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Currency Converter Plus Free with AccuRate™ 2.5.3
From the makers of Fraction Calculator Plus comes CurrencyConverterPlus - the easiest, most user-friendly stop for globalexchangerates, with AccuRate™! With multiple currency fields,historic ratecharts, and a built-in calculator for convenience,compare pricesanywhere while traveling abroad to be sure you'regetting the bestdeal at today's rate. All conversions use liveexchange rates fromAccuRate™, providing the most accurate ratesavailable in the world.Plus, it still works offline for travelwhen exchange rate data isnot available. The app even supportsBitcoin! Features: * Instantcurrency conversion by setting yourown custom fields! * Easycalculator with results in localcurrencies * Historic rate chartsand graphs (1 week - 1 year) *Convert multiple currencies at once *All world currencies,Bitcoin, and precious metals * Offlineexchange rate support forairplane or offline modes * Live rates& graphs provided byAccuRate™ Supports currencies for everycountry including thedollar, euro, pound, yen, yuan, won, franc,ruble, dinar, peso,rupee, shilling, rial, kwacha, dirham, florin,guinea, krona,krone, riyal, colon, som, leu, virtual currencieslike Bitcoin,plus precious metals like gold, silver, palladium,platinum andmore! Currency Converter Plus Free (C) 2021Digitalchemy, LLC
Currency Converter 1.3.0
Free currency converter uses OANDA Rates®—the samedailyfilteredexchange rates used by auditing firms and banks.Convert190+currencies and four precious metals. Choose theInterbank rate,oruse the percentage add-on feature to calculatetypicalratescharged by credit card companies and banks.
SimpleCurrency Converter 3.2.0124
Martin Jäger
SimpleCurrency is a small currency converter with a focus ontheessential: Converting 160 currency from over 250 countries-online, offline and ad-free - and even for free!Tutorial-Video: 100% simpleSimpleCurrency renouncesunnecessary advertising, stock marketinformation and provides asimple design: Just select yourcurrencies and enter the amount.100% holiday-suitable Do not worryabout mobile internet onholidays. SimpleCurrency calculates yourcurrency offline and usesthe last known exchange rate. Once onlineagain, the app updatesautomatically the exchange rate for you. 100%free A currencyconverter absolutely for free without required inapp purchases.Now with new features! - Calculator - HistoricExchange Data -Custom Background-Images - Custom Exchange Rates -and much more...Currencydata:
Currency 2.6.1
A powerful yet simple currency converter,Currencyprovidesup-to-date exchange rates for over 160 currenciesandcountries!Great for when you travel abroad.
Currency: ✈️Exchange rates, Travel accounting&tags 4.3.26
Convert exchange rates when you are traveling. CURRENCYletyoucalculate exchange rates in a fast way for global currencies.🚀Andhelp you to manage travel expenses. --- Main features1.Displaymulti-currencies at once 2. Accounting and report fortravel3.Converter widget on home screen 4. Offline mode5.Automaticallyupdate the exchange rates when open app 6.Add/Setcustom exchangerates 7. Clean design --- How CURRENCY makeyourtravel moresmooth? CURRENCY auto update exchange rates forallcurrencies.Open and type number, that's it. According toyourdemands,CURRENCY also provides advanced features "Tag"and"Accounting fortravel". ⭐️ For Advanced users: 1. If you wanttonote something'sprice, you could save the price as a "Tag". 2.Ifyou want torecord every expense for your travel, you coulduse"Accounting fortravel" feature. CURRENCY support you tocreatetravel forrecording your expenses. You could look up topexpensesand chartby expense type. --- CURRENCY helps you toeliminateexchange ratesproblem. 💪💪💪 Hope you enjoy your trip. 🎉🎉🎉
XE Currency Pro Inc.
All the world’s currencies at yourfingertips!This pro edition of the XE Currency Converter App notonly provideslive exchange rates and charts, you can also set an XERate Alertto monitor your favorite currencies forimmediatenotification.* RELIABLE- Stores the last updated exchange rates so it works even whentheinternet decides not to.* CONVENIENT- Easy to use currency calculator using XE’s currency converter.Italso monitors up to 20 currencies at once.* UNIVERSAL- Live rates are refreshed each minute for every world currencyandprecious metal.----------------------------------------------------Have an idea to make the XE Currency App better or just want totellus how you use it?Let us know! [email protected]--
xCurrency - Bridging All Currencies 5.5.3
xCurrency is a simple and smart tool to help youresolvecross-borderissues. withadvanced built-in calculatorand internationalremittanceservices. In diverse scenarios, thegadget can handle muchmorecomplex tasks than you could expect. 1.Currency convertor:Convertcurrencies in seconds and check trendsin exchange rates ataglance. Also, sync Apple Watch. Recommendedby Apple Store andanumber of IT blogs as a ‘must-have tool forcurrency conversion’.2.Cross-border remittance: A safe, fast andno-hidden-fee way tosendmoney to China from Japan, Australia,Europe. More marketsareopening. 3. International tuition feepayments: Students are abletopay tuition, insurance fee, depositand rent to 3,000+educationalinstitutions. 4. A vibrant design:An improved interfacewithillustrations and interactions.Customized settings arealsoavailable. 5. Minimalism: xCurrencysticks with a minimalistvisualdesign and a simple userexperience. Features: *Easyremittance withBank-level encryption-Support AUD, JPY and EUR toCNY remittance.-Send money any time,any place. -Pay the lowestpossible price. -Nohidden fees. *GlobalFinancial Compliance -MoneyService Operatorlicense issued by HongKong Customs. -Accredited byauthorities andlicensed financialinstitutions around the world.-Partner with DowJones, Barclay,Fintiba, Sunrate, etc. -xCurrencyBlacklist Databaseemployed,turns down any illegal money.-Chinese-speaking help desk,24/7 onstandby. *Smart Conversion-Handy built-in units, easy tosearch.-Automatic switch to localcurrency. -Just type the amountandconvert. *Easy Check -158currencies, 100+cryptocurrencies,precious metals. -Displayreal-time exchange rateand 24hr trends.-Track 3-year price. -Checkon-line and off-line.-Multipleexchange rate resources. -Swipe rightto switch, swipeleft tocheck more. *Personalized and customized-Customize yourhomepageas remittance service or convertor. -Manageyour accountsandorders on a single dashboard. What to know more?Pleasevisit: Drop us an email [email protected] youhave any suggestions or requests for xCurrency.
Currency Converter 2.23
- Get currency exchange rates instantlyformore than 180 countries- Sort currencies by using drag and drop- Convert currencies without internet access- Rates & graphs provided by No advertisement- Totally free & no limitation in any future !!------------------------------------------Quick Introduction------------------------------------------At the top of the screen you will see your base currency. Hereenterthe amount you want to convert from. App will immediatelystart toconvert your base currency to all other currencies in thelist whileyou are typing. If you want to change your base currencyto anyother currency in your list just click on it. If thecurrency youwant isn't in your list you can add a new currency byclicking "allcurrencies" button at the bottom of the screen.Intelligent Caller ID functionality added. Caller ID now helpsyouidentify callers - even the ones not in your contact list.Thisfeature is optional and you can adjust or disable Caller ID atanytime in the settings menu.Enjoy
Currency Converter - Exchange
It's a simple CurrencyCalculator/Converterdesigned to be easy to use. You can convertmore than 150currencies.The perfect tool for travelers that need to calculate theexchangein different countries.Exchange Euro EUR to dollar USD or to Indian rupee INR in a easywaywithout internet connection.New: The new digital currency BITCOIN is now on thecurrencyconverter!!Features:- Search the currency for the actual location- Currency symbols- fast & easy- Use it offline- Stores the last updated rates- Convert prices without internet access- Charts από τη Χρυσή Ευκαιρία
Το xe app της Χρυσής Ευκαιρίας περιλαμβάνεισεμία μόνο εφαρμογή όλες τις κατηγορίες του με τρόπο πουηαναζήτηση αυτοκινήτου, σπιτιού, εργασίας ή οποιασδήποτεάλληςαγγελίας να γίνεται παιχνίδι, μιας και μπορείτε πλέον ναβρείτεαυτό που πραγματικά ψάχνετε εύκολα, γρήγορα και πάνω απόόλααξιόπιστα.• Βρείτε ό,τι ψάχνετε σε 1΄ ανάμεσα σε περισσότερες από850.000αγγελίες.• Αποθήκευστε εύκολα αγγελίες, αλλά και αναζητήσεις!• Δείτε μεγάλες φωτογραφίες κάθε αγγελίας, σε κάθετη ήοριζόντιαπροβολή.• Δείτε ακίνητα κοντά σε ΑΕΙ/ΤΕΙ (ιδανικό για κάθε φοιτητή!)• Επικοινωνήστε άμεσα με τον αγγελιοδότη, απευθείας από τοκινητόσας, είτε μέσω αποστολής email είτε μέσω τηλεφωνικήςκλήσης.• Κάντε scroll τις φωτογραφίες όχι μόνο από τη σελίδα αγγελίας,αλλάκαι από τις σελίδες αποτελεσμάτων.• Μοιραστείτε την αγγελία που σας ενδιαφέρει στα πιο διάσημαsocialsites ή μέσω email.• Κάντε τη ζωή σας πιο εύκολη χρησιμοποιώντας τα έξυπναφίλτρααναζήτησης.• Καλέστε τη Χρυσή Ευκαιρία για την καταχώρηση αγγελίας
Google Trips - Travel Planner
Google Inc.
Google Trips makes exploring the worldeasierby organizing your essential info in one place and makingitavailable even offline. Get activity suggestions based onwhat’snearby, customizeable day plans, and your travel reservationsfromGmail.AUTOMATIC TRIP ORGANIZATIONYour travel reservations are automatically gathered from Gmailandorganized into individual trips. Each trip contains dayplans,things to do, food and drink suggestions, and more.BUNDLED RESERVATIONSSee your flight, hotel, rental car, and restaurant bookings inoneplace without having to search for them individually.DAY PLANSFor several hundred of the world’s top places, find populardayplans organized on a map that you can customize based onyourinterests and available time.NEARBY ATTRACTIONSFind out when you’re near popular attractions (and whetherthey’reopen) as well as reviews and ratings from othertravelers.THINGS TO DOEvery trip contains ideas for things to do automaticallyorganizedinto useful categories like Top Spots and Indoors orOutdoors. Formany of the world’s top places, you’ll get curatedlocalsuggestions and travel tips.OFFLINE ACCESSNo Internet? No problem. Google Trips is available offline,soyou’ll always have access to your info.
