Secure the survival of your kin!
Westland Survival: Cowboy Game
Helio Games
Only a few can survive in the open world of the Wild West!