Top 15 Games Similar to Real Boxing

Punch Boxing 3D
Punch Boxing is the world's #1 combat sports game availableonAndroid.
Fists For Fighting (Fx3)
Fight for your dream !!!
MMA Fighting Clash 1.34
★★★ MMA Fighting Clash ★★★ is a brand new Sport Game that bringsnewjoy to all players who like dynamic fighting games. Foe allthosewho where wondering how Kickbox would do Against Muay Thaicheckthis link with BRAND NEW Fighting ClashGAME! the AndroidGameplayNet short tutorial can be foundhere: from 50legendary fighters, all over the world and step intothe cage. Tryyour best to beat your opponents. Use all your skillslikepunching, kicking, blocking and super kicks and takedowns togetyour opponents down on the ground. Do not rush, don't riskcuts,protect yourself and wait for the right moment to use yourrage toslam everyone in your way!________________________________________★ Career in differentweight classes with any created or purchasedfighter ★ Multiplayerwith your own customizable Fighter ★ QuickFights ★ Tournaments ★Missions ★ Challenges ★ 60+ Look a LikeCharacters like (RondaRousey, Fedor and Alexander Emilianenko,Connor McGregor, Jose Aldo,Kimbo Slice, Bruce Lee and many moreMMA Legends.) with differentstrenghts and weakpoints ★ RealisticSounds, Graphics and Animations★ Action-packed gameplay withdifferent styles of combat like BJJ,Muay Thai, Box, Kickbox, Samboand many others , dodging, rage,cuts, knockouts, technicalknockouts. ★ Gripping Kickboxingatmosphere, experience thesensation of MMA in a big arena! ★ BigCharacter customization ★Libary with over 100 moves that you cansetup for your fighters ★Store with fighters, clothing, abilites,boosts and much more ★Intuitive touch controls_________________________________________Website THANK YOU VERY MUCH! For allyoursupport, feedback, suggestions, ideas and criticism. We areworkingfulltime on new content and updates for the game.Yoursupport helpsand means a lot for us! All Problems you encounter,please contactus over email and not in the comments thank you.
Real Wrestling 3D 1.10
Candy Mobile
Real Wrestling is the #1 realistic 3D combat sports gameinvolvinggrappling techniques. Step into the court and immerseyourself inadrenaline pumping world of wrestling action! RealWrestling putsthe power, intensity, and raw emotion of wrestling inthe palm ofyour hand. Jaw-dropping 3D graphics, intuitive touchcontrols, andaction-packed game-play create a unique combatexperience fornovice and veteran fighting fans alike. Fight using avariety ofrevolution grappling type techniques such as clinchfighting,throws and take-downs, joint locks, pins to gain andmaintain asuperior position over your opponent now! Game Features:-Authentic actions and realistic wrestling moves - 3Dmotionanimations and spot-on sound design - 140+ unique wrestlersin proleague and cage match mode
Killer Street Boxing
Bambo Studio
Killer street boxing is a sport fightsgame.Use your arms to defeat your opponent. You can jab, crossoruppercut. Move around the ring and avoid all your enemyhits.Train yourself at the gym and practice your power moves becauseyouwill need it. Try to hit your enemy at the correct distance tomakethe most powerful damage. Yo can also avoid your opponentmovementsjust by covering yourself. In this kind of unusual fightsyouragility and balance are a must. Every boxer in the city wouldliketo fight with you.You have only 3 rounds to beat your enemy before the time isup.Remember that your speed moving around the ring is crucial.Inevery fight you will attack your opponent and at the same timeyouhave to defend yourself if you want to be alive.Download this Killer Street Boxing game now and start to feelthereal fight!
Virtual Boxing 3D Game Fight 1.9
zarapps games
Virtual Boxing 3D Game . It is the best 3D fighting gameonthemarket that offers a realistic and high qualityexperience.Withrealistic models, we ensure that you will beaddicted inthisexciting boxing 3d games for tablets andsmartphones. Boxing isacombat sport in which two people engage in acontest ofreflexes,speed, endurance, strength , and will, bythrowing punchesat eachother, usually with gloved hands.Traditionally, the goalhas beento knock the opponent unconsciousfrom a blow to the head.Easy tocontrol, attack and defend. Defenseand movements. Downloadthisfighting game, put on your gloves anduse your fists fightingin aboxing match to be a hero and achieve aknockout (ko). Proveyou'rethe best master of fighting. GameFeatures : - HighQualityPerformance - Real animations and excellentsound effects -Fullgame free to play - 3 Boxers enemies Try it ifyou like boxing
Drunken Wrestlers 1.182
Oleg Skutte
Minimalistic ragdoll fighting game about drunkenwrestlers,createdin 7 days for NextCastle DevCup contest The goalis to forcetheopponent to lose balance, or inflict critical damage.Thematchgoes to 5 wins. The game has an opportunity to playtogetheron onedevice! This game was made when i was 16.