TripAdvisor Hotels Restaurants
Millions of traveler reviews, photos, andmapsfrom TripAdvisor. Know better. Book better. Go better. Withover500 million reviews and opinions by travelers, TripAdvisormakes iteasy to find the lowest airfare, best hotels, greatrestaurants,and fun things to do, wherever you go. And bookingoptions forhotels, restaurants and flights are just a tapaway.The TripAdvisor mobile app is free and easy to use.• We compare prices from 200+ hotel booking sites to find thelowestprice on the right hotel for you• Browse millions of reviews, opinions, videos and candid photosbytravelers• Find the best hotel for you, including Travelers' Choiceawardwinners• Explore restaurants by food type, price range, and rating• Discover cool things to do in any destination• Compare airfares and find great deals• Use Near Me Now to discover options near you• Get answers to your specific travel questions in the forums• Add your own reviews and photos• Download maps, reviews, and your saves for Amsterdam,Bangkok,Barcelona, Berlin, Boston, Hong Kong, Las Vegas, London,New York,Orlando, Paris, Prague, Rome, San Francisco, Singapore,Tokyo andover 300 other cities worldwide onto your phone for free;avoidusing expensive data roaming plans while you travelApp Permissions Description:• Storage: TripAdvisor uses Google Maps, which usesexternal/USBstorage for caching downloaded map information.• Your location: These permissions are needed to obtainyourlocation so we can help you discover hotels, restaurants,andattractions around you. Network-based location gets aquicklocation, but is not usually pinpoint accurate. GPS is a bitslowerto initially locate you, but is usually more accurate.• Camera: The TripAdvisor phone app allows you to take apictureusing your Android device camera directly.• Network communication: Allows the app to transmit informationtoand from your phone via the Internet.• Your accounts: We are using the Android ApplicationAccountManager to store your credentials in a TripAdvisor account(you canfind it in Settings under the Accounts tab). If you removethe appwe also remove the TripAdvisor account on the device.• System tools: This location provider permission providesmoredetailed location information so that TripAdvisor can pick thebestpossible location source for your current situation. The“testaccess” permission allows Android to check if it can useyourexternal/USB storage for caching map information. Hotels & Vacation Rentals
Download the highest rated travel app,withthousands of people finding hotel, motel, & vacationrentaltravel deals. Find a stay for any trip, vacation, orweekendgetaway anywhere in the world!Search for Hotels, Motels & Vacation Rentals- With 1,100,000+ hotels, motels, vacation rentals and more –we’vegot it all- Book a last-minute hotel, motel or vacation rental, many withoutacredit card!Find a Great Travel Deal- View maps to make sure your hotel, motel or vacation rentaliswhere you want to be- Get great travel deals at all kinds of amazing properties(notjust cheap hotels!)Book and make changes, anytime- Get instant confirmation – on hotel, motel orvacationrental- 24/7 customer service when you book a hotel, motel orvacationrental worldwide
Skyscanner 7.28.1
Skyscanner all in one travel app.Easily search flights, hotels and cars all in one place.Travel smarter with Skyscanner’s slick new all-in-one travelapp.Instantly search, compare and book cheap flights, hotels andcarrentals anytime, anywhere for your next trip. Independentandunbiased and completely free, we simply find you the best dealsoutthere in seconds. The award-winning, easy to use app brought toyouby the world’s travel search engine. Available in over30languages* GET PRICE ALERTSNever miss a price drop on a flight. Get notified of anypricechanges with Price Alerts push notifications.* FIND CHEAP FLIGHTSEasily find and compare the cheapest days and months to fly withourcolor-coded calendar and chart view.* GET INSPIRATIONFor vacation inspiration, select ‘Everywhere’ in the destinationboxand we’ll brighten up your day with cheap flight pricestodestinations around the world. You can also find the bestdealsfrom your nearest airport, with our Top Deals.* FIND EXACTLY WHAT YOU WANTNarrow down your options. Filter results by duration, numberofstops, airline, cabin class, departure and arrival times.* SEARCH FOR HOTELSCompare great deals from hundreds of thousands of hotels,resorts,bed and breakfasts, apartments and hostels. Find rooms nearyourcurrent location. Even search last minute hotels for tonight.Justlooking for inspiration? Search for hotels in all yourtopdestinations and dig out some great deals.* SEARCH FOR CAR RENTALSSearch the world’s car rental companies in seconds. Choosefrom30,000 airport or city locations, then filter by vehicle type,fueltype and features to find just the car you want at just therightprice. What’s more, our Fair Fuel Policy flag makes sure youdon’tget ripped off on fuel.* RECENT SEARCHESAccess recent flight searches from your home screen and quicklypickup where you left off.* SEAMLESS EXPERIENCELog in to sync your flight searches and price alerts across allyourdevices - phone, tablet and desktop - so you can plan yourvacationanytime, anywhere.* NO ADDED FEESNo booking fees or hidden charges, just the best prices onflights,hotels and car rental* FREQUENT FLYER MILESEarn frequent flyer miles by booking via the Skyscanner appwhereapplicable.Recognized by the AppyAwards, Webby Awards and MobileEntertainmentAwards for best travel app.
trivago: Hotels & Travel 5.35.1
Search for the perfect hotel and getyourvacation deals at the lowest prices, with trivago. Our hotelfinderwill help you save money with tons of cheap hotels, comparepricesand plan your next trip using the world’s largest onlinehotelsearch engine.Find the best vacation deals and compare prices from more than200booking sites worldwide, and search over a million hotels inover190 countries. Start planning your next trip and save moneywhenbooking with trivago.trivago Features:Compare Prices & Save Money• Compare prices for hotels from over 200 worldwide booking sitestoget the best deal• Save money on your last minute travel by taking advantage ofhoteldiscounts and vacation dealsSearch Hotels & Travel Pricing• Search hotels and cheap motels in over 190 countries bylocationand pricing• Deal finder – Find travel deals by setting a maximum price tosuityour travel budget• Hotels and travel sites can be saved to do your bookingsanytime,anywhereHotel Finder• Find and save on hotels near well-known sightsorattractions• Save money on your next trip and plan a travel itinerary usingthelocation finder for the best hotel deals• Save nearby hotels on the go and use map functionalities tofinddiscountsTravel with Confidence• Search the trivago Rating Index to view all available hotelreviewscores• Save money on travel deals brought to you by our massiveworkforceto make your next trip the bestFind the best travel deals when you search for the perfecthotel,compare prices and plan for future bookings on the go,withtrivago!Download today and start planning your next trip!The Guardian lists the trivago app among the “10 bestmoney-savingapps”Tech Times calls it one of the “must have apps forfrequenttravelers.”NY Times lists it among the “7 steps to a cheaper hotelroom.”Lifehacker ranks trivago as one of the “best price-comparisonappsyou need to download now.”CNET called it one of the best “travel apps to start summervacationplanning now.”Hotel Ratings on Tons of Sites• Expedia•• Holidaycheck• ebookers•• Priceline• HotelTonight• Travelocity and more!Get further assistance on finding hotels for bookingsat us at
Airbnb 21.23
Airbnb, Inc
Unforgettable trips start with Airbnb.Findadventures in faraway places or your hometown, and accessuniquehomes, experiences, and places around the world. Bookeverythingyour trip needs, or start earning money as a host.BOOK HOMESChoose from over 2.5 million homes in over 191 countries. Searchbyprice, neighborhood, amenities, and more.BOOK EXPERIENCESGo on experiences led by local experts, whether it’s formultipledays or just an afternoon. Explore Seoul's undergroundmusic scene,hunt for truffles in a Tuscan forest, or give back tothe communitywith a social impact experience.DISCOVER PLACESFind the city’s best bars, restaurants, and secret spots. Getthelatest recommendations on where to go from notablelocals,celebrities, and hosts.For travelers:• Book homes and experiences for your next solo journey,familyvacation, or business trip• Search for last-minute accommodations or long-term rentals• Save your favorite homes, experiences, and places—andinvitefriends and family to plan the trip with you• Add experiences and events to your itinerary• Message your host and get directions to your homeFor hosts:• Share your extra space or lead experiences that showcasewhatmakes your city great• Update your listing and calendar availability• Share what’s special about your neighborhood with ahostguidebook• Message guests and manage their reservations
Travel Calculator 1.8.3
View realtime converted rates with over 100 currencies,evenoffline.Customize your own rates and lock them whenupdate.OFF/TAX/TIPpercent buttons ease your calculations duringyourwonderful journey.And of course, a well-designed calculatorisready to serve!Features: - Update anytime, anywhere, justsmallbandwidth needed. -Rates can be customized to your own onesand belocked. - Offlinemode supported. You can use Travel Calcevenwithout any connection.- You can set your own favoritestoaccelerate currency selection. -OFF/TAX/TIP percent buttonstohelp you perform common calculationtasks. - One click to swapmainand focus currency. So what are youwaiting for? JustdownloadTravel Calc now and make currency exchangeeasy than ever.Travelcould be easy and wonderful. Just leaveannoying currencyexchangesto Travel Calc.
KAYAK - Flights, Hotels & Car Rental 137.0
Don't just travel - trip. KAYAK searches hundreds of travelsitesatonce to find exactly what you need for your trip, fromcheapflightsto great hotel deals, and car rentals. Nonstopflightleaving at9am? Sure. Pet-friendly vacation rental near theslopes?Yup. SUVrental for under $50/day? We're on it. Becausewe'retravelers tooand know that every trip is worth planning.BOOKFLEXIBLY Easilysearch, filter and sort your options to findtheright travel offersfor you - whether it's flights you canchangewith no fees, hotels,rentals and car rentals withfreecancellation, the cheapest deal,or the most comfortable seat.SAVEMONEY Get mobile-only rates andPrivate Deals on the app. SetPriceAlerts to find out when pricesdrop, and use Explore todiscovernew destinations within yourbudget. EVERYTHING IN ONE PLACEThisis more than just a travel app.Our Trips tool keeps your plansinorder. Get alerts for flight andgate changes, access boardingpasson and offline and plan out andshare your itinerary, all fromoneplace. Use Guides to create,collect and share dailyitineraries,tips and impressions along theway. COMPARE FLIGHT DEALSFROM 900+SITES • Take the stress out oftrip planning. Find flexibleflightoffers with no change fees. •Search with flexible dates up to+/-3 days to see when's the besttime to fly. • Filter optionsbasedon stops, airlines, departuretimes, cancellationpolicies,amenities & more. • Save yourpreferences to see yourfavoriteairlines and hotels first (and skipones you don't like). •Book atthe right time. Price Forecast letsyou know whether youshouldwait or book now. • We'll even show youHacker Fares whichpairtogether two one-way tickets for around-trip flight (and saveyou$$). FIND A RENTAL CAR THAT FITSYOUR TRIP • Search fromover70,000 locations to find the perfectcar rental for your trip.•Filter your rental car search by vehicletype including hybridsandelectric vehicles, offers with unlimitedmileage, enhancedcleaningand much more. • Risk-free booking: Findcar rentals with afreecancellation policy so if plans change, youcan easilyrebook.HOTELS, VACATION RENTALS AND UNIQUE STAYS FROMTHOUSANDS OFSITES •Compare all sorts of accommodation, fromfive-star resortstoholiday homes and boutique hotels. • Lookingfor astaycation?Uncover deals on amazing places to visit righthere in{homecountry} • Stay flexible by easily filtering for hoteldealswithfree cancellation. • Unlock Private Deals andexclusivemobile-onlyrates for even more savings. EXPLORE: Discovernewdestinations onyour budget • Whether you have $300 or $3,000tospend, Explorelets you set a budget and shows you where intheworld you can go.TRIPS: All your travel plans in one place. •Keepall your plansorganized in one travel app, regardless of whereyoubooked. •Forward your booking confirmation [email protected] or syncyour Gmail or Outlook account. • UseourFlight Tracker to stayup-to-date on any flight's progress,withreal-time status updates,gate change & baggageclaimnotifications. • Check your TripStats to see how far youtraveled,your top cities, and how manytimes you've been around theworld. •Your traveler data is safeand secure - meaning you neverhave tore-enter your booking andcredit card info. • Share yourvacationplans with family &friends. • No signal, no problem.View youritinerary and noteswith no internet connection. MEASUREYOUR BAG •AR measuring toollets you know if your carry-on bagcomplies withthe policy of theairline you're flying with. PRICEALERTS: Nevermiss a deal • Letus do the searching for you. Create aPrice Alertand we’ll notifyyou when the price drops. Download theKAYAK travelapp now and getready for your next travel adventure!
