Top 42 Apps Similar to 10 Min Daily Yoga

Yoga Workout by Sunsa. Yoga workout & fitness
Yoga for beginners to advanced yogis. Guided yoga exercisesroutinesand poses.
Yogaia: Yoga & Meditation
Get more out of life with online yoga - we help you to reachyourgoals!
Yoga Anytime - Yoga Classes
Yoga Anytime
This Yoga Anytime app is handcrafted to support your immersiveyogapractice.
Yoga 108
Yoga 108 app helps you learn and pronounce asanas(yoga poses)namesin Sanskrit.
Daily Yoga Pose Offline 1.0
Welcome to Daily Yoga Poses Offline. A pocket guide to to allofthemost effective yoga poses for the body. We havevariousroutinesthat target different parts of the body as wellasdifferenteffects. For example: Poses To Help You Sleep PosesForFitnessPoses For Back Pain Poses To Help RelieveConstipationPoses ForStress Release Poses To Increase OverallStrength PosesTo IncreaseAbdomen Strength Poses To Increase BalanceThe appoffers over 40poses and 8 routines for your body. Some oftheposes are beginnerlevel and some are for more advanced. Asyouprogress through theapp and stick too it, you will becomestrongerthrough exercise anddaily diet. Yoga is not only forrelaxation.Some of the moststrongest people on this earth performyoga dailyto keep their bodystrong and their mind free. We have 5mainfunction for the app:Poses lookup Health Tips Yoga/exerciseguidelines Routines Forum todiscuss yoga with othersExercise isthe key to life. Keep the bodystrong and your mind free.Althoughsome think yoga is only forrelaxing and staying calm, yogais agreat strength builder and someof the strongest people intheworld perform yoga on a daily basisto reduce stress andbuildmuscle. Remember, Yoga is a continuousprocess. So,Keeppracticing! The deeper you move into your yogapractice, themoreprofound are its benefits. Take up the Daily YogaPosesOfflinewith our app for FREE! No ads...
YogiApproved Classes
Premium home yoga, fitness & wellness classes.
Yoga for Beginners | Workouts for the mind & body!
Workout Apps
Clear your headspace with our free yoga app. Mediate,de-stress& feel relaxed!
Yoga Classes & Asanas For Beginners: myYogaTeacher
Yoga For Back Pain, Weight Loss & Flexibility | MeditationForStress Relief
Yoga with Kassandra
Your #1 source for online Yin & Vinyasa Yoga
Yoga Pranayama
Yogi Anant
Learn about Pranayama and start breathing to improve your lifeandhealth!
Yoga - Track Yoga
Complete Yoga app. Gain Flexibility, Balance, Weight loss,StressRelief & more.
Yoga Download | Yoga Class App
Gain flexibility, feel calm, relieve back pain, sleep better,andlose weight!
Yoga Studio: Poses & Classes
Video yoga classes you can practice from anywhere anytime.
Daily Yoga Exercise - Yoga Workout Plan
Daily yoga exercise - 30 days workout plan for health, fitnessandloose weight
Flow Yoga Asana - Yoga Poses for Beginners
Over 200 yoga poses! Learn down dog, prenatal, lotus, asana,poweryoga, etc.
Yoga+ By Mary
Daily Yoga for Everyone - Best Yoga Tool to build a habit at Home
Daily Yoga Workout+Meditation
Practice meditation & learn yoga poses or asanas at homeforbeginners!
Yoga Plus by Psychetruth
Lose Weight, Get Fit, Relax & Tone
Yoga Easy: Fit mit Yoga
Get fit and strong, improve your mobility and learn to relax
Yoga Home Workouts - Yoga Daily For Beginners
Hazard Studio
Improve health and flexibility with simple Yoga exercises
YogiFi: Smart Yoga Trainer
Wellnesys Inc
A platform that bridges the gap between a Yoga teacher and aYogastudent.
