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XE Currency Inc.
All the world’s currencies at yourfingertips!This free edition of the XE Currency Converter App notonlyprovides live exchange rates and charts, you can also set anXERate Alert to monitor your favorite currencies forimmediatenotification.* RELIABLE- Stores the last updated exchange rates so it works even whentheinternet decides not to.* CONVENIENT- Easy to use currency calculator using XE’s currency converter.Italso monitors up to 10 currencies at once.* UNIVERSAL- Live rates are refreshed each minute for every world currencyandprecious metal.* XE CURRENCY PRO- Get XE Currency Pro – track more currencies at once for only$1.99US----------------------------------------------------Have an idea to make the XE Currency App better or just want totellus how you use it?Let us know! [email protected]--
xCurrency - Bridging All Currencies 5.5.3
xCurrency is a simple and smart tool to help youresolvecross-borderissues. withadvanced built-in calculatorand internationalremittanceservices. In diverse scenarios, thegadget can handle muchmorecomplex tasks than you could expect. 1.Currency convertor:Convertcurrencies in seconds and check trendsin exchange rates ataglance. Also, sync Apple Watch. Recommendedby Apple Store andanumber of IT blogs as a ‘must-have tool forcurrency conversion’.2.Cross-border remittance: A safe, fast andno-hidden-fee way tosendmoney to China from Japan, Australia,Europe. More marketsareopening. 3. International tuition feepayments: Students are abletopay tuition, insurance fee, depositand rent to 3,000+educationalinstitutions. 4. A vibrant design:An improved interfacewithillustrations and interactions.Customized settings arealsoavailable. 5. Minimalism: xCurrencysticks with a minimalistvisualdesign and a simple userexperience. Features: *Easyremittance withBank-level encryption-Support AUD, JPY and EUR toCNY remittance.-Send money any time,any place. -Pay the lowestpossible price. -Nohidden fees. *GlobalFinancial Compliance -MoneyService Operatorlicense issued by HongKong Customs. -Accredited byauthorities andlicensed financialinstitutions around the world.-Partner with DowJones, Barclay,Fintiba, Sunrate, etc. -xCurrencyBlacklist Databaseemployed,turns down any illegal money.-Chinese-speaking help desk,24/7 onstandby. *Smart Conversion-Handy built-in units, easy tosearch.-Automatic switch to localcurrency. -Just type the amountandconvert. *Easy Check -158currencies, 100+cryptocurrencies,precious metals. -Displayreal-time exchange rateand 24hr trends.-Track 3-year price. -Checkon-line and off-line.-Multipleexchange rate resources. -Swipe rightto switch, swipeleft tocheck more. *Personalized and customized-Customize yourhomepageas remittance service or convertor. -Manageyour accountsandorders on a single dashboard. What to know more?Pleasevisit: Drop us an email [email protected] youhave any suggestions or requests for xCurrency.