Expedia Hotels, Flights & Cars 21.10.0
We’re excited to announce that you’re nowableto book bundle deals on the Expedia phone app in the US! Saveup to$570 on your vacation when booking a flight +hoteltogether.*Book your hotels, flights, rental cars, activities and bundledealson the Expedia App! Please note rental cars, activities andbundledeals are only available on the phone app.From planning to booking and beyond, the Expedia App is designedtoenhance your travel. Save with mobile-exclusive deals and stayonestep ahead with flight, hotel and car alerts and view yourtripdetails anytime, anywhere.Save big when booking bundle deals:- Select your perfect hotel and ideal flight- Keep an eye out for Unreal Deals- View your flight and hotel details together and marvel atallyou’ve savedSave big on hotel rooms:- Save up to 40% with mobile-exclusive hotel deals for tonight,orany night- Sort by price, deals or reviews to find a hotel perfectforyou- Read real reviews from verified hotel guestsFind your perfect flight:- Choose from hundreds of airlines- Sort by price, duration or departure and arrival time- Book all class types, from economy to first class seatsGet going as soon as you land:- Enjoy round-trip car rentals from any airport – withnocancellation fee- Reserve a car rental up to 30 minutes in advance- Choose from our selection of standard car rentals, luxuryautos,SUVs and moreDiscover and book things to do:- Browse and book activities for hundreds ofdestinationsworldwide- Get tickets for tours, shows and theme parks, museumsandmore- Reserve airport shuttles and ground transportationBook in a flash and get rewarded for your travel:- Already signed in? Complete your booking in less than30seconds- Earn Expedia+ points on all your purchasesYour trip companion, no matter the device:- View upcoming trip details, hotel address information and getmapsfor directions- Receive alerts for flight delays, hotel check-out timesandmore- Share itineraries with family and friends via email ortextmessage- Get inspired with our curated tablet travel collectionsDownload the Expedia App for hotels, flights, carsrentals,activities and bundle deals today!*Savings based on all vacation package bookings with Flight +Hotelon from September 2013 through February 2014,ascompared to price of the same components booked separately.Savingswill vary based on origin/destination, length of trip, staydatesand selected travel supplier(s). Savings not available onallpackages.
Guides by Lonely Planet
Lonely Planet
NEW: • My Lonely Planet Library: scan your physicalguidebooksandget free access to the cities in them. • Lonely PlanetTV:350+episodes of award-winning travel shows. Get to the heartofadestination with Guides by Lonely Planet! Packed withofflinemaps,audio phrasebooks, a currency converter andadvicefromon-the-ground experts, our free city guides aretheultimateresource for travelers before and during atrip.EXPERT-CURATEDCITY GUIDES Our writers live and breathe eachcitythey visit,reviewing every place that makes it into ourcarefullycuratedguides. Their essential tips and advice on where tostay,what todo and where to eat will help youdiscoveramazing,off-the-beaten-track places. TOPRECOMMENDATIONSOverwhelmed byoptions for hotels, restaurants andthings to do?Guides onlysurfaces the spots really worth seeing in acity, aschosen by ourtravel experts. OFFLINE MAPS No connection?Noproblem. Everything,including maps and phrasebooks, works100%offline so you can avoidextra roaming charges abroad.AUDIOPHRASEBOOKS Talk to the localswith more than 10,000 phrasesfor 19different languages. Findingthe right thing to say has neverbeeneasier! • Arabic • Czech •French • German • Greek • Japanese•Italian • Korean • Polish •Portuguese • Russian • Spanish •Spanish(Latin-American) • Swahili• Thai • Turkish • Vietnamese •Chinese •Chinese (Hong-Kong)SIMPLE BOOKMARKING Save and organizeyourfavorite hotels,restaurants and things to do so you can visit(orrevisit) yourpersonal must-sees while on the road.IMMERSIVEEXPERIENCES Take alook around these cities with our 360ºimmersiveexperiences •Amsterdam • Bangkok • Barcelona • Beijing •Berlin •Bogotá • Dubai• Florence • Hong Kong • Kuala Lumpur • LosAngeles •Madrid •Miami • Milan • Naples • New York • Paris • Pisa •Prague •Rio •Rome • Shanghai • Singapore • Taipei • Tokyo • Venice• Verona•Vienna • Yerevan This version of Guides includes 8000+cities,aswell as over 350,000 places and narratives. Lonely Planetistheworld's leading travel content provider, supplyinginspiringandtrustworthy information for those planning a trip, onthe roadorbrowsing as an armchair traveler. We've spent the last40yearstraveling the world and crafting the most reliabletravelguides,and we put all that knowledge into making the besttravelapp.We're always working to improve this app and would lovetohearyour feedback. If you have any questions or ideas, pleaseemailusat [email protected] Happy travels!
Travel - Currency Converter 1.7.2
Enjoy the power of travel around the world with the bestcurrencyconverter. With this currency exchange calculator you canconvert160 coins from 243 countries and all of this withoutinternetconnnection. Discover the price of the dollar today, euroand alsothe bitcoin wherever you are. Just open the app and youwill findthe price of your favorite coins updated. The last valueof all thecurrencies on the world like: USD (United States Dollar)EUR (Euro)GBP (British Pound) CHF (Swiss Franc) BRL (BrazilianReal) BTC(Bitcoin) MXN (Mexican Peso) CLP (Chilean Peso) ARS(ArgentinePeso) VEF (Venezuelan Bolivar) PEN (Peruvian Nuevo Sol)UYU(Uruguayan Peso) COP (colombian Peso) Also, is the only oneappthat provides the real value of the Venezuelan Bolivar (thevalueon cucuta). Are you traveling to more than one country? Youcouldadd all the currencies of your destination on the main screen.Doyou want to enjoy this app without ads? You could remove theadswith less than the price of a coffe.
Cheapflights – Flight Search 138.1
The Cheapflights app helps you search, compare and bookcheapflights from hundreds of airlines and travel agents globally.We’rea team of passionate, savvy explorers here to make it easy foryouto find the cheapest flights to your next travel destination.WithCheapflights you can: ✓ Compare cheap flights from hundredsofairlines and travel agents worldwide ✓ See the cheapest days toflywith our Price Calendar and Chart Views ✓ Use Smart Value tofindthe best flights by balancing price and flight duration ✓ Saveandcompare flights from your search results and book later ✓ Loginand save your flight preferences for a faster, morepersonalexperience across all your devices. Millions of people findcheaptickets with us every year. Want to be one of them? Whetheryouhave your eye on last minute flights, domesticflights,international flights, cheap airline tickets and low-costairfare,the cheapest flights and deals are just a download away.Our flightcomparison service is simple and completely free to use.All youneed to do is search, filter and book your flights. We willthensend you directly to the airline or travel agent to book yourplanetickets without any hiddenfees._____________________________________ SEARCH ✓ Search andcomparecheap flights to your destination for free ✓ Find thecheapest daysto fly with our interactive Price Calendar and ChartView ✓ Findjust what you’re looking for by searching for flights bycity orairport _____________________________________ FILTER ✓ Seejust theflights that fit your price range, airport, airlines,number ofstops, take-off and landing times ✓ Filter results by thecheapestflight, the quickest flight or a happy balance between thetwo ✓Save flights from your search results to compare and booklater ✓Log in to apply your flight search criteria across all yourdevicesfor a seamless experience___________________________________ BOOK✓ Take a look at checkedbaggage and seat reservation fees soyou’re always prepared beforebooking ✓ Stay up-to-date on maximumcarry-on or hand-luggage sizesand weights to avoid extra baggagecosts ✓ See a snapshot of yourselected flight dates and times soyou can review before booking ✓When you’ve found your perfectflight tickets, we will send youdirectly to the airline or travelagent to book_____________________________________ So, let’s getstarted. Goahead and download the Cheapflights app now and searchfor flightsto any city or airport, anywhere in the world. And, ifyou’re havingany issues with our app, please let us know so we canmake thingsright. You can get in touch withusat: [email protected]
TripIt: Travel Planner 10.7.0
TripIt, Inc.