Yoga International: Daily Yoga
Stream unlimited yoga and meditation classes, programs,andchallenges—with new daily live classes! Whether you’rejuststarting out or have been practicing for years, you’ll findeverylevel of class to help you meet your practice goals. Getunlimitedaccess for the first 30 days for free! Practice withleadingteachers in a variety of styles, including vinyasa, hatha,yoga forbeginners, restorative, Kundalini, and Yin. Classes withsome ofthe best yoga teachers in the world are now availablewherever youare, so set up your mat and let’s begin. Features: *Explore a widearray of classes, ranging from 15 minutes to over anhour * Saveyour favorites for later and track your progress * Learnfromexperts in the fields of yoga therapy, anatomy, and more*Experience 1000+ classes with 500+ teachers * Advance yourpracticewith podcasts and articles * New live classes and contentaddeddaily * Available in English and Spanish Start today andgetinstant access with a 30-day free trial! COURSES Ouryogacourses—led by experts in yoga therapy, anatomy, alignment,andmore—can help you get started or take your practice deeper.Topicsinclude Yoga to Soothe Sciatica, Healing and Preventing WristPain,Yoga for Functional Movement, Strong Core Challenge, iRestYogaNidra, and many more. FOR BEGINNERS If you’re new to yoga,YogaInternational is a great way to get started and experiencethebenefits of a sustained personal practice. Select your levelofexperience, and the app will choose classes that are right foryou.And to get comfortable with the basics, check out ourBeginner’sGuide to Yoga course. FOR INTERMEDIATE, EXPERIENCEDYOGIS, AND YOGATEACHERS Already a yogi? That’s great! YogaInternational providesmany ways to deepen your practice. We offerchallenging asanapractices, nuanced yoga therapy classes, teachingmethod tutorials,pranayama intensives, ayurvedic yoga classes, andmuch more—and wepublish new content daily. Take in-depth courses ontopics such asYoga for Strength and Stamina, Soar Higher: AdvancedArm BalanceWorkshop, and The Art of Deepening Backbends. CLASSESTHAT FIT YOURSCHEDULE As many of our online classes are under 30minutes,they’re easy to fit into a busy schedule. We’ve alsocreated avariety of courses designed to get you on the mat whenyou’recrunched for time, including The Busy Yogi Challenge and our30 for30 Challenge. TAKE YOUR PRACTICE WITH YOU Download as manyclassesand courses as you like so that you can keep up with yourpracticewhen you’re on the go. You can listen to a guidedmeditation duringa flight, take a yoga class in your hotel room, orpracticeanywhere that has spotty internet access. ABOUT FREEACCOUNTS &MEMBERSHIP Download the app & start your trial toget instantaccess to Yoga International’s extensive library of yogaclasses,articles, and podcasts. Sign up today & get your first30 daysfor free. Cancel anytime. Review our privacy- and Terms of Use -
Yoga Hatha Flow classes for beginners & advanced
Purchase each video just once and keep them for lifetime!! 20minsprogram free.
Pocket Yoga
Rainfrog, LLC
With Pocket Yoga you can keep up withyourpractice at your own pace in the comforts of your own home.Simplyroll out your mat, place your device in front, and PocketYoga willguide you through your entire session.Choose between 27 different sessions of varying durationanddifficulty. Learn the poses with the pose dictionarycontainingdetailed explanations of the correct posture, alignment,andbenefits.Features:• Detailed voice and visual instruction guides you througheverypose, including each inhalation and exhalation.• Over 200 beautifully illustrated pose images with correctpostureand alignment.• Dictionary of poses containing the descriptions and benefitsofeach pose.• Unlock new environments as you progress in youryogajourney.• Quickly preview a practice to see if it's right for you beforeyoustart.• Maintains an ongoing log of all your yoga practices to trackyourprogress.• Practices designed by experienced yoga instructors.• Play music from your music library in place of thedefaultmusic.Accolades:‣ Listed among the “15 Best Beauty Apps” - InStyle‣ Selected by CNN as one of the "10 great mobile health apps"
5 Minute Yoga
Fast and easy yoga workouts for flexibility, strength and calmness
Yoga - Poses & Classes
A true yoga app for beginners to advanced. Join today!