Currency Converter Plus Free with AccuRate™ 2.5.6
From the makers of Fraction Calculator Plus comes CurrencyConverterPlus - the easiest, most user-friendly stop for globalexchangerates, with AccuRate™! With multiple currency fields,historic ratecharts, and a built-in calculator for convenience,compare pricesanywhere while traveling abroad to be sure you'regetting the bestdeal at today's rate. All conversions use liveexchange rates fromAccuRate™, providing the most accurate ratesavailable in the world.Plus, it still works offline for travelwhen exchange rate data isnot available. The app even supportsBitcoin! Features: * Instantcurrency conversion by setting yourown custom fields! * Easycalculator with results in localcurrencies * Historic rate chartsand graphs (1 week - 1 year) *Convert multiple currencies at once *All world currencies,Bitcoin, and precious metals * Offlineexchange rate support forairplane or offline modes * Live rates& graphs provided byAccuRate™ Supports currencies for everycountry including thedollar, euro, pound, yen, yuan, won, franc,ruble, dinar, peso,rupee, shilling, rial, kwacha, dirham, florin,guinea, krona,krone, riyal, colon, som, leu, virtual currencieslike Bitcoin,plus precious metals like gold, silver, palladium,platinum andmore! Currency Converter Plus Free (C) 2021Digitalchemy, LLC
SimpleCurrency Converter 3.2.0124
Martin Jäger
SimpleCurrency is a small currency converter with a focus ontheessential: Converting 160 currency from over 250 countries-online, offline and ad-free - and even for free!Tutorial-Video: 100% simpleSimpleCurrency renouncesunnecessary advertising, stock marketinformation and provides asimple design: Just select yourcurrencies and enter the amount.100% holiday-suitable Do not worryabout mobile internet onholidays. SimpleCurrency calculates yourcurrency offline and usesthe last known exchange rate. Once onlineagain, the app updatesautomatically the exchange rate for you. 100%free A currencyconverter absolutely for free without required inapp purchases.Now with new features! - Calculator - HistoricExchange Data -Custom Background-Images - Custom Exchange Rates -and much more...Currencydata:
Currency Converter 1.3.0
Free currency converter uses OANDA Rates®—the samedailyfilteredexchange rates used by auditing firms and banks.Convert190+currencies and four precious metals. Choose theInterbank rate,oruse the percentage add-on feature to calculatetypicalratescharged by credit card companies and banks.
Currency 2.6.1
A powerful yet simple currency converter,Currencyprovidesup-to-date exchange rates for over 160 currenciesandcountries!Great for when you travel abroad.
Currency: ✈️Exchange rates, Travel accounting&tags 4.3.26
Convert exchange rates when you are traveling. CURRENCYletyoucalculate exchange rates in a fast way for global currencies.🚀Andhelp you to manage travel expenses. --- Main features1.Displaymulti-currencies at once 2. Accounting and report fortravel3.Converter widget on home screen 4. Offline mode5.Automaticallyupdate the exchange rates when open app 6.Add/Setcustom exchangerates 7. Clean design --- How CURRENCY makeyourtravel moresmooth? CURRENCY auto update exchange rates forallcurrencies.Open and type number, that's it. According toyourdemands,CURRENCY also provides advanced features "Tag"and"Accounting fortravel". ⭐️ For Advanced users: 1. If you wanttonote something'sprice, you could save the price as a "Tag". 2.Ifyou want torecord every expense for your travel, you coulduse"Accounting fortravel" feature. CURRENCY support you tocreatetravel forrecording your expenses. You could look up topexpensesand chartby expense type. --- CURRENCY helps you toeliminateexchange ratesproblem. 💪💪💪 Hope you enjoy your trip. 🎉🎉🎉
Currency Converter 2.23