MASTER ITINERARY As soon as you book a flight, hotel, carorotherreservation, simply forward it to [email protected]’llinstantly add it to your master itinerary. We make it easytosynctravel plans to your calendar or share them with anyoneyouchoose.RESERVATION DETAILS No more frantically searchingthroughyourinbox for important details like when your flight getsin ortheconfirmation number for your hotel. Find them instantlywithTripIt— even when you’re offline. TripIt for Android Wearprovidesevenmore convenience, making your travel reservationdetailsavailableat a glance. You can even upload PDFs, photos,boardingpass anddigital passport QR codes, and more to your travelplans inthe appso everything is in one place. DESTINATION-SPECIFICGUIDANCEANDSAFETY SCORES Stay informed about the rapidlychangingtravellandscape with destination-specific guidelines,restrictionsandrequirements, accessible from the trip itineraryscreen in theapp.See safety scores from 1 to 100 for neighborhoodsaround theworld,representing low to high risk. These scores cover avarietyofcategories, such as women’s safety, political freedoms,andaccessto health and medical services. Since everyone hasadifferentcomfort level when they travel, you can set yourpersonalrisklevel and we’ll warn you if you’re planning on visitinganareathat’s above your threshold. ROAD TRIPS TripIt has lotsoffeaturesto help you stay organized and find your way around onyournextroad trip. Map View plots out your entire trip on amap;Navigatorquickly pulls up driving directions between twopoints;and NearbyPlaces locates the closest restaurants, parking,cafesand ATMs.TRIPIT PRO Manage all your plans for free withTripIt, orfor aboutthe price of checking your bags, upgrade toTripIt Pro togetstress-free travel all year long. When you upgrade,TripIt Prowilldo all this for you (and more!): • Send real-timeflightstatusalerts • Monitor for flight refunds • Let you know howlongthesecurity lines are • Provide interactive airport andterminalmapsYour Google Play account will be charged when thepurchaseisconfirmed. Your TripIt Pro subscription will be good for1year,and automatically renew each year at $48.99 unless youturnoffauto-renew at least 24 hours before your term ends(seeUserAgreement: Tomanageyoursubscription, including auto-renew, visit your PlaystoreAccountSettings. TRIPIT PRO FOR SAP CONCUR USERS If yourcompanyuses SAPConcur, you may receive complimentary TripIt Probenefitsthat mosttravelers have to pay for. Make sure you’reconnected toTripIt toget itineraries created for you as soon as youbook, andreceive acomplimentary subscription to TripIt Pro, ifyou’reeligible. Formore information, see the TripItUserAgreement( andPrivacyPolicy(
Hopper - Watch & Book Flights
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Save up to 40% on your next flight!Hopperpredicts the future of airfare. Watch your next flight in theappand get a notification as soon as the price drops to itslowestpoint. Never miss a deal!Users save on average $50 per flight by following thebunny’sadvice. Know if you should book now or wait for a betterpriceusing the price prediction feature.Hopper is like a super-fast, all-knowing travel agent thatanalyzesup to 15 billion flights prices every day and predicts thefuturecheapest price with 95% accuracy!✓ PREDICT the best time to fly and buy so you’ll score thecheapestfares.✓ WATCH a trip to receive price alerts via push notificationstheinstant prices drop.✓ BUY cheap flights in 60 seconds or less with just a few taps andaswipe.✓ FLY with confidence knowing you’ve found the best plane ticketsonthe airlines you like.Hopper is an award-winning travel app. No spam. No ads. Nopopups.No time wasted. Just the confidence you’re booking the bestflightand saving money.Other things you can do with Hopper:• Find the cheapest travel dates using thecolor-codedcalendar• Get smart travel tips about nearby airports and dates to saveevenmore on your trip• Use filters to get custom predictions about the best flightforyou. Remove long layovers, stops, or basic fares that have lotsofextra fees and restrictions• Compare prices and amenities from over 250 airlines aroundtheworld including most low-cost airlines• Use our price tracker for round-trip or one-way flights• Receive personalized recommendations about deals todestinationsyou might like based on flights you are tracking, yourpastvacations and your travel budget• Find out about breaking fare sales, hacker fares, andexclusivedeals available from your home airport• Last minute travel? Find great travel deals that leave in thenextdays. Check out our companion app GTFO for more lastminutedeals• Save your traveler profile and your payment details securelyforeven faster booking• Get an overview of all of the important details in the fineprintfrom Fair Bear. He’ll let you know about the policies andfeesrelated to flights cancellation or changes, carry-onallowances,first & second checked bags prices and seatselection• Receive help 24/7 from our support agents if you need to cancelormodify your flightDownload Hopper and let’s start planning your trip!HOPPER LOVE2016 Google Play Award Winner - Standout Startup!“The 10 Best Free Apps for Air Travel Junkies” - TIME“23 Life-Changing Apps We Downloaded This Year” - BuzzFeed"How Well Do Airfare Predictors Work? Hopper: 8/10, Kayak:6/10,Google Flights: 0/10” - WSJ"Hopper, Expedia and Skyscanner Use Big Data to Find YoutheCheapest Airfares" - Paste MagazineSAY HELLOFacebook: @hopperhttp://www.hopper.comHave a question or some stellar feedback? Give us a [email protected]
Yatra - Flights, Hotels, Bus, Trains & Cabs 13.1.39
India’s leading travel app - Yatra enables you to planyourtravelwithout any hassles. With over 10 million downloads,Yatrahasbecome the preferred choice for travellers to bookflights,hotels,bus, cabs, trains, holiday packages and more. 1.FlightBookings •Search and book cheap flight tickets on DomesticandInternationalAirlines • Book One-way/Round Trips through asinglewindowdisplay. View flight fares and enjoy special discountswiththeFlight Booking App. • Get the best price on allDomesticAirlinesand book flight tickets for Indigo, Spice Jet, GoAir, AirIndia,Air Asia, Air India Express, Vistara etc. Get flightdealswhilebooking through Yatra mobile app. • Make cheapflightticketbooking for all International Airlines includingBritishAirways,Virgin Atlantic, Lufthansa, Jet Airways,Emirates,Etihad,Singapore Airlines, Malaysian Airlines, CathayPacific.Getnumerous flight offers with the online flight bookingapp. •Youcan modify your search directly on the search resultspagebyselecting fresh dates on the airfare calendar throughYatraairticket booking app • After successful flight ticketbooking,viewhotels at your chosen destination via the onlinehotelbookingoption • Online payment for cheap flights and onlinehotelbookingis conveniently and easily available through multiplewayson thistravel app 2. Hotel Bookings • Book hotels from anetworkof70,000+ Domestic & 5,00,000+ International hotels •Enjoygreatdiscounts on hotels with Yatra app • Search hotel roomsbycity,area, hotel name, and filter them by starratings,amenities,price, TripAdvisor rating, location etc. • Readuserratings andreviews before making a hotel booking • Check imagesofhotels androoms along with their location on the map •Bookpremium, budgetor cheap hotels on the Yatra app as per yourchoice,and paydirectly at the hotel • Choose a hotel basis Freewifi,Freebreakfast, Free Cancellation, [email protected] etc. • Saveyourfavouritehotels to a list and share it with your friends&family toplan your stay together 3. Bus Bookings: • Search andbookbustickets from a wide network of bus operators that coverover15,000routes across India • Choose from different bus types-Seater,Sleeper, AC, Non-AC Deluxe, AC Volvo 4. Cab Bookings: •Bookcabrides from 100+ cities across India • Search andbookOutstationand Hourly Cabs • Book Self-drive Cars 5. BookHolidays •Choose aholiday package from a range of Domestic&Internationalpackages • Explore holidays by theme - Hillsstations,Beach,Adventure, Weekend trips, Luxury, Wildlife and more• Selectyourtravel plan and get a call back from our travel experts6.TrainBookings • Search & book Indian Railways train tickets•CheckPNR status, train running status and more with the Yatra app•UseeCash on train bookings and save money •IRCTCofficiallyauthorises Yatra app for train bookings 7. SMEBookings •Bookcheap flights with Yatra SME App • Low or nilcancellationonflights and hotels • Avail special rates on bus andtrainbookingswith SME App 8. E-tickets for Monuments Book onlineticketsto 178heritage monuments of India using Yatra App 7. MyBookings •Saveyour travel plans in My Bookings. You can view themlaterinoffline mode. • Get booking details, request e-ticketsandothertravel details via SMS • Add your tickets to Passbook, andoptforeco-friendly and smart travel 8. More in store for you!•RedeemYatra eCash on your travel bookings • Refer the app toyourfriends& earn eCash Write to us for anyqueries/[email protected] - City & Travel Guide
***The award winning App is yourguideto discovering the best places to Play, Eat and Stay thatareperfect for you, at home or while traveling*** uses your interests, the time of day, the localweather,and your location to help you discover the bestattractions,events, restaurants and hotels:* Get recommendations whether you’re a foodie, a nightlife lover,afamily traveler or more* Get timely suggestions to grab dinner, brunch, coffee, dessertandmore based on the time & day of the week* Get ideas for things to do based on the weather for thosesunny,rainy or even cloudy days* Discover local gems and fresh places to go while at home, andseethe most popular places when visiting or exploring a newcity* Explore ideas for a weekend getaway nearby or get inspiredbyexploring one of's 60,000 destinations acrosstheglobe* Book & save on hotels recommended by the community-compare prices across Expedia,,,Priceline,Hotwire and more* Read from over +1M member reviews so you never missouton insider tips* Give back & share your experiences by creating postcards&reviews of your adventures with fun, custom photofilters* Join the community to participate in local andgloballeaderboards, show off your travel expertise, collect badges&moreTOP APP* Named “New & Noteworthy” in more than 20 countries* Winner "Best Travel Apps" - Time Magazine, Mashable, Travel&Leisure* "Your secret weapon for having fun in your hometown" -BusinessInsiderNote: Continued use of GPS running the background candramaticallydecrease battery life.
redBus - Bus and Hotel Booking
redBus app is available in India,Singapore,Malaysia & IndonesiaQuickest & safest way to book bus tickets & hotel roomsisthrough redBus! Search for your destination and choose from awidechoice of bus services based on your preferred busoperator,departure times, prices, bus types, pickup & drop offpoints,ratings & customer feedback. Choose seats & paysecurelyusing popular payment options available based onyourcountry.INDIABook bus tickets for over 70,000 routes and choose from over2,300operators. Choose from a variety of buses includingseater,sleeper, semi-sleeper, A/C, non A/C buses. You can nowtransact onthe app using online banking, credit cards debit cards& PayTmwallet.Key features:1. One touch secure payments- Save your card details &booktickets with a single tap2. One touch cancellations - Cancel tickets using theapplicationwith a single tap3. Live bus tracking – Track your bus live on a map andsendtracking link to your near and dear.Popular bus operators:VRL, SRS, KPN, Orange Tours, Neeta Travels, Kallada, Kesineni,SVR,Sharma Travels, HKB, Sangeetha, SRM, Seabird, Hindusthan,Paulo,Rathimeena, Sharma, Sree Kaleswari, Universal, Kaveri,Morningstar, Greenline, Prasanna, Hebron, Hans, Vivegam, National,A1,Roadlink, Meghana, Patel, Konduskar, Jabbar, APSRTC, MSRTC,UPSRTC,HRTC, GoaKadambaStates where bus services can be found: Karnataka,Maharashtra,Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan,NCR,Haryana, Goa, Kerala, West Bengal, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh,HimachalPradesh, Punjab, Orissa & many moreSINGAPORE & MALAYSIABook express bus tickets to popular destinations such asSingapore,Kuala Lumpur, Johor Bahru, Penang, Melaka, Ipoh, Genting,CameronHighlands, KLIA, KLIA2, Seremban, Perlis, Terengganu &more.You can choose from a list of reliable coach companies suchasTransnasional, Plusliner, Nice, Starmart, Konsortium,Aerobus,Transtar, Causeway Link & more!Pay securely via payment options such as credit cards, debitcards,and online banking supporting all major banks in Singapore&Malaysia.Key benefits:1. Convenient, secure & fast booking.2. Discounts and cashbacks of up to 30% every time youbook(T&Cs apply)3. Refer & earn – Earn exciting rewards by inviting yourfriendsand family to join redBus.Our customer care team is available for you 24x7 over emails,chat& phone.WE’RE NOW AVAILABLE IN INDONESIABook coach and shuttle tickets for popular destinations suchasJakarta, Bandung, Semarang, Solo, Yogyakarta, Surabaya,Denpasarand more many more destinations! Bus tickets for KramatDjati,X-Trans, PO San, Hai-Trans, Pahala Kencana, Lorena, Day TransBimoTrans & more. We continue to add more bus operators toofferthe widest choice to you.You can avail upto 20% flat discount every time you book onredBus.Paying securely via payment options such as credit cards,debitcards, BCA Klikpay, Mandiri Clickpay and Doku wallet. You canalsopay offline via ATM transfers or at your near Alfamart.HOTELSBook hotels on the move at cheapest prices. Choose from over20000hotels across 1000 cities including top destinationslikeBangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, Mumbai, Chennai, Tirupati,Ooty,Coimbatore, Shirdi, Katra, Munnar, Kerala, Coorg,Kodaikanal,Pondicherry, Goa, Darjeeling, Gangtok, Nasik, Jaipur,Agra, Mysore,Udaipur, Jodhpur, Gurgaon and more!We have hotel options suitable for all your needs, be itpilgrimage,business, leisure, weekend getawaysor honeymoon1. Search & shortlist hotels by name, localities,cities,amenities, prices, ratings.2. Refine your search hotel images, room types, inclusions,andcancellation policies.3. Over 75000 verified hotel reviews to help you find thebesthotel.4. 24 hour check-in for tension free travelAvail exclusive discounts, last minute deals, freecancellationpolicy and ensure you get the best deal every time. Wealso offerlowest price guarantee on all hotel bookings
TripCase – Travel Organizer 4.15.8
Organize all of your trip details and travel plansintoonestreamlined itinerary. TripCase lets you manageflightitineraries,hotel bookings, and rental car reservations inone app.Get airportterminal and gate information in one glance onyourphone, andreceive notifications on your phone, tablet orsmartwatchif thereis a change to your flight. Great for businesstravelersandfrequent fliers. BEFORE YOUR TRIP • add reservationdetails toyouraccount so you can access your itinerary fromanywhere • shareyourtrip with others and TripCase will keep themupdated on yourbehalfAT THE AIRPORT • view flight information andreceivenotificationsif anything changes • locate your seat on theplane orcheck outwhat’s available with real time seat maps •searchalternateflights when you need to make adjustments ATYOURDESTINATION •quickly access directions or request an Uber ridetoget to yournext destination • uncover something new withhelpfulmessagesspecific to your destination • instantly add newlocationsto youritinerary to remember them later
Visit A City 4.0.51
Visit A City
Planning your trip should be simple and fun with Visit ACityApp.It’s free and it works offline. You’ll be getting: *Freeaccess to1000+ travel guides created by experts. * Access toyourplans andmaps online and offline. * Easy navigation betweenthelocationsbased on your personal plan. * Detailed guides whichwillhelp youfind what to see and what to do. Try it out, weguaranteethis isone App you will surely enjoy.