Yoga360-Yoga App for Beginners
Yoga App for Fitness, Lose Weight & Burn Fat Daily forbeginners
Yoga For Relaxation
Yin Yoga Sequence for Total Relaxation. Calming yoga forStressRelief & Anxiety
Yoga Journal+
Create and share your own custom pose sequence
Yoga Workout - Daily Yoga
Daily Yoga fitness for beginners, Yoga workout plan helpcheery,de-stress!
Yoga for Weight Loss-Yoga Daily Workout
Free yoga exercises for weight loss app, lose weight at homewithyoga postures
Yoga daily workout-Morning
mEL Studio
Complex of stretch yoga home workouts - get flexibility andstrengthof the body
Yoga for Beginners-Yoga Exercises at Home
Yoga for beginners at home exercises for free, yoga for weight loss
Yoga for beginners
Beginners yoga to practice at home with meditation music forbodyand mind!
Hot Yoga Doctor - Yoga Classes
Love Bikram style or Hot Yoga? Hot Yoga Doctor: Expertinstructionon the move!
Yoga for Beginners | Down Dog 5.1.0
If you are about to step onto your yoga mat for the firsttime-Welcome! Namaste! You've come to the right place!YogaforBeginners is an entirely free app created tointroduceabsolutebeginners to the practice of yoga. Studies haveshown thatyogaimproves flexibility, builds strength, createsmusclestone,fosters relaxation, decreases anxiety and stress,andimprovessleep! CHOOSE YOUR PRACTICE TYPE Yoga for Beginnersoffersthreebeginning yoga practices, each with beautiful videoandclearinstruction: Vinyasa Yoga: a series of 3 beginnervinyasayogaclasses where you learn poses like downward facingdog,chaturanga,and how to flow between poses using your breath.HathaYoga: aseries of 3 beginner hatha yoga classes thatteachesyoufoundational yoga poses, and moves slower than avinyasapracticeto allow for extra time in each pose toexplore.Restorative Yoga:the gentlest of our intros, a series of 3beginnerrestorativepractices done entirely on the floor so you caneasilystretch yourmuscles, release tension, and relax. In eachintroseries, you willlearn breathing practices and yoga poses thatwillhelp youcultivate confidence on and off your mat! BEGINNERFOCUSEDGetstarted in the comfort of your own home. No fancyyogapropsrequired, all you need is your yoga mat! Can't touchyourtoes? Noproblem - we'll give you modifications andalternativesalong theway! CHOOSE YOUR GUIDE Select a voice you lovefrom 6differentyoga teachers to guide you through your yogajourney.MULTIPLELANGUAGES In addition to our 6 English speakingvoices, allintroseries are available in 9 other languages! MUSICTHAT GOESWITHYOUR FLOW Beats that support and augment where you areinyourpractice, whether you're warming up, building heat,orcoolingdown. WHAT OTHER BEGINNER YOGIS ARE SAYING "I havetriedmany introto yoga apps/websites/YouTube channels/books etc,butnothing hasbeen as captivating and easy to follow and enjoyasthis. You trulyare special. This is exactly what I havebeensearching for. Thankyou." - Hana "I love it. I'm a totalnewbie. Itried the intro andit was really clear. I felt like Ilearned aboutyoga poses andnames I've been wondering about for awhile. And bestof all as arunner who is fairly muscle bound, mysides and hipflexorsopened!" - Victoria "I have just completed day1 of yourintro toyoga. Based on that one session, I think I havefinallyfound theright yoga application for me. I am impressed withtheinstructiongiven, and the high class of video you used." - Ian"Iloved thisfirst day of intro to yoga! Great instructions tocouplewith theactions and I felt my confidence increase!" -Nichole"loved theintro class! i loved how you explained the movesandwhich muscleswe are supposed to feel a slight tension in. themusicis anamazing selection felt calm throughout session" -SamanthaDownDog's terms and conditions can befoundat Down Dog's privacy policycanbefound at
Skill Yoga – Improve Mobility & Get Strong
Functional Yoga for Athletes to increase strength, flexibility&focus at home.