- Get currency exchange rates instantlyformore than 180 countries- Sort currencies by using drag and drop- Convert currencies without internet access- Rates & graphs provided by No advertisement- Totally free & no limitation in any future !!------------------------------------------Quick Introduction------------------------------------------At the top of the screen you will see your base currency. Hereenterthe amount you want to convert from. App will immediatelystart toconvert your base currency to all other currencies in thelist whileyou are typing. If you want to change your base currencyto anyother currency in your list just click on it. If thecurrency youwant isn't in your list you can add a new currency byclicking "allcurrencies" button at the bottom of the screen.Intelligent Caller ID functionality added. Caller ID now helpsyouidentify callers - even the ones not in your contact list.Thisfeature is optional and you can adjust or disable Caller ID atanytime in the settings menu.Enjoy
Currency Converter - Exchange
It's a simple CurrencyCalculator/Converterdesigned to be easy to use. You can convertmore than 150currencies.The perfect tool for travelers that need to calculate theexchangein different countries.Exchange Euro EUR to dollar USD or to Indian rupee INR in a easywaywithout internet connection.New: The new digital currency BITCOIN is now on thecurrencyconverter!!Features:- Search the currency for the actual location- Currency symbols- fast & easy- Use it offline- Stores the last updated rates- Convert prices without internet access- Charts
Currency 1.2.1
- Simple uniquely designedcurrencyconverter- Real-time currency exchange rates- Support offline mode- Support over 160 currencies- Include Bitcoin and precious metals- Include standard calculator- Instant conversion- Interactive 365-days historic chart- Material and minimalistic design από τη Χρυσή Ευκαιρία
Το xe app της Χρυσής Ευκαιρίας περιλαμβάνεισεμία μόνο εφαρμογή όλες τις κατηγορίες του με τρόπο πουηαναζήτηση αυτοκινήτου, σπιτιού, εργασίας ή οποιασδήποτεάλληςαγγελίας να γίνεται παιχνίδι, μιας και μπορείτε πλέον ναβρείτεαυτό που πραγματικά ψάχνετε εύκολα, γρήγορα και πάνω απόόλααξιόπιστα.• Βρείτε ό,τι ψάχνετε σε 1΄ ανάμεσα σε περισσότερες από850.000αγγελίες.• Αποθήκευστε εύκολα αγγελίες, αλλά και αναζητήσεις!• Δείτε μεγάλες φωτογραφίες κάθε αγγελίας, σε κάθετη ήοριζόντιαπροβολή.• Δείτε ακίνητα κοντά σε ΑΕΙ/ΤΕΙ (ιδανικό για κάθε φοιτητή!)• Επικοινωνήστε άμεσα με τον αγγελιοδότη, απευθείας από τοκινητόσας, είτε μέσω αποστολής email είτε μέσω τηλεφωνικήςκλήσης.• Κάντε scroll τις φωτογραφίες όχι μόνο από τη σελίδα αγγελίας,αλλάκαι από τις σελίδες αποτελεσμάτων.• Μοιραστείτε την αγγελία που σας ενδιαφέρει στα πιο διάσημαsocialsites ή μέσω email.• Κάντε τη ζωή σας πιο εύκολη χρησιμοποιώντας τα έξυπναφίλτρααναζήτησης.• Καλέστε τη Χρυσή Ευκαιρία για την καταχώρηση αγγελίας
Travel - Currency Converter 1.7.2
Enjoy the power of travel around the world with the bestcurrencyconverter. With this currency exchange calculator you canconvert160 coins from 243 countries and all of this withoutinternetconnnection. Discover the price of the dollar today, euroand alsothe bitcoin wherever you are. Just open the app and youwill findthe price of your favorite coins updated. The last valueof all thecurrencies on the world like: USD (United States Dollar)EUR (Euro)GBP (British Pound) CHF (Swiss Franc) BRL (BrazilianReal) BTC(Bitcoin) MXN (Mexican Peso) CLP (Chilean Peso) ARS(ArgentinePeso) VEF (Venezuelan Bolivar) PEN (Peruvian Nuevo Sol)UYU(Uruguayan Peso) COP (colombian Peso) Also, is the only oneappthat provides the real value of the Venezuelan Bolivar (thevalueon cucuta). Are you traveling to more than one country? Youcouldadd all the currencies of your destination on the main screen.Doyou want to enjoy this app without ads? You could remove theadswith less than the price of a coffe.
Currency Converter 1.7
More than 160 currencies can be converted.Itprovides real-time exchange rates and chart.★ Free Edition. It offers live proprietary currency ratesandcharts★ 160+ world currencies list★ Live currency conversion rates★ Currency list – just pick the currencies you need★ Currency graphs (1 day - 8 years)★ Live rates & graphs provided by Yahoo Finance★ Offline mode (Can still check exchange rates even nonetworkconnection.)