Cleartrip - Flights, Hotels, Activities, Dineout
More than 20 million people love touseCleartrip on mobile to plan, search and book their trips. Savetimeand money when booking air tickets, hotels and IRCTCauthorisedIndian Railway tickets [1].And now, with Cleartrip Local, book exciting and uniqueexperiencesin your city or when you are travelling. Choose fromamazing thingsto do, explore great dining experiences and enjoygreat eventshappening in your city. All in one awesome app.Search & book cheap flights- Search and book cheap domestic and international flights withthebest deals- Find the cheapest flight by searching for flights by cityorairport- Set a fare alert for your search and we will alert you whentheprice drops or when it is about to increase- Pick from all popular airlines, including IndiGo, JetAirways,SpiceJet, Air India, Air Asia, Emirates, Etihad,SingaporeAirlines, Lufthansa, Qatar Airways, Thai Airways, BritishAirwaysand more- Cleartrip Expressway: Make 1-touch flight bookings in less than60seconds when you save your cards (protected using industryleadingencryption technology)- Pick from multiple payment options including credit cards,debitcards, net banking and popular wallets like PayTm, PayZapp,PayUMoney, OlaMoney and MasterPass- Carry your trips with you wherever you go, even when offline,andtravel paperless- Cancel or reschedule your flight bookings right from theappSearch and book cheap hotels- Get great deals on hotels in 15000+ cities- Search and book rooms from a huge choice of hotels, forallbudgets- [email protected] Book your room on Cleartrip and pay directly atthehotel- Use price, star rating, traveller ratings (powered byTripAdvisor)and location filters to quickly find the besthotel- Read TripAdvisor reviews by other travellers to pick therighthotelCleartrip Local - discover your cityCleartrip Local presents the most comprehensive set ofexperiencesto go out and enjoy when you’re in your city or awaytravelling.With Local, we deliver awesome experiences in your cityso that youcan trip without travelling.- Discover and book amazing experiences & find your passion,beit in your city or on a trip. Go out and do something.- WonderLa and other theme parks, Harley Davidson rides,scubadiving, kids workshops or food tours, there is somethingforeveryone.- Enjoy delicious meals at the best restaurants in your city.Bespoilt for choice.- Know what’s happening in your city. Discover events.Music,comedy, workshops - it’s all here.PermissionsAn explanation of the permissions we seek when you installtheCleartrip app:* [1] Railway bookings on Cleartrip are authorised byIRCTC('t forget to rate us on the Play Store and shareyourfeedback.
Traveloka Book Flight & Hotel 3.36.1
*1st Winner of “One to Watch” at BrandZ™ Top50Most Valuable Indonesian Brands in 2016**Top Sky Agent - Red Diamond Award, Bangkok & CentralThailand,2015 by Thai AirAsia**1st Winner of Top Brand Award 2015 & 2016 for FlightTicket& Hotel Booking Service**Official partner of IATA (International AirTransportAssociation)**Covered by international press: Financial Times, Tech inAsia,tnooz, e27**Indonesia's No. 1 Cheap Flight & Hotel BookingServiceaccording to comScore**Garuda Indonesia's Best Performing GOS Agent 2014*More than 12,000,000 people have secured cheap flight ticketsandgood value hotels with the free Traveloka App. Pay for yourflighttickets and hotel bookings through secure, various paymentmethodsincluding credit cards, bank transfers, andover-the-counterpayments across Southeast Asia. Receive youre-tickets or hotelvouchers instantly in your inbox. This is travelmade easy.WHY USE TRAVELOKA FLIGHT & HOTEL APP?HONEST PRICE: NO BOOKING FEES, NO HIDDEN CHARGESOur travel application offers you the cheapest flights andlowestprices of hotel rooms — no booking fees, no hiddenchargesinvolved. All prices shown already include applicable taxesandsurcharges. Price you see = price you pay.ONE-TAP MULTI-AIRLINES PAIRINGFly worldwide in one single tap. Our free travel appcombinesmultiple airlines for different legs of your journey, andensureyou reach your destination at the cheapest pricepossible.GET YOUR E-TICKET/HOTEL VOUCHER IN 1 MINUTE OR LESSAuto-fill your booking form with our Travelers Pickerfeature,complete your payment in one single tap with My Cards, andreceiveyour flight ticket or hotel voucher in your inbox in lessthan 1minute. Register or log in to enjoy these in-appfeatures.WIDE SELECTION OF AIRLINES AND HOTELSFind cheap flight tickets to Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand,Vietnam,The Philippines or anywhere else in the world from ourwideselection of low-cost and full-service airlines: AirAsia,GarudaIndonesia, Malaysia Airlines, Singapore Airlines, CebuPacific, andmany more.For hotel booking, get awesome hotel deals from cheap to5-starluxury hotels in major destinations including Singapore,Malaysia,Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines: Hilton, Red Planet Hotel,FragranceHotel, Marriott, Best Western, etc.PAPERLESS E-TICKETS/HOTEL VOUCHERSForget printing your tickets. Our free travel app stores allyourflight tickets and hotel vouchers in your account, makingitaccessible on multiple devices — even withoutinternetconnection.SMART COMBO — UP TO 40% SAVINGS ON INTERNATIONAL FLIGHTSWith our free travel app, book round-trip cheap ticketswithselected airlines marked with “Smart Combo” today and save upto40% on your international travel!NUMEROUS APP-ONLY DEALSTraveloka offers app-only deals and notifies you when cheapflightand hotel special promotions are available. Also findreal-timediscounts on hotels near you with this hotel app. Nevermiss anydeals again with our handy flight & hotel app!24-HOUR MULTI-LINGUAL CUSTOMER SERVICEOur Customer Service team speaks English, Indonesian, Malay,Thaiand Vietnamese — and are available 24 hours every day toaddressyour questions. Reach us by phone, email or live chat,fromanywhere in the world.PERMISSIONSThis app requires your permission to the following:YOUR CAMERA [WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE, READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE]To upload your payment proofs quickly when you make payments byBankTransferYOUR LOCATION [ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION, ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION]To help you find the perfect hotels nearbyYOUR EMAIL ADDRESS [GET_ACCOUNTS]To automatically suggest your email address during bookingsorregistrationYOUR PHONE NUMBER [RECEIVE_SMS]To automatically read the verification code sent to yourphoneduring registration (this speeds up the registrationprocess)
Google Earth
Google Inc.
This is the new Google Earth.Gain a new perspective of the world as you explore the globe withaswipe of your finger.Fly through landmarks and cities like London, Tokyo and Romeinstunning 3D, then dive in to experience them first hand withStreetView. See the world from a new point of view with Voyager,whichbrings you one-of-a-kind experiences from Sesame Street, BBCEarth,NASA and more.
MakeMyTrip Travel Booking: Flights, Hotels, Trains 8.5.6
MakeMyTrip - Travel booking App trusted by 5 Crore+happycustomersto plan their Vacations Book IRCTC Train tickets,flights,hotels,bus tickets, taxi cabs, rental cars &activities.Getadditional discounts on first time bookings ofHotel,Flight,Train, Cab & Bus when you book through theapp.Manageall yourbookings and make revisions & cancellations.Avail bestdealson Hotels, Offers on Flights, Taxi Booking, Train& Busticketbooking. Get instant discounts on select bank credit&debitcards everyday. Start your ultimate travel experiencewiththeMakeMyTrip App! Online Train Booking🚆: ● IRCTC BookingPartnerforIndian Railways Train Tickets Booking ● Confirmed IRCTCeticketbooking with tatkal & special train tickets ● Hasslefreetrainticket Booking online & real time rail enquiry ●Checklivewhere is my train running status ● Check live PNRstatus&train seat availability ● Make train reservations,checkrailwaytimetable & get PNR confirmation Book HotelsOnline🏨: ●Availour latest offerings Choose from the best MakeMyTripAssuredhotels& get deals on hotels with reviews fromTripAdvisor ●Book astaycation for a relaxing getaway at a premiumproperty nearyourcity. Enjoy free room upgrades, free stay &meals forKids,wifi etc ● Find the best hotels near you, Pay onlineor atthehotel when you check in, guaranteed flexible booking&easycancellation ● Find cheap hotels, get exclusivedeals&discounts on family & couple-friendly hotels ●Foralternateaccommodations, book holiday homes, privateapartments,villas,B&Bs, homestays, rental homes & OYOhotels BookCheapFlight Tickets✈️: ● Book flights for one-way orround-trips,getbest deals with fare comparison & check flightstatus,flightschedules ● Get flights to Goa, Maldives, Dubai,Bangkok,Singapore, Paris etc ● Book Domestic flights like SpiceJet,AirIndia, Go Air, Air Asia, Vistara, Indigo&Internationalflights from Qatar Airways, Kuwait Airways,MalaysiaAirlines,British Airways, Emirates, Etihad, Lufthansa &moreBus TicketBooking Online🚍: ● Check seat availability, getreal-timeupdates& book online bus tickets for over 12,000routes with1,300+bus operators in India ●APSRTC,UPSRTC,GSRTC,HRTC,PRTC,MSRTCOnlineCab Booking🚖: ● Book cheapairport taxis from Delhi,Bengaluru,Mumbai & Chennai airports ●Find affordable carrentals &also book intercity/outstation carfor a road tripwith a the bestprice guarantee Best HolidayPackages⛱️: ● Pick yourown choice& customize your hotels,flights & inclusions& enjoybeaches in Goa, houseboat staysin Kerala, hills inHimachal ● Getcurated hotels & experiencesat best combo rateswithguaranteed 24X7 travel assistance ● Get bestdomestic&international holiday packages & deals to Goa,Bali,Kerala,Dubai, etc & grab great new yearspecialoffersEvents/Activities📅: ● Discover local &internationalevents,book tours & enjoy experiences ranging frommuseums,wild-lifesafari, adventure sports ● Explore deals on watersports,trip towonderla, tickets to monuments in the city, riverraftinginRishikesh, plan a Daycation & more Now withTripMoneyavailonline travel loans with EMI tenures ranging from3-12 monthsandAPRs (16-24%). Travel loan partners: IDFC First Bank,ZestMoney& Capital Float. You can sign up on the MakeMyTripAppusinginternational phone numbers while creating an account forallourinternational users Awards won by MakeMyTrip: 🏆 TimesTravelAwards2018 - OTA of the year 🏆 Condé Nast Traveller India-Favouritetravel app 2017 & Favourite online tour agent 2017
Cheap Hotels & Vacation Deals
Love to travel and are looking forsomeawesomely cheap vacations? We´ve handpicked cheap airlinetickets,hotel deals, vacation packages and cruises for you to savemoney.Get the best travel deals in our app - for free!Are you a jetsetter looking for last minute travel deals or doyouprefer booking ahead? We have both types of offers. Have youeverasked yourself, “where are the cheap hotels near me or cheapmotelsnear me?” What about an amazing place for your weekendstaycation?Just check our app!We have the best travel deals to suit your needs, from cheaptickets(including plane tickets with error fares), cheap hotels&motels, vacation packages or vacation rentals, cruises, citybreaks,and weekend getaways.So what kind of cheap flights or getaways can you expectwithTravelDeals24? Take a peek at what we have to offer:+ $49 - Direct Roundtrip Airfares to Las Vegas+ $198 – City break to Orlando incl. cheap airline tickets &4*Accommodation+ $69 - Cheap Roundtrip plane tickets to New YorkthroughSpring+ $153 – Roundtrip flight tickets to Cancun, MexicoWe check reviews by going onto TripAdvisor, Trivago, and manyothertrusted review sites, so even our last minute travel dealswillstill provide great quality for your money.We put together the greatest itineraries and trips not onlywithinthe USA & Canada, but also to Mexico, the Caribbean,Cuba,Europe and Asia.Here´s the scoop on how we find great last minutetraveldeals:Last minute flights / Cheap ticketsLet’s say you are looking for cheap flights / cheap tickets.Wecheck all travel sites such as Expedia, Skyscanner,Momondo, daily for you, and they notify us whenthey havespecial sales on cheap plane tickets. Our trusty editorsthendouble-check all these cheap airfares to see whether thecheaptickets for last minute flights are still available.Hotel DealsWe find “cheap hotels near me” and cheap hotel deals the same waywefind you cheap airfares. Our job is to scour search engineslikeTrivago and Hotwire, and hotel websites like,Agoda,Expedia, Travelzoo, and select only the absolute best lastminutehotel deals and vacation rentals.Use our app to find hotel deals for all major cities in theUSA& Canada. Just search, what are cheap hotels near me? Youcanalso use our app to search for a short distance getaway, alongweekend, or even a staycation. We also research these reviewsonTripadvisor, Trivago, Agoda and to make sure youseeonly the best bargains.City breaks & city tripsWe love city breaks, and what’s greater than a city trip toNewYork, LA, or Las Vegas during the holiday season? As wedescribed,we search for the cheapest flights and cheap hotel deals,and thencombine them to create the perfect bargain for you.Sometimes wemight even add theme parks or other attractions to thedeal. Ofcourse, we also check many travel sites to see if they haveoffersfor city breaks which already include plane tickets.Vacation packages & cruisesAll inclusive vacation packages (e.g. from itravel2000) are oneofthe best ways to relax and truly enjoy traveling to a niceallinclusive resort, perhaps during the holiday season. Those kindsofpackages mostly come from tour operators and cruiseoperators,whose special offers we check regularly. We also createfantasticcruise deals when we combine cruises with one of our cheapairfaredeals or other on-board offers.Please consider:We at TravelDeals24 are not travel agents but independentexpertswho search through trusted travel sites for cheap flights,andcheap airline tickets etc. This allows us to give you atrulyunbiased overview of only the best offers, no matter whichairlinesor cheaptickets websites have them for sale. Since we cutout themiddleman, you´ll just book your cheaptickets, hotels nearme, allinclusive vacations or cruises etc, directly on the websitewherewe found the offer.