Super Boxing: City Fighter 2.2.1
The hottest action boxing game hits onAndroidnow!!!Easy sliding and touching screen bring about continuouslycoolstriking!!!Perfect integration of control, speed and hit withinnovativeelements!!!Get high scores with plenty of amusing props!!!Experience fighting in a relaxing casual game!!!Numerous weapons and splendid boxing!!!Do you love boxing and crazy striking?If you do, Boxing Storm is a must for you!!!Description:Sliding your fingers on screen to play games. Clicking both sidesofscreen to throw a straight fist with fast speed. This kindofpunching strikes continuously, but it can be defended andhaslittle harm. Drawing a line in the middle of screentriggershooking fist, which leads to intermediate hurt and also canbedefended with medium speed. Drawing a slanting line can’tbedefended and lead to tremendous harm with long time buteasilycounter-attacked!★Game Features★★Plenty of boxing superstars are set for your choice★Various and fun game modes★Increasing strong opponents in upgrading levels★Super realistic gaming effects take you into anauthenticbattlefield★Very pleasant background music exciting you in boxing
Boxing Legends 3D 1.1
Boxing Legends 3D game is themostwonderfulinvention of Apps Cabinet in the Android world ofsportsgames.This game is equipped with stunning boxer animationsandtopquality 3D HD graphics.So get ready to fight with a number of great boxers, defeatthemwithyour furious jab, hook, and uppercut to become boxinglegend.There are a number of boxer from around the world tofightwithyou. You are going to face extreme boxing fight in theringi.e.furious punch, powerful kick and some tactical ways todefeattherivals. To win the fight use your speed punchingskills.Earnpoints and improve your punching speed and amaze yourbuddywithfurious speed punches. Move quickly in the ring likeGreatBoxerMuhammad Ali and threat your rival with your quickleft,rightsudden punches.The boxing ring is waiting a stunning boxing fight betweenabraveheart boxer like you and the loser i.e. your opponent.Youhave todo hard boxing training before you enter the liveboxingmatch.Make the highest boxing score and challenge your friendstotheTop of the Leader-boards.You can upgrade fighting skills of boxer by earningcoinsandspecial points during in-ring fights.BOXING LEGENDS 3D FEATURES:Great action game with highest quality boxing experience.Power-ups, speed boosters and lots more free upgrades.Boxing simulator free game specially made for Androiddevices.Multiplayer mode with option to record your name andmaintainleaderboard.Score board / leader-board with complete statistics.Ultimate HD graphics and sound effects feel like reallyinthering.
8 Ball Pool
Play online multiplayer or PvP Pool games and compete withyourfriends!
Basketball Stars: Multiplayer
Grab the ball and play your Basketball career in this 3DReal-timeSport Game!
Boxing Fight 2.0.4
Play against your friends in your mobile or tablet. 2 Players inthesame device. Fight against boxers with AI in the single player.Andcombat against the world with the multiplayer. Collect alltheboxers and rings! Each boxer has his own progression andabilities,upgrade them and fight enemies in the arcade mode. Fightwithspecially designed characters like superheroes, horrorcharacters,footballers, sumo wrestler, cowboys... and much more! Weare addingmore boxers with updates! Change the rings design by afootballfield, a beach, logos, etc. There are a lot! To unlock thenewboxers and rings you need points. To get points it's simple!justplay! Just have fun and collect them all! With a greatarcadesounds and music. Use the retro mode and play like in the oldgamesystems. The count down starts now! are you ready to fight?Howmany battles can you win? Find it out with Boxing Fight,thefighting arcade game.
EA SPORTS™ FIFA 22 Companion
Manage your FUT 22 Club on the go through the EA SPORTS FIFA22Companion app
⚽Super RocketBall - Real Football Multiplayer Game 3.0.8
Super RocketBall - Multiplayer is futuristic Sports withactionpacked soccer game. In this highly advanced football game"BATTLEFOR GOAL" is the only formula to win. This action packedgamebrings the worlds best players into the football field. Get inyourfavorite car and go out on the soccer field like a rocket tohitthe ball. This game is a must play for everyone who likes toplayunique football games, challenging soccer games or even cardrivingor car battle. UNIQUE GAME FEATURES : * 8 High detail carswithrealistic handling * 8 Amazingly fantastic stadiums withuniquelevel design * Simple and user friendly user interface *Practicemode available to strengthen players ability UNIQUEMULTIPLAYERFEATURES : * Join high speed servers from all over theworld *Ability to create private and public rooms * Crossplatformconnectivity * Unique features like kick player from roomor makesomeone a host * Live chat in lobby and in gameplay So justTEAM UPwith the best players around the globe and DOMINATE thebattleground.
Boxing superstars KO Champion
A new boxing game is available for allboxingfans! Fight 4 professionals in intense combat. Jab,cross,uppercut, give in all you have, but don’t forget to dodge!.Gothrough the levels and conquer the increasing difficulty.Don’tdoubt yourself and gain the victory!Boxing superstar ko champion is a game that test your reflexesandyour capacity to anticipate strikes. Become a real boxer withthisgame that will awake your warrior soul!How to play?Like in real boxing, you can throw many punches: uppercut,jab,cross and dodging. Knock-out all your opponents and the victoryisyours.Characteristics- Boxing- 4 opponents- 20 levels- Uppercut, jab, cross, dodge.