Guides by Lonely Planet
Lonely Planet
NEW: • My Lonely Planet Library: scan your physical guidebooksandget free access to the cities in them. • Lonely Planet TV:350+episodes of award-winning travel shows. Get to the heart ofadestination with Guides by Lonely Planet! Packed with offlinemaps,audio phrasebooks, a currency converter and advicefromon-the-ground experts, our free city guides are theultimateresource for travelers before and during a trip.EXPERT-CURATEDCITY GUIDES Our writers live and breathe each citythey visit,reviewing every place that makes it into our carefullycuratedguides. Their essential tips and advice on where to stay,what todo and where to eat will help you discoveramazing,off-the-beaten-track places. TOP RECOMMENDATIONSOverwhelmed byoptions for hotels, restaurants and things to do?Guides onlysurfaces the spots really worth seeing in a city, aschosen by ourtravel experts. OFFLINE MAPS No connection? Noproblem. Everything,including maps and phrasebooks, works 100%offline so you can avoidextra roaming charges abroad. AUDIOPHRASEBOOKS Talk to the localswith more than 10,000 phrases for 19different languages. Findingthe right thing to say has never beeneasier! • Arabic • Czech •French • German • Greek • Japanese •Italian • Korean • Polish •Portuguese • Russian • Spanish • Spanish(Latin-American) • Swahili• Thai • Turkish • Vietnamese • Chinese •Chinese (Hong-Kong)SIMPLE BOOKMARKING Save and organize yourfavorite hotels,restaurants and things to do so you can visit (orrevisit) yourpersonal must-sees while on the road. IMMERSIVEEXPERIENCES Take alook around these cities with our 360º immersiveexperiences •Amsterdam • Bangkok • Barcelona • Beijing • Berlin •Bogotá • Dubai• Florence • Hong Kong • Kuala Lumpur • Los Angeles •Madrid •Miami • Milan • Naples • New York • Paris • Pisa • Prague •Rio •Rome • Shanghai • Singapore • Taipei • Tokyo • Venice • Verona•Vienna • Yerevan This version of Guides includes 8000+ cities,aswell as over 350,000 places and narratives. Lonely Planet istheworld's leading travel content provider, supplying inspiringandtrustworthy information for those planning a trip, on the roadorbrowsing as an armchair traveler. We've spent the last 40yearstraveling the world and crafting the most reliable travelguides,and we put all that knowledge into making the best travelapp.We're always working to improve this app and would love tohearyour feedback. If you have any questions or ideas, please emailusat [email protected] Happy travels!
Currency Exchange Calculator 1.1.2
A Clean and always up to dateCurrencyExchangecalculator that lets you figure out the exchangeratebetween 32different currencies!1. (USD) US Dollar2. (TRY) Turkish New Lira3. (THB) Thai Baht4. (CHF) Swiss Franc5. (SEK) Swedish Krona6. (KRW) South-Korean Won7. (ZAR) South African Rand8. (SGD) Singapore Dollar9. (RUB) Russian Rouble10. (RON) Romanian New Lie11. (PLN) Polish Zloty12. (PHP) Philippine Peso13. (NOK) Norwegian Kroner14. (NZD) New Zealand Dollar15. (MXN) Mexican Peso16.(MYR) Malaysian Ringgit17. (JPY) Japanese Yen18. (ILS) Israeli New Shekel19. (IDR) Indonesian Rupiah20. (INR) Indian Rupee21. (HUF) Hungarian Forint22. (HKD) Hong Kong Dollar23. (EUR) Euro24. (DKK) Danish Krone25. (CZK) Czech Koruna26. (HRK) Croatian Kuna27. (CNY) Chinese Yuan / Renminbi28. (CAD) Canadian Dollar29. (BGN) Bulgarian Lev30. (GBP) British Pound31. (BRL) Brazilian Real32. (AUD) Australian Dollar
Easy Currency Converter - Money Exchange 2.0.12
Neklo Team
Easy Currency Converter converts any World’s currencywithliveexchange rate. Set the currency list that youconvertmorefrequently. Money Converter is a must-have app forthosewhotravel, as well as for those who want to keep track oftheCurrencyExchange Market situation. Offline mode helps you tosaveyourmoney when you’re abroad. Use your camera to scan pricesandcovertvalue on your screen in real-time. Control yourpurchasesduringtravelling in chosen currency. Ultimate CurrencyConverterallowsyou to do the following: - Convert any World`scurrenciesandcompare them to the currency of your interest; -Monitorcurrencyfluctuations according to the recent market prices;-Real-timecurrency scanner - convert prices on the screenofsmartphone; -See the full list of all the currencies availablefromSearch; -Create your own custom list of the currencies thatyouconvert morefrequently; - Auto detection of the country of auser'slocation! -Possibility to add the currency of a user locationtothe list; -Convert currencies on-the go using CurrencyConvertwidget in aCurtain mode. All of the data will besynchronized withthe appinstalled on your phone. Easy MoneyConverter, works withanycurrency traded on World financial marketsand more!