Priceline - Travel Deals on Hotels, Flights & Cars 5.2.233
Save on your next trip with exclusive deals on hotels,flights&rental cars in the Priceline app. From cheap flightstoamazinghotel room offers, you’re guaranteed to find dealsyouwon’t want tomiss. Vacation vibes or business trip? 5-starhotelor budgethostel? No matter what your travel plans are, youcansave on yourhotel room, flights and car rental when you bookwithPriceline. Andthanks to our handy app, you can comparetraveldeals, book, andsave, wherever you are. Hotels, cheapflights& car rental - 5reasons you need to download before yournexttrip. Seriously: 1.Hotel room offers, exclusive to our appusers.You won’t find themanywhere else! Plus, save even more asaPriceline VIP. 2.Accommodation for you - get deals on hotelsthatmatter to you withour personalized, relevanthotelrecommendations. 3. Travel ready -Have everything you needforyour trip or vacation in one place -hotel deals, rental carsandcheap flights. 4. Hotel booking - Bookyour next hotel room inamatter of seconds. 5. Hostel or 5-starhotel? We’ve got therightaccommodation and hotel deals for anytrip and any budget. Lovetotravel? Join millions of happytravelers who book greattraveldeals with us every day - downloadnow! Our exclusive offersandcheap flights can help you save someserious money. HOTEL DEALS-EXCLUSIVE OFFERS FOR APP USERS You’llsave up to 60% offwithExpress Deals®. Seriously. Plus, you’ll earnaccess toexclusivedeals on great hotels when you’re a PricelineVIP. FLIGHTDEALS -COMPARE & SAVE Travel across the globe withsuper traveldealson thousands of domestic and internationalflights. Pricelinehelpsyou find flight deals for your next trip injust a fewsimplesteps, straight from your phone. Pace yourself.RENTAL CARS -FAST& EASY BOOKING Hit the road with deals onrental cars -choosefrom 290 car rental brands in 28,000+locations. We also offerfreecancellation on most bookings and nocredit card fees. That'showwe roll. COMPARE, BOOK & SAVEFinding the perfectaccommodationand travel deals is easy as pie.Search by city,address or pointof interest to book the mostconveniently locatedhotels and rentalcars. As you search more, weuncover even moredeals just for you.HOTEL BOOKING - FROM HOSTEL TOHOTEL In a rush?Our app featuressuper-quick travel and hotelbooking, especiallywhen you’re signedin! Whether it’s a hostel forthe night or avacation next month -we do fast well. TRAVEL BUDDYEasily access andmake changes toyour trip wherever you are withour My Trips feature.Need to checkyour hotel booking or car rentaldetails on the go? Getall of yourreservation and travel info righton your phone, even ifyou bookedon your computer, are offline ordon’t have service. Likemagic.Our app is rated as Best App forTravelers by Travel +Leisure!Whether you want to book flights oryour hotel room at thetouch ofa button, find new and excitingaccommodation or simply wanttoexplore vacation destinations outthere, the appisthe best place to start. Pricelineis part of BookingHoldings,which includes leading online travelbrands such,Agoda, Kayak & OpenTable.
minube: travel planner & guide 6.9.17
​★🏆 New! minube enters the apps hall of fame. The GoogleTeamrewardsminube with the Editors' Choice Badge in recognition ofitsquality,excellent design and innovative functionalities.★​​★🏆2015: minubeis named one of Google's 50 Best Apps of the year,forthe third yearin a row.★​ ​★🏆 2014: minube is named oneofGoogle's 50 Best Apps ofthe year, for the second year in arow.★​​★🏆 2013: minube is namedone of Google's 50 Best Apps oftheyear.★​ minube is travel planningapp & travel organizerthatlets you find vacation ideas, savefavorite places in lists,andcreate your own travel itinerary &tourist guide. Minube isanapp that lets you discover the bestplaces around the world,allrecommended by real travelers. Discoverinteresting places tovisitin your own city or create your ownpersonalized travel guidesandsave them to use offline during yourvacation. The best partisthat when your trip is done, the minubeapp willautomaticallycreate beautiful photo galleries of all theplaces youvisited.Here’s how the minube app can help you with yourtravels:Decidingon where to take your next vacation On minube,you’ll findover 2million tourist attractions, restaurants, andhotels aroundtheworld, all recommended by our community of over 1.5millionrealtravelers. Find expert lists by topic like the world’sbestscubadiving locations or the cheapest cities to visit inEurope, oruseour Inspiration tool to discover destinations usingfilterslikecolor, distance from home, and more. Planning your tripOnceyou’vedecided on where to go, minube will help you unlock thebestof thedestination. Discover lists created by expert localswiththemeslike the best tapas restaurants in Barcelona orthemostspectacular castles to visit in Germany. Or,readrecommendationsfrom real travelers and save your favoriteplaces tosee, eat, andstay into your own travel guides which youcan thendownload anduse offline during your vacation. During yourtrip Theminube appcan also help you during the trip itself. Use theapp todiscoverrestaurants and tourist attractions near yourlocation, seetheexact location of places you want to visit,ordiscoverrecommendations and lists about the place you’revisiting.Don’tforget that you can create your own travel guides andusethemoffline wherever you are. When you’ve finishedtravelingFinally,your trips don’t end when you get home. Minubehelps youreliveyour favorite travel moments again and again! If youhaveGPSactivated on your phone’s camera, the minube app can detectallofthe photos from your trip and organize them intobeautifulphotogalleries complete with maps and travel dates. Notonly is italovely reminder of your trip, it’s also perfect to sharewithyourfriends and family. Want to learn more about minube? FollowusonFacebook → Follow us onTwitter→ Why do we needthesepermissions?U+1F64B Identity: So you can create an accountandenter intominube and enjoy a more thoroughtravel-planningexperience.Location: To find tourist attractions,restaurants, andhotels nearyou and get directions to local pointsof interest.Internet: Toconnect to the minube platform and discoverthousandsof new placesand destinations around the world.
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Even lower prices than our own website!TheAgoda app is your best tool for finding and booking the verybestdeals on any kind of accommodation, anywhere.- See the deals we can’t show on our website. Agoda’s pricesareguaranteed to be the lowest, and they go even lower when youviewthem on the app.- Get additional savings of up to 80% from InsiderDeals,Last-Minute Deals, Secret Deals, and more.- Search over 1,150,000+ hotels, villas, BnBs, and every kindofvacation rental in your own language and currency ofchoice.- Choose wisely. Agoda’s useful search filters, hi-res photos,mapviews, local experience information, and 9+ millionverifiedtraveler reviews help you find the perfect accommodationfor yourspecific journey and budget.- Get support. Agoda’s app saves your voucher, details, andmapsright on your device for easy check-in and printer-free travel.Youcan manage or amend your booking anytime, anywhere. Andifsomething goes wrong, Agoda has live agents ready 24/7 inmultiplelanguages to make sure your journey is as smooth as itiscost-efficient.Budget-saving to supreme luxury, last-minute to long-termplanning,the highly-rated Agoda app is your complete and powerfultravelcompanion.The Agoda app may request access to your phone orinformation.Here’s why:- Storage access: To save your booking vouchers toyourdevice.- Your location: To help you find properties near you.- Your calendar: To save booking dates to your calendar fortimelyreminders.- Your contacts: To let you share Gift Cards with yourfriendseasily.