Yoga by Muscle & Motion
Groundbreaking software in the field of YOGA! Watch the anatomyofyoga in 3D.
Adya.Care: Resilience for Recovery
Kick-Start your 30 day recovery with 100% evidence backedmind-bodytherapeutics
Yoga tools from Sadhguru
Free guided yoga practices for health, peace, joy, love and success
Be Yoga: Home Yoga Lessons for Weight Loss 2.3.0
Be Yoga - your personal yoga trainer to practice yoga whereverandwhenever you like! One of the best workout apps. What is BEYOGA?►160+ guided video lessons with exercises and unique workoutsforeach day. ►Short and efficient fat-burning no-equipment workoutstolose weight and get fit. Just 10–30 minutes per day will helpyouget visible results quickly. ►Personal workouts aimed atachievingyour personal objectives. ►Increase your flexibility, getfit, andget rid of excess weight. ►Various challenges created tohelp youget what you want as soon as possible. Your femalefitnessassistant. ►The optimal anti-stress tool. Destress andharmonizeyourself with our workout tracker. ►Your guide to aclearer andmore concentrated mind: yoga will teach you to beorganized andfocus on the most important things. ►Easy to followstep-by-stepinstructions, yoga for beginners. Your fitness pal.START RIGHT NOWIF ★ You want to get rid of your excess pounds andhave a nice fitbody; ★ You want to improve your physical and mentalstate; ★ Youconstantly feel stressed, fatigued and emotionallyburnt out; ★ Youdream of being healthier and changing your life forthe better, butyou don't know how to start. RESULTS: ★ Noticeablechanges after afew weeks of training; ★ Losing excess pounds; ★Slim, flexible andhot body; ★ Overall sense of harmony and highertolerance forstress; ★ Better personal organization and focus onthe mostimportant things; ★ Positive thinking and a healthylifestyle. Yogaworkouts for beginners and professionals, exercisesfor abs, glutesand legs, sets of exercises for weight loss andstretching.Workouts for women, exercise tracker. Flexibility,power, balance -choose a workout designed personally for you. Feelthe harmony andbe 100% you with Be Yoga! Watch our detailed videolessons withvoice-guided workouts, transform your at-homeexercising intoprofessional training. Customized activitiesdesigned for everyfitness level will help you reach evidentresults. Improve yourhealth and general state step by step, trackyour progress with thefitness tracker, get happier every day! Itwon't take much time tofeel the benefits of our training - startwith brief workouts ofabout 15–20 minutes. Daily workout for womenwill help you becomemore responsible and disciplined, while visualresults will add toyour motivation and self-confidence. Don't missthe Challengessection to see noticeable progress as soon aspossible. Werecommend the most popular one - Bikini Body Challenge- make sureto try this efficient program. Discover the wonderfulworld of yogaand achieve inner harmony with Be Yoga! Install now tojoin ourcommunity of yoga fans and change your life for the bettertoday!
UrbanYogi: Stress-Relief Plan 4.6.508
Join the millions experiencing more calm, less anxiety, andrestfulsleep with our guided meditations, sleep stories,hypnotherapy,breath work, and relaxing music. Recommended by toppsychologists,therapists, and mental health experts, It is theperfect meditationapp for beginners, and also includes hundreds ofmeditationsessions for intermediate and advanced users. UrbanYogiassigns apersonal mindfulness coach to help you learn thepowerfulmindfulness techniques to build a simple habit ofmeditation. Also,Guided meditation sessions are available inlengths of 3, 5, 10,15, 20 or 25 minutes so you can choose theperfect length to fitwith your schedule. What's Inside the app?-Daily new guidedmeditation session from top mindfulness coaches.-30+ Categories ofmeditation for your every mood and need. -Sleepsounds, Sleepstories, Yoga Nidra and Sleep hypnosis sessions fordeep andrelaxing sleep -Exclusive Music for focus and concentration-Accessto personal mindfulness coach to help you in your journey .And lotmore, Start you journey today. Download now...