Skyscanner 7.28.1
Skyscanner all in one travel app.Easily search flights, hotels and cars all in one place.Travel smarter with Skyscanner’s slick new all-in-one travelapp.Instantly search, compare and book cheap flights, hotels andcarrentals anytime, anywhere for your next trip. Independentandunbiased and completely free, we simply find you the best dealsoutthere in seconds. The award-winning, easy to use app brought toyouby the world’s travel search engine. Available in over30languages* GET PRICE ALERTSNever miss a price drop on a flight. Get notified of anypricechanges with Price Alerts push notifications.* FIND CHEAP FLIGHTSEasily find and compare the cheapest days and months to fly withourcolor-coded calendar and chart view.* GET INSPIRATIONFor vacation inspiration, select ‘Everywhere’ in the destinationboxand we’ll brighten up your day with cheap flight pricestodestinations around the world. You can also find the bestdealsfrom your nearest airport, with our Top Deals.* FIND EXACTLY WHAT YOU WANTNarrow down your options. Filter results by duration, numberofstops, airline, cabin class, departure and arrival times.* SEARCH FOR HOTELSCompare great deals from hundreds of thousands of hotels,resorts,bed and breakfasts, apartments and hostels. Find rooms nearyourcurrent location. Even search last minute hotels for tonight.Justlooking for inspiration? Search for hotels in all yourtopdestinations and dig out some great deals.* SEARCH FOR CAR RENTALSSearch the world’s car rental companies in seconds. Choosefrom30,000 airport or city locations, then filter by vehicle type,fueltype and features to find just the car you want at just therightprice. What’s more, our Fair Fuel Policy flag makes sure youdon’tget ripped off on fuel.* RECENT SEARCHESAccess recent flight searches from your home screen and quicklypickup where you left off.* SEAMLESS EXPERIENCELog in to sync your flight searches and price alerts across allyourdevices - phone, tablet and desktop - so you can plan yourvacationanytime, anywhere.* NO ADDED FEESNo booking fees or hidden charges, just the best prices onflights,hotels and car rental* FREQUENT FLYER MILESEarn frequent flyer miles by booking via the Skyscanner appwhereapplicable.Recognized by the AppyAwards, Webby Awards and MobileEntertainmentAwards for best travel app.
Currency Converter Easily+ 1.4.5
Mucho Dev.
Convert currencies with all common ones Currency Easily Plus[Theextra features version]; Updated daily - powered by Googlefinance®great for traveling and business usage very simple to useandReliable convert with the App anywhere. Dollars to euro, eurostodollars Israeli shekel, GBP to euro more than 180 currencies.Addedlive currencies table Bitcoin conversion rate daily. App isverysafe for use anytime. only requires WiFi /3G /4G Featuresincluded★swap currencies ★remember selections - Live currenciesticker -Exchange rates table. - Bitcoin-USD Live rate. Version1.4+: *Search bar menu. * Ethereum crypto live rate. *We Plan anOfflineversion. Like us on the Facebook Page . Contact us for anyfeedbackusing email; Our linked website thankyou for the support If you likethe App - rate us! this is theinitial popular version. serving manyusers worldwide. App supportsover 12,000 devices. Currencies listed{Total 180} • USD (UnitedStates Dollar) • EUR (Euro) • GBP (BritishPound Sterling) • CAD(Canadian Dollar) • AUD (Australian Dollar) •THB (Thai Baht) • JPY(Japanese Yen) • JOD (Jordanian Dinar) • RUB(Russian Ruble) • TRY(Turkish Lira) • PLN (Polish zloty) • CZK(Czech koruna) • XPF(French Pacific Franc) • HUF (Hungarian Forint)• NZD (New ZealandDollar) • SGD (Singapore Dollar) • BRL (BrazilianReal) • INR(Indian Rupee) • ZAR (South African Rand) • PHP(Philippine Peso) •EGP (Egyptian Pound) • SEK (Swedish Krona) • VEF(VenezuelanBolivar) • PAB (Panamanian Balboa) • ANG (NetherlandsAntilleanGuilder) • BSD (Bahamian Dollar) • JMD (Jamaican Dollar) •HKD(Hong Kong Dollar) • TWD (New Taiwan Dollar) • TTD (TrinidadandTobago Dollar) • XCD (East Caribbean Dollar) • FJD (FijianDollar)• VND (Vietnamese Dong) • RSD (Serbian Dinar) • TND(TunisianDinar) • AED (United Arab Emirates Dirham) • MAD (MoroccanDirham)• KRW (South Korean Won) • DKK (Danish Krone) • NOK(NorwegianKrone) • RON (Romanian Leu) • LBP (Lebanese Pound) • HNL(HonduranLempira) • GHS (Ghana Cedi) • PEN (Peruvian Nuevo Sol) •ARS(Argentine Peso) • MXN (Mexican Peso) • COP (Colombian Peso) •CLP(Chilean Peso) • XAF (Central African Franc) • CHF (Swiss Franc)•HRK (Croatian Kuna) • MMK (Burmese Kyat) • GTQ (GuatemalanQuetzal)• ISK (Icelandic Krona) • PKR (Pakistani Rupee) • IDR(IndonesianRupiah) • LKR (Sri Lankan Rupee) • MYR (MalaysianRinggit) • CNY(Chinese Renminbi) • ILS (Israeli New Shekel)===================== 2019-2020 Note: Ads are shownoccasionally.Stay Safe.
World Exchange Rates 5.3
World Exchange Rates is a simple and powerful app thatprovideslatest foreign exchange rates for more than 150 currenciesalongwith powerful money calculator. Features: • NO ADS •Real-timeforex rates • Both offline and online mode • Set anycurrency asfavorite (long press the currency item in all currenciestab) •Remove favorites (long press currency item under favoritestab) •Inbuilt currency converter • View all favorites in one tab •Sharethe currency conversion with others
Currency Control-THE Converter 6.12.2
Currency Control - THE App for simple and fast conversionofcurrencies. The cost-free currency converter supports more than180currencies including euro, dollar, won, yuan, yen, dinar,peso,franc, ruble, rupee and former currencies of Euro countries.Theperfect App for all who are travelling abroad, are on holidaysoron a business trip. You can use the App to convert money,exchangeforeign currencies or to check whether you get a good dealwhenshopping in a foreign country. Exchange rate are updated ondailybases and are even available offline / in airplane mode.CurrencyControl - THE currency converter.
Travel Calculator 1.8.3
View realtime converted rates with over 100 currencies,evenoffline.Customize your own rates and lock them whenupdate.OFF/TAX/TIPpercent buttons ease your calculations duringyourwonderful journey.And of course, a well-designed calculatorisready to serve!Features: - Update anytime, anywhere, justsmallbandwidth needed. -Rates can be customized to your own onesand belocked. - Offlinemode supported. You can use Travel Calcevenwithout any connection.- You can set your own favoritestoaccelerate currency selection. -OFF/TAX/TIP percent buttonstohelp you perform common calculationtasks. - One click to swapmainand focus currency. So what are youwaiting for? JustdownloadTravel Calc now and make currency exchangeeasy than ever.Travelcould be easy and wonderful. Just leaveannoying currencyexchangesto Travel Calc.
Currency Converter 1.2
Currency Converter is a delightfully clear and friendlycurrencyconverter app supporting over 150 currencies. It isextremely easyto use and you can input your amount to convert orsimply tap onthe displayed amount for quick currency conversion.Our currencyconverter app is specifically designed to be clear,simple andintuitive so that you are not overwhelmed withexcessiveinformation. Currency Converter app requires the use of anInternetconnection. No other special permissions are needed and itdoes notcontain any ads.