Travelocity Hotels & Flights 21.37.0
Free cancellation on most hotels. Because flexibilitymatters.TRAVELOCITY APP FEATURES: HOTELS - Last minute hotelbookingswelcome & free cancellation available! - Pay when youbook orwhen you arrive at the hotel. - Find hotels, motels, andinnsaround you on an easy-to-use map view. - Reviewdescriptions,photos, user ratings, and amenities from verifiedhotel guests. -Securely store your payment details for faster,easier, and safebookings. FLIGHTS - Search and book round trip orone-way flights.- Sort flights by price, time, or duration from anyairline. -Enter a departure date and destination, and yourtrip-ready.ACTIVITIES - Attraction tickets without the lines. -Book localtours. - Airport shuttles & more MY TRIPS - Shareyour travelplans with friends and family via Travelocity'sitinerary sharingfeature! - View your record locator, gateinformation, and upcomingtrip details on the go. - Plan your ownvacation packages withactivities, hotels, cars, and more. MANAGE -Connect with aCustomer 1st Guarantee specialist, directly throughthe app viaTwitter or Facebook! - Sign in through Facebook, and usethe sameaccount across all devices. - Use the booking tracker tosee yourpast, current and future bookings, even when you’reoffline.Travelocity gets you to your next destination cheaper thanotherapps thanks to the Travelocity Price Guarantee. *APP15 couponcodeTerms & Conditions Subject to the restrictions set out intheseterms and conditions, the 15% promotion code may be applied toaqualifying stand-alone hotel (not a hotel booking incombinationwith any other product such as flight + hotel, or flight+ hotel +car) booked on a mobile device or the Travelocity app bySeptember30, 2021, for 1 or more nights for travel by March 31,2022.Qualifying bookings instantly receive 15% off at check-outthroughthe use of the promotion code. Customers are limited tooneredemption of this promotion code and up to a maximum savingsof$150 per booking. After the booking, this promo code will notbeable to be used again, even if the booking is cancelled.Exclusionsmay apply and most major hotel chains are excluded. Thepromotioncode cannot be redeemed against taxes, supplier fees,cancellationor change fees/penalties, administrative fees orothermiscellaneous charges, which are the sole responsibility ofthecustomer. Discounts are not redeemable for cash for anyreason.Promotion codes are non-transferable, not for resale, andcannot becombined with other offers or used for any bookingpreviously made.Any attempt at fraud will be prosecuted to thefullest extent ofthe law. Void where prohibited, taxed orrestricted by law.Travelocity reserves the right to change or limitthe promotion inits sole discretion. Usual booking terms andconditions apply(see andallbookings are subject to availability. The Travelocity appusesinformation for analytics, personalization, and advertising.Byusing our app, you agree to our privacy and cookies policies.
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Book the cheapest airline tickets in Indiawithbig cashback, deals and discounts on flight air fares fromalltravel apps at one place.Only on ixigo: Automated web check-in, Smart fare alerts,Holidaycalendar, Flight status & tracking. You can also comparehoteltariffs & find the cheapest room rates across the web withthebest deals, discounts & cashback. Get the Best FlightBookingApp now! Once you download the app, get started with theseawesomebenefits:COMPARE & BOOK FLIGHT TICKETS- Compare flight ticket fares across leading airlines &travelwebsites such as MakeMyTrip, Cleartrip, Yatra, Musafir,CheapTicket, Ease My Trip,, Expedia & book cheapflightswith more options in comparison to Skyscanner &Kayak.- Top airlines covered include Jet Airways, Indigo, Spicejet,GoAir, Vistara, Air Asia, Air India, Air Costa, Vistara,Lufthansa,KLM, Emirates, Singapore Airlines, Kuwait Airways, QatarAirways,Malaysia Airlines, Thai Airways, British Airways, Emirates,Etihad,Lufthansa, Air Arabia, Cathay Pacific, Saudi ArabianAirlines,American Airlines, Delta Airlines, ContinentalAirlines- Search both domestic & international flights. ixigostorestraveler details so you don’t have to enter them each timewhilebookingHIGHEST CASHBACK- Get big cashback every time you book a flight ticket viaixigo.Highest discounts on one-way flight bookings - a great valueformoney!- Users booking air tickets via ixigo get additional cashbackontravel sites such as MakeMyTrip, Cleartrip, Yatra, Musafir,CheapTicket, Ease My Trip,, Expedia etc.- Timely App Notifications for redeeming exclusive flight,hotel& holiday deals for Mobile UsersFLIGHT STATUS & TRACKING- Track flight delays, changes & cancellations for JetAirways,Indigo, Spicejet, Go Air,, Air Asia, Air India, Lufthansa,,Emirates, & more in time- Booked somewhere else? Easily add your trips via PNR &checkPNR Status of the flight anytime & stay updated- Track all the flights departing or arriving to any airportwhenyou are receiving someone at the airportAUTOMATED WEB CHECK-IN- Take advantage of the automated web check-in feature thatallowsyou to check-in within seconds from the appSMART FARE ALERTS- The app keeps a record of your preferred flight sectors &sendyou fare alerts based on your search history.- Get to know when the status of the flight fare drops so youknowexactly when to book.HOLIDAY CALENDAR- Know when to plan your travel with your very own SmartHolidayCalendar- Get information about upcoming holidays & long weekends.Nohassles of planning minute detailsMANAGE TRIPS- Manage your flights/hotels/holidays easily- Access all your flight & hotel bookings through ixigoFlightApp- View booking details, check-in flights, share yourtripdetailsHOTELS & MORE- Find best hotel prices & deals. Book 40,000+ hotels inIndia& 350,000+ hotels globally.- Get up to Rs.5000 of cashback on online hotel booking- See hotel photos, hotel information, amenities, room rates&availability. Hotel ratings & reviews to help you choosethebest hotel, powered by Tripadvisor RatingsFIND BEST CAB FARES- Wherever you’re, make your travel more affordable, connectyourUber & Ola Accounts to find; cheapest in-city or outstationcabrideAWARDS- Named “Best mobile travel app across platforms 2013” atMOBBY’sAward- Winner of TiE-Lumis Partners Entrepreneurial ExcellenceAward2010- Honoured with NASSCOM Top 10 Emerging Company Award 2010**Please Note**For any problems & feature requests, please use the“feedback”option inside the app.
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Cheap flights from hundreds of airlinesandtravel agents globally.The Cheapflights app helps you search, compare and bookMillions of people find cheap tickets with us every year. onlastminute flights, domestic flights, international flights,cheapairline tickets and low-cost airfare, the cheapest flightsanddeals are just a download away.Our flight comparison service is simple and completely free touse.All you need to do is search, filter and book your flights. Wewillthen send you directly to the airline or travel agent to bookyourplane tickets without any hidden fees.✓ Search and compare cheap flights to your destinationforfree✓ Find the cheapest days to fly with our interactive PriceCalendarand Chart View✓ Find just what you’re looking for by searching for flights bycityor airport✓ See just the flights that fit your price range, airport,airlines,number of stops, take-off and landing times✓ Filter results by the cheapest flight, the quickest flight orahappy balance between the two✓ Save flights from your search results to compare andbooklater✓ Log in to apply your flight search criteria across allyourdevices for a seamless experience✓ Take a look at checked baggage and seat reservation fees soyou’realways prepared before booking✓ Stay up-to-date on maximum carry-on or hand-luggage sizesandweights to avoid extra baggage costs✓ See a snapshot of your selected flight dates and times so youcanreview before booking✓ When you’ve found your perfect flight tickets, we will sendyoudirectly to the airline or travel agent to bookFind cheap flight tickets to Jakarta, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur,HongKong, Bangkok and other countries around the world with ourhugeselection of cheap tickets from low-cost and full-serviceairlines:AirAsia, Jetstar, Tigerair, Lion Air, Citilink, Firefly,Nok Air,Singapore Airlines, Malaysia Airlines, Cathay Pacific,GarudaIndonesia, Emirates, Thai Airways, Lufthansa, KLM, AirFrance,Etihad Airways, traveloka, nusatrip,wego, agoda, booking.comandmany more.For hotel booking, get amazing hotel deals on hand-selectedhotelsfrom cheap to 5 star luxury hotels in major destinationsincludingSingapore, Malaysia, Bangkok, Japan: Hilton, Red PlanetHotel,Ibis, Novotel, Aston, Best Western, Fragrance Hotel,Marriott,Santika, Millennium & Copthorne, etc.Fly with the best. Fly with us!Find cheap flights and hotels with us now.Search, compare and book flights with the award-winningSkyscannerflight comparison app!Search millions of flights from hundreds of airlines instantlyforfree, making it easier than ever to find the best airfare.Looking for Cheap Flights Ticket for Malaysia? Search nomore!This app provide easy access to all top airlines flightsMalaysia.Domestic and international flights bookings. Search forlow-fareand cheap tickets for your dream destination.Features:* Search and book flights directly from;-AirAsia-Malaysia Airlines (MAS)-Rayani Air-Malindo Air-Firefly*Check flight status.