Driving Route Finder™ - Find GPS Location & Routes
Are you an frequent traveler and going somewhere? GowithDrivingRoute Finder, a GPS based route finding app you can useitforaccurate GPS location, detailed maps, nearby POIplaces,routes,route preview and instructions. Find fast andoptimiseddirectionsfor Bus/Train Transit, Driving, Walking orBicycling.Reach yourdestination in time by finding quick routesPreview yourdrivingroute before you start to drive Optional routesandwaypoints mayhelp you in some times Different travel modes andmapstyles Avoidtraffic signals, speed cams and toll gates Findnearbyhotels orrestaurants on your way and avoid being hungry Findnearbymedicalshops or hospitals in case of emergency Findnearbyparkinglocations, gas stations, coffee shops, repair shops,etc,.Knowspeed limit of your driving route and drive safelySaveyourfavourite places you want to visit or gofrequentlySearch,discover and explore your local places Experiencethe welldetailedmaps experience Share route instructions to yourfriendsand helpthem on the way Get direction towards your targetplacesusingcompass Save driving routes and access whenever youneedGetDriving Route Finder and enjoy your travel withoutspendingtoomuch time finding routes! To know more about us andshareyourfeedback, please visit us at Driving Route FinderFacebook: Please visitusat
Pali Social Money Exchange 1.0.11
Pali revolutionizes the way peoplearoundtheworld exchange money. Instead of spending lots of moneyonlyonexchanging one currency to another, now you can easilyfindfellowtravellers around you - and swap with them.That way you both save money and meet new people aroundtheworld.Pali is a free peer to peer money exchange platform, orinotherwords, social currency converter.Why pay the middleman, when other people around you arelookingtobuy the money you want to exchange?If you still prefer the old fashion way of exchanging moneyatthenearest money exchange spot, Pali guides you to the bestonefor you,and allows you to see the exact rates you'll get ineachone.
BusMap - Navigation & Timing for Public Transit 1.33.1
This application provide all things you need fortravellingwithPublic Transit (bus, railways, MRT, skytrain,...) inVietnamandThailand. We are currently available in those cities: 🇻🇳HoChiMinh city (Vietnam) 🇻🇳 Da Nang city (Vietnam) 🇻🇳Hanoicity(Vietnam) 🇹🇭 Bangkok (Thailand) 🇹🇭 Chiangmai (Thailand)BusMapalsohas inter-city bus ticket booking feature, you can bookfortripswith competitive prices between cities: Ho Chi Minh city⇄Hanoi HoChi Minh city ⇄ Vung Tau Ho Chi Minh city ⇄ Dong Nai,TriAn Hanoi⇄ Sa Pa Hanoi ⇄ Ha Long bay Hanoi ⇄ Ninh Binh Hanoi ⇄Hoian Ourfeatures: - Lookup for details of each busroute:Stations,Timeline, Route paths,... - Smart direction by bus:BusMapcanprovide you the best ways and detailed instructions foryou togoby bus from one location to another location in thecity.-Real-time bus tracking: View the real-time bus' waitingtimeateach station, you can even view where the bus currently is.-Smartalarm for riders. - Inter-city bus ticket booking. - Andmanyotherfeatures: Data updating, Offline map, Offlinesearch,Busrating,... - Offline 100%, no need internet to use BusMapIt'sbeena wild ride since BusMap first launched in 2015. Theworldhaswitnessed tremendous changes since; people grow old, andmaybegrowapart; we observed gravitational wave for the firsttime;DonaldTrump became the 45th president of the United State...Andmostimportantly, Saigon streets are larger and busierthanever!Therefore, we feel our deepest mission to renovate BusMapappandbring you the best experience. With BusMap we wanttosupportforeign travelers in using the bus system in Ho ChiMinhCity, DaNang City and Hanoi. If you have any comment orfeedback,pleasesend to us using the feature in BusMap or ratingthis apponPlayStore. Thank you! Let's go bus now! Go!Bus======BusMapDevelopment Partner in Danang: Danang PublicServicesContactCenter 1022
Foreign Money Exchange Rate 1.0
Foreign Money Exchange Rate Foreign Money Exchange Rate is asimplecurrency converter.Supported more than 150 differentcurrencies andthe user interface is designed to make the noviceusers to use thisapplication is easy to use.Rates are accurate andare updatedhourly. Very user friendly user interface.Download“Foreign MoneyExchange Rate” and get world's foreign currenciesconversion rates.How to Use : • Use the currency converter evenwhile travelling •Find a currency easily by searching on thecountry name • Enter andcalculate amounts quickly • It simple withthe single pair currencyconverter mode.