Travel Planner App To Plan Trips By Tripoto 2.26.8
Tripoto is the world’s largest community of travel bloggers&aunique travel planner. It lets you discover&shareitineraries, travel stories, locationinformation,hiddendestinations, attractions, experiences, hotels,tour packages&more. This revolutionary Indian travel app willchange the wayyoutravel. Explore travel guides for executing thatperfecttravelplan Get information on places to see & things todo foranylocation Start a travel blog to share your travelstoryoritinerary Earn credits for your blog, photos &videosDiscovertop hotels & tour packages Redeem credits ontourpackagebookings Learn life-skills from experts withTripoto’sonlineexperiences Use trip planning features like routemap,itineraryplanner & nearby explorer With over 10 million+users,Tripotois one of the best travel apps with a hub oftravelinformation andmany cool features to help you plan or getinspiredfor your nexttrip. Trip Planning App: Tripoto is the besttravelplanner appIndia, as it lets you discover itineraries,reviews& travelstories by real travellers. With comprehensivetravelguidescontaining information on attractions &experiences, youcanplan a trip to any location in the world usingthis holidaytravelapp. A Community of Travel Bloggers: If you’re atravelblogger orwant to be one, you can share your travel storieswiththe Tripoto.You can even share pictures of your trip bycreatingphoto blogs.For every blog shared, you’ll earn credits tobookhotels &holiday packages. Travel Information Provider:Getaccurateinformation about places around the world, readitineraries&reviews written by real travellers, & exploretravelguides.Find & filter places by your interest, region,season,budget,travel plan, & discover popular as well ashiddendestinationsaround the world. Travel Forum: Have a questionrelatedto travel?Use Tripoto’s travel forum as an itinerary plannerapp.Ourcommunity of seasoned travellers will answer allyourquestions.Social Media App for Travellers: Connect withtravelenthusiasts,holiday-makers, backpackers and solo travellersfromaround theworld. Create your own travel social circle withTripoto.Hub ofCool Places to Stay: Discovering hotels that suityour vibecan bea daunting task, but not on Tripoto travel app.Tripoto hasacollection of handpicked hotels that allow you toexplore thebestbudget hotels, backpacker hostels, luxury stays,resorts,&homestays. Tour packages App: Find curated holidaypackagesfromnumerous online holiday package providers, includingpackagesthathave trekking, biking, & other expeditions on oneof thebesttour packages apps India. You don’t need to look foranyotherinternational holiday packages apps as Tripoto offersthemostaffordable international packages. PackageAggregator:Tripotoworks as a great holiday packages app thatbringstogethersome of the best packages from offline as well asonlinetravelagencies. On Tripoto, you can find & comparepackages,senddetails to several providers without booking andconnectwithmultiple providers simultaneously. Online Experiences:You cannowexchange knowledge & build skills withTripoto’sonlineexperiences. From learning how to build a socialmediapresence,opening up a cafe in the hills or just learning howtobalancetravel with a full time job, these affordable sessionscanhelp youturn your passion into a profession at affordableprices.NearbyExplorer: With Tripoto’s ‘Near Me Now’ feature, youcanfindattractions, events, experiences, activities, diningoptions,&nightlife options, with just one click. All thesecool,helpfulfeatures make Tripoto one of the most user-friendlyIndianapp.Don’t wait! Log in to the world of travel with Tripoto-travelplanning app
Couchsurfing Travel App
You have friends around the world, youjusthaven’t met them yet.Couchsurfing is the best way to stay with amazing locals,makelifelong travel friends, or host travelers coming to yourhometown.Over 12 million travel enthusiasts use Couchsurfingin morethan 230,000 cities around the world.Use the Couchsurfing app to plan and manage yourtripitinerary.Find hosts in your next destination• Browse the millions of local hosts offering a place to stayinthousands of cities and towns• Stay with and meet locals and have an authentictravelexperience• Explore accommodations options near where you are right now,ornear your future destinationMake New Friends• Discover thousands of fun events planned by other Couchsurfersinyour hometown or in your next travel destination• Use Couchsurfing Hangouts to show you who’s nearby yourcurrentlocation and available to meet up right nowMeet Travellers Without Traveling• Host or meet up with incoming travellers coming to yourcity• Can’t travel right now? Let new cultures and friends cometoyouAnd More• Easily create and manage a Couchsurfing profile• Manage your incoming or outgoing requests, messages,andmore• Add pictures to document your travel adventures• See which of your Facebook friends also have aCouchsurfingaccount
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Hello, I am the Holidayguru! I show you every day how youcansavetime and most importantly a lot of money when it comestobookingyour holidays - you would be surprised! That's why youcanalsofind all my holiday deals in my app! You want examples? Icangiveyou examples! • 7 Nights in Majorca incl. All-InclusiveHotelandFlights for only £249 • Fly to the Dominican Republic for£249 •2Nights in Amsterdam incl. 4* Spa Hotel, Flights,BreakfastandSauna Access only £99 You find my Travel Deal Bloghereon Top features of the app:•Displaysall Travel Deals with option to book directly • Getnewholidaydeals with push notification • Big community with loadsoftips& tricks for your holiday • Comment directly on deals•Findyou favourite deals easily and bookmark them • Sharedealsviaemail, Facebook and Twitter • Stay up to date withthelatestcomments • Research deals Note: Readers from Irelandmakesure toselect Ireland from the settings menu if your app isn'tsettoEnglish. – Hotel Reservation LP
★ EDITORS’ CHOICE ★The app is the simple, fast and secure way to bookyourperfect hotel.PLAN- Get instant savings with access to Secret Prices on our app.Theseare lower prices that aren’t available to everyone.- Easily discover your perfect hotels with our in-depth sortandfilter options.- Get exclusive deals for hotels in your area tonight by usingour“Tonight’s Local Deals” feature.- Save all your favorite hotels to easily compare betweenfeaturesand prices.- Easy-to-use map view to discover all the hotels around you.BOOK- Collect 10 nights with us and get 1 free* with ourHotels.comRewards®.- Choose when to pay. Either when you book or when you stay atthehotel.- Securely store your payment details for fast, easier andsafebookings.- Need a hotel tonight? Book a hotel up to 5am and check inrightaway!MANAGE- Sign in once and our app will keep you logged in every time,soyou can search and view your bookings straight away.- Use Facebook to sign in or register. Create one account for allofyour devices with just a touch of a button.- See your past, current and future hotel bookings, even whenyoudon’t have access to the Internet.- Call our customer support from within the app 24/7 for helpmakingor managing bookings.*The maximum value of your free night is the average daily rateofyour ten nights. Your free night does not include taxes andfees.Account Summary Balance updates after stay hasbeencompleted.
Goibibo Travel App-Hotel, Flight, IRCTC Train, Bus 13.9.5
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Journi Blog - Travel Journal & Diary 7.39.2
Easily record your adventures as beautiful timelines withphotos,notes, maps and more. Turn them into beautiful photo booksinseconds, and have them delivered to your door! Use itoffline,collaborate with friends on the way, and sync across allyourdevices. Journi allows you to log your private travel diarywhilston the move, and share your journey with loved ones backhome. Getmore from your photos with Journi, now - it’s free. "Makestravelblogging a pleasure" - Condé Nast Traveler - Easy timelinecreator- it’s automatic! Even if you upload multiple photos atonce,Journi builds your story automatically, grouping them smartlybytime and location data. Travel Inspiration Explore andsearchtravel stories from around the world and get inspired. Findthe memories you’re looking for Navigate to moments usingthetimeline or the overview map. Shared photobook creationCreatestories together with friends - upload to a shared journaland usethe best images for the photobook. High quality images Saveyourphotos in 4x times higher resolution than on other socialmediaplatforms for free, or subscribe to Premium to save yourfull-sizephotos. Minimal battery consumption Journi is optimizedfor longbattery life, so you can focus on enjoying and recordingyourtravels. Location tracking for your followers Share theadventurewith friends and family back home by inviting them tofollow yourjourni via text message, other social media platforms,Email, etc.Full privacy control Choose who sees your stories: Justfor you,Secret, Only on request, or Public. Safe storage of yourmemoriesWith a premium subscription, keep your journi safe bysaving toDropbox or Google Drive. Use Journi off-line The internetshouldn’tprevent you from logging your travel diary, so with aPremiumsubscription, Journi can be used without it! - About YourJourniPhoto Book Photo books start at €22.99 incl. worldwideshipping.They’re produced in the Alps from FSC-certified paperusing woodfrom sustainably managed forests. Your photo books arepersonalizedproducts that are made just for you. Hence, they arenotreplaceable, not returnable and cannot be refunded. Pleasealwaysensure to carefully check the preview of your book before youplaceyour order. Production and shipping times are between 3-7dayswithin the EU, 5-10 days for USA and Canada and for allothercountries 10-16 days. We are already working on decreasingbothdelivery times and our CO2 footprint. Terms andconditions: PrivacyPolicy: - About PremiumSubscription Getfull access to all Journi features with a premiumsubscription. Inaddition to all the free features, this includes: -High resolutionuploads (up to 16MP) - 1TB of space to store imageson the app -Back-up to Dropbox or Google Drive - Offlinefunctionality andsynchronization of your data across your devices -And 10%discounts on all your photo book orders with a 12monthsubscription Choose from 1 month, 6 month or 12 monthPremiumsubscription plans for just €9.99, €43.99, or €53.99.Pricing inother countries may vary and actual charges may beconverted tolocal currency. Should you choose to subscribe toJourni PremiumMembership, the purchase will be charged to yourPlaystore account.Your subscription will be renewed automaticallyat the end of eachterm unless cancelled 24 hours prior to the endof the subscriptionperiod. You can manage, upgrade, downgrade andcancel it in AccountSettings in Playstore.------------------------------------------Visit our website to learn more about howJourni makes youradventures unforgettable. For questions &assistance: [email protected]  We <3 to hear from you.
PackPoint travel packing list 3.10.18
Google Play Editor's Choice Award Winner As FeaturedInTheWashington Post, BBC, LA Times, CNN, Lifehacker,FastCompany'sCo.DESIGN, and The Next Web "A Travel App ThatPracticallyPacksYour Bags For You" Never Forget Your ______ Again!PackPointis afree travel packing list organizer and packing plannerforserioustravel pros. PackPoint will help you organize what youneedto packin your luggage and suitcase based on length oftravel,weather atyour destination, and any activities plannedduring yourtrip. Onceyour packing list is built and organized,PackPoint willsave itfor you, and then you can choose to share itwith yourfriends andfamily in case they need help packing too.Punch in thecity you'regoing to travel to, the departure date, andthe numberof nightsyou'll be staying there. PackPoint will organizea packinglist andluggage checklist for your luggage that takes intoaccount:-Business or Leisure travel - Activities you plan on doing-Whatyou need for an international trip - Warm weather clothes-Coldweather clothes - An umbrella if the forecast calls for rain-Ifyou're willing to repeat wearing basics like shirts and pants-Ifyou will have access to laundry facilities Someexpertpackingorganizer user tips: - Check out the CustomizemenuwithinPackPoint for PackPoint's Premium features -ConnectPackPoint toTripIt and create your packing listsautomatically! -Put thePackPoint widget on your home screen - Swipeto removepacking listitems - Tap to the right of each item tochange itsquantity - Packsmart to avoid airline luggage overagefees - Createa luggagechecklist now, and then edit it later as youpack Have afeaturerequest or feedback? Visit [email protected] Like usonFacebook Follow usonTwitter @packpnt
Wego Flights, Hotels, Activities & Travel Booking
Wego is the best travel app for booking cheap flights &hotels✈️And it’s totally free to use! Top Features That You'llLove: ⭐️Fullprice transparency Specifically designed to help youfind thelowesttravel costs available online, Wego displays thetotalairfare orhotel rates clearly and upfront. By displayingtaxes,surcharges andother associated fees, there are no surpriseswhenyou make yourbooking. ⭐️ Search & Book Wego appprovidesbest-in-class search& booking experience — the userexperienceis fast and intuitive,you get to compare flights &hotel ratesfrom a comprehensivelist of airlines, hotel brands andtravelagents — plus there’s awide range of filtering &sortingoptions so you find exactlywhat you’re looking for. ⭐️Explore AllDestinations Wego comespacked with features that helpyou GetInspired, Explore & PlanTrips like never before -- youcanbrowse all possible destinationsby popularity, weekend trips,visarequirements, cheap deals andthemes -- this is perfect if youfeellike travelling but do not havea particular place in mind yet.⭐️Plan The Best Time To Fly You caneasily find the cheapestmonthsto fly to a destination by usingWego’s Price Trendsfeature(powered by our price prediction model).Price Trends showsyou thelowest fares found in each month (for theperiod of the next12months), and from there you can easily selectfrom a big rangeofflight deals. ⭐️ The Most Comprehensive HotelReviews Wegoprovidesyou with the most comprehensive set of hotelreviews —we’veaggregated hotel reviews from all the topsources,TrustYou,, Foursquare, HolidayIQ and TripAdvisor— andpresentedit to you in one place, so that you can quickly andeasilyfind outwhat all other users are saying about any hotels youwishto stayin. ⭐️ Beautiful UI Wego app features a visuallystrikinguserinterface designed to stir your imagination and inspireyoutotravel. The app showcases destinations in big &alluringimagecards, and whether you are using the app on yourAndroid phoneortablet, you’ll find that the UI reformats itselfbeautifullyacrossdifferent screen dimensions, and provides you withthe mostnativeexperience. ⭐️ Featured In The Top New &TechPublications Wegohas been highlighted in many of the top news&techpublications in MENA, APAC & around the world, someoftheseinclude Techcrunch, Tech In Asia, Sky News Arabia,TheAustralian,CNBC Asia, Arabian Business, Khaleej Times, Al Bayan,AlArabiya,and many more. ⭐️ More Awesome Features For YOU •Availablein over20 languages - Arabic, English, Bahasa Indonesia,French,Chineseand many more • Siri shortcuts - quickly searchhoteltonight oraccess Wego exclusive deals with voice commands.•Integrated with“The Entertainer” to bring you more offers forfood&beverages, leisure & attractions, and beauty&wellness. •Recent searches - Wego saves them for you, sothere’s noneed tore-enter details • Full-featured hotel listingswith latestrates,photos, amenities and guest reviews. • Hotelmappingfunctionality- find the perfect hotel combining price,location,star rating andguest reviews scores neatly presented on amap •Receive PriceAlerts by email for that trip you’re planning