Currency Lite (Real-Time) 2.0
Currency Lite for Android, the most simple &beautifulcurrencyconverter. Using material design and making aintuitiveandgraceful experience to global travelers. Supportingmore than150currencies and get real-time updates for globalexchange rates.Anentirely new and simple way to currency convert isatyourfingertips. FEATURES - Material and minimalism design-Intuitiveand simple to use - Get real-time updates forglobalexchange rates- Based on the data of Yahoo! Finance -Identify thelocal currencyaccording to your network location - USEIT OFFLINE:Stores thelast updated rates and convert prices withoutinternetaccess
Vrisko 2.2
Το πολύ επιτυχημένο web site του επαγγελματικούκαταλόγου τώρα σε ακολουθεί παντού με πάνω από700.000επιχειρήσεις– επαγγελματίες. Διασκέδαση, Υγεία,ΔημόσιεςΥπηρεσίες,Επαγγελματίες είναι όλοι στο κινητό σου εύκολακαιγρήγορα.Λειτουργίες -Εφημερεύοντα Φαρμακεία από τηνπληρέστερηλίστα στηνΕλλάδα (περιλαμβάνει 40 νομούς και πάνω από 200πόλεις)-Αναζήτηση«κοντά μου» με χρήση είτε των εικονιδίων είτεαπλάγράφοντας αυτόπου σας ενδιαφέρει (επαγγελματική κατηγορίαή/καιεπωνυμία)-«Κλασσική» αναζήτηση με επιλογή «τι» και«που»-Παρουσίαση τωναποτελεσμάτων πάνω στον χάρτη μεδυνατότηταδρομολόγησης. -Γιατροίσυμβεβλημένοι με ΕΟΠΥΥ για όλη τηνΕλλάδα καιγια όλες τιςειδικότητες -Εφημερίες νοσοκομείων ανάειδικότητα γιαΑθήνα,Θεσσαλονίκη, Ηράκλειο, Λάρισα και Ιωάννινα-Αναζήτησηταχυδρομικώνκωδικών (ΤΚ) με εισαγωγή διεύθυνσης -ΤιμέςΚαυσίμων(Αμόλυβδη,Υγραέριο Κίνησης-LPG, Πετρέλαιο Θέρμανσης) γιαόλη τηνΕλλάδα-Εύρεση στοιχείων νομικών προσώπων από το ΑΦΜ Ηεφαρμογήvriskoαπέσπασε το βραβείο “Most Useful App” στα Μobile& ΑppsΑwardsστο συνέδριο Infocom Apps 2012 Vrisko is theultimate Greeklocalsearch application with more than 700.000listings.
Currency Stalker 4.0
Currency Stalker is the most easy to useanduser friendly app for currency exchange rate/ currencyconverterstalking. By referring to Yahoo! Finance API which able tosupportup to 153 currencies. It also act as currency convertercalculatorbased on the latest currency exchange rate.It is a more straight forward and user friendly currencyexchangerate/ currency converter app that continuously stalking onthecurrency exchange rate based on your preference.No other redundant feature that occupied your phone memory.Noauto refresh to save your battery life. JUST only acurrencyexchange rate/ currency converter app that provide youthereal-time currency exchange rate when you needed.Who Should install?-Traveler-Investor-Businessman-Foreign worker-Foreign studentHelp us-Feedback is highly appreciated-Idea for future project are